semester appreciation post


hey so i’ve been posting my work somewhat inconsistently on here lately and i just thought i’d mention that im more active and post my art regularly on my instagram and website! i will also be posting commission information very soon so if youve ever been interested in requesting something from me keep an eye out!

instagram - funfetttii
website -

*grumbles in Ichimatsu*

mostlycogent  asked:

Hey! I just wanted to say that I absolutely love the texturing and materials on your 3d models, they're all absolutely incredible (and the ornaments in particular absolutely blew me away)!!!

hey! thank you so much!! this really means a lot!

(I’m gonna tell you a secret: the violin ornaments are the only models with actual materials on ‘em. all the others are unlit, it’s all just textures and a healthy dose of bloom in post! it works wonders ;> )