while all my friends were busy studying for finals on tuesday,

I decided to explore Chicago. I also needed new running shoes, so while I was researching I found the perfect place, Lincoln Square.

(btw I have a lot of photos of Detroit still from september.. I will just create a separate page for those pictures. It was primarily pictures of adventures in Detroit rather than pictures of food. The wait will definitely be worth it.)

There were definitely a lot of cool places around, even if it was just roughly one strip of road with stores on either side. There were a lot of quirky antique stores, but I wasn’t sure if I was going to offend the owner by snapping pictures. Sadly I wasn’t able to document those with pictures, so words should do. I bought a cute little three-legged pig, a chanchito. They’re supposed to bring good luck!

Clockwise from top left: Savory Spice Shop was really cool, the whole store was full of unique and interesting spices. It was a little overwhelming at first though because they had tasters but I wasn’t sure how to go about “tasting” a spice. Turns out you just take a pinch and put it in your mouth. Pretty anti-climactic. I ended up buying the piri-piri spice and ghost pepper salt. Next year living off campus should be very fun. Selmarie got amazing reviews on Yelp, so I will definitely revisit this place for brunch some other day. When I was there, since Buzzfeed articles are so reliable, I decided to fulfill my spirit cookie and bought a coconut maracoon. I was not disappointed in it. I forget why I didn’t take pictures, I think I’m out of the habit of taking pictures of my food again. There was a really interesting sausage marketplace, but since spring break was looming right ahead, I decided against buying anything. I really liked the cow though. Bottom two are just interesting things I came upon when I wandered a little further than the main row. 

At the end of Lincoln Square was this frozen yogurt shop. I decided to go in mostly because I was pretty hungry. There was a TV in the shop showing an animation of a fish tank. Along with another customer who filled out a suggestion form, I also thought it would be nice if real fish were featured in the store.

Yes the divider,

A genius invention,

Solves all my problems

Why yes I do write poetry, although rarely. Even more rarely do I post them.

- March 19, 2014

Delayed Swoon.

You work at cafe Selmarie.
You’ve got green punk-y streaks running through your hair.
On Saturdays, I order a black coffee, with a little ice to cool it down, and two coconut macaroons.
Every Saturday you turn around and look at me dead in the eyes ,with the same dead globes I’ve got and say in this very snarky way:
“Do you need help?”
and I always say back:
“I might need yours”.
You smile just a bit, with those dimples in your cheeks making this obtuse triangle to the plugs in your ears.
And I watch those white, white cheeks flush just a little as you turn to catch my regular order, without asking what it is, you just know at this point.
Just like my bar-tenders up the street always know I want a dark beer and a shot of gin.
The same bar you go to, with your friends, who regular there more, of whom I’ve gotten used to seeing, and share spade conversations with over cigarettes.
And I didn’t realize any of it, until the door man of that bar, my favorite friend here.

Said to me tonight:
“You two really have a lot in common. Wow, now that I think about it. That totally makes sense.”
As you passed by with a finger curl wave, a soft shout, and that green/black mesh bobbing and sterner taught shoulders and swagger delightful.

Spanish Almond Torte - Yum!
He won us over with his presentation and all we could think of was yum :-)! If you have been here, put it on your wish list of places to eat in #chicago. @bestfoodchicago #cafeselmarie #dessert #sweettooth #food #KambuaPhoto #ChicagoPhotographer #PhotoOfTheDay #picoftheday #photoaday #iPhoneography #iPhone6PlusPhoto #project365 #photosafari #worldphotoorg #instagram #PGstar #PGdaily @phonegram @padgram #TPD1Million #igerschicago #insta_chicago #kambuaphotosafari || 209/365 (at Cafe Selmarie)