7 / 100 days of productivity

today was the day i get back to university after my internship. i was excited about it, and it was a great day! my new teacher of sociology is really cool, the lesson of the day was so interesting!

i didn’t have the time to work more tonight because i had a sport session. so now i feel extremely tired and i better go to sleep because tomorrow i started at 8am and finished at 8:30pm. (maybe i will die?)

song of the day: Lovesick || Banks


1. relax beforehand! don’t try to learn any material (unless told to do a reading by the teacher) before the class begins! you’ll wear yourself out and not really learn anything

2. get (or make) new supplies! no, you don’t have to get new binders, but you could make some new binder covers for the new classes! make sure you have enough pens, paper, etc.

3. start a good habit! pick one (& just one, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by a ton of new habits) and start during the new semester. & it doesn’t even have to be school related!

4. make a good first impression with teachers. introduce yourself, appear happy to be there and to learn, be prepared!

5. look for friends (or make friends!) in your classes. it will ALWAYS be helpful to have a friend or two in new classes. (hello, study buddy!)

6. get rid of clutter! clean out your room, backpack, etc before starting.

7. start with a FRESH MINDSET!!! don’t go into the first day, or week with a bad mindset. even if you hate the subject, have heard bad things about the teacher or had a rough previous semster - STOP. this is your new beginning! just keep chugging along and working hard!!