I really hate to part with it but I’m selling my junior prom dress. It was originally $400 but I’m selling it for $300. Only worn once but there is a small stain on the front (not very noticeable) and some gems are loose. It’s a size four but it was tailored so it’s a bit smaller. I need to get rid of this quick so i can buy my senior prom tickets and a new dress. So message me if interested and for details please. (And if you could reblog this for people to see that would be great ;m; )

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I wanna be an evil villainess, but all the evil stores sell are dresses and these super revealing outfits with fishnet stockings and a ton of laced stuff. God, why do heroines get to look badass without looking like walking, talking fan service? Got any decent villainess outfits?

The Tumblrs that I follow with amazing fashion tips are:

  • @thegothicalice (she makes and modifies a fair bit of her own clothes, amazing jackets and vests especially)
  • @gothiccharmschool of course (constantly crafting concoctions of perilous perfection)
  • The InfamousBluejay – I know the name but cannot find a blog. Damnit. Makes MARVELOUS things.
  • @skarrin is the best dressed gentleman in Seattle and beyond. If you are looking for a coat that you can dance to, he is a hallmark of inspiration.
  • @ourladyoflace crafts and cosplays and makes and builds
  • @winneganfake builds with leather wondrous begettings (if you have seen boot accessories that look like bat wings, you’ve seen his work)
  • @theeverydaygoth both posts self-styled items and selfies of others. She does quite a bit of writing on her blog too (ah! an entire link of fashion resources!)

My personal aesthetic is something like “a 50s diner picked up by a storm, crashes into a ice cream parlor, that then is booted into the cemetery for good measure.” I like to call it “haunted ice scream parlor” but a more appropriate description would probably be “horrible, bright, mismatched, tacky, and off season”

Clothing is largely outside of our purview, but we can offer you the occasional patch to spice up something you purchase or make.
Selling dress!

by ~uncleborris

I am selling my Labyrinth of Jareth dress (a photograph of it is up on my gallery-it’s my only deviation). I am accepting any price. The dress is made with baroque silk and lace with hand beading on the skirt, bustle/train, and sleeves. A matching beaded corset with ziptie boning is also up for grabs. They can be sold as a pair or separately (I really don’t care). It can fit anyone that’s from 5'2 (with heels) to about 5'5. These garments were made about a year ago and have endured me acting as a monster at a haunted house, a masquearde, Halloween, and occasional trips to school. They are durable but should be handled with care since I am NOT

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 Price suggestions are taken and considered!

What you want to know…

  • Price is up for discussion, but I would love to get around $70 USD for it.
  • This dress has been worn and is being sold as is.
  • Floor Length
  • This lovely pale yellow dress has beautiful sheer “wings” that flow behind you as you walk
  • Shipping is determined by your location and how much of a deal I can manage at the post with flat rate shipping.
  • Paypal accepted
  • If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me.

If you would like to purchase it’s first come first served so please let me know ASAP. My e-mail is the best way to contact me at


hi everyone! im selling a few dresses on depop to make some extra money! if anyone is interested they are all basically brand new i only wore one to take selfies in lol U.S shipping is already included in the prices!!

Selling a gorgeous Pink Prom dress! :)

It’s a size 10 pink flowy dress with a sweetheart top and beading. It’s form fitting at the bust and then comes out from the waist. It was originally $400 and I’m selling it for less than 1/3 of the price now!

The dress looks a lot more shiny in the pictures than it really is.

selling on ebay internationally:

Check it out and feel free to ask me any questions (: If you’re interested, I’m willing to negotiate. 



I’m selling my prom dresses!!!!
Both are size 2, I’m 5'5, and have a size 34B bust. Neither of dresses have been altered in any way so if you need it tailored to for you it won’t be a problem at al!!! Both have only been worn for no more than a few hours

The blue one I originally paid $300 but I’m selling for $200

And the Nude/Yellow toned I paid $650 for but I’m selling for $475

Message me for any other details!!!

selling stuff!!