-Actual representation of the Penny Dreadful fandom after episode 10

84 Thoughts on, And They Were Enemies

1. OMG! Sembene is gone… [Cries forever]
2. Oh? So, it was the doll talking to Vanessa. I knew it!
3. It’s kind of weird to hear a doll with Vanessa’s face and voice calling Vanessa “My beloved.”
4. I like that Vanessa has always known they can’t take her soul.
5. Why is Evelyn almost crying?
6. “You have no power to tempt me. I have faced eyes more cruel than yours, woman.” Hahaha! You go, Vanessa!
7. This witches and their hissing. [Snores]
8. Poor Victor. He’s tormented as well by his guilt over his creations.
9. Okay. I’m bored with those three tormenting Malcolm.
10. Poor Victor. He’s too fragile as it is.
11. All these bastards want to make Malcolm and Victor kill themselves! NO!
12. OMG! This is heartbreaking. The perfect family, the perfect children, and Ethan as the perfect husband.  A loving husband at that. They look so happy together. How cruel because Vanessa knows it will never become a reality.
13. Hahaha! Ethan just wanted an hour with Vanessa. Aw! [Cries forever]
14. It’s so sad to see Vanessa’s smile slowly vanishing.
15. Poor Vanessa. How much more suffering must she endure?
16. At least the doll let us know Vanessa is in love with Ethan.
17. “Kiss me.” Who would ever kiss a doll that looks exactly like them? Eff that.
18. And the doll closed her eyes and opened her mouth! Ewww!
19. I hope Vanessa didn’t mean it when she said she doesn’t want a normal life anymore.
20. Verbis Diablo throw down! I’m team Vanessa.
21. Hahaha! Evelyn is just screaming like she did in season one!
22. “Beloved, know your master.” I love that line. Finally Vanessa showed her true power!
23. Evelyn freaking out because she’s losing her beauty is the best.
24. And just like that, Ethan killed her. [Sighs] He could’ve done that in the beginning of the season and Sembene would still be alive… But yay! Ethan, the protector, Chandler, I mean, Talbot. Ah, whatever.
25. OMG! Werewolf Ethan recognized Vanessa! Yasss! But he didn’t let her touch him. Aw.
26. That witch stayed hissing at Lyle for 15 minutes? Useless!
27. “Never underestimate the power of a queen with lovely hair, my dear.” Hahaha! Mr. Lyle dgaf anymore.
28. I’m glad the spell was broken as soon as Evelyn died.
29. Well, I guess Vanessa is the scorpion.
30. I wish Vanessa had burned that place to the ground, just to add a little ‘spark’ to her exit.
31. I was hoping Sembene would make it but now I’m sure he’s gone. Noooooo!
32. Please, John. Kill the Putneys. Kill them all!
33. This bastard, “A few shillings and a candle.” I hope he suffers the most. No! I want Lavinia to suffer the most.
34. Hahaha! Yasssss! He snapped that bitch’s neck like nothing. Ah, John, I’m so proud of you.
35. I’m glad he let Lavinia alive. Suffer bitch! But I’m sure she’ll be able to make a wax figure of his face so the police can recognize him…[Sighs]
36. Ah, nothing like Hecate singing us a song before she sets her mother’s house on fire.
37. No, Victor, you’re so not fine.
38. Aw! Mr. Lyle offering his friendship to Victor is the cutest thing ever.
39. Poor Victor. He expected Lily to be impatiently waiting for him. Sorry, man. She gone.
40. I hope Victor doesn’t think he can go to Dorian’s house and just kill him.
41. When did Brona learn to dance so well? Why are they dressed in white? Did Mr. Lyle go to Dorian’s house to do Brona’s hair? So many questions.
42. Dorian looks gorgeous in white. Oh, lord!
43. Okay. Normal people stop dancing when the music stops but not these two. These two keep going like idiots.
44. “Spare me your gallantry.” Translation: “Go fuck yourself, Dorian.”
45. Oh? So just like that, Lily moved in with Dorian? Be careful, darling. We know what happened to the last person who moved in with him.
46. Wow! Dorian and Lily truly deserve each other. They have no heart and as such they’ll end up killing each other for sport.
47. Victor, honey, have some dignity please!
48. Oh, I hope Lily’s ending is slow and painful.
49. I’m glad Victor shot Brona but, unfortunately, she didn’t die. He needs John for that and only one match to end Dorian’s life. Also, Dorian got scared for a moment.
50. Ahem. Dorian doesn’t waste an opportunity, does he?
51. I’m glad that now Victor knows Dorian is an immortal.
52. “They are made for killing.” It’s interesting to realize that Dorian sees himself as a sort of God but I doubt that Brona has forgiven him for humiliating her at the theatre.
53. Poor Victor. This is too much for him.
54. Okay. I’ll say it again. Brona is insane. Does she think she can rule the world? Hahaha! Wait until Dracula appears or the devil. She’s a walking corpse. I’m sure one of them will be able to control her like a puppet, then she will know terror.
55. Enjoy your time together, Brona and Dorian. Enjoy it while it lasts.
56. Oh, no! Malcolm will go to Africa and leave Vanessa behind! Wait, maybe they can bring Sembene back to life there! Yes, I still have hope.
57. Aw! Ethan was waiting for Vanessa inside her room. Now, kiss!
58. Poor Ethan. He feels so guilty. But…I have to say, Sembene told you not to go.
59. Yes, Ethan, she knows what you are and not because you told her, by the way. What if you’d killed her as well, huh? You’re lucky you’re cute, tall, have nice hair, a sexy voice, and a perfect nose because those are the only reason why I keep forgiving your bullshit. P.S. I love you.
60. Come on, Ethan! She’s saying yes right now. You couldn’t kill her as a werewolf. What else do you want?
61. He wouldn’t even let her kiss him? Wtf, Ethan? Please don’t go to the police.
62. Omg. He did go to the fucking police.
63. NO! Not a goodbye letter. Ethan…I have only so much patience, my boy.
64. And now he confessed. You have two guns man. You didn’t need help to die. Well, I guess he wanted to pay for what he has done as a form of self-torture. Ah, Ethan, how you love your precious guilt.
65. Wait, I’ve just realized that Vanessa told Ethan that Malcolm would leave her alone in the house but he decided to turn himself in anyway? So, now Ethan doesn’t care about Vanessa’s safety? Ah, he doesn’t know there are two evils who will hunt Vanessa until the end of time and he hasn’t accepted that he is the only one who can help stop them.
66. Ethan, what have you done…
67. I hate Rusk so much!
68. Noooo! Ethan is going back to America to his monstrous father!
69. OMG, Victor. What the fuck are you doing? You better not over dose!
70. I hope Mr. Lyle or Vanessa pays Victor a visit and save him.
71. It breaks my heart to see both John and Vanessa in complete despair.
72. Poor John. He has tried too long to connect with people. I don’t blame him for feeling the way he feels and still he has kind words for Vanessa.
73. Poor Vanessa.  She’s so hurt and lonely. Ethan should’ve stayed instead of running away from her and Vanessa should’ve told him what she saw at Evelyn’s house. Perhaps their future wouldn’t be exactly as she saw it but they could’ve had a future together.
74. I wish Vanessa had invited John to live with her when he asked her to go with him.
75. Omg! John cried! And now, I’m crying too!
76. Three ships, three different destinations, and all three have tormented people in them.
77. Fucking Rusk put Ethan in a cage! And he cut his hair! Oh, you fucker! I hope he kills you.
78. “I thank you for your affection and understanding.” By leaving you.
79. Poor Vanessa. It’s so sad to see her go around the house turning off the lights. No Malcolm, no more Sembene, and no more Ethan.
80. So in that letter, Ethan pretty much told Vanessa he was going to his death and asks her to be strong.
81. “Written with love; Ethan.” Oh, Ethan, you should’ve stayed with her.
82. I don’t blame Vanessa for burning the cross. She has nothing left in her.
83. “So we walk alone.” How heartbreaking.
84. “Dear Vanessa: Your many kindnesses, I will always carry with me. Such generosity has not been a part of my life and I thank you for your affection and understanding. In my most frightened and lonely moments, you were there and such light you brought to me but I’m made for the dark as we both know. I am fit for only one place and should’ve been there, long ago. Deep in the cold clay, on a forgotten hill. Your rode may be difficult but mine is doomed. So, we walk alone. Written with love: Ethan.”            

*Penny Dreadful*:Should Malcolm Murray Still Be with Us?

Did anyone else keep waiting for Malcolm to die this season? I did. Don’t get me wrong: I give Timothy Dalton full props for his performance, and I thought that Malcolm’s combination of egocentricity, mendacity, courage, and guilt gave us a fascinating character with a powerful arc throughout season one. But that arc ended, and while season two put him through spells and more gunplay and a really bad scorpion trip, they never added up to more than the sum of their parts. I really hope the show has a new emotional journey for him in S3. Otherwise– I feel bad saying this, because he *is* a great character, just not one who served a purpose in the last 10 episodes– maybe it would have been better to let him fall prey to the witches, something which would, like Sembene’s death, have had immense impact on the survivors. Not to mention, while we’re on the topic of Sembene’s death, that would have carried far fewer Unfortunate Implications if he weren’t the ONLY original main-cast character to die; if he and Malcolm had both died, it would have read more as the end of an era (the age of exploration, the height of the British Empire) than an inability to find a use for a living POC character. IDK. If Malcolm comes back with a great storyline next year, I’ll be glad he was spared. Otherwise, the time spent on him is going to seem superfluous– a real problem for a show with such limited airtime.

Man, what the hell was this season of Penny Dreadful? Seriously! There were so many different storylines and so much build up but it all amounted to absolutely nothing.

What was the reason for Lily, Dorian and Caliban this season?

How many episodes did they spend trying to decipher what the demon was saying and how did that help in any way?

How many times did they talk about lupus dei, the hound of God, the wolf of God, and how this creature was feared by the demon and was Vanessa’s protector and the key to defeating the demon, other than Vanessa’s willpower obviously, and then that amounted to nothing as well.

What did Ethan do other than kill Sembene? Which I still can’t believe the writers did by the way. For crying out loud, they end the previous episode with Sembene choosing to sacrifice himself because, in his own words, “You have been chosen by God. My friend, Ethan Chandler.”, and then his great purpose in all this is to kill Sembene? Seriously?! He kills Evelyn too, but Vanessa was in complete control of that situation, Ethan made absolutely no difference there.

They did a much better job at showcasing the danger Ethan posed to the demon on the first season, when he was the one to exorcise Vanessa, on what had to have been one of the best episodes of a TV show ever, where did that level of greatness go guys?

So what the fuck was all this for? Because they decided it was time to kill someone from the group? And Sembene had to be the victim, honestly? If anyone should have died in such a gratuitous way it should have been Sir Malcolm. If you’re gonna kill such a beloved and awesome character like Sembene, then please, have the decency to make his death mean something. Especially after having said character sacrifice himself precisely because he believed his death would be for something greater.

All that crap aside, everything Vanessa related in this ep was awesome, as per usual, at least that didn’t get ruined.

The ending after everything at the mansion was good and heartbreaking. Now that everyone is completely broken and scattered I’m excited for next season to see how they’re gonna put themselves and the group back together. And hopefully they’ll also be able to find the quality of season one again.

But overall, this season was just all over the place with a few good moments here and there.

Calling it now: Voodoo Zombie

Since so many people keep making the “clever” (I’m trying to be polite here) mistake of claiming The Frankenstein monster is a zombie I think John Logan might get revenge writer style.

And by that I mean I think Sembene is coming back as a traditional pre-Night of the Living Dead, zombie.

Not a decomposing corpse that spreads it’s condition through a bite and craves flesh / brains.  But a voodoo zombie.  A man raised from the dead via curse to serve a voodoo priest, who can only be released from the curse and returned to human status via the power of … salt.  Remember the recurring salt reference?

It's Not Personal, It's Just Gothic

I have seen so many people ranting or fretting over *PD*’s decision to kill a transgender character that I can’t even keep track of them all. They’d have a valid point, if Angelique were the show’s only character of similar significance to die in service to the genre. Instead, the show has killed – and these are just off the top of my head– Proteus, Van Helsing, Mina, and Sembene (and yes, I do have objections to the way Sembene’s storyline, if not his death itself, was handled). Compared to Sembene or even Mina, Angelique was a pretty minor character, serving mainly as a love interest for Dorian, who himself only appeared in half the episodes before he met Lily and usually in only a few scenes. She made an impact by virtue of charisma (all the respect for Johnny Beauchamp here) and a compelling backstory, but that doesn’t make her an A-team character. And this is Gothic horror. Good things rarely happen to love interests of *any* gender. If you’re really worried that killing a transgender character sends a bad message, I guess you could say the show ought to never have transgender love interests. Somehow, though, that sounds like a worse message.

Things that I really, really like in Penny Dreadful:

  • bisexual female lead character who treads a morally grey line by choice, rather than taking a happy ending for herself
  • bisexual and/or experimental male characters (Ethan - yay or nay? The power of Dorian compels you)
  • a female character who is either transgender or intersex (it’s not specified, although it’s implied that it was visible from infancy, which suggests intersex. We know she has male genitalia, but she identifies female) and is not treated as a joke
  • a middle-aged gay Jewish character who is pious enough to still have his prayer shawl, but in a society where all aspects of him would have been cause for persecution
  • the wonderful Sembene, the African gent, who was - out of all the dudes - the only one with half a brain and a level head.
  • multiple female villains all working with different agendas

All these things, and set in the Victorian era. It makes me happy :)

estaticallymelancholy asked:

How did you like the Penny Dreadful finale

sad as fuck.

before i get started i want to say that sembene deserved better.

i think that the finale did a great job in having the main characters facing their fears. i really enjoyed vanessa’s dream sequence, it made my shipper heart skip a beat. although hella tempting i’m glad that vanessa refused the devil’s offer and went ham on his ass. it got me cheering tbh. i’m glad that caliban freed himself, that man had it coming.

i was not surprise to see victor spiral out of control when confronted by the truth. brona x dorian make a beautiful evil otp and i loved their blood waltz.

on the other hand ethan x vanessa crushed my soul. at first i was sure that their relationship would end in good terms but after the sembene thing i knew right away that it was going to be a fucking mess. ethan turning himself in was expected but i hated every second of it. vanessa was left all alone :(

hopes for s3: fix ethan x vanessa and have lily/brona as the main villain.

Just watched the finale of Penny Dreadful and I’m crying. It was just so so so sad ? Like all the characters are sad ?Everyone is lonely and crying ? Not even a little happy note ? Wow.

And I can’t believe Sembene is really dead… I mean, what a wasted potential. Hopefully Malcom will have flash back with him in Africa.

nslayton replied to your post “Being really good friends with girls is the raddest, but then when I…”

For real. I’ve warmed up to Ethan and Vanessa, but liked them better as bros. At least Holmes and Watson are still BroTPs forever.

I actually liked the blossoming friendships all around in PD season 2. I too have warmed up to the idea of Ethan and Vanessa together. But I really loved Vanessa’s interactions with Victor and the creature and the ones between Ethan and Sembene, and even Mr. Lyle was kinda mingling with everybody. It was nice to see this hodgepodge of characters start to care about each other after being thrown together 


Memento Mori | Penny Dreadful 2.08

“In the great war for the Heavenly Throne, we were vanquished, so God looked down on His defeated angels and found us to be evil angels, so He cast us out. He took us by our winged backs and raised us over His head. Thence did He fling us from His Heavenly Throne and cast us down, to Earth and to Hell. So we were cleaved apart… two brothers cast out to two realms. One brother to Earth and the other brother to Hell. And thus were we set in eternal enmity. My brother on Earth, to feed on the blood of the living by night. And myself in Hell to feed on the souls of the dead. Both in an eternal quest for the Mother of Evil who will release us from our bondage and allow one of us to reconquer Heaven and topple God from his bloody throne. And so will the Darkness reign, on Earth, in Heaven… everlasting.”