💦👖 Couldn’t be happier the way my Texas-cotton Skull Jeans 5010xx jeans turn out post-wash. This 2009-vintage pair stretched to the point I wanted a reset. Also, Texas summers. The electric shades present pre-wash morphed into flatter, more contrasty blues after wash.
My routine is a bathtub of warm water, a dash of Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Soap in minty flavor, and some agitation to loosen the dirt. Rinse, repeat, and hang dry.
(+Ewing Dry Goods minimalist belt, Urban Research chambray)
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Green, red, orange, white, blue, pink … The whole squad!

LAB Steven @nudiejeans
XX-18oz-013 @pure_blue_japan
Thin Finn - Dry Selvage Comfort @nudiejeans
St 10x Decade Edition @3sixteen
Masa @nudiejeans
Lean Dean - Dry Selvage Comfort @nudiejeans
Grim Tim - Dry Orange Selvage @nudiejeans
Brute Knut - Ecru Twill Selvage @nudiejeans
Custom Cone Selvedge @selvedgework
St 100x @3sixteen
M3 Kurabo Selvedge @3x1
Lean Dean - US Selvage @nudiejeans
New Petit Standard - Light Indigo Selvage @apc_paris
Nihon Menpu Selvedge SK @rgt
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Quality matters!

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Couldn’t resist. I’m pumped to rocking these made-in-the-USA beauties from @shockoe_atelier soon. Inspired by friends @doppki and @youngsilhouette, it’s the attention to detail, great fit/fabrics, and how every piece is handmade that piqued my interest with Shockoe Atelier. @denimhound did a full review on ‘em too. . IG: @selvedge1

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Wanted a shot of my old school Texas-cotton Skull Jeans 5010xx before their wash this week. Still have many fond memories of this pair and haven’t found other denim that fades quite like it.
Behind that pair, I’m wearing my @rogueterritory x @blueowlworkshop Expedition SK’s, @ewingdrygoods Minimalist belt, @redwingheritage Chocolate Round Toe boots (JDM).
On a side note, I have a lot of photo ideas but it’s often hard to execute being the subject and the photographer. ;) Shot with EF 85mm f/1.8 lens, umbrella/strobe in the top left.
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