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Yo, I am the father of a new baby. I am white, her mom is black. I think my baby is gorgeous, but in exactly the way that all parents think their own children are gorgeous. What is jarring is all these people who say 'She has the most gorgeous complexion!' Do you know the only people who talk about 'complexion'? Dermatologists, makeup-selling-motherfuckers, and white people talking about a mixed race baby. That's it. Stop. White people, stop. It's icky and fetishy and frankly, racist.


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What are your top 10 favorite stores and restaurants that show up in the anime?

This is a cool question! It also makes me realise how much of an impact Sailor Moon has had on me that I immediately remember a lot of single-appearance places that stayed in my memory, haha.

I’m not going to mention the Hikawa Shrine (which is technically a store?), Osa-P, Crown Arcade, or the Crown Fruits Parlour, because I feel like it goes without saying that I (and many other SM fans) adore those locations. We see them all the time, we see the girls grow up in them, they’re #iconic. You can just assume that those four top my list.

Also I guess some of these aren’t technically stores, but I figure “an attraction that you have to pay to enter” counts?

Presented without any particular order:

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Hello lovely people!
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A guy was trying to sell makeup to me for 10 minutes while I was behind the counter at work, wouldn't go away. Didn't buy any food either.

white boys know how to do makeup, become affiliated with cosmetic brands, start creating and selling their own makeup and people are just there eating it all up out the hole of their ok. but where is all this for black boys? where are the black boys’ recognition? im confused

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Any advice, or links to pages I can get advice, for things like tucking, and getting started trying to pass? I really appreciate any help you can give me! Hope to hear from you soon. Isabel-Lynn

Dear Isabel-Lynn:


To those of you who don’t know what tucking means, it basically means to hide the fact you have a ‘malehood’ as some call it. Some find it incredibly uncomfortable and others are completely okay with it. My recommendation is that you read here…

And -only- in the section predated by “in RuPaul’s book Lettin’ It All Hang Out she outlines the perfect tuck.” I’m not too much of a fan of the rest of the article given it feels kind of… Uncomfortably worded.

If tucking hurts, don’t do it. It’s not worth damaging your body.

Starting to pass- THE VOICE:

Voice training voice training voice training. I struggle with my voice because I am abhorrently tone deaf, however it is important that you start to try. There are many places to look or to try to look for voice training help, though professional voice trainers exist and I’ve heard miraculous things about them before. 

If you want to try it at home, there’s a wonderful reddit post.

You *may or may not be* comfortable with taking a voice recording program and playing back how you hear. While it can be uncomfortable it can also help you piece out what your issue is. Many DMAB [designated male @ birth] women struggle with their voice because they think pitch is everything. My biggest struggle is learning to not speak with my throat and chest, which causes the deeper ‘rumbly’ parts of your voice. Keep at it, hon, it’s something we all struggle with.

Starting to pass- THE LOOKS:

Find what works for you. I have found things that do work for me or don’t work for me whatsoever, for example eyeliner works great for me. For me, Target sells cheap but good makeup to get started with. It won’t cost you $100 for a single piece, but it’s still not cheap! Straightening my hair works great for me– get haircuts! Don’t be afraid to find androgynous ones if you feel safest not going straight to fully feminine. It’s totally understandable. 

Things that shape your face in ways you like are important. Scarves in the winter can help hide your adam’s apple if it’s prominent. Take care of your hands– use moisturizer, take care of your nails, the likes. 

Starting to pass- THE CLOTHES:

You’re a girl! Find clothes you like. Don’t be afraid to wear guy’s clothing if you want– it’s your choice– but I’ve personally found that it’s difficult to not frame my shoulders in an obvious way. I’ve seen some people recommend waist cinches (basically a corset) but I recommend being cautious about this. I don’t know the health risks. Below are two highly rated women’s waist cinches.

Find colors and shapes that work for you. Frilled skirts can break some of the image.


Hormones! If you’re a transgender woman, hormones are important. They do a lot for you. They make your body redistribute fat, soften the facial features, slim certain areas, (apparently they shrink your shoe size), reduce hair growth in certain locations (not the face), and in general soften the skin and hair. Try looking for local doctors regarding hormonal replacement therapy [HRT]. 


Shaving your face is one of the important things. Sadly an obvious beard or shadow is a pretty good giveaway. If you’re going for guaranteed full-time, laser procedures (while requiring many visits) are able to almost permanently remove your facial hair. It can be somewhat painful and sensitive after (I’ve heard it be compared to having a rubber band be snapped against your face). 


Don’t ever, ever think that you can’t be yourself. Be the person that you want to see yourself be, don’t sacrifice interests or passions for the sake of trying to pass. If you like to skateboard, skateboard. Videogames– play them! Be yourself. Confidence is key and you won’t be confident if you forego every interst you’ve had that’s masculine. Love yourself and treat yourself like you are who you want to be– but don’t forget that you don’t have to leave everything behind.

I hope this helps you and everyone else on here that needs help, Isabel-Lynn. The future will be bright. While things may be scary now, there is always a light in the darkness to move towards. 


So i was in the place i usually hit up, which is a really big shopping centre. I only went there a few days ago, remember that as that’s important.

So before i went i had a gut feeling that it was a bad idea as i accidentlaly concealed on camera in the Urb@n d3c@y store. I went anyway. The first shop i went to was a posh department store sort of thing, i was fine there. I didnt get that much as it was my first proper lift of the day but whatever, fine. I then went to b00ts, which is a drugstore that sells makeup and stuff. I swear you not, i went to the benefit section and was being CSed to death. I noticed the LP guy following me aswell once i got my stuff. I got a nyx lipstick but i tell you, this LP guy was following me around and staring at me. He wasn’t even being stealthy about it, he was straight up following me. I decided to dump the shit i had and left the store with nothing. Then i went into a few other stores and they were CSing me to death or people were sussing me. I am about 90% sure they showed all the stores the camera footage of me concealing so they can look out for me. I only got a little bit, but ik something now - i can’t go back there for at least six months to a year. Which annoys me as its a shopping centre thats easy to get to, now if i want to lift - i have to travel at least an hour. Maybe thats a good thing though.

So the moral of this story is that if you have a bad feeling, don’t do it. Only lift when you’re 100%. If the LO is staring at you or following you, drop your shit and leave. Not getting a foundation is better than getting a fine. Forget your integrity. I’m lucky i managed to get that stuff, but i shouldn’t have went.

This pic of me at my old job is honestly so iconic like she rlly rolled up at 9am like this w no makeup on to sell makeup. Like who is this bitch taking selfies while sitting on the register under the security camera?

Dawn (Giriboy)

excusemyobsessions asked: Hi!Can you write a GRboy scenario based on his song Take Care Of You? No need to be faithful to the story in it. Just listen to it and let it flow but give it a happy ending pls? I was going to write smthing but I wanted to see how you’d take this :)

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    Your door was just closing as Siyoung came out of the stairwell and into the hall. A furtive-looking middle-aged man was leaving, a briefcase in one hand. He passed Siyoung without acknowledging him, and Siyoung entered his apartment with a heavy heart. Again…

    He ate his usual plain dinner- rice and whatever he had in the fridge to go with it (this time just some kimchi)- and then went to take his trash out. He heard footsteps ahead of him and when he got to the dumpster next to the building, he found you already there with your trash bags, dressed in sweatpants and a T-shirt with bare feet. Your hair was neat, recently brushed, Siyoung guessed. “Hi,” he said as he walked up to the dumpster, giving you a small smile when you turned to look at him, returning a,


    Even in the dim night, Siyoung could tell your eyes were red and your face looked exhausted. “How’ve you been?” he asked, grabbing one of your trash bags to toss it into the dumpster.

    “Oh, you don’t have to do that,” you said quickly, but he shook his head, tossing the bag in and reaching for the next.

    “It’s fine,” he said.

    “Okay…” you said guiltily.

    “So?” he asked.

    “…Oh. I’m doing good.” You smiled, and Siyoung looked away, reaching for his own trash bag to throw in. “How about you?”

    “Good,” he said, shooting you a quick smile that seemed forced.

    Together you walked back into the building and up the stairs in silence. “Have a good night,” you said to Siyoung as you walked down the hall after reaching your floor.

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☀️first day of summer haul☀️

i went all over the place today, im supper happy with everything!! i finallygotsome new makeup to sell thank god!! I am also so hype about the fossil purse and wallet!💓

I don’t feel like listing everything but the total is about : $900

not bad at all


I’m looking for people who would like to make some extra money this summer, selling makeup! You get to work from home, make your own schedule, do everything on social media, get free makeup, and represent an amazing brand! This is NOT a scam, and you have nothing to lose! Message me if you have questions, or if you are interested!!! Anyone can do it, as long as you are 18!

I’m gonna agree with the dolly debate club here. The Tree Change dolls are kinda gross in the message they send. There is nothing wrong with wearing bold/tight/revealing clothing, high heels, and/or heavy or dramatic makeup.

Saying that dolls would look “better” with flat feet, practical clothes, and no makeup is painting femininity as inherently negative. And that’s pretty damn sexist.

The reason MH dolls are popular in the first place is because they’re bold and stylish. I can guarantee that if MH dolls looked like these “made under” ones, they wouldn’t sell nearly as well.

Wearing makeup doesn’t mean someone is looking for sex. Makeup is an art and a form of personal expression.

It’s funny, how when women are ugly they are mocked for it, but when women perfect the art of makeup, skin, nails, and beauty they are mocked for that too. It’s almost like if you’re a woman you’re mocked no matter what you do. Me? I sell makeup. I sell confidence. I sell gorgeous door to door.

They say Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel with paintbrushes no bigger than his finger, but could he paint a masterpiece on his face, at seven in the morning, with his daughter pulling on his skirt, and his husband hollering about how breakfast is late, and only 20 minutes to get everyone off to school? It’s funny, how when men create beauty it’s a masterpiece and when a woman creates beauty it’s just what she’s supposed to do.

Me? I sell new beginnings. I sell a black canvas, and your own brushes, and your own paint. I sell the chance to be your own greatest creation.

—  Letter From Mary Kay, Clementine von Radics