semantics of desire

iamatimetravelerfrom2306ad  asked:

Why are you trying to fight human nature over the definition of humanoid?

You are conflating two different things. Meeting player/human expectation is not the same as determining definitions. I put a Kraken into Theros because public perception was that krakens belonged there (due mostly to the film “Clash if the Titans” and it’s catchy line “Release the Kraken!”)

Public perception doesn’t actually make Krakens part of Greek mythology. The history books don’t get rewritten. You can argue that perception can change how people perceive Bolas and Ugin but it doesn’t change the actual definition of “humanoid”.

Also, because there is a handful of people who enjoy arguing with me in no way means that it’s the majority opinion. Yes, a loud minority wants us to return to Kamigawa, but the reason I don’t think that’s going to happen is that the loud minority is just that, a minority.

The real issue is getting caught up in us arguing semantics. There is a desire for more, let’s call it shape diversity, in Planeswalkers. That’s a fine piece of feedback. It’s something I can take back to R&D.

My one note is that for story reasons, we’re going to make our Planeswalkers human-adjacent so that the characters are relatable. That could be a Centaur or a Sphinx, for instance, but I doubt it’s going to be an Ooze. We have to have characters we can tell human relatable stories about.

Hopefully, this can bring an end to Humanoidgate. : )