while all my friends were busy studying for finals on tuesday,

I decided to explore Chicago. I also needed new running shoes, so while I was researching I found the perfect place, Lincoln Square.

(btw I have a lot of photos of Detroit still from september.. I will just create a separate page for those pictures. It was primarily pictures of adventures in Detroit rather than pictures of food. The wait will definitely be worth it.)

There were definitely a lot of cool places around, even if it was just roughly one strip of road with stores on either side. There were a lot of quirky antique stores, but I wasn’t sure if I was going to offend the owner by snapping pictures. Sadly I wasn’t able to document those with pictures, so words should do. I bought a cute little three-legged pig, a chanchito. They’re supposed to bring good luck!

Clockwise from top left: Savory Spice Shop was really cool, the whole store was full of unique and interesting spices. It was a little overwhelming at first though because they had tasters but I wasn’t sure how to go about “tasting” a spice. Turns out you just take a pinch and put it in your mouth. Pretty anti-climactic. I ended up buying the piri-piri spice and ghost pepper salt. Next year living off campus should be very fun. Selmarie got amazing reviews on Yelp, so I will definitely revisit this place for brunch some other day. When I was there, since Buzzfeed articles are so reliable, I decided to fulfill my spirit cookie and bought a coconut maracoon. I was not disappointed in it. I forget why I didn’t take pictures, I think I’m out of the habit of taking pictures of my food again. There was a really interesting sausage marketplace, but since spring break was looming right ahead, I decided against buying anything. I really liked the cow though. Bottom two are just interesting things I came upon when I wandered a little further than the main row. 

At the end of Lincoln Square was this frozen yogurt shop. I decided to go in mostly because I was pretty hungry. There was a TV in the shop showing an animation of a fish tank. Along with another customer who filled out a suggestion form, I also thought it would be nice if real fish were featured in the store.

Yes the divider,

A genius invention,

Solves all my problems

Why yes I do write poetry, although rarely. Even more rarely do I post them.

- March 19, 2014