Accurate representation of me in literally ANY place that sells books.

Artwork belongs to @delusioninabox 👏👏👏

PSA: If you're looking to buy prints, posters, or merch and come across a site called TeeChip DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM, EVER

They steal artwork from artists without their permission and attempt to resell low quality crap of it, and trick people into buying it by stating “BEST SELLER, NOT AVAILABLE IN STORES, LIMITED TIME ONLY”

And hey, guess what? Someone messaged me earlier and I found out that this “company” is selling MY ART that I definitely did not give permission to use, sell, or distribute.

This “company” literally edited out my work from the original images, rotated a few, and slapped them all onto a poster.

Uh, NO. Not cool at all.

I have already filed a DMCA and hope to have it taken down within a day, but who knows if they’ll even do that seeing as their “DMCA form” is literally an email to “someone who takes care of these matters” 🙃

PLEASE don’t support shitty “companies” like TeeChip who steal the hard work of others! If you ever recognize artwork that you suspect is stolen on any site that sells artwork or merch, please let the original artist know if you’re able to! It’s always greatly appreciated when people let us know this kind of shit is happening and we can take actions to stop it

What Stealing Artwork Does to an Artist


  • They can get sued. If they work for a company or studio, their artwork is usually copyrighted. Japan has strict laws about that. If their employer or the company finds one of their works floating around, they can get in trouble, and face lawsuits.
  • Many artists participate in doujinshi groups, or cons. To ‘advertise’ their future prints, they sometimes show samples, sometimes even full ones, that can be stolen. And when they try to sell their artwork prints, they get very little revenue, because it’s ALREADY FLOATING AROUND THE INTERNET, so why spend money for it?
  • Again, Artists also rely on commissions to support themselves and their loved ones. For those who are seeking jobs in the industry, having one of their drawings floating around can be very detrimental to their chances of landing a job. If their employer has already seen it on the internet, it looses it’s ‘effect’ once they see it from the artist themselves. 
  • Basically, a LOT MORE.

Emotionally & Psychologically

  • It can make them LOSE THEIR CONFIDENCE to draw more artwork, because people keep claiming them as ‘theirs’
  • It can make them DEPRESSED AS HELL, and their family and friends will notice.
  • It can make them feel PARANOID about putting ANY of their works ONLINE.
  • It can make them lose SLEEP, APPETITE, MOTIVATION and INTEREST in doing what they USED TO LOVE TO DO.


  • Makes them lose their TRUST in letting foreigners see their art
  • Makes them UNCOMFORTABLE sharing their artwork AT ALL
  • Makes them feel so INSECURE that they make their accounts PRIVATE
  • Makes them feel that the best thing to do to stop the problem is to DELETE THEIR ARTWORKS and/or LEAVE COMPLETELY

Many people do not even think about these things. Posting an artwork is as easy as right-click save and paste. But the people who suffer for it are the artists. 

This is why it is SO IMPORTANT to ASK PERMISSION. They NEED TO KNOW where their art is going, WHO is allowed to reprint from them, so they can keep track, and WHICH ARTWORK it is. Because some are OK, while others are not. Communication is the KEY to bridging gaps, and fostering TRUST, and building a positive relationship with ANYONE.

Btw, if anyone wants to add a point on there, feel free to message me, and let me know. I’m just putting this here, because many times, we do not even think about how our actions effect other people. 

Edit: THIS is not limited to just Artists. Creators/Scanners/Translators (especially on tumblr) are also applicable to this, for the last two categories. I have some SEEN people STOP TRANSLATING/SCANNING for a certain fandom or group because their translations/scans are often STOLEN and pasted to other sites. 

I’m working on making a Sailor Moon tarot deck for personal use & this is the template I’ve come up with for the card fronts. What do you guys think? I also need help coming up with images/characters for some of the if you have any suggestions please let me know. 

& because people are asking..I’m really sorry..but I can’t sell this deck. The artwork I’m using isn’t my own (this one is by Marco Albiero)..I’ve designed the templates for the front & backs of the cards only. I’ll share some of them with you..but other than that..there’s no way for me to sell them. 

anonymous asked:

Do you have any advice for someone whose really tight on money? I have a part time job but it's not enough and I have bills. It's becoming a lot to handle.

Hey darling 💕 I sympathize with your current situation; you’re definitely not alone. Money stresses are unfortunately not uncommon, and heavily impacts both our mental and physical health. It’s important to concentrate on self care and positivity through this time.

  • Avoid negative thinking. I know I always say this but it’s crucial. When times are tough, it’s easy to get carried away with the negative voice inside our head. Instead of focusing on the bad or putting ourselves down, try to concentrate on the positive. For example; be extra proud of all the hard work you put into your job.
  • Set a budget, or go over it if you already have one. Having an organized spending plan will give you much more control. The three biggest money stressors are: spending more than you make, living paycheck to paycheck, and / or owing money. Face the issue head on and start building your plan.
  • Reach out to a trusted family member or close friend that you can vent to and share your honest feelings. Being able to talk openly about your troubles will help reduce stress, and they may be able to give you some helpful tips.
  • Know that seeking medical help is another good option. Having that support from a professional can help tremendously. I don’t mean to cause stress, but I think it’s important to be aware of the possibilities and the reality of being affected by stress. Anxiety disorders and depression are the most common mental illnesses caused by financial troubles. Insomnia, eating disorders, and many more serious physical illnesses are also common. It’s important to reach out when things become overwhelming.
  • Start an emergency fund. Keep a jar or an envelope in a safe place and start putting away small amounts when you can. Every penny counts, and having that extra bit saved allows you to be proud of yourself, have an extra option when money gets tight, or even when you want to reward yourself for all of your hard work.

Heres a few tips to save money where you are now:

  • Shop smart. Use any coupons you can for groceries and sign up for email newsletters because they usually contain sales and secret deals. Free reward programs are another amazing way to earn and save grocery money!
  • Save on your energy bill. Get used to turning off lights, unplugging appliances, turning off the tv when you’re not using it, etc. Being more conscious of your water usage is another good one.
  • Plan your meals ahead of time and try to cook at home when you can. Don’t be afraid to do some research for inexpensive but tasty meals.

There are also quite a few ways to make some extra crash but they will cost you time. These are just some ideas that might be useful.

  • Walk your friend’s or neighbour’s dog(s). This is a really fun, quick and underrated way to make money and spend time with a good buddy.
  • Use advertisements on your website with Google Adsense.
  • Consider opening up a free store online or selling to friends and the community. If you have any good quality outgrown, gently used or unused clothing that you rarely wear or don’t want; consider selling them. Old jewelry, furniture, books, and other things just taking up space are good to sell, too.
  • Use your artistic hobbies or take up a new hobby that can pay such as: photography, knitting, baking, cooking, drawing, painting, sewing, woodcraft, writing, digital artistry, calligraphy, jewelry making, papercraft, etc. Freelancing in makeup artistry, hairstyling, nail artistry are other great ways to make money. Even though they are highly competitive jobs, there is a large and constant demand.

Recommended Websites:

Etsy - Sell everything from clothing, accessories, interior design, etc.
Storenvy - Sell everything from clothing, accessories, interior design, etc.

TeePublic - Upload your artwork and sell it on clothing.
RedBubble - Upload your artwork and sell it on clothing and more.
Society6 - Upload your artwork and sell it on clothing and more.

PoshMark - Sell your clothes.
ThredUP - Sell your clothes.

SkyWord - Get paid to write.
SliceThePie - Get paid to review music.

ShutterStock - Sell your photography and stock photos.
iStockPhoto - Sell your photography and stock photos.

Amazon Trade-In - Sell your old or unused electronics.
BestBuy Trade-In - Sell your old or unused electronics.
Gazelle Trade-In - Sell your old or unused electronics.
ItsWorthMore - Sell your old or unused electronics.

StudyPool - Get paid to tutor online.
Chegg - Get paid to tutor online.

InstaGC - Get paid to answer surveys.
Ipsos ISay - Get paid to answer surveys.
OpinionOutpost - Get paid to answer surveys.
Toluna - Get paid to answer surveys.

Recommended Apps:

iPoll (IOS)
Qriket (IOS) enter 57F794 for 25 extra spins
AppNana (Android)
OpinionRewards (Android)
GrabPoints (Android)
PerkTV (Android)
SlideJoy (Android)
S’more (Android)
Swagbucks (Android)
QuickThoughts (Android)

I really hope at least one of these tips can help you out. Remember that your present situation is not your final destination. This will pass. You will get through this. Good luck and stay strong angel. 🌻💕


Hi! It’s liminalspaces aka juicyslice here. A few months ago, I created this shirt for STROLL to be sold on teespring, with the proceeds going to charity. After the campaign ended, I decided not to put it up anywhere else. Unfortunately. It’s come to my attention recently that some people have stolen my artwork to sell for their own profit, so I’ve decided to bring it back and sell it on my own shop. I’ve also added a version with black text, and you can now get it on stickers, tote bags, t-shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops, aaaAAAaaand mOoooOOre! And rest assured that when you buy from my redbubble store, you are supporting the ORIGINAL artist :^)))

I don’t have plans to donate the proceeds this time around, but I’m open to suggestions. If you know of relevant any charities or organizations that are in need of funds, shoot me a message on this here website!

DO NOT USE/Trace/edit/claim/sell/etc my artwork!
Do not repost my artwork! (do not re-upload my artwork!)



HIIIIIIII DEARIES~ Sorry I’ve been inactive lately. ; A ; Been busy in school and went to conventions to cosplay and to sell my artworks ajfhjash

ANYWAY~  it’s been a long while posting my drawings here and I miss Kon so much ; ___; If only he’s still around in DC Rebith he would babysit and be a big bro to Jon. I hope DC will bring him back soon!

hello everybody I have an important request!Please Help!

Destiny here! So I decided that I want to sell art at anime expo this year.  specifically 

These light up stands! I think that they would be great attention grabbers (bringing more people to your table) and they are battery operated so we wont need plugs! I plan on selling Jojo, Fire Emblem and Touhou (possibly other series)! 

My problem is the artist alley tables are sold out and I dont know anyone who is selling. Primary artists can buy secondary artists spots on their table! I was hoping to pay the price plus extra to be able to sell my artwork!

PLEASE share this if its not too much trouble! I’d really like to see how well they do and it would motivate me to start making them again! (these are over a year old!) Thank you so much! If you are an AX artist please PM me! 

country-miles  asked:

Hey, I'm about to graduate from NUA Illustration and I'm scared as heck. Can I ask what you did when you just graduated? And you're back in Norwich now right, at Print to the People? Yay Norwich! Welcome back!

I am! It’s been a very interesting/intense time being back in Norwich! Congratulations on finishing uni! I think it’s understandable to be very scared of graduating, after having three years of structure in a safe bubble and then to be pushed out of this creative community that you’ve worked and built throughout those years. 

I’m going to tell you now something that no one told or warned me about graduation life from an art school: it’s very hard and oftentimes depressing and not good. I’m sorry this is negative but it’s true. From my personal experience, I moved back home to live with my parents in the countryside - which I am very grateful for - and got a couple jobs (Waterstones, a café/bar) to save money and get my driving license while I could work on my portfolio in my own free time. This process of moving back home is emotionally very hard, it feels like an unnatural regression, a step backwards, there’s also the guilt for feeling these things towards my parents and sometimes it felt like university never happened for me, because I was separate from my university friends and alone working in my bedroom, no longer surrounded in a studio by my creative peers. 

I did not apply for internships or creative jobs, I did not enter competitions, I did, however, take part in illustration/art festivals around the country (Bristol, Brighton, Hastings, London) to meet other artists and use these deadlines as motivation to continue making/selling my work. I kept the momentum up of making new work and putting it out there, I kept going back to Norwich to printmake and also had the luck of some friends working at the local college as printmaking technicians who let me use their facilities as well as print my stuff through their own press (Off The Press). 

Moving back home after university is very hard and no one else is going to tell you that. I also know from my friends who stayed in Norwich it hasn’t been easy, putting their artistic goals in the backseat while working, usually in retail, jobs that were just a way to pay for their rent and live. Graduation life is prioritising things, and sometimes feeling a bit like a failure, even though you’re not! It just happens, it’s life, we all need money to live and it takes time before the work we really want to make can become a living. 

I know a handful, or less than a handful, of people from my course who can make a living from selling their artwork, who went onto design internships (mostly in London) and seem to be doing well and making artwork and making money from that. Though it is also tricky with whether it’s the artwork they want to make, or have to make. 

I think some advice I would give is… to look for facilities or studios like Print to the People, if you are interested in print-making in different forms. Because there you get the same sense of community, of freedom and of creative productivity. You aren’t letting go of what you want to do and make and that you can do it. Look for these places in your hometown or where you plan to live, or you could do what I did and travel back to Norwich to printmake at Print to the People. I’d advise having a plan, because I didn’t really have one at the end of university, at least creatively for my career, Have a plan of what you want to do, who you want to work for, and go for it, apply. Because I think the hardest part of pushing yourself is simply DOING things like that. It’s also okay that your feelings about what you want to do change, your plan can change, as long as you keep your best interests in mind. 

It’s also okay to move back with your parents, it’s fine, it happens, but not to let the bad slumps get to you, to remember that there are people there for you, and to be kind to yourself in the situation you’re in. For two years I’ve been churning out artwork and thinking about my artwork at any time I’m not at work and I think it’s burnt me out a bit… so it’s okay to give yourself a break.  

Graduation life is a good time to reflect on what you really want to do, and to take your time, find your footing, and I really want to say this again, to be good to yourself. There isn’t a rush to become the next greatest artist or fashion designer or illustrator… but you need to remember that art schools push out hundreds and hundreds of graduates, just like you, every year. It’s easy to be washed away in the slew of new artists. So keep making, take this time to step back and think of what you want to do, what’s important to you, and take it one thing at a time to get there. A colleague I used to work with - a philosophy graduate - told me this while we were making coffee for customers and I was in a slump about my living at home and working in a cafê - “this is just part of the journey, so accept it, because you won’t be here forever, it’s just stepping stones and it’ll take as long as it needs to.” 

I hope this wasn’t too downcast or negative, I just want you to know what’s the truth and the truth is hard. And it’s good to remember that you’re not alone, all us graduates are in the same boat. 

All the best of luck to you, Helen! I could’ve written a lot more but I don’t think I would be able to stop, if you want to talk to me again about this by all means message me!


a bunch of stuff i didnt end up uploading
last pic is a crossover with off, human!bendy as zacharie

gore pic w/ saturated colors under the cut! dont look if you dont like gore!

so basically ill just post simple art/gore/doodles here, not all fanart tho, some will be originals

Do not trace/edit/claim/sell/etc my artwork!
Do not repost my artwork! (do not re-upload my artwork!)

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