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i'm actually shipping you with another guy i'm following. his url is selotaperetard and his also into guys >:'3. omg you two would be the cutest together. >3<

Akldsjsdhafshfivsjkgdfadhgiedfuiohujnvsd omfg you have some amazing taste! ^__^ He’s sooooo freaking cute and adorable. And his shirtless pics :o omg okay i stared at them for like 2 minutes ._. But eeeekksss i’m done fangirling xD 


From my last portraiture shoot to do with the mind and touching on mental illness in a sense.
Really simple technique really, just the use of a studio, flash gun, a good friend and a ‘bendy mirror’

Copyright: Zack Healey (Selotaperetard)

Inspiration from: Lisa Kanemoto, Francis Bacon and Gerd Bonfert