I really hate to part with it but I’m selling my junior prom dress. It was originally $400 but I’m selling it for $300. Only worn once but there is a small stain on the front (not very noticeable) and some gems are loose. It’s a size four but it was tailored so it’s a bit smaller. I need to get rid of this quick so i can buy my senior prom tickets and a new dress. So message me if interested and for details please. (And if you could reblog this for people to see that would be great ;m; )

im opening a store

Its called KoreanWear and it sells party dresses, jumpsuits, etc from Korea. KoreanWear sells only clothing exclusively from Korea, produced from the best quality available. Material and condition of clothing are of guaranteed excellence. you can check it out and maybe spread the word about it.

i made a discount code krwear10 for my followers to get a 10% discount, for any enquiries or questions ask me here or email me

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FEATURED ITEM: black jumpsuit

check out some of their best selling dresses:

  1. striped straight dress
  2. porcelain print
  3. spaghetti strapped dress
  4. black loose dress

some items I personally plan to order:

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Cheap Fashionable Clothes

This list will grow as i explore!

Ok so this is basically a list of sites that have cheap, comfortable and fashinable clothes for all you out there! Especially for trans youth who want to buy dress or collared shirts or make up or basically anything!! - The name is SammyDress but let me tell you there is some amazing mens clothing in here too! This site also sells wigs and shoes! They also have a clearance page and plus size clothing! - I use this site for mainly make up but there are cute accessories and make up brushes here too! - Great site with a mix of mens, womens, and even kids clothes! The also have make, sales, and plus size pages!! - This site mainly sells dresses and womens clothes but has occasional mens clothing too!!store/c205c/collections/all/1 - I know a lot of you have probably seen or heard of this site but im putting it on here cause the binders are cheaper then underworks and to me more comfortable!


Hi guys! I’d like to share my newly found online shop, its called LANDYBRIDAL. It offers unique dresses for every occasions like prom, bridal party, homecoming, graduation etc.


These party dresses are a must have! You can check these out using these links: 


They even sell amazing wedding dress for an affordable prize!


Check out these wedding dresses thru these links:


Selling a gorgeous Pink Prom dress! :)

It’s a size 10 pink flowy dress with a sweetheart top and beading. It’s form fitting at the bust and then comes out from the waist. It was originally $400 and I’m selling it for less than 1/3 of the price now!

The dress looks a lot more shiny in the pictures than it really is.

selling on ebay internationally:

Check it out and feel free to ask me any questions (: If you’re interested, I’m willing to negotiate. 


 Price suggestions are taken and considered!

What you want to know…

  • Price is up for discussion, but I would love to get around $70 USD for it.
  • This dress has been worn and is being sold as is.
  • Floor Length
  • This lovely pale yellow dress has beautiful sheer “wings” that flow behind you as you walk
  • Shipping is determined by your location and how much of a deal I can manage at the post with flat rate shipping.
  • Paypal accepted
  • If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me.

If you would like to purchase it’s first come first served so please let me know ASAP. My e-mail is the best way to contact me at

cinematic-starlight asked:

Hello!! I wanted to ask if you knew the best way to make a really poofy ball gown type dress for a cosplay?? I know they sell wedding dresses like that, but those are quite expensive \(;´□`)/ oh! Also a tutorial on how to make a bow & arrow? Thanks!!

Hello there!

Bow and arrow tutorials, this way!

For a ballgown, there are two ways of doing it (and a third, if you do a hybrid), which would be either with petticoats or with a hoop skirt.

Hoop skirts you can buy online for between 20~30USD or so. I’ve gotten them off of eBay before. These are skirts with horizontal ribs of hoop steel sewn in. The hoop steel forms a ‘cage’ of multiple complete circles that get larger toward the bottom of the skirt, forcing the skirt out into a bell shape. Hoop skirts can get you very large skirts with minimal weight and added temperature (the airflow underneath helps keep you cool), but require at least one layer on top to prevent the hoops from showing through and can be difficult to maneuver in. These are good for very large skirts that are somewhat rigid.

Petticoats are made out of many layers of tightly gathered fabric. Often, the fabric is stiff for added poof (typically tulle or a stiff netting, sometimes organza), but chiffon “softie” petticoats are popular in both square dancing and lolita fashion, as they never lose their stiffness/poof, and sometimes cotton or linen petticoats are used in historical costuming. These are good if you want a very particular shape (since you can customize the shape by using different cuts of fabric) or if you want less poof or more movement. These can take a lot of time and skill to make, though. Often, horsehair braid or fishing line is sewn into the hem of a petticoat to give it more body, and sometimes a smaller hoop skirt is worn with larger petticoats over it (as opposed to a smaller petticoat worn with a hoop simply to prevent the bones from showing).

Which one you will use is up to both personal preference and what the costume looks like. For example, this could be either (or both), this would be a hoop, this would be petticoats, and this would likely be both. Keep in mind that with petticoats, in order to get more poof, you’ll need a /lot/ of fabric, so that’s where hoops and other understructures come in handy.

I hope that helps! :]


(By the way, you get the honor of being my last ask on this blog. It was great, everyone! :])

selling stuff!!