What Stealing Artwork Does to an Artist


  • They can get sued. If they work for a company or studio, their artwork is usually copyrighted. Japan has strict laws about that. If their employer or the company finds one of their works floating around, they can get in trouble, and face lawsuits.
  • Many artists participate in doujinshi groups, or cons. To ‘advertise’ their future prints, they sometimes show samples, sometimes even full ones, that can be stolen. And when they try to sell their artwork prints, they get very little revenue, because it’s ALREADY FLOATING AROUND THE INTERNET, so why spend money for it?
  • Again, Artists also rely on commissions to support themselves and their loved ones. For those who are seeking jobs in the industry, having one of their drawings floating around can be very detrimental to their chances of landing a job. If their employer has already seen it on the internet, it looses it’s ‘effect’ once they see it from the artist themselves. 
  • Basically, a LOT MORE.

Emotionally & Psychologically

  • It can make them LOSE THEIR CONFIDENCE to draw more artwork, because people keep claiming them as ‘theirs’
  • It can make them DEPRESSED AS HELL, and their family and friends will notice.
  • It can make them feel PARANOID about putting ANY of their works ONLINE.
  • It can make them lose SLEEP, APPETITE, MOTIVATION and INTEREST in doing what they USED TO LOVE TO DO.


  • Makes them lose their TRUST in letting foreigners see their art
  • Makes them UNCOMFORTABLE sharing their artwork AT ALL
  • Makes them feel so INSECURE that they make their accounts PRIVATE
  • Makes them feel that the best thing to do to stop the problem is to DELETE THEIR ARTWORKS and/or LEAVE COMPLETELY

Many people do not even think about these things. Posting an artwork is as easy as right-click save and paste. But the people who suffer for it are the artists. 

This is why it is SO IMPORTANT to ASK PERMISSION. They NEED TO KNOW where their art is going, WHO is allowed to reprint from them, so they can keep track, and WHICH ARTWORK it is. Because some are OK, while others are not. Communication is the KEY to bridging gaps, and fostering TRUST, and building a positive relationship with ANYONE.

Btw, if anyone wants to add a point on there, feel free to message me, and let me know. I’m just putting this here, because many times, we do not even think about how our actions effect other people. 

Edit: THIS is not limited to just Artists. Creators/Scanners/Translators (especially on tumblr) are also applicable to this, for the last two categories. I have some SEEN people STOP TRANSLATING/SCANNING for a certain fandom or group because their translations/scans are often STOLEN and pasted to other sites. 


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You know who needs more love in the BBS community?

The guy’s thumbnail artists.





Sam Jones 



They’re a big part of every video we watch too, and are never appreciated enough. So go to their twitters, their youtube channels. Show them support and check out their artwork, it’s all a seriously fantastic group of hardworking and kind people who make amazing artwork for the videos we love so much. So go show them the love they deserve! ❤️❤️❤️



HIIIIIIII DEARIES~ Sorry I’ve been inactive lately. ; A ; Been busy in school and went to conventions to cosplay and to sell my artworks ajfhjash

ANYWAY~  it’s been a long while posting my drawings here and I miss Kon so much ; ___; If only he’s still around in DC Rebith he would babysit and be a big bro to Jon. I hope DC will bring him back soon!


Thanks to my dear friends @bodhvild​ which introduced me to the site (after long time she was trying to find a way for me to earn some needed money from my artworks) and my soulmate @loonylovers​ which helped me fill the form and so on, I finally got into the REDBUDDLE site so I may earn a few money to support my family at least a little bit. We live in Greece after all. Even a single euro is helpful in our condition...

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There are some people on this site who actually sell TRACED artwork for like 5 dollars apiece and yet somehow have everyone and their mother thinking that they’re some standard that all artists must adhere to like………….

Ya’ll basically saying that a 5-star restaurant’s seared salmon special with roasted onions and a hint of lemon should be priced the same as a fucking soggy ass filet-a-fish from the McDonald’s dollar menu

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WLF didn't make the shirts, the fan forge did. Fans who aren't allowed to sell their artwork anywhere else. Fans who ship different things, even if the ships aren't canon or romantic. Please don't hate so much on each other just because you ship different things :(

rose is married to a woman

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3. Do not redistribute and sell the artwork for merchandise etc.
4. I will be sending updated screenshots of the commission with questions and such to make sure you’re getting what you’ve paid for. If you wanna skip this and trust me with it let me know. I will not continue the commission till I get the heads up!

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Hi!! I'm hoping you can help get the word out about this. Theres a person on the site Redbubble, username charmangel who has stolen peoples artwork & is selling it, I've tracked a few artists down & informed them but I'm having trouble finding others. Im not very visible in the fandom myself so i fear if i just post about this on my own blog it won't get as much reach which is why I'm reaching out to others in the fandom.




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