Ego: Part 8

Pairing: T.O.P x Reader

Rating: Mature

Word Count: 1,878

Warnings: Fluff, angst, and no dummies… this time.

Author’s Note: Despite not feeling like writing, I wrote. Push yourselves, kids. That’s how you do stuff. Unless this is crap. <3

Listening to God is Dead by William Control

(my new favorite “human”/soulless deviant told me about this band. HOLY FUCK ITS AMAZING. I have never been this inspired to write. I love you @hunters-hiraeth, good luck getting rid of me anytime soon)

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Here’s my masterlist.. but it’s mostly Supernatural

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Here’s something to think about.

People who say they are against beastiality but are not vegan?

All you have to do is watch educational videos on how to ‘milk’ a bore of his semen and how to artificially inseminate a sow. They literally masterbate the poor animals in order to forcefully impregnate them and to produce your precious ‘bacon’. And pigs are not the only animals that are subjected to this. THAT is beastiality, it is completely unnatural and completely messed up. Animals can not give consent. Please stop supporting this torture by no longer eating animals and their secretions.

For those who, like me, have no fucking clue:
Polysemy: the capacity for a sign (like a word) to have multiple meanings (that is, multiple semes or sememes and thus multiple senses), usually related by contiguity of meaning within a semantic field.
Paranomasia: a play on words; a pun
Liederkries: General term for song-cycle; used specifically by Schumann for 2 sets of songs, his 9 Heine settings, Op.24, and his 12 Eichendorff settings, Op.39, both 1840. Term first used by Beethoven to describe An die ferne Geliebte.