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Totally agree about the fight scenes! After I saw the skater boy fighting ! I just need to check all his scenes! It is amazing and creative and I like when animators/mangaka works hard on it! And of course, it is an soft yaoi anime :/ You can see when you watch the trailers. Me gusta sooo... I will watch, about the plot... Manga is pretty new and I´ll never watch InuYasha because I start and stop... I CAN´T... ;__; -- I was replying in your answer to bakandayuu but I dunno if yu dislike so, here

Exactly! And the animation style looks really nice, and since I DO want to be an animator I should make an effort to look at different styles and such. But honestly I just like to watch fight scenes sometimes because they’re fun. And there’s suspense and a bit of drama, but without it being super heavy and psychological all the time (in general).

And the plot DOES seem interesting from what I’ve heard, at least. So far. But I usually hold off judgement on the greatness of the plot until I see how they pull it off because there are plenty of things with a great summary but really poor execution. <_<

I never really did finish InuYasha, if I’m being completely honest. xD I looked up the ending, and was like: “…no I am not going to bother catching up to that.” But if I see it on I still enjoy watching it.

I like replies. Conversations are fun, yes they are. :D

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WAT? I already finish the manga! Is perfect! I am going to re-watch No6 now /lesobs/

Ahhh you’re cool!! I haven’t had time to watch it since I started school and I’m so tired when I get home. Lucky!! UGHGUHGH I haven’t even started the manga yet. :/

omg biggest lesbos ever! I’ve been rewatching No. 6 dubbed and i hate it.

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OHOHO!!THAT gif of sasuke shirtless there, feel welcome a lot now! Me gusta! dfjklsdjfljdsklfjlsdjfljsdjflks

Ikr? I had to reblog it when I saw it BD /shotttt Ohohoho~ Glad you like B)

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IT’S THE MOST BEAUTIFUL ONE I’VE EVER SEEN -can’t stop staring…- And of course I’ll follow~ Mun is amazing~ ^^

asdfghjkl D'awwww thank youuuu >.< Sasu-muse is smug pleased ^u^

*glomps and noms on* ^______________^
Linkovi na Web stranicama koji vode do istih stranica na kojima se nalaze

Marko je lepo nazvao ovaj svoj post “Self Referencing Page Links”, ali ja trenutno ne mogu da se setim boljeg prevoda.

Marko — koji je inače izvrstan developer sa kojim sam imao čast da sarađujem — podiže vrlo interesantnu temu oko linkova koji linkuju do samih stranica na kojima se nalaze. Semantički, u navigacionim menijima oni zaista nemaju mesta, ali kada postavimo situaciju u blog post recimo, gde smo navikli da naslovi igraju ulogu stalnih linkova recimo — situacija se menja.

Pitam se da li je ovo praksa koja nam je nametnuta ranijim tehnološkim nedostacima, nemarnosti developera, kratkim budžetima, ili nečim drugim?

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OMG!Mine too, but there are so few chapters after anime ;___; But i hope you finish it and AGREE! They are but dubbed never ;___;

Don’t worry Mon, I promise I will read and watch the entire thing even if it takes a few more months. Yes the dubbed is so bad I mean they actually call him RAT instead of Nezumi and it sounds gross. This is the preview.

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Seriously? Can I get your 5 wants to me? slaslfkljdfkfj!! I want so many things, people, etc! OTL

Right now the things i want would put me in a mental institution. 

i guess one thing i really would want is for my mood to be more stable. x-x