I recently started watching the Showtime series Penny Dreadful. So far I am enjoying it. I wouldn’t say that it is scary, but it is definitely a fun mash-up of various 19th century monsters and the occult. being set in Victorian London (1891) does’t hurt the show, either! The enigmatic Sembene is one of my favorite characters and I am looking forward to learning more of his backstory;

Sembene was a Senegalese man who was a longtime acquaintance of Sir Malcolm Murray. Sembene served as Sir Malcolm’s manservant in which he also performed the role of sentry and confidant. He had an air of mystery and his heroic efforts proved invaluable in Sir Malcolm’s personal quest.

As far as I have watched, Sembene is the only character who uses an edged weapon (short sword or big knife). Sir Malcolm has a sword cane, but meh. I prefer Sembene’s weapon. Which brings me to my point–Sembene appears to favor a short sword usually associated with the Afar people of Djibouti, and known as a gile or jile. I suppose he took a liking to the gile while traveling with Sir Malcolm as opposed to it being a weapon of his homeland.

Image source: Swords and Antique Arms


I was going to update my theme and then I got sidetracked making a Sim :p I liked how Ndeye Sembene turned out so I’ll share two pics. I liked combining Black and Gold - very Queenly!

Let’s see - hair by @littlecrisps here  (the mesh is by @habsims)
Baby hair: @ebonixsimblr and @bebebrillit here
Skin and some of the makeup: @xmiramira here
Eyebrows: Pralinesims (it’s nr 17) from this pack here,Jewelry by @jomsimscreations here Eyelashes by kijiko (of course!) and shoes by @madlensims here. Dress by @sentate here.

Thank you all creators for sharing your amazing work.


Memento Mori | Penny Dreadful 2.08

“In the great war for the Heavenly Throne, we were vanquished, so God looked down on His defeated angels and found us to be evil angels, so He cast us out. He took us by our winged backs and raised us over His head. Thence did He fling us from His Heavenly Throne and cast us down, to Earth and to Hell. So we were cleaved apart… two brothers cast out to two realms. One brother to Earth and the other brother to Hell. And thus were we set in eternal enmity. My brother on Earth, to feed on the blood of the living by night. And myself in Hell to feed on the souls of the dead. Both in an eternal quest for the Mother of Evil who will release us from our bondage and allow one of us to reconquer Heaven and topple God from his bloody throne. And so will the Darkness reign, on Earth, in Heaven… everlasting.”

Penny Dreadful: a summary
  • Vanessa:*Looks pained*
  • Malcolm:*Makes bad decision*
  • Victor:*Licks dead body*
  • Caliban:"Screw you, Victor! You're not my real mom!"
  • Dorian:*Has sex with everything and stares in the mirror*
  • Brona:*Coughs*
  • Sembene:*Judges silently*
  • Vampires:*Chow down*
  • Ethan:WHAT THE FUCK-

make me choose | vanessasivess​ asked: ethan/sembene or ragnar/athelstan

S: For I know you, my friend, Ethan Chandler. I see inside you, past the crocodile… and the leopard… and the monkey. And the wolf.

E: I’ve not had many friends in my time… but I’m proud… to count you among them.