selling images

a concept: my wife is planting vegetables in our garden. i’m collecting honey from our bees so we can sell it in the local farmers market. once the sun sets we head inside. my wife peels back my bee mask and kisses me. their hands are dirty but it’s okay bc i love them. we drink rosé next to our fire place. we’re warm. our love is warm. and we are happy.

internet celebrities sell an image of themselves. cut and dry, that’s what they’re selling – theyre selling their personality, their friendships and relationships, and how they interact with their fans. you dont know any of these people, and their intentions are much more business oriented than you realize.

i do believe, obviously, that some of these people are actually kind human beings working towards a better creator/consumer relationship for the future. but kindness is En Vogue right now, ESPECIALLY for men. kindness is hip. kindness is accessible. kindness is easy to fake. common human decency should not be a schtick! but it’s becoming one, slowly but surely, and it allows assholes like nick robinson to continue to be BLATANT assholes while crafting this adorrrrable image. 

im never going to be satisfied with a puff piece about how a celebrity is just so PC you guys look at that! again. i dont care. because it should be expected. but as long as it’s not, it’s becoming not a popular ideology or a popular way of thinking, but a popular gimmick to secure a niche of fans.


How does a full moon in Gemini effect the individual moon signs?

Let’s throw some ideas out there in case your curious (and i’m sure you are from the Full Moon in  Gemini.).

Natal Aries Moon

Aries is 11th from Gemini.  You may find your a bit more aggressive in wanting to pursue your hopes and aspirations now then maybe you have in a while.  Have certain hopes passed you by?  Maybe the full moon is bringing an illumination on new direction for you.  Friends, groups and efforts of what you can bring to society may take priority in thinking.  Could be a good time to think about those investments you make so you can review how to maximize your gains from society  Aries Moon can be inspired at this time to play the white knight in shining armor to the suffering.  The 11th place from the moon rules over humanitarian aspirations, so it’s a good time to use that fire energy to help others in need.  It can certainly be on your mind, go for it; you probably don’t anyone to tell you twice.

Natal Taurus Moon

Taurus is 12th from Gemini.  The 12th position can rule a sense of loss and certainly high lite a period of forced meditation.  This is probably a time your emotions and thoughts feel like a prison.  Perhaps the Full moon illuminated emotional issues inside you that you stuffed down.  The natural tendency is to yearn for comfort so meditating may be the way to go here. Embellish in funneling emotions into creative arts.  Fears may come to the surface and certainly emotions can paralyze and cause a sense of loss what to do. Relax, listen to music and center your mind.  Sleeping problems may come due to an overactive mind with the moon’s energy, just meditate and breath.  Perhaps if your a creative person your subconscious self and hidden issues inspire your art and creativity?

Natal Gemini Moon

Gemini is 1st from Gemini; so of course here is the lunar return for native Gemini Moon.  Your super charged and inspired to learn, assimilate information and feel inspired to let your intellectual side take you where it may.  There is no doubt your mind may be more active then normal.  This may be a time to rebuild relationships with siblings and enjoy the local surroundings.  The full Moon can illuminate the need to be more logical, so overthinking emotions could certainly occur.  You may find a need to reach out to others to talk about feelings to balance the mind.  Anxiety could actually be really high due to the highly active mind.  

Natal Cancer Moon

Cancer is 2nd from Gemini.  The Gemini full moon can make you think heavily about what you value in life.  Are you as secure as you want to be?  Do you have a comfortable nest egg?  Perhaps you are now pulled to wanting to own something that you have wanted for a long time. The Full Moon can illuminate what you want to possess but also perhaps what you don’t anymore.  Maybe consider selling high on somethings you own so can convert it to “new beginnings” of things that favor what you value now.  I know cancer can be attached to the past, but certainly its OK to nurture who you and what you value now versus in the past.  Variety and chance s good.  Working to boost the self esteem can be a new focus.  I would watch for being for sensitive to things that can hurt it, but certainly for new opportunities forth coming to boost it.

Natal Leo Moon

Leo is 3rd from Gemini.  I would feel the full moon makes your mind more active. Perhaps it’s time to get out and meet more people around your local area.  Ask more questions, gain more information, perhaps you’ll learn some new gossip or interesting things about your neighbors.  Be creative by using your mind and find new things to inspire you by going around town.  Visit art galleries, theaters or new creativity classes.  Maybe a new sibling is coming into your relief or a relationship with one is being highlighted and brought in.  Spending time with children could be inspiration during this time to open your mind to new things.

Natal Virgo Moon

Virgo is 4th from the Gemini Full Moon.  The family is highlighted during this time.  Perhaps it’s time to integrate them into your daily routine a bit more.  The full moon can high-lite and bring your early upbringing  and make you spend more time in the past.  Family can cross the mind a lot and you may want to spend more time with them,  The health of loved one’s can be on your mind. Maybe you want to find ways to help them be healthier.  Your mother or father’s well being can cross your mind.  The mind may be better balanced when you work from home at this time.  Perhaps working with family members inspires you.  Don’t forget it’s okay to relax and spend time with family because your always working hard and the moon is letting you know emotional security is important too.

Natal Libra Moon

Libra is 5th from the Gemini Moon.  The mind can be inspired toward creativity and self expression at this time.  The Moon and Libra’s ruler Venus are friends. They are imaginative planets, so the moon can be highlighting a need to let the inner child run free.  More so then usual the mind can be musical and inspired to create or embellish in music.  Romantic new beginnings certainly can happen or at the very least a re-emphasis on what is quite important to balance the mind. Children can be a source of thought, maybe time you want some of your own or find gravitation toward spending more quality time with your own.  Taking chances in business deals can be on the mind too.  Maybe your more inspired then ever to take risks to get your life some balance you always desperately need.

Natal Scorpio Moon

Scorpio is 6th from the Gemini Full Moon.  The Full Moon illuminates the work life.  Perhaps a new job is in order if your suddenly feeling unsatisfied; or certainly ways of reorganizing your work environment can make you more productive.  Are you as healthy as you want to be?  Maybe motivated now more then ever to lose weight, adjust the diet and take exercise more serious.  If you have been suffering health wise physically or mentally it can be highlighted as time to get it taken care of.  New ways of dealing with anxiety can be important. The Full Moon can pump up mental anguish through the 6th house, so writing or journaling feelings may be on your mind to help calm you.

Natal Sagittarius Moon

Sagittarius is 7th from Gemini.  The full moon may bring more of a careful mental eye towards your shadow side.  You may find a need to balance your life more then ever and seeks ways to do this.  You could find the moon illuminate your needs to enter partnership scenarios.  Love or business dealings may cross your mind.  You could feel more inspired then normal to seek harmony, peace and the middle ground in life.  Perhaps your thinking is less then aggressive then normal.  You may find your mind opened up through the people you meet.  The Moon is highlighting the need to reach outside yourself and not maybe not be so wrapped in your own beliefs.  Listen to others it may bring new adventures to pursue.

Natal Capricorn Moon

Capricorn Moon is 8th from Gemini.  8th from the Moon is where things go to die.  At this time your thoughts can be kept private.  Really though it’s probably rather normal so it may feel like business as usual.  The 8th house of depth is highlighted so you may be more inspired to be intense and not settle for surface values.  Your mind could be inspired and highlighted to research on a deeper level.  It’s actually a mood thing though because it might boost your career and help you get the status that balances your mind.  The Moon may high lite importance of other’s resources.  It could be a time to seriously consider settling your debt if it’s gotten out of hand.  Perhaps it’s a good time to look at a loan to help you get ahead in a business venture?  Astrology, the occult, psychologically and sexuality could cross your mind more then ever now.  I would be certainly weary that the mind thinks about death and dying possibly now too which can manifest in fear, anxiety or an interest in writing a will or whatnot.

Natal Aquarius Moon

Aquarius is 9th from Gemini.  Through the moon’s illumination it’s time to open the mind some.  The mind may be focused on travel on this time, which can be good for various reasons for Aquarius Moon.  Aquarius can really get stuck in its comfort zone and be stubborn and the full moon 9th from itself can open up new inspiration.  Through experiencing the world you open up new ways of seeing society.  The innovative mind can be inspired by other cultures which helps spur the imagination instead of perhaps being stagnant and stuck.   9th position rules publishing so perhaps your inspired by the moon to teach or publish your ideas on how to improve society. While politics and world issues are the norm in the Aquarius mind world, the moon 9th from itself gives serious thinking and opens what efforts are needed to help other cultures. The full moon can illuminate the need to experience the issues of other societies, so perhaps your inspired to travel and offer volunteering efforts to help others in need.  Your spiritual aspirations can be bolstered during this time as well.  Spiritual callings and humanitarian urges can combine to make you think about how to take action to find ways to make sure everyone is treated equally.  

Natal Pisces Moon

Pisces is 10th from the Moon.   The moon is illuminating the importance for structuring your life.  This is really rather odd probably because your mind is ruled by imaginative Neptune and probably doesn’t care for the stern nature of Saturn.  It doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom though.  It could a good time to bring your compassionate moon and apply it to make positive career strides. Bring your music to the public arena, your poetry or your creative general talents.  Status can be a priority which can feel uncomfortable but honestly could always help what you can give.  The mind can think about ways to sell your public image to help bolster your need to help others.  Perhaps it’s a good time to build a more structured spiritual life too.  Are you lacking the discipline that can help you be more elevated in this regard?  The full moon can be elevating the need to take a serious look at this part of your life.  Are you escaping reality to much instead of dealing with pain?  Putting yourself out there to help others can help you gain positive recognition and it can bring a spiritual form of balance to the mind.  Maybe you can be a spiritual authority and help elevate others to a higher place in the coming future.

i’m browsing RedBubble looking for Fallout-themed stickers to decorate my hard drive and laptop with for the school year and

….i did not expect to find so many Monster Factory nerds on RedBubble cashing in on three YouTube videos, holy cow

(bonus Todd Howard that made me laugh:)

i don’t think anyone needs to be reminded but: please try to post your artwork under 1000x1000 dimensions if you can. if you look on ebay, taobao, or sites like it, a lot of artwork gets lifted from popular fandoms to be printed on shirts and backpacks and stuff. the smaller the web resolution, the harder it is to print without enhancing/editing it by a ton. play it safe.

also, if you print things like dakimakura or shirts or so on, do your best to secure a trustworthy seller that won’t steal the image to sell on their own. this happens a lot with bootleg websites, where you’ll submit your custom art to be printed and they’ll do it, but later on you’ll see it show up in their stock (because they kept the high res file) and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it.

be very careful about your full sized images. i’ve had a picture done for my birthday be lifted and printed on ebay just because it was big enough.

eighth and final backpack, Iwaizumi Hajime

thank you SO MUCH for all the support and comments I’ve gotten on this series!! It’s been incredible and means the world to me <3

backpacks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

(and I’ll be making a masterpost of all the backpacks and headcanons soon)

John never was a dummy, he is smarter than he looks

In Leinster Garden, we got in a single scene the entire summary of John and Mary’s relationship.

Remember, a disguise is always a self-portrait but how others perceive it also says a lot about how they see you.

And I get a feeling that we were given a glimpse of the ending and what is exactly going on in the real world.

Tell me, do you remember when John was becoming Sherlock Holmes?

It was a long time ago, I know, but once upon a time, there was a man called John Watson. And this man one day met Sherlock Holmes.

He was deeply fascinated by him, he was without a doubt the most extraordinary man he’s has ever met. That wasn’t to say he was stupid, no.

He was only an army doctor, murders weren’t quite yet his division.

But he tried.

Boy did he try.

Sometimes his mistakes were just plainly embarrassing.

Sometimes he was just wrong and his deductions lead nowhere.

But he’s always managed to pull through.

Because he is learning.

There is a reason why John Waston is the best conductor of light that exists. He might not get everything on the first try, but his thinking always leads Sherlock to the right path. They are on the same wavelength.

And there is also a good reason why some foes mistook him for his friend.

JOHN: I’m not actually… (Still delirious) I’m not Sherlock Holmes.

THE OPERA SINGER (Smiles, she doesn’t believe him): Forgive me if I do not take your word for it.

(She made a strong case, didn’t she?)

Remember when John Watson was becoming Sherlock Holmes?

How he assumed it was Sherlock Holmes she needed and yet took the case instead? Remember when Mary had no other choice than to become his Watson?

HOLMES: You are not coming.

WATSON: Then you are not going.

JOHN: You can’t come (…)

MARY: You can’t go (…)

Remember that Mr Holmes thought Mary was the sane one and at the same time implied he thought John was the extraordinary one?

Don’t forget that John Watson is smarter than he looks. Don’t you dare forget he’s pretty damn smart. He’s more than just a puppy to trot behind Sherlock Holmes. No matter what Mary may think, this is only the image he sells to the public.

WATSON: Listen, I’m happy to play the fool, for you. I will run along like some halfwit, if that’s what you need.

The dummy isn’t who he is. It is what she saw (a fairly obvious trick) but it never was what he was. He wasn’t playing the idiot, he was being Sherlock Holmes.

Because, no matter what Mary may believe, if Sherlock can learn to become more like John, the reverse is also true. John Watson can be Sherlock Holmes when he needs to.

And he can wear the coat and fool her.

John Watson can perfectly be the Sherlock Holmes to her Moriarty. There never was any dummy, he was just taking Sherlock’s place while he was away.

And Mary never noticed that until it was too late.

I can tell you right here and now why Hogwarts don’t use pencils and instead use freaking quills (the worst writing implement I’ve ever held in my hand) and it’s all because of this British school bullroar called “brand image”

The reason we have uniform, out side of trying to avoid class privelage, is that we use our students as human billboards advertising our schools.

But schools don’t just sell an image. They also sell a mythology. Schools put loads of effort into cultivating a history for themselves. You end up with things like photos of trees framed on the wall. Trees! Sometimes as students you’re collectively required to do things which make no sense. I remember in primary school the ENTIRE school had to learn and perform an entire song and dance, and then perform it, in front of nobody. But that event can then be part of the school mythology and used to sell the brand image.

Hogwarts is a school of witcraft and wizardry. And God damn it, the teachers will force you to LARP as witches and wizards to the maximum if it will reinforce their brand image and make sure wizarding families dont start getting thoughts about Durmstrang.

anyone ever seen a man apologize for real? not in a “this is all your fault and i already said i’m sorry so what more do you want” way? here’s every fake apology i’ve heard from men:

  • “I’m sorry if thats how you feel”
  • “reframes story so that he seems innocent”
  • “lies about everything that happened”
  • “says his actions were provoked by women in one way or another”
  • “tries to sell an image of him as a tragic victim of the event”
  • “tries to show himself as a tragic misunderstood hero of the event”
  • “blames everyone and everything except himself”
  • “derails the topic and tries to find someone worse”
  • “turns out you are even worse than him, by some delusional logic of his”
  • “feigns to be hurt by accusation to have you comfort him instead”
  • “gets pissed off and threatenes”
  • “thats not how it happened”
  • “thats not how I remember it”
  • “and what about when you /reaches far in the past for some unfortunate shit to blame you”
  • “gets violent and tries to put you in your place (you’re not allowed to call him out)”
  • “haha sorry”
  • “sorry gritted thru teeth while you can tell he wants revenge for being forced to apologize”
  • “I already said I’m sorry! Are you trying to start a fight?!”
  • “you’re too sensitive”
  • “it was a joke! why do you take everything personal!”
  • “insists his own feelings are not in focus enough”
  • “what about how I feel about it?!”
  • “do you ever think about how I feel about things?!”
  • “apparently all he feels is intense rage at being called out tho, thats literally it”
  • “this wouldn’t have happened if you /starts listing how you failed to act like a slave to him”
  • “extremely sincere looking apology, promise he’ll never do it again, does it again, and again”
  • “extremely sincere looking apology, concern for your feelings, turns out hes a sociopath but you only find out months later when he’s sabotaged your entire life”
  • “flowers and gifts seem to count as apology and if you don’t forgive immediately you’re impossible to deal with and cannot be appeased”
  • “anger and accusations of mistrusting him if you’re even slightly suspicious he’ll hurt you again”
  • “stop living in the past! let it go! you have to trust me now! i’ve changed!”
  • “minimization of everything he’s done, acts like you’re making a big deal out of nothing”
  • “angry demands of forgiveness”
  • “full psycho mode, acts like you owe him an apology instead”
  • “tries to play it like you did it and not him” /gaslighting alert
  • “reminds you that he hasn’t done anything horrible for a while now so what could you expect”
  • “reminds you that he hasn’t done anything horrible for a while now so how could you not tolerate this one things now?? you’re selfish! how dare you expect him to not do horrible things at all! unrealistic!”
  • “I’m only human!!!” (especially when he acts like a monster, remember he’s just man you cannot expect him to act differently than a monster bc apparently thats what men are)

If you heard any of these let it be known they’re all abuse, note that men are never sorry for shit they do, and it’s always exactly what they wanted and intended to do, and their next actions are all justifications and plans to get away with it and do it all over again. See thru their shit.

anonymous asked:

Care to elaborate on your tags re: Harry's music and your worries concerning content vs form? I don't get it. Thanks.

So short version (I’ll try and write a post that explains what I actually mean some time in the future - but I can already feel that this post is going to be long).  my concerns about Harry’s music are quite personal.  I really value specificity in music and also fun/joy.  Harry’s interview further suggested that I probably couldn’t expect much of either of these things from his album.  I’d kind of figured that from SOTT and ESNY.  I don’t think joy or specificity are where he’s at as a songwriter - and I also think there is a lot about his position that would discourage joy (and even more so) specificity in songs.  I find the reasons that he might not be into joy and specificity in songs quite endearing and I have huge sympathy for them.  So it doesn’t necessarily change the way I respond to him as a person, but it will change the way I respond to his music.  And it does make me sad, for me, that the music he’s putting out won’t be the sort of music that most resonates with me.


The content vs. form thing of his interview is kind of a feature of the form itself.  Long celebrity interviews are this dance where the celebrity performs being accessible and intimate, while staying on brand and the journalist writes as if they’re revealing while also maintaining access.  To me there were these really jarring juxtapositions to the words Harry was saying and the form of the promo campaign that he was saying it.

So Harry says: “ “Who’s to say that young girls who like pop music – short for popular, right? – have worse musical taste than a 30-year-old hipster guy?” etc in his first in depth print interview with a magazine whose entire mission has been to uphold the supremacy of the 30-year-old hipster guy.  This venue and the interviewer were very definitely chosen to signal to those 30-year-old hipster guy that it was OK to like Harry.  On top of that Harry carefully and repeatedly uses the word honest - to signal to those readers that his music is better and more authentic now than it was in One Direction when those teenage girls liked him.

Or Harry says: “I feel like they were always thinking, ‘OK, this ride could stop at any point and we’re going to have to be there when it does.’ There was something about playing the album and how happy I was that told them, ‘If all I get is to make this music, I’m content. If I’m never on that big ride again, I’m happy and proud of it.'” While part of an incredibly highly controlled, high-stakes, promo campaign, designed to make him a solo superstar.

Now that’s really normal, that’s kind of a feature of this sort of interview.  But the impression I got from to the totality of the interview was not that Harry was not just carefully selling an image, but also quite mixed up about who he wanted to be and how he wanted to relate to people, mystery vs honesty and so on.  That this jarring juxtaposition wasn’t just a feature of the form of the celebrity, but also showing how ambivalent and unclear Harry was about all this stuff. 

In particular, it made me think of two different statements kind of about being seen.  One was Harry’s own, from a year in the making, “I want to be someone who doesn’t care what people think, but I just don’t think I am.” For me, everything about this promo campaign has demonstrated how much both of those things, wanting not to care, but really caring, are still absolutely true for Harry.

And the other was Jodie Foster’s coming out speech - which is a mess, but I’ve always thought a really profound mess:

…be a big coming-out speech tonight because I already did my coming out about a thousand years ago back in the Stone Age, in those very quaint days when a fragile young girl would open up to trusted friends and family and co-workers and then gradually, proudly to everyone who knew her, to everyone she actually met. But now I’m told, apparently, that every celebrity is expected to honor the details of their private life with a press conference, a fragrance and a prime-time reality show. […] But seriously, if you had been a public figure from the time that you were a toddler, if you’d had to fight for a life that felt real and honest and normal against all odds, then maybe you too might value privacy above all else. Privacy.


I will continue to tell stories, to move people by being moved, the greatest job in the world. It’s just that from now on, I may be holding a different talking stick. And maybe it won’t be as sparkly, maybe it won’t open on 3,000 screens, maybe it will be so quiet and delicate that only dogs can hear it whistle. But it will be my writing on the wall. Jodie Foster was here, I still am, and I want to be seen, to be understood deeply and to be not so very lonely.

(transcript here - full speech easily accessible 2013 Golden Globes).

The juxtaposition between the really deeply felt desire for privacy and the just as deeply felt desire to be seen and understood really moved me when I first saw it and I thought she made it really clear that both could be true at the same time.  And I think the speech demonstrates that when you’ve been in the public eye as long as Jodie Foster, the two desires are impossibly intertwined.

I got the same desire and contradiction (although obviously not nearly as openly laid out - which is what makes Jodie Foster’s speech extraordinarily) from Harry’s interview.  

How could he feel anything else? He’s been exposed, told stories about, hidden and lied about.  How could he feel anything but a desire for privacy and a desire to be seen and understood.  How could he hope to untangle them, or even know how to act on them at his age?

And that made me very sad for him - because I want him to have it all.  I want him to be seen and understood and I want him to have all the privacy and space he needs.  And I think either will be very difficult for him to get, let alone both.


Commission status: see this post

So I got a new tablet!!! And I’ve improved, so commissions are reopened. Here are the details (paypal fees not included, and these pertain to each single picture):

Sketches (rough drawings): 

> 1 character = $15, each additional character = +$10
> add colour = +$5 (per character)  
> add background* (includes objects) = +$5 to $15 depending on complexity

Lineart drawings (polished drawings): 

> 1 character =  $25, each additional character = +$20
> add colouring (per character) = +$5 (simple) to +$15 (detailed)  
> add background* (includes objects) = +$10 to $30 depending on complexity

*If your background is simply a flat colour, or simple vague abstract colouring, a background fee will not be charged. 

Additional Info (important):

  • What I can do: any pairings from any fandom, crossovers, AUs, OCs
  • What I WON’T do: explicit porn and gore, geometrically complicated backgrounds, realistic likeness
  • Please pay first
  • Digital art commissions only
  • Please have references and a clear idea in mind!
  • I can only accept Paypal, USD.
  • For personal use only. Please do not reproduce for profit. I retain all the rights to the image, including selling and exhibiting on Society6, Redbubble, etc. Commercial art must be discussed separately

Slots: ~5 (once they are filled I will temporarily close commissions, and then reopen them once some slots are free)

How to buy: If you are interested, please send me an ask on tumblr with the option/picture you’d like your commission styled in. Then we can discuss it further via email.

Once I give you my email, please message me within 24 hours and establish a regular correspondence with me/check your email regularly. If not, I may have to either move you down the list or replace your slot.

If you aren’t interested, but have questions, please feel free to message me anytime as well. I will not assume that you want to commission until you yourself explicitly state that you do.


This post may be updated as I go along.

Thank you very much for reading!


Gonna need extra help on making bills this month - I’ll need $300 in the next week so I’m opening ink sketch commissions.
They’re done quickly on 5x8" sketch paper, usually have them done within 2 days of payment depending on queue and communication with the client.
$30 for a single figure on each page. Add +$10 for shipping if you would like the original drawing.
These are all for personal use, meaning, you won’t be reproducing it as shirts, stickers, band logos, whatever.
Additionally I am selling originals. All above images (except the skeleton knight) are for sale. Several other pictures in my blog are also available.
Any questions or to claim a commission or original drawing can be emailed to morgangrobles at gmail dot com.
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All My Stuff and Things

I remember once in an interview, Harry quipped he would write a book one day about his stuff - titled:  All My Stuff and Things.  He hasn’t written the book yet, but he did show us many of his favorite things in his personally curated collection for Another Man.   For a very private young man, he revealed a lot about himself by giving us a glimpse of some treasured possessions.

I have no doubt that 16 year old Harry wanted to be famous.  Gemma’s contribution to the Another Man spread confirmed that Harry was almost universally loved as he grew up.  His charm and naturally flirtatious personality opened doors for him.  He was used to getting his way - charming his way out of trouble and into whatever he wanted.  He had no reason to believe that life as a famous singer would be very different from the “dream life” it’s portrayed to be.  

Harry most likely wrote Don’t Let Me Go in the Summer of 2012 (please correct me if I’m wrong.)  Clearly, by this time, his perception of fame had drastically changed.  During the X-Factor he struggled with crippling stage fright - quite understandably, he lacked confidence as a singer.  I love Harry’s X-Factor singing, but he was very inexperienced - he had a lot to learn and he knew it.  When he ran out of breath at the Red and Black performance it shook him.  The poor kid couldn’t help but to Google, “Harry shit” and wallow in the cruelty of ugly comments and hate directed at him.  I think his crying on Twit-cam was the beginning of his realization that fame is not everything it’s cracked up to be.  I well remember the interview where Harry and Louis kept pressing the female interviewer who said she (and other young women and girls) quite liked the idea of two boys kissing, etc.  They didn’t understand why they should have to hide their love.  (And, to be fair, it would have been far better in the long run if they hadn’t been closeted.)  The fans loved “Larry” - they ate it up, but HQ insisted they must be perceived as straight to make it as pop stars.

Harry went on to suffer some of the most brutal over-exposure of any pop star.  Whenever the other lads had a short break, Harry would have to be out doing fan service - often being seen with some girl who was supposed to be his latest fling.  Harry came to learn that he wasn’t really famous at all - almost no one knew him.  Harry Styles™ had a very familiar body and face, but otherwise was almost unrecognizable.  His discomfort with the womanizer image has been well documented in countless interviews and is, frankly, indisputable.  Gradually, Harry became more and more guarded.  Everything about  Harry Styles™ was an illusion and not even an image he would ever want to project.

I’ve been lucky enough to know a few deeply artistic people in my life.  One was a renown architect, another a wood carver.  (They were old men when I knew them and have since passed on.)  Both of them lived their passion.  They never sought out fame and fortune, but they did pour their souls into everything they made.  The architects buildings are unmistakable as are the carvers carvings.  They were both somewhat private men, but both had something deep within themselves that they freely showed to anyone willing to look.  There is a passion and honesty to their work that lives on beyond them.  I’ve come to see Harry in much the same way.  He keeps his private life strictly to himself, but also bares his soul.  Some similarities I see between Harry and my examples:  Collaborative, but with their own strong opinions, vision and purpose on projects; not given to small talk or frivolous conversation; generous and kind, weird and eccentric; passionate to share their visions.

Harry no longer desires to be famous, but to be known.  His photography, music, clothing, the artwork he loves.  The things he wants to share are his deepest loves and yearnings - his unique perspective - the things he finds beautiful in every day life.  He has no interest selling - projecting an image designed to garner popularity or sales.  Harry is driven to create honest and deep expressions of who he is and what he believes - even as he continues to discover that himself.  (At 23, he will doubtless discover more of himself.)  Harry’s artistic expressions are very distinctly and recognizably him - they bear his indelible mark.  For a young man just turning 23, that is a remarkable accomplishment.

Happy 23rd birthday Harry!