selling things killing people


Kitt: *yaaaawwwwwwnnn* christ… it’s morning already???? uhggggg…. Oswald’s already up. He’s probably downstairs..

Kitt: Uhggg, it’s so freaking early. Jesus isn’t even up and– uhh what is this??
Oswald: Hm? Oh, good morning, or should I say good almost afternoon.
Kitt: Boy!! Don’t you sass me. You know I actually HAVE to sleep unlike somebody in this house!!
Oswald: I’m a vampire, you know we have trouble sleeping.
Kitt: Yea yea yea, so you didn’t answer my question, wtf is this??

Oswald: “This” is our new dining set.
Kitt: Yeah but like, where did it come from?
Oswald: I made it. I have plenty of time to work on things while you sleep.
Kitt: :o WHAT??? Why do I make a living from kill– er um… “helping” people when you have this hidden talent? WE COULD BE ROLLING IN DOUGH.
Oswald: Ahem, what’s this we business? I did all the work. Besides, no. That would require me to actually sell things to people in daylight. Y’know… daylight. That thing that slowly kills me.
Kitt: Ah, right… well damn. Regardless, nice work hun! I’m starving @.@