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how to get better grades in online school

hi!! ok so here’s my first masterpost! i have a youtube video of this already so if you don’t want to read words you can check it out! my yt videos are probably more entertaining but written masterposts are faster to read so idk pick your poison

ok anyway!! welcome to -

some background info: i took online geometry sem 1 over the summer and accumulated ten tips. for credibility, i got 98% overall at the end of the course without any retakes (hopefully i’m not coming off as bragging but this is just to show that these tips are helpful). ok let’s get started!

  1. work ahead! in online school, you’re able to work ahead as much as you want, so use that to your advantage! plus you never know what might happen in the future. for example: if i get really busy or something, then i don’t have to worry as much because since i’m already ahead in online school, i have one less thing to stress over about!
  2. get books to help you! i checked out two geometry books from the library and i would read over them before tests and stuff. it provides another source of learning and it’s better to read information from different formats with different explanations by different authors! if you do, then you’ll remember the information better:)
  3. ask online teachers if you have questions! if you’re in online school, there are probably most likely online teachers available a few hours every day. if you’re confused with anything, confide in those teachers! they’re there for a reason.
  4. use the internet! this is pretty self-explanatory but yeah it’s sort of like the “get books to help you” thing; it provides a different source of information so you can remember info better. plus, if you’re confused, you can always use google!
  5. work with friends who are also in online school! i had a few friends that were taking online geometry as well. whenever i had questions or concerns and was too afraid to consult teachers, i would ask my friends! (yes i’m a wimp.) if you have friends in online school, support each other! online school is less scary and stressful if you know there’s someone suffering alongside you :^)
  6. make a schedule! my online course had this calendar that would show me what lessons i needed to complete each day in order to finish my course on time. that was super helpful. if you don’t have something like that, make one yourself! you can use your bullet journal, your planner, a whiteboard, whatever. just make sure you plan it out!
  7. work a bit every day! working one hour every day beats working seven hours on, say, only one day of the week. it’s better for your brain, your memory, your health, and your sanity
  8. keep notes! my online course would give me a study guide for every lesson, which was pretty helpful. however it wasn’t quite enough, so i would make flashcards using an iphone app called brainscape based on what i didn’t think i would remember. then i would study them and remember them. yayyy
  9. have a good workspace! a tranquil area like your bedroom is much better than a loud area like the tv room. it helps you concentrate while you’re studying and thus helps you remember information better!
  10. don’t slack off! just because there’s no teacher to yell at your face when you don’t do your work for a day doesn’t mean that you should be lazy. online school is just as hard if not harder than in-person public school. thus, keep at it and work every day and do your best!!

thanks so much for reading! if you have any constructive criticism, please let me know. i hope you guys took something out of this!

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“They’re more than just a gang to me. They’re my family.

All my fandoms in one picture yiz


Yiiiiz I m finally freeeee cuz first sem is OVER!! Wooh! Thank you guys for keeping the asks going despite me being gone for a while! All the penniro asks, futuristic four asks, Uncle! Hiro and Dashi Hamada asks, appreciation asks and BH6 AU ideas! I really loved them all! Honestly didn’t expect to received A LOT from you guys! THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR WONDERFUL HEADCANNONS AND IDEAS! IT S TRULY AN HONOR! BLESS YOU PRECIOUS CREATURES!  I really luv em all! Expect them answered today’s holidays!!!

Look who is back from the dead :–) 

Haven’t posted in what seems to be 1843472384 months because being an architecture student means you don’t have time to do things like this anymore, huhu. The sem is almost over though and I’m so looking forward to spending my Christmas break with my brushes (not for rendering houses though lol #iyak). Here’s a watercolor version of this quote I used before! 

kuroken; save point

a/n: dumb kuroken fluff ahead (*´꒳`*)

series/pairing: haikyuu!!/kuroken
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“Huh? You didn’t tell me that you were coming over.”

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planning my july spread w/ some newly purchased planner kits from kikki.k!! winter break is approaching very soon, i can’t believe sem 1 is neARLY OVER YAY ヽ(^◇^*)/