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Sousuke, Nitori, and Momo's character song previews

Sousuke’s character songs:

Voiced by: the guy who voiced Reiner

01. 明日へのLast Race

02. Just Wanna Know

Preview: here

his voice is so relaxing

Nitori/Aiichiro’s Character Song:

Voiced by: The guy who voiced Chihiro from DR

01. アコガレStarting Block!!

02. He’s so perfect!! ((maybe he’s talking about Rin…))

Preview: here

((lil seme shota))

((i swear he looks like a seme in that photo))

Momo’s character songs:

Voiced by: Kenichi Suzumura


With Special Guest: Seijuuro Mikoshibaaaa


Preview: here

It’s time for the Samezuka Students to rise

Hey guys!

Here’s what’s up this week:

Sorry that it’s been awhile!  As I stated before, I took a tiny break from scanlating. While I thoroughly enjoyed doing absolutely nothing with my free time, I reeeeeeaaaaaaalllly want to work on some of my projects. And now that my 5 day weekend is only a few hours away (Yay Thanksgiving ! Totally have no interest in the holiday / [or the food], but throughly appreciate the time off from work), I’ll have plenty of time to scanlate quite a few chapters.

Somehow, even though I’ve translated eight chapters for other people recently, I still have quite a few chapters that I owe other people (why did I sign up for so much???). So to those other people, sorry I’m taking to so long! I will try to get those done over this long weekend, but I’m gonna have to work on a few of my chapters too, to build momentum (and get motivated).

I also have quite a few projects that are 80% done, so I should just finish them already ! (Like the Ootsuki Miu one, the Kanda Neko one, and two Michinoku Atami projects).

Once I clear all those projects for other people, and the half finished projects I’ve been doing, I ideally would like to just work on one project at a time (and release one chapter per week). The only exception would be My Tongue in Your Mouth, as that’s absolutely my favorite project. It’s an ongoing series in Be x Boy, that’s supposed to be released every two months (although Nyannya sensei is late with chapter 2). But hopefully it’ll still come out on December 7th!

So, I will definitely have quite a few releases this weekend, but not sure which ones yet. I am also really eyeing the Suyama Torico project, but the Abe Akane one is a close contender too. But we’ll see if I’m able to start those, as I have a ridiculous amount of work that I really should get to first…

Lastly, I got a ton of instant messages this past week, and I’ve barely answered any of them. Sorry ! Feel free to message me again, and I’ll respond this time. As an alternative, feel free to send me “ask” posts instead, as those are easier to keep track of. If you can’t find the “ask” button, it’s located in the shitty drop-down menu on the desktop version of my tumblr.  

And then, as always, here’s a picture that caught my eye recently. Check out this cute blushing seme!

Photo credit: Koi wa Kake Chigai (Suyama Torico) ❤️