(I apologize for the prominent watermarks in the detail images - I’ve been having problems with companies stealing and selling my artwork again recently.)

Commission for 1MrGray from DA!

A story cover featuring his two pokemon characters, Rin the Absol and Nila the Zorua, walking in a field of lillies lit by a twilight sky.

Thanks again, 1MrGray!

wouldn’t it be cute

if we keep get more seasons, and like Maya for some reason needs to make money on her own for something. So, she starts selling her artwork online and Lucas(who for some reason has a good worth amount of money) secretly buys all her artwork and Maya is really happy some likes her art and believes in her and she wants to meet the person/people who are buying it but can’t find out who. And Lucas is keeping it a secret cause he doesn’t want her  to find out it was him since he doesn’t think he genuinely likes her art and believes in her and thinks she’ll go far with art. Remember now Maya was never in the room when Lucas said all the good things about her. This point Lucas and Riley are only friends, and Riley finds out one day Lucas is buying most of Mayas art, since others have been too, when they’re studying his room and she sees one of the pieces Maya painted that Riley wanted to buy since it reminded her of their friendship. And so Riley asks why he bought it and he tells her because he believes in Maya artwork and wanted to help her out, but also because it reminded him of both girls and wanted it to remind him of the two girls in his life that inspired him to become a better person and made him a happier person. Since Lucas knows e can trust Riley with his secrets and thoughts he tells Riley that he’s bought more than just that artwork since he wants Maya to keep believing in herself and continue painting and know people out there think she’s a good artist. That also, he knows Maya won’t believe him if he tells her he think she’s talented when it comes to her art and that he’s buying it because he wants it and not out of pity. This makes it dawn on Riley that Lucas has feelings for Maya again and Riley gets all happy squealing and teasing him about it and assuring him it’s fine and theres no hard feelings about it since Riley has moved on and rather Lucas be with her best friend. He makes Riley promise she won’t tell Maya cause he isn’t sure what Maya feels and doesn’t want to feel Maya pressured into saying how she feels about him or feel guilty if she feels the same for them to become more than friends since he knows Maya wouldn’t want to since she’d feel she be breaking girl code and a bad best friend if she dates him since he’s Rileys ex. So Riley agrees not to say anything but drops hints to Maya about Lucas liking her and knows Maya feels the same trying to get them together. Farkle being the genius he is puts two and two toether but keeps his mouth closed. Zay known everything since day1 and began dropping hints about it when Riley did. Liek Zay could be like “Maya i was really sad when your painting of horses got sold before i could buy it, it reminds me so much of Texas I really wanted to get it. Another horse lover or southerner most of gotten it before i could…too bad”. And Maya then finally learns one day when Lucas forgets to buy couple of her pieces anonymously, so she storms to his house and goes to his room without knocking. And begins to lecture him about what he did, not noticing most of her other pieces hanging in his room, and that she doesn’t need his pity or money and she’ll give him his money back since she feels he’s buying them because he feels sorry for her and as long as they’ve been friends he’s never said anything about liking her work before and just helped saved the art program since he only wanted her happy since she was Riley’s friend and that she doesn’t need his help. And he just goes Maya will you shut up already. You’re a great artist and your art inspires me and I didn’t buy them because I felt bad I bought them because your a great artist and deserve to continue your passion and know there’s people out there who believe in your art. Blah blah, kind of like the leyton speech that happened when Lucas told Peyton she was a great artist on one tree hill. Then Lucas tells Maya if she looked around his room she’d see he’s bought others before and he didn’t anonymously because he was afraid if he didn’t she wouldn’t believe he was sincere and possibly ruin their friendship since they got close every time Maya got excited when a piece got told and she’d gush to him about it. And Maya is silent and just stares at him and then walks over and gives him a huge long hug and whispers thank you huckleberry thats the nicest thing someone ever said to me, no wonder I still like you.Ad then she’ll freeze up since she realized she let it slip and Lucas just has this huge smile on his face. Then cockily goes it’s about time Maya you admit it Maya, and don’t worry I like you too. Them not knowing everyone else is listening on the other side of the door since Maya told Riley she was going to go kill Lucas when she learned about Lucas’s purchases so Maya told everyone else something awesome is going down so they sneak over and so when they hear them say that they all scream YYAYYYYYYYYYY!!! And Lucas opens his door and they all fall in and Lucaya are just like??????? And so Riley stands up and goes to Maya who has guilty look on her face. And Riley will just go something along the lines of “Maya please don’t feel bad, I’m your best friend and I’ve known for a long time you still had feelings for him. And not long ago I found out he developed his feelings back for you. I’m over him and happy with Farkle now and I would rather my best friend to be with the guy I first liked than someone rando who doesn’t deserve him. I know he’ll make you happy and you happiness means the world to me. So please be with him you two belong together. Just know you have my blessing. And if it does happen we get to have a double dates with each other.” and Maya hugs Riley and says thank you and that she’ll always be her extraordinary relationship. Lucas asks Maya on a date and she says yes, Lucas doesn’t kiss her until their third and to  be his girlfriend till their fifth. High school goes on Lucaya and Riarkle always tie to be best couple in the year book. Riley wins prom princess and queen in their Junior and Senior year getting to fulfill her wish to be a princess. Maya gets a full ride scholarship to NYU and also gets an internship at a art gallery.



And that is my dream way of Lucaya getting together!

What Stealing Artwork Does to an Artist


  • They can get sued. If they work for a company or studio, their artwork is usually copyrighted. Japan has strict laws about that. If their employer or the company finds one of their works floating around, they can get in trouble, and face lawsuits.
  • Many artists participate in doujinshi groups, or cons. To ‘advertise’ their future prints, they sometimes show samples, sometimes even full ones, that can be stolen. And when they try to sell their artwork prints, they get very little revenue, because it’s ALREADY FLOATING AROUND THE INTERNET, so why spend money for it?
  • Again, Artists also rely on commissions to support themselves and their loved ones. For those who are seeking jobs in the industry, having one of their drawings floating around can be very detrimental to their chances of landing a job. If their employer has already seen it on the internet, it looses it’s ‘effect’ once they see it from the artist themselves. 
  • Basically, a LOT MORE.

Emotionally & Psychologically

  • It can make them LOSE THEIR CONFIDENCE to draw more artwork, because people keep claiming them as ‘theirs’
  • It can make them DEPRESSED AS HELL, and their family and friends will notice.
  • It can make them feel PARANOID about putting ANY of their works ONLINE.
  • It can make them lose SLEEP, APPETITE, MOTIVATION and INTEREST in doing what they USED TO LOVE TO DO.


  • Makes them lose their TRUST in letting foreigners see their art
  • Makes them UNCOMFORTABLE sharing their artwork AT ALL
  • Makes them feel so INSECURE that they make their accounts PRIVATE
  • Makes them feel that the best thing to do to stop the problem is to DELETE THEIR ARTWORKS and/or LEAVE COMPLETELY

Many people do not even think about these things. Posting an artwork is as easy as right-click save and paste. But the people who suffer for it are the artists. 

This is why it is SO IMPORTANT to ASK PERMISSION. They NEED TO KNOW where their art is going, WHO is allowed to reprint from them, so they can keep track, and WHICH ARTWORK it is. Because some are OK, while others are not. Communication is the KEY to bridging gaps, and fostering TRUST, and building a positive relationship with ANYONE.

Btw, if anyone wants to add a point on there, feel free to message me, and let me know. I’m just putting this here, because many times, we do not even think about how our actions effect other people. 

Edit: THIS is not limited to just Artists. Creators/Scanners/Translators (especially on tumblr) are also applicable to this, for the last two categories. I have some SEEN people STOP TRANSLATING/SCANNING for a certain fandom or group because their translations/scans are often STOLEN and pasted to other sites. 

Ok guys this was the thing I was working on! Some avatar fans here??? JOIN MEEEEEEE IN MY ADDICTIOOOON 



Anyway this artwork is avaiable in the store!



I have been asked this so many times! So I decided to make a reference post that could help other artists!

* When it comes to a SOLD character, place SOLD over the original post! **Credit the person you bought it from, ask if they want to be credited, others don’t care! Just be nice and ask the artist anyways!* * Just wanting to make this more clear! 

Hope this helps! Please spread around so others may know! 

Hey guys!

So I recently got into a really shitty car accident and am currently trying to find a way to pay for all the repairs between my lousy job and selling artwork. If you could check out my site and maybe order a print I would really appreciate it!!!

Thx peace and love

Spending the day creating 💖 they aren’t all glazed yet in this picture, but message me if you’re interested in buying any of these mandala stones! ✌🏼️😌 I’m also always making new ones so if you’d like a certain color scheme I can do that for you!


Help me move out!
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