anonymous asked:

what are some of your fav blogs on here?

ok i follow probably like 50 new blogs every day sjfbasdkfn i either fall in love with their blog or them as a person and its really all over the place from celebs to tv shows so imma just name some that pop into my head this isnt an entire list

@graintgustin @selenagomezaf @suprcorp @archerie @promoteselfsoothing @leamichelerps @goldenglider @wally-iris @gomezes @zendayar @yourstrulys @llastjedi @andialmostdo @babyv @marieselena @maliatait @meandstherhythm @selenangomez @beyoncegiselle @beyhive4ever @veronicalocge @selmaries @supercanaries @rodenly @wokuspokus @beautifulstragic honestly there likes so many but thats all i can think of rn, you can check my blog roll if you’re just looking around for some blogs to follow!!