SAFARI FESTIVAL is tomorrow, 11am - 6pm at Protein Studios, London.

Safari Festival is a celebration of the new wave of alternative and art comics from the UK and beyond. Taking place over one Saturday at the end of August, the festival is an opportunity for a curated group of cartoonists and publishers to exhibit and sell their artwork, prints and, primarily, comics, and for attendees to experience the best of UK comics’ avant-garde. The artists exhibiting have been selected for their innovative, fearless, diverse approaches to making comics; approaches to cartooning that Safari intends to champion.

Exhibitors include:

Alexis Beauclair
Ally Russell
Anna Haifisch
Babak Ganjei
Becca Tobin
Bergen Street Comics Press
Breakdown Press (Joe Kessler, Antoine Cosse, Richard Short, Alexander Tucker, Zoe Taylor)
Brigid Deacon
Comic Book Slumber Party
Comics Workbook
Crumb Cabin
Dilraj Mann
Disinfotainment (Mark Pawson)
Decadence Comics (Lando, Stathis Tsemberlidis, Emix Regulus)
Eleni Kalorkoti
Evan Androutsopoulos
Eyeball Comix
Famicon Express (Leon Sadler, Stefan Sadler, Jon Chandler)
Fantagraphics Books (Simon Hanselmann)
Feminist Library
Gabriel Corbera
HOPE not hate
L'Institut Sérigraphique
Irkus M. Zeberio
Jazz Dad Books
Joan Cornellà
Joseph P Kelly
Krent Able
kuš! Komiksi
lagon Revue (Alexis Beauclair, Sammy Stein)
Landfill Editions
Laura Callaghan
Liam Cobb
Lizzy Stewart
Luke Stuart
Matthew Pettit
Matthew Swan
One Beat Zines
OOMK Zine (Sofia Niazi, Rose Nordin)
Otto Press
Retrofit Comics
Rob Flowers
Sammy Stein
Shaky Kane
Simon Moreton
Spelling Mistakes Cost Lives (Darren Cullen)
Takayo Akiyama
Tom Kemp
Treasure Fleet
Vincent Fritz
Wai Wai Pang
Will Sweeney
Will Tempest

The festival will be free to attend, and will take place at Protein Studios, the Shoreditch gallery space of London-based creative agency, Protein.

By train: Shoreditch High Street, Liverpool Street, Old Street.

By bus: routes 8, 26, 35, 47, 48, 55, 67, 78, 135, 149, 205, 242, 243, 388.


I’m back from my hiatus !!! 

^up there are my (somewhat decent) doodles that i put on my twitter account 

shout-out to senpai @lazuen93 for the inspiring fanarts of undertale^^ also… this talented artist is being disrespected by so so so many ignorant people by reposting/selling their artworks without any permission. so please report if u saw one of their artworks being reposted on a blog or being sold on any online store without their consent because in case you didn’t know, that my friend is called STEALING. thanks ^^

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anonymous asked:

Gwendy, Have you ever considered selling any of your artwork on Etsy? I think you would definitely find an interested market.

I’ve been mulling over that idea but am still having a hard time choosing between that anf society6. I want to be sure I pick the right one so I’ll need to do more research. :)
Commission Information

(( Hey guys! I’m selling my artwork and stuff, so.

I would like to make some extra money on the side, and it would be great to do business with anyone ;u;

So, please look into it!

I really need the money for a convention next month. I want to meet a childhood hero of mine, Johnny Yong Bosch ( Black Power Ranger ), And i just don’t have the money to get in. I even had to cancel my pre order on Persona 4 Arena for this, so..)) 

Got Into A Serious Car Accident And Need A New Car So I'm Selling Some Artwork

Last night happened to be one of the worst nights possible, I ended up coming home in the back of a police car, not because I had done anything illegal but because I was in a car accident that has pretty much left me without a car.

For those of you who care enough to know the story I will tell you: I was driving home on the highway at night, just been to a friends house. Everything was fine until I heard a loud POP! and my car veered off to the right side, luckily I was in the right lane so the emergency lane was next to me so I took no one out with me.

At 100 kilometres(62 miles for those in America) I ended up hitting the trees planted in the divider in the middle of the road. I ended up losing my right rear view mirror, my blinker light on the side of the car was ripped out, a tree has dented to roof of my car, the hood is smashed in, I can’t see out the window and my tire and rim a pretty much dead.

Sadly I have to get rid of my beloved Bangarang. And unlike my brother I won’t be getting bailed out of it, it’s all on me. So to help out I have decided to sell some art as well as open commissions. If Bangarang gets towed to my home tomorrow i’ll be taking pictures of the damages

A lot of these works come from my portfolio I use when applying for art courses, I figured it needed an update and I don’t want these pieces hanging around.

All prices are in Australian Dollars. Hope you find something you like. 45$ 35$ 35$ 40$ 35$ 30$ 45$ 40$ 35$ 40$ 45$ 45$

I except paypal or cash. I ship worldwide. Shipping is 5$ in Australia and 10$ everywhere else So please spread this round and let people know. I appreciate it all so much.


‘Red Peppers’, Acrylic onto board. Estimate 4inches tall. £200. (UK only. Pick up).

Rutland Water scene. Mixed media onto board. Estimate below A3 size. £70. (Including World Wide shipping costs).

The Meadows scene. Clay and Acrylic onto board. Estimate below A3 size. £90. (Including World Wide shipping costs).

Payments can be made through PayPal.
Any questions about what I’m selling or wanting to buy one of my pieces, please email me at


Hey everyone ! So as you know i’ve been having some home troubles and i’m setting up a plan to leave as soon as possible. I’m trying to sell whatever artwork I can so save up enough money to cover the costs of moving to a different state. (its kinda sad bc its so limited to what i can bring ;n;) 

Anyway!! Here is a few of my paintings! I can do custom paintings of animals too, they’re just a bit time consuming. I spend hours on each brushstroke to get different variations of colors to try to make it more realistic!

The first picture listed: Two black and white foxes on a small 6 x 8i canvas. I’m thinking of selling this around 25$ but i’m willing to work with you on a price if you’re really not wanting to pay for that! (also I can take painting commissions like this if anyone is interested!) 

The second picture listed: A multi-color semi-realistic painting of a bobcat with space in the background. The background is covered in sparkles so it’s quite a unique piece! This is painted on a really large canvas probably a 19 x 24i  canvas so i’m going to be selling this for around 50$ (i can negotiate if you feel like you have to have it!) 

The third picture listed: A orange/multi-colored Jackal dog with snow as the background. (my personal favorite.)  It’s on a around a 10 x 20i canvas. I’m thinking of selling this around 35$ 

The fourth picture listed: Two separate Yin-Yang Foxes with space backgrounds. You can buy them separately or together! They’re on construction paper so it’s way easier to mount on walls, and theyre around 10 x 10i each. Separately i’m thinking of selling them around 30$ each but together it would be only 50$!  

If you can’t buy please reblog I really need to get out of my abusive household. Thank you for viewing!

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If you have questions about the store or about other images you would like prints of, please feel free to email me Shimagoma [at] Please allow up to 48 hrs for your order to process and be...

Yoooo! What!? Ive never done prints before so this is kind of a special thing for me! If you like pathfinder, my work and what not please check out my store!  

Ill be posting all the images I have up for sale slowly as I get the proofs done!

anonymous asked:

You don't have to stop tracing, but can you please provide credit & perhaps ask for permission? Photography is as much a form of art as drawing. If you don't provide credit, if you don't ask for permission, you run the risk of encountering copyright infringement (esp since you're selling the artwork). Please extend photographers and their subjects the respect they deserve. You don't want to end up with a lawsuit because you accidentally traced & profited from a copyrighted photo, okay?

I wonder how huge the risk is though? I mean, 50% of things I see on my dash are random images from sources like Pinterest: edited, photoshoped, reinterpreted, yet I’ve NEVER seen anyone credit the photographers, and it seems universally fine? I mean, edits like that use actual, original pieces of art, while my art is only inspired by those pieces, and I turn those ideas into something of my own. It’s all my drawing. Yet it still doesn’t mean the photographers don’t deserve their credit, of course. Although, on the other hand, where’s the line between “inspiration” and “plagiarism”? If I copy the whole composition or if I copy the style or something like that, then yes, credit is necessary (and I do credit in these cases). But if I use a reference solely for the pose (and the pose might not even be copied completely; I constantly change things, I just need references that at least somewhat resemble the idea I have in mind), then how unfair am I really? I mean, it IS my composition? I often take a lot of pictures of myself too to use as references along with the ones from the internet, which makes it even more personal. But still, it wasn’t 100% original and mine. And yet again, is there anything original today? Everything resembles something. Everyones take inspiration from somewhere and use references. And it IS fine.

Anyway. I do research the images I use as references, I just don’t remember ever managing to trace back to the photographer… I wish I did :/ And as I said, I do credit artists by adding links to the images (mostly only on dA but I mean I can do that here too), but there isn’t much else that I can do… I could simply NOT use references, but then I don’t want to draw because I’m not drawing for the sake of art in the first place, I’m primarily a fangirl.

Oh, and because of the selling, this is pretty much the main concern of mine. As I said, I really didn’t want to have a store at first because of that, so I don’t know, I feel like I should close it, but I also don’t really want to remove access for the fandom to have some illegal (because it’s Warner Bros copyright) merch :D I need to think about it… of course I don’t want to get into trouble :)

Chain’s Embroidery Commissions!

Hey guys, as you may have heard, I really need money right now, so I’m selling commissions and artwork. Since I’ve recently taken up embroidery, I thought that a good addition to this would be selling some hangable embroidered quotes and art! To give an example of what something like this would look like, I stitched a simple base, shown above. You can get something just like this, with your own text or quote!

One embroidered quote in a 5-to-7-inch bamboo embroidery hoop frame (suitable for hanging on a wall) runs $22-$25 + shipping.

Customization options:

• Select a 5-inch or 7-inch hoop size (the example pictured above is 6 inches, and therefore yours will run slightly larger or smaller) : +$3 for the larger hoop
• Choose between Cursive, Print, and Type
• Choose what color you’d like your text and framing laurel to be
• Add a symbol or shape above the text (as pictured above) : +$3
• Add framing detail (running stitch outline, stars or sparkles, etc) : +$3

Quotes should be short enough to fit on two lines within a laurel wreath. I will happily tell you if your quote is too long to properly stitch.

To commission an embroidery piece or request a quote, e-mail me at! Please include any necessary information such as text style, color, and any accompanying details, as well as delivery zip code*, for an accurate price quote.

*at this time I can only ship within the US. If you’re outside the US and want to arrange a commission, talk to me first and I’ll see what I can do.

It’s been brought to my attention that this person on Redbubble has been uploading stolen artwork to sell. If you recognize any of these pieces or others on their portfolio, please let the original artists know.

Currently they have a lot of Undertale fanart, but with the rise of Baby and Ballora artwork, they may start looking through FNAF art tags to take those. Please be wary!

Updates and Plans for the Year!

Starting next week, I will be doing art practices (per day) in order to improve my art over the course of the year. I feel that I have been over thinking artwork lately and in need to draw digital art at a faster pace (hopefully, no more line art, but we shall see…). Hopefully, these practices per day (each 4 weeks will focus on certain things, like anatomy, color theory, etc.) will help my art skills in the long run.

Also…once a week, do a little art piece (like the one below) since I want to draw a lot of characters while practicing (also…start using Copics and Chameleon a lot more…). End of the month, either start or complete a large piece of artwork (to sell at cons or just fun).

Hopefully, an explosion of art!

Here’s Pokemon Leader Mandela of Valor!


I’m looking for some extra money so, from now on, I’ll be selling my artwork. You can contact me through messages or email me at if you’re interested in commissioning me. The prices vary due to what you ask me to create, so below are the basic guidelines for how I’m selling things.

You can find all price-related information here.

I will pose, color, and do anything else I can to make sure that your request fits the drawing I give you. I don’t want this to be a waste of your time and money. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.