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  • kai: what's say? Chicken wings for dinner?
  • junmyeon: why isn't anyone listening to me?
  • baekhyun: I'm going to the bathroom,do you want to come?
  • Lay: wait what? Can you repeat that I'm confused
  • minseok: this reminds me of that one time *repeats same story twice a week*
  • jongdae: ah waeee
  • kyungsoo: do you want to die?
  • sehun: you're all SUFFOCATING me,move away I need to breathe
HunHan Valentine’s day post

Another long post.

Sorry for the spam. Actually no, fuck that, I post what I want.

Happy Valentine’s day and shit…

@hunhan-never-dies you owe me

When bae is callin’

Smexy times…Chin fetish

When bae be playin’

Kiss! kiss! kiss! kiss!

You guys are holding hands— okay I need a time out.


I’m crying.

….Tongues. I….have nothing to say.

When you hear bae’s name


Nope. Just feels.

#boyfriend goalz


Happy Valentine’s day…again…and shit.

Evolution of HunHan

This is a long ass post

Phase ONE: The Awkward Predicament

Hey, so, you know when you have a crush on someone, you tend to act kind of weird around them? This is what I call the Awkward Predicament.

Now, on the contrary to popular belief, the Awkwardness Predicament isn’t necessarily a negative phase (for hunhan it most definitely wasn’t). A change in one’s behaviour around “said crush” is technically a display of affection/admiration in itself. 

Take this moment for example…

LuHan: Oh fuck, it’s the maknae.

SeHun: Just gonna walk all the way up to LuHan hyung and get all up in his personal space, not for any particular reason aside from the fact he’s a sexy little beast.

Oh my god, LuHan, honey, please don’t pull that face x

LuHan can physically feel the awkward vibes radiating off of Sehun in this moment and…it’s so adorable, like….fuck. The way LuHan turns away because he doesn’t know what the fuck to do is just (okay, you can kill me now)

And here it is again.


Look at that daydreamy Sehun admiring his little Hannie. Like bro, my feels can only take so much. And LuHan kind of glances over like “aha…yep…” because he knows Sehun is just STARING at him like the awkward marshmallow that he is and has no idea what to do. THEY’RE BOTH SO AWKWARD AND ADORABLE!!!

Basically ^^ in this interview, LuHan kind of had a brain blank and forgot how to speak Korean (aww, bless him) so he kind of just looked at Sehun like “…fuck, help me.” And of course, Sehun’s just standing there like “trollolol”. Ahh, so awkward…so cute <3

Phase TWO: Target Proxemics

The Target proxemics is basically referring to that thing that HunHan used to do a lot back in the day…which is…


For real bro.

For real.

It’s a given fact that when you’re in the presence of someone you:

A. Are attracted to

B. Find sexually appealing 

C. Hate

you will subconsciously stare at them whenever they’re close to you or in the same proxemics as you.

And I’m assuming HunHan don’t hate each other, considering… 

So either A or B is totally cool with me ;)

But yeah…the staring thing…

It’s not even like…a subtle thing. So I don’t think I really need to talk about it that much, haha.

Stage THREE: Principal Polar Attraction

I don’t really remember when exactly it was that HunHan got all touchy feely with each other…but hey, I ain’t complaining ;)

*cough* LuHan wants his daddy *COUGH*

LuHan’s just stroking Sehun’s arm…as you do.

Yep, he wants it bad ;) 

LuHan: Your chin is sexy.

Sehun: What is life.

^^This picture is everywhere though, and with good reason because it’s the most adorable shit I’ve ever seen ever like, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh let me die in peace please, like guys, come on


Okay. What was I saying?

Oh yeah. And this.

I’m not going to speak about that set of gifs because if I try I’m actually going to start crying because my fucking feels man.

This though *sigh* Sehun protecting his baby Lulu :’) like, I seriously can’t. (Only appreciated this gif after I got over how white Sehun was being with his fucking Starbucks frap though) 

Stage FOUR: The Fanboy effect 

Simple as: You know it’s a solid ship when said ship member is the other’s biggest fan-boy.

^^ Sehun cheering LuHan on ;w;

^^Sehun’s excitement when LuHan finishes the race *sniffs* I’m not crying

Sehun celebrating LuHan coming second…okay, yeah, now I’m crying.


but it’s Hunhan, so I give myself permission to be emotional. Manly stuff this is.

Wow, my mates are out playing rugby right now and this is what I’m doing. Really defines me as a character, doesn’t it XD

Stage FIVE: Second Hand Fulfilment 

This is going to sound cheesy as fuck, but they…um… “complete each other”. As in, them together forms a bond that connects the two of them and evermore benefits both of their individual aspects, both physically and emotionally…eh.

Well, there goes my emotional stability. I swear to god, every time I do one of these things, it just ends with me sitting under my bed covers crying because HunHan.

It doesn’t die guys. No matter what they say, Hunhan never dies.

“So why the fuck do you ship HunHan?”

This is way too fucking long dude

Thanks to Thomas (@hunhan-never-dies) for helping me out with…this 

I feel so awkward right now.

Okay, um…

1. Sehun’s obsession with Xiao Lu’s butt

2. Sehun’s obsession with LuHan IN GENERAL

3. Their not-so-subtle love for each other

4. They fit together like two puzzle pieces

5. They make each other happy

6. They’re stuck together 95% of the time they’re around each other

7. Sehun’s jealousy is unreal

8. They’re really fucking cute

hunhan smut scenario


sehun be like “damn lulu it’s tight.”

and lulu says “yeh daddy u right.”

and sehun thrusts and thrusts until he sees stars and says “imma nut in that butt”

and luhan says “yeh babe im cumming wheeeeee”

and sehun came and luhan did too, white liquid going pewpewpew onto their chests.

the end.

Why do I ship hunhan?

Maybe it’s because of the way Sehun looks at Luhan…

Or the way Luhan looks at Sehun….

Or because Sehun never really got annoyed when Luhan did anything to him…

Maybe it’s because of their special moments…

Or maybe it’s because of the way they hold hands, how their fingers automatically interlock with each other, how they perfectly fit…

Maybe they’ve had their final moments together, in-front of cameras…

But I know that they’ll always be watching over each other…. 

Even from a distance….

I know that this special ship will last…. 

For ages and ages to come ♥

Hunhan have this special bond between them. An unbreakable bond, that can’t easily be broken off by distance. The way they act around each other is so natural and they always look so comfortable around each other and I feel like they don’t really need to hide anything from each other because of their level of trust. Their relationship is so special and cute and sweet and every moment they share with us is so special and precious, they’re like treasures to us, Hunhan shippers. Every moment of theirs leaves me almost crying. 

There are a lot of things our eyes can not see. We do not know what happens behind cameras, we can only see those moments which the cameras captured. 

I miss seeing Hunhan together so much, and I hope that faith can bring them together once again. 

Hunhan is special, Hunhan is treasure. Hunhan makes me happy and I’m glad I ship this precious ship.

I hope Hunhan keeps on sailing even if there is some distance between them. I hope this royal ship continues to sail. 

I love them, Sehun and Luhan, so much.

All I know, is that I’ll continue to ship Hunhan for as long as I can. :)

Case Study - HunHan is the best

Challenge accepted.

Warning: This is a very long…very heavy post. If you’re not into that, and this just so happens to pop up on your dash…well…have fun scrolling (oh my god, I’m so fucking sorry).

Opening statement

An unofficial investigation into the principal relationships between subject bottom Luhan and subject top Sehun. Stated unofficial attorney (myself) pleas focus on proposition that HunHan is, in fact, the best ship ever.

Open case witnesses stand by photographically provided anonymous comment, along side our alt. witness @hunhan-never-dies and @bunnymelonlove

This unofficial open case study has been held and sustained by…um, Tumblr…I guess.


To imply Hunhan is, as witness one has stated, ‘the best ship everrrrrrrrr’ is synonymous to the implication that it outranks any other ship, to which, I can prove by the following pieces of evidence.

To overlay the ideals that cover what would be defined as “the best ship ever”, my own personal interpretation would be as follows:

1. A strong mental and physical connection

2. Emotional attachment and sentimental displays of affection 

3. Relationship stability

4. Supporting officials

Starting with statement one: As it has been proven on several occasions, Sehun and Luhan have a strong connection, mentally and physically. If you take a look at the following independent corroborations…

You may notice under analysation that the HunHan couple appear to almost gravitate towards one-another, a statistically proven trait amongst many well-functioning couples.

It is also proven that when one’s significant other enters the proxemics of their fellow significant other, they will subconsciously try to draw eye-contact from the other, regardless of the circumstances.

^^ Please take note of the obtained and sustained eye-contact between both parties. 

Moving onto emotional attachment and sentimental displays of affection.

I would like to call out Sehun’s past constant behaviour regarding Luhan, practical or otherwise. Sehun has made his affections quite clear through the years…

^^This source works as an obvious display of emotional attachment towards Luhan on Sehun’s part, due to his elaborate presentation of regard for his success and well being.

This is once again displayed through my second source, only exceeding to portray the circumstance vice-versa.

^^Luhan’s display of wanting Sehun to stay along side him is again another demonstration of emotional attachment.

The reality is, Hunhan are clearly unable to function to their greatest potential without the other present. They show a clear value towards one another, as insinuated through the following primary sources…

^^ The fact that Luhan directs his attention straight to Sehun and tries to offer him, and only him, the chocolate, exhibits an act of affection. This can also be supported by the look of disappointment evident on Luhan’s face when he realises Sehun wasn’t going to notice him. (aww…)

As I’ve already stated prior, Sehun has a constant tendency to make his admiration of Luhan strikingly clear to the point I actually start bawling.

^^ Sehun’s body language and way of tone whenever speaking of Luhan is a clear presentation of genuine love and affection. Emotion only comes with authenticity.

As for Luhan, due to his naturally more reserved nature, these specific sources are slightly more challenging to accommodate…nevertheless, I managed. 

^^Notice Luhan’s body language, how his hand moves over his chest, a significant portrayal of genuine care for Sehun. I believe I’ve provided enough evidence to solidly support these two and their close relation. Though, I’m sure, if I had the time, I’d be able to provide more.

Relationship Stability is something that can work as a defining tribute towards any bond, whether it be platonic, romantic etc.

^^Sehun’s desire to protect Luhan is a sign of trust and mutual compassion between the two. It’s also really frickin adorable.

The same form of stability can also be seen through Sehun’s last-minute decision to swap vans so he could sit with Luhan. There would be no further rebuttal towards this standard point, as both sides have provided clear overviews of endearment regarding their interrelation.

Supporting Officials

I believe that the general public take great toll in the final judgement of whether or not a relationship can truly be defined as the greatest. HunHan statistically has a very vast supporting fanbase, which not only encourages and allows the ship to grow, but supports it evermore. Keeping in mind, HunHan has been physically inactive for years now, and yet, the fanbase still has several supporting members. If that doesn’t generalise the success of the HunHan community…I honestly don’t know what does.

Due to the circumstances, I’m obligated to offer the option to rebut. Those who wish to rebut me, feel free to do so. As a man of dignity, I’ll listen. I’m speaking from my own opinion, and, though the subject on “which ship is the best” is highly subjective, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy a good debate.

This is all just for fun. I’m not trying to start an actual argument. If you do rebut, keep in mind this isn’t a contest. At the end of the day, I believe all ships to be beautiful in their own way, as they’re all their own representation of a close bond between two people under different circumstances.

End of case study

Holy shit that was tedious.

Sorry…did I just bore you to death? Haha…my bad.

HunHan ~ Jealousy

I have a peculiar thing for jealous HunHan. Like, for real, I just find it painfully adorable.

^^Very subtle LuHan 

」( ̄▽ ̄」)

^^ I cry XD

^^ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

^^(Also known as the “someone-gon-die” face)

^^Sehun be pissed as fuck *tut tut*

^^ Lets out frustration with water bottle XD there, there, Sehun. Everyone knows that LuHan will forever belong to you ;)

^^I can never get over this gif (ノ⊙曲ఠ)ノ彡┻━┻

Sehun’s full-on bitch face when he caught Jongin and Luhan sharing an awkward moment like (┛ಠДಠ)┛

^^ Literally, I’ve used this gifset so much, and I do not care, it’s so fucking amazing (Ō̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ ԑ Ō̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ ૢ)

Oh my god, Sehun, could you be anymore obvious ;w; and LuHan’s all cute and clueless like 。゚(TヮT)゚。I can’t. I really can’t.

Sehun didn’t like that LuHan’s hand was on Tao’s shoulder, so he put his hand on his to compensate (੭ु ‾᷄ᗣ‾᷅ )੭ु⁾⁾

HAH!!^^ ahhh, good times

^^ Not related to jealousy…I just wanted to put it up there as a reminder that, regardless of the constant emotional possessiveness these two seem to have over one another (ᗒᗜᗕ) nothing shall ever come between them. At the end of the day, their affection towards each other remains unchanged (no matter how far apart they may be) 

                               Hello everyone!

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Note: Keep your ask box open so we can notify you when you get accepted. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask!

The Science behind HunHan

Warning: I took triple award science and got a B. Thomas took double award and he got a B-. Needless to say, we don’t know our shit, so please don’t take us seriously. 

Alright, let’s get cracking.

P.S. I’ve avoided using GIFs and examples that I personally believe to be fan service, so don’t be throwing shade at me, okay?

I know, I know, I know, I’ve talked about the ideas of proxemics in literally every HunHan text post I’ve ever done, but WITH GOOD REASON.

A close physical relation with a significant other is statistically proven to improve emotional relations. Things such as physical touch, standing next to one another, and even subtle occurrences such as stands of eye-contact can contribute to this build-up of emotional connection.

Intense eye-contact.

Sehun getting exceedingly close to LuHan, resulting in Xiao Lu trying to push him away (I’m assuming out of surprise/awkwardness)

Sehun awkwardly getting into LuHan’s personal space…again :P

These kind of behaviours are due to an increase/rush of endogenous morphine. Endogenous morphine is basically a chemical in your central nervous system that tells you you’re enjoying something. Two of the most common examples of high-level endorphin intake is when one does exercise, or has sexual intercourse (but we all know which is better…let’s be real)

Case studies have shown that an increase of endogenous morphine will commonly occur when in physical contact with a significant other.

One of the reasons I think HunHan is just too real to be fake is due to the fact they were always staring at one another, invading each other’s personal space, and just generally being closer to each other in respects to the other EXO members. I highly doubt this would have occurred if they didn’t have some sort of romantic connection. If the romance wasn’t there, then there would have been no increase in endorphins. Just saying.

I suppose this next bit is more phycological than anything else, but let’s go with it.

Jealousy is an instinctive emotion. It works in the same way as, say, happiness. When something good happens, people tend to feel happy. However, some people act happier than others in different situations.

To put it simply, if someone gave Thomas a cake on his birthday, he’d be over the moon, whereas, if someone were to give me the same cake on my birthday, I’d still be happy, but less so in comparison to Thomas (I’m not a cake fan #shootme.)

Jealousy can be thought of in a very similar sense.

The way someone reacts to something is a display of their personal connection with said something.

Sehun has constantly shown that he has a problem with people being too friendly with LuHan.

Sehun disliking Jongdae holding LuHan’s wrist, so turning to stand between the two as a barrier.

When Suho was talking about LuHan.

When Sehun saw Jongin and LuHan making eye-contact.

Taking the last GIF as my example, if a friendly companion of LuHan’s were to see him make eye-contact with Jongin, they most likely wouldn’t care too much about the entire situation. However, Sehun’s overall reaction to pretty much all of LuHan’s interactions with others outside of himself is a clear display of jealousy.

Jealousy is a natural occurrence within all human beings. It’s an emotion triggered by possessiveness. It dates back to the original animalistic instinct to protect what belongs to you. 

In other words, Sehun be getting all up in your business if you touch his Xiao Lu because his uber uber uber uber great ape monkey ancestors gave him that instinctive trigger trait to PROTECT ONE’S PROPERTY #MINEMINEMINE

lol. Okay.

Lastly, I’ma rant about awkwardness for a lil’ bit.

Awkward behaviour is usually a consequence of when our body goes into fight-or-flight mode. For those of you who don’t know what that is, when you’re faced with an awkward and/or challenging situation, your brain will instinctively switch to fight-or-flight (how and when actually varies from person to person). This is basically a programmed protocol your brain has fashioned to tell you to either run from the situation, or fight the situation. FACT: Fight-or-flight is the sensation that causes us to get butterflies in our stomach. 

For most people 14-25, fight-or-flight is most commonly triggered by anxiety relating to judgement of others around them. Generally speaking, it does not occur with every single person in our surroundings (unless said person has strong levels of social anxiety, which neither LuHan or Sehun do…as far as I know haha).

Something I’ve noticed is that, generally speaking, people tend to grow anxious when around their significant other/longterm crush, thus formulating the fight-or-flight reaction, and resulting in awkward behaviour between both parties.

LuHan and Sehun trying to brush off an awkward encounter with the press when they just so happened to be standing exceedingly close to one another.

Sehun showing signs of extreme awkwardness after being caught staring at LuHan and forgetting to come back up from his bow.

Yet another slightly cringe-worthy interaction (but really, they’re so cute…like whahh)

As far as I’ve seen, Sehun and LuHan generally act more self-aware/awkward around each other than they do separated, due to the fight-or-flight response subconsciously being triggered by being within the presence of a significant other.

But yeah…*cough*

Beginner’s Guide to HunHan

Yo ~ Thomas here :P

JUST SO YOU KNOW, this is a very brief look into the wonderful world of HunHan. I only spent a few hours on this, so I haven’t covered a lot…but I hope it’s aaigh :P

The contents of this BGTHH shall consist of the following:

0. A Brief introduction to Hunhan

1. The bubble Tea Propaganda

2. The Jelly Sehunnie Speculation

3. The post-EXO era

4. The POST-POST EXO ERA Late 2015-present (aka, the FML era/the return of Hunhan ?)

- A Brief Introduction to Hunhan

Now, a lot of people ask me:

“So like…why do you ship Hunhan so much. Isn’t it…kinda weird? LOL”

And trust me, I am no longer friends with these people. Joking.

WELL, Mister Ship-sinker, I’ll tell you why I love hunhan so much.

Ever since debut, Hunhan has always been like…

Sehunnnieee, LuHannie’s happy to see youuuuu ;w; <3 

And I KNOW what you’re thinking:

“But Thomas, that’s just fan-service. All boy bands do that.”

IS IT THOUGH. IS IT REALLY…okay maybe I don’t actually know, but I know for a FACT that the following are PROBABLY NOT…PROBABLY.

 ^^ Look at how happy they are around each other!!! They didn’t even know they were on camera, and yet they’re still so close, just enjoying each other’s company and oh shit it’s just beautiful.

I really love this one though ^^ because they don’t even look like they’re aware of their surroundings. They’re just too busy being cute together ;w;

^^I’m putting this in the Hunhan intro for two reasons. Firstly, during this interview, Sehun was asked to say something good about each person standing next to him (Tao and Jongdae), but instead he kind of just went “I would actually like to talk about LuHan” and then just went on to say all this adorable fluffiness and I died. (If you want to know what he actually said, you can find the interview here

Secondly, the way he instantaneously can speak so fondly of him not only showcases his genuine adoration towards LuHan, but also shows that he has a strong personal connection and ermagerd the Hunhan feels ;w;

^^^I don’t really have much of an explanation/analysis for this, it just kind of turns me on so I thought I’d leave it in here *teehee*

Hunhan inflicted boners…gotta love ‘em

-The Bubble Tea Propaganda 

So, how did Hunhan come to be, you might ask? Well it’s simple.

Bubble Tea.

Yes. Bubble Tea.

During their first year of Debut, it was revealed that Sehun and LuHan often went to have bubble tea together (both of them having turned out to be bubble tea addicts apparently.) It was from this that our bubble-baby ship “HunHan” was born.

PS it’s now just general EXO knowledge to know that Sehun’s favourite is Choco and LuHan’s is Taro (Yam…I think)

 (yep, welcome to EXO-L. #Priorities right there)

LuHan talking about Sehun is just too cute though…because UNLIKE SEHUN who is generally just all up in yer face, like “XIAO LU?? HE’S GREAT!! I LOVE HIM!!” LuHan was always a little less forward/more reserved I guess, but it was little fond moments like these that showed his true feelings of affection towards Sehun. Platonic or not, no one can deny…they have a hella strong bond.

(Even Kyungsoo knows it)

Awww, that expression ;w; Sehunnie <3 bless him

I’m smiling so much right now TEEHEEE I really need to chill bro XD

- Jelly Sehunnie Speculation 

Now, it’s not exactly a secret amongst the EXO-Ls that Sehun can tend to be a liiiiittle childish at times. But, can you blame him? He is the youngest of the group anyhow…

And he had an adorable tendency to get a little possessive, especially with his LuHannie.

^^ The “Oh-my-god-Jongin-don’t-you-touch-my-XiaoLu-you-lil–” face

^^Sehun: *Notices Jongdae’s hand on LuHan’s wrist* The fuck is this shit?

^^Sehun: Lol, nope-ity nope, I don’t think so.

LuHan: La-la-la-la-laaaa *innocent innocent*

^^Sehun: *Turns 180 degrees and blocks Jongdae from LuHan*

^^Sehun: I promise I won’t break your face as long as you don’t touch LuHan :D

Apparently Sehun can’t keep is hands to himself ;)

-Post EXO-era

This is the part I wasn’t too keen on disguising…purely because, I remember back when this actually happened, and it was a genuinely heartbreaking time for me, along with a shitload of EXO-Ls and longterm HunHan supporters.

Yep, you guessed it. LuHan’s departure from EXO (noooooooooo)

I’m not sure if you guys can see it in this image clearly, but in the video Sehun is seen walking past one of LuHan’s advertisement posters in Beijing Airport. His reaction is unadulterably heartbreaking. He becomes so emotional that he has to sit down and take a breather. Just thinking about it now makes my heart swell. Poor guy…

And as it’s been said before on many other occasions, Sehun’s general mood and persona significantly dropped after LuHan’s sudden departure from EXO. You could see how visibly downhearted he was to no longer have LuHan around. I feel as though he almost lost that peppy playfulness, maybe even matured a little, after he left. You can interpret Sehun’s behaviour however you want…

BUT…and it’s a huge but (lol) you and I both know that Sehun and LuHan were undoubtably close. Even if you don’t ship HunHan, you can’t deny that fact. Seeing Sehun so heartbroken and lonely after someone so close to him ran straight out of his life is just… *crawls under bedsheets* *sobs*

-Late 2015-Present (FML)

Lol, no big deal right? I mean, LuHan can cyber stalk Sehun if he wants. TBH he probably cyberstalks all of the EXO members…Buuuut he only liked the ones of Sehun? HUH okai *trollolololollolololllollolol*

But that’s not why I’m FMLing right now.

I’m FMLing because of THIS.


Firstly, it’s been literally a year since LuHan’s been in Korea and now he’s just suddenly popped right out of the blue, literally the same week that SM puts Tao, Kris and LuHan back on the official EXO-M profile list.

There is a chance that the website was hacked and some troll decided to break 10000 of people’s hearts with one click…BUT I do find it a little coincidental that LuHan JUST SO HAPPENED to be in Korea about maybe three or so days before.

Like…for real?

“But Thomas, what does that have to do with Hunhan?”

Well I’m glad you asked.

I literally wrote a whole post about this BLOODY photo, but basically, I’m 97% sure that this photo (the photo Sehun recently posted on his IG account) is LuHan. I’m not going to say it actually IS him because I have no solid evidence (if you want to read more into that doe, the post is here)

The fact is that, if Hunhan ever do have a solid reunion, it’ll be the continuation of something beautiful that was long forgotten by many. I know a lot of people abandoned Hunhan for Sekai (which by the way, I’m totally okay with. Ship whatever the fuck you want, it’s all good bro) and the reason I make posts like these are to keep Hunhan alive. Regardless to if they ever do actually meet again, or if all of this is just my wishful thinking...FOR FUCK’S SAKE!!! I’m not letting this ship sink!!! It’s too beautiful to drown!! I REFUSE!!!

But yeah, that’s a small introduction to the wonderful world of Hunhan :D

You’re in my domain now biatch 

Luhan liked a Weibo post:
#LuhanMakeAWishSeason# I hope both Luhan and Sehun’s entertainment career will be brighter in the future, I hope that my academic results is sufficient for me to enroll into Melbourne Uni or Sydney Uni. I hope my life in Australia will be better.

“Excited” (封印) Hunhan

”It’s too late to save our memories and promises, delete the result…”

Reference to happy, fading memories from a long time ago.

“How can the you of yesterday be so unforgettable…but I don’t want to meet the unfamiliar you again…”

The fear of becoming strangers with someone you’d once thought to be close to your heart.

“Maybe I shouldn’t be reminiscing, even if time allows me to return to the past…”

A possible reference to Luhan considering rejoining EXO (return to the past), recollecting how things used to be before his solo career (my own speculation)

“A separation without disconnection…”

No longer being in contact with someone, but still seeing them progress through life, as Luhan had with Sehun (and the rest of EXO) via the media.

“If there was a ‘what if’, it’s already oxidized and become a reflex…”

Contemplating what things could have been like so often that it no longer seems abnormal. Maybe referring to what would have happened if Luhan had never left…

anonymous asked:

I always thought Hunhan was a marketing thing done by SM and Xiuhan was real

lol okay.

^^ Sehun talks about LuHan as if he’s a greek god, and that cute little expression on his face as he does so proves to me that he’s being genuine about his opinion (not to mention, he wasn’t even supposed to be talking about him in the first place)

The authenticity of the interview (and Sehun’s words) can be backed up by…

^^ Sehun and Luhan were visibly unaware of the press standing at the end of the hall. Despite this, the two of them were sticking together like glue, and it was only after they realised that the press were at the end of the hall that they separated.

^^ Sehun is visibly upset when Luhan fails to hear him call his name. This, again, can not possibly be fan service, as Sehun had no true reason to try to gain Luhan’s attention in the first place, thus making his disappointment furthermore valid.

^^ Sehun had no reason to react to Suho’s statement with a seemingly frustrated/agitated expression…unless of course he was genuinely annoyed by Suho’s attention toward Luhan. His obvious emotional breakdown (lol) shows clear evidence of genuine unease, not fan service.

^^ Sehun would not have reacted like this towards seeing LuHan’s poster if he’d not had true feelings for him.

^^ Once again, Sehun had no reason to behave like this after Luhan’s departure, because he was no longer part of the group, and thus, no longer associated with SM. The fact that he’s obviously emotionally upset by the sight of the poster is solid evidence that Sehun’s feelings were real.

Conclusion = Not just fan service. HunHan was real. HunHan is real.