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How to spot an Abby account

Tagging @weavemama because abby WILL make multiple accounts.
When she makes a new account, the name has a beginning, middle, and an end.
Possible beginnings:
•Selly (Selena Gomez)
•Ari (Ariana Grande)
Possible middles:
•apt (her initials)
•Paris (she’s made several ParisParises)
•Boo (mostly found following Selly or Ari)
Possible endings:
•1(single number)1 (151, 161, 171) most common is 161
If i think of more i will post them!!!

Edit: okay to reblog if she has harassed you but PLEASE hide this post from her.

AU (Or Later On In Life?): Dylan O'Brien and Selena Gomez had met for the first time when Selena guest starred on Teen Wolf as Stiles’ love interest for the new season. Although it was a bit awkward, they quickly became friends. Soon, they were hanging out after shooting and posed for numerous red carpets. Rumors went around, saying that they were dating. But were they? Or was it just a friendship with rumors surrounding it?

If someone writes a fanfiction based off of this I would be extremely happy!


“I learned a lot from her about the branding and technical sides of the business. I’ll definitely miss Selena.”