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Final Fantasy 50 day challenge day 17. Favorite Female character and why?

I couldn’t decide it was between Yuffie, Paine, Selphie, and Ashe. I love them all equally. Yuffie because of how happy and devious she is. She joins your team and then plots behind your back. She was a funny and interesting character. She is also a ninja/thief which has always been one of my favorite classes. Paine was just kinda the voice of reason in her game. Seriously Yuna and Rikku would get caught up in something else and there’s Paine basically pulling them along their journey. Ashe was in the first FF game I had ever played so she has nostalgia with her. However I love her for her ability to keep going on and never giving up. She has also the much more badass quickenings in my opinion. Selphie’s on the list because I had so much fun with her in FFVIII. Her train song still cracks me up.