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I don't blame Terry at all for being upset about the green screen. If I had invested hours on research, detail, colors, dyes, fabrics to be as authentic as possible I would want my work shown in the best possible way too. They're not just selling a dress, they're selling the show. Bad, Starz PR! This award season Terry has a great chance to win for the work she & her team have done. Whatever other misgivings people may have, surely no one can deny that she has worked very hard and has talent

I honestly don’t see the big deal at all. The dress is beautiful. I highly doubt anyone is thinking “oh god that looks awful because it’s on a green screen”. People are just excited to finally see it! 

@ people looking for affordable clothes & makeup

Alright so if any of you are looking for clothes that are cheap but also high quality and reliable look no further!

Here we have Shein they have super affordable stuff and every time I’ve ever ordered it’s always arrived super fast! They sell everything from dresses to shoes and even accessories! Some of my favorites from them are X X X

Next we have my personal favorite Romwe they have never once disappointed me plus they have super fast shipping and terrific customer service! They sell pretty mush everything you can imagine clothing wise! Some of my favorites from them are X X X

For makeup we have e.l.f. they sell pretty much everything you could want and most of it only costs $1-$5 HOWEVER I hate the eyeliner they sell stay away from that

We also have NYX they have a good selection of everything but I personally love the lip products they sell which are around $3-$7 and have really great color and stay on long PLUS you can eat/drink and it’ll stay on!!!

// I will be adding to this & I will be making another post for thicker babes so keep an eye out for that :^) //

   I really hate to part with it but I’m selling my junior prom dress. It was originally $400 but I’m selling it for $300. Only worn once but there is a small stain on the front (not very noticeable) and some gems are loose. It’s a size four but it was tailored so it’s a bit smaller. I need to get rid of this quick so i can buy my senior prom tickets and a new dress. So message me if interested and for details please. (And if you could reblog this for people to see that would be great ;m; )


My dress: The top is a J Crew Jackie cardigan that I had fitted. The skirt is something I designed with a woman in China who was selling a midlength strapless dress with an attached skirt in that style. I asked her if she could make it full length and high-waisted and after about a month of talking we worked that up together. The belt was made by my sister out of scraps from my mother’s wedding gown. She’s been married to my dad for 41 years last month so hopefully it gives me some luck. This was an elopement and I wanted to keep the tone pretty casual, that’s also one of the reasons why Scarlet wore a suit. In the end, it turned out exactly the way I imagined it and I couldn’t be happier.


For anon (and anyone else interested)- here is my prom dress! Sorry the pictures arent the best, but the third pic is to just show how it’s open in the back.
Brand: La Femme
Size: 2
Retail Price: $500+
Asking For: $250 or best offer!
Condition: Worn once. There was a tiny patch in the tulle when I bought it but the tailor sewed it back together, and none of my friends noticed!!
The dress also comes with built in padding so I didn’t have to wear a bra with it! Definitely a bonus.
Let me know if you’re interested and I will email you a paypal invoice :-)

Selling a gorgeous Pink Prom dress! :)

It’s a size 10 pink flowy dress with a sweetheart top and beading. It’s form fitting at the bust and then comes out from the waist. It was originally $400 and I’m selling it for less than 1/3 of the price now!

The dress looks a lot more shiny in the pictures than it really is.

selling on ebay internationally:

Check it out and feel free to ask me any questions (: If you’re interested, I’m willing to negotiate. 

Short Cocktail Dresses

Are you looking for an affordable short cocktail dress? I just found this amazing online shop that sells cheap short cocktail dresses. You should check it out guys :) It can be found here!

Some of my favorites are:

They don’t only sell little black dresses but also prom dresses  // evening dresses // homecoming dresses and many more! Better check it out guys!

when ur restoring a big mosaic in the main room with subpar matierials but you still adore the shade of crimson and the color is superb but you got some dust on urself you gotta brush off of your sweater that you bought at some shady little thrift store that also sells red dresses and blonde wigs and the money you got was from dancing in a cat suit at a club and the job you’re doing rn is finally paying enough for you to quit your job dancing in a cat suit but now the club is asking for more dancers and this american girl apparently got a job there and is running around in that same cat suit AND a locket from some bloke named Ned and you don’t know if she knows how much that cat suit meant to you in a metaphorical way bc it was both something that kept you alive and well bc it made you money but also a secret source of shame and that american girl keeps staring at your working on your mosaics and you don’t know if she really likes tessarae the same way you do but she gave you one to hold on to so maybe she does but where did she get this tessera and how and why does it keep making this beeping noise almost like it’s tracking you and is that pen over at that desk making that same noise oh and here’s that american girl back again but this time she’s wearing a baby mask