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Hello rose! I was wondering if you could help me sell two tickets for your show in Cardiff. I can't go that day and I want to buy tickets for Birmingham but I cannot do that until I send the ones for Cardiff



Hey guys just wanted to put it out there that I’m selling these sick “save the bees” shirts now! They’re available on my etsy shop and they’re $10. And here’s the best part: I’m donating 25% of the money I make selling these to actually help save the bees! So not only do you get a good-looking and affordable shirt, but you’re also helping contribute to a great and very important cause. 


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Favorite Secondary Character:

Emperor Awesome! He’s hilarious and so much fun to watch.
He straddles this weird line of being evil/just wanting to party hard.
Also oddly tragic in that all his “awesomeness” is just a facade he’s putting on and leaves the viewers thinking what he’s really like underneath all that totally rad glitz and glam. 

He really helped sell the series to me when I watched The Picnic when it premiered, his dynamic with Hater is so much fun to watch. Maybe someday when he and Hatey learn to chill out a bit, they can be buds.

The WEIRDEST thing to me though is how Wander seems to not focus on him all that much, even when Awesome’s posing a threat. Real bizarre. Maybe he doesn’t want to give him the satisfaction of attention? Regardless, Emperor A is the best and I’d party with him any time.


shoutout to the 10-11 year old kid who lives in the apartment complex behind the store i worked seasonally at. I helped sell him a phone right before christmas (he wanted to play pokemon go and had been doing chores for his neighbors to earn the money) and sometimes, because his phone is wifi only, he just comes in and connects to the store wifi and runs around playing pokemon go, and when he happens to see me he recognizes me and chats to me about his game and plays the claw machines for stuffed toys to give his dog and he’s just a neat kid and also didn’t get frustrated when I didn’t have the exact phone he wanted in stock.

MysMe Characters+High School

Zen: Popular drama kid, obvs. All the prettiest girls have an eye for him, but of course he’s too busy with rehearsals and practicing lines to give them a second thought. (smokes weed??? supplier of booze at parties) Always the lead role in plays and single-handedly responsible for doubling the schools drama ticket sales profit.

Jaehee: Bookworm fan-girl. She doesn’t have many friends but the few she keeps close all hang out in the library with her at lunch and dish about their latest celeb crushes. They’re always exchanging the latest teen mags with each other, and making plans to help sell tickets for Zen’s latest school performance.

Jumin: #RichBoiSquad. This kid wears the most expensive clothes and has the newest phones and tablets as soon as they release or sometimes before. Small, small clique of other rich kids (including V) who stick to themselves. When their parents are away on business they throw parties in their mansions and secretly take the yachts out to get drunk on the water.

Saeyoung: Genius slacker. Class clown. (smokes weed???) This kid is a lil shit in class and rarely does his work but legit Aces tests no prob because he actually does kinda pay attention in class and picks things up easily. The teachers realize this and try to cut him some slack, as long as he doesn’t interrupt too much, because some people actually need to concentrate to learn. Reads a lot in his spare time, mostly his own interests like coding books.

V: #RichBoiSquad. Clothing is still expensive but not as ‘banana republic’ as Jumin, more of an indie style. (smokes the best weed, deals sometimes???) Has the most expensive camera equipment constantly going around school taking pics of people for the yearbook. Super likeable and approachable to any group. Known around school.

Saeran: Artsy stoner kid. Smokes lots of weed and hangs out in the art room painting with a few of his other friends. His art is really good. He’s very humble about it he just wants to express himself. Saeyoung goes around showing it off all the time like “omg look what the fuck my awesome twin did this is epic!” and Saeran gets really embarrassed about it.

Yoosung: Has lots of friends but they’re all nerds. LAN parties all weekend. Terrible in class, constantly needs tutoring. He really enjoys home ec but hes terrible at that, too. He is, however, good at baking. (whats weed????) He may not have perfect grades but he’s a literal ray of sunshine and cheers you up in less than 5 minutes, the friend that’s constantly there when you need emotional support.

Rika: Hit by a bus in 9th grade. So tragic. RIP, binch.

***Note: I’m really considering writing a chapter based HS AU for this squad with MC coming to the school. Anyways, let me know what you think?


Zootopia Attention to Detail Appreciation Post # 1

Zootopia is outstanding in how much detail was put into it. I collected a bunch of pictures of these details that I think are just amazing and really help sell how the city works. Enjoy! ( 1, 2 )

  1. What would normally be considered unused space is used as places for rodents.
  2. The different sizes of trash cans.
  3. Three different door sizes for different species.
  4. A fire escape for rodents.
  5. The bases of the pillars look like elephant feet, and the ‘J’ on the door is also a trunk.
  6. Places for rodents below mixed with places for medium-sized mammals.
  7. Zootopia has a beach that is seen for barely 2 seconds.
  8. The almost-unnoticeable reflections on the chairs.
  9. Use of 'unused’ space again, this time with rodent rooms in a pillar and a store sign for rodents below.
  10. Tiny little doors for what seems to be a rodent warehouse.

Positive Piggies is trying to get some mugs underway as our first ever merchandise! But before we send them out we’d like to know what you, our followers, would be happiest with. It would be a tremendous help if  as many people as possible could respond! Let us know by number what you’d like to see on our merchandise please! Thank you!

Secret [SMUT. NSFW. 18+]

Summary : It wasn’t love. It wasn’t a deeper connection. It was lust, pure unfiltered and raw lust.

Warnings : No plot. Smut just smut. Dom!Daddy!Seb. Unprotected sex (bank it before you spank it kids!)

Author : Ash

A/N : I don’t own the gifs or NIN or their song “Closer”. I also got bored and figured I’d write a smut fic for the first time. This had potential but i ruined it. Be kind!

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“ You let me violate you
You let me desecrate you
You let me penetrate you
You let me complicate you

Help me, I broke apart my insides
Help me, I’ve got no soul to sell
Help me, the only thing that works for me
Help me get away from myself “ 

“(Y/N) , (Y/N)” he said in a mocking tone as his fingers traced your exposed upper thigh through the slit of your dress. His body was pressed against yours…pressing you harder against the door to your NY penthouse, the penthouse he payed for.

You could feel Sebastian’s hot breath against your neck. His lips ghosting over your pulse points, drinking in the smell of your perfume. His hands ghosted over your thigh again. His eyes met yours one more time before he devoured your lips in a kiss. A raw, passionate filthy kiss. 

He pulled away suddenly gripping the slit in your dress firmly in his hand as he pulled it straight across displaying your bare sex to him. His eyes met yours and you knew that you were in for one hell of a night. You stood in front of him in only the sweetheart neckline, his favorite, with your breasts perfectly displayed and nothing else but his favorite pair of black Louie heels. He bit his lips as his eyes feasted on the sight before him. 

You weren’t friends with Sebastian. You weren’t his girlfriend. You weren’t his lover. That’s what she was for. You were his toy. His escape. His dirty little secret. The reason he kept his sanity. You indulged his kinky fuckeries and let him escape the mundane if only for the brief hours you spent together.

“I want to fuck you like an animal
I want to feel you from the inside
I want to fuck you like an animal
My whole existence is flawed
You get me closer to god

You can have my isolation
You can have the hate that it brings
You can have my absence of faith
You can have my everything

Help me, tear down my reason
Help me, it’s your sex I can smell
Help me you make me perfect
Help me become somebody else “

Sebastian’s fingers ghosted over your jaw, softly tracing as they slid down. Tracing your collarbone, right to the dip between your breasts. He ran his hand over your breasts, softly groping through the fabric. You moaned at the slight touch. You squeezed your legs together trying to give yourself some kind of friction. Sebastian’s chuckled as he watched you squirm. 

“Damit Sebastian” you pleaded. Sebastian loved to turn everything into a game and his favorite game was making you beg. Watching the way he could make you squirm, make you completely and utterly dripping wet just by teasing you. Stolen touches in places where you could get caught, such as tonight’s party. 

“After all the teasing you did tonight. The way you purposely grinded yourself against someone else. Letting their hands grope you, pressing their cock into that sweet ass of yours.” Sebastian pushed his body against yours once again, grinding his already hard cock into your throbbing sex. The pressure rubbing against your aching clit. He ran his hand up your neck and back into your hair grabbing it by the fist. 

“You knew I would be watching didn’t you.” His eyes glanced you over again. You knew Sebastian watching you grind against his best friend and flirt with him all night would drive him insane. Jealous Sebastian was always your favorite. 

“Yes sir.” You said with a hint of seduction in your tone. You felt Sebastian slide his hand down your stomach, cupping your sex in his hand. You groaned at the contact his fingers made as they barely ghosted over your aching slit. You could feel it dripping down your thighs. “Please Sebastian..”

Sebastian smiled at you as his fingers grazed over your clit pressing it. You relaxed at the contact only to have it end as quickly as it happened. You huffed in annoyance as Sebastian just threw you a shit eating grin and walked over to your couch. He sat down…undoing his pants and spreading his legs wide. 

“It’s not gonna suck itself (Y/N)” as he motioned to the hard cock he was pulling out of dress slacks. You crouched down in front of him your knees pressing into the plush fabric of your carpet. You brought your eyes to meet Sebastian’s, his usual blue eyes dark and clouded with lust.

Sebastian grabbed the remaining top part of your dress and just ripped it open. He smirked at you as he squeezed your breasts. His fingers pinching and rolling your nipples. “Fucking beautiful” he whispered before kissing you deeply. He pulled away just in time to see attempting to slide off your heels. 

“Leave them on.” He demanded as he sat back against the couch. You happliy complied as you leaned forward. You were always taken back by his size. He wasn’t lengthy, but long enough with just enough girth just to make stretching you out even more fun.

You slowly ran your hand up his length as your tongue began to work on the head. Slowly licking the pre-cum that was already forming, you never could wait to taste him. Sebastian hissed at the contact of your tongue against his slit. You smiled to yourself as you licked a long stripe from the head of his cock all the way to the base. You swallowed him in your mouth inch by inch, agonizingly slow.

You kept your hand on his balls rolling and lightly squeezing them. Your fingernails lightly scraping against them, occasionally letting your fingernails scrap against the underside. Next to actually fucking Sebastian, being able to suck his cock was your next favorite thing. The control you had over him in this moment, the way he became undone because of you was your favorite thing to witness.

“Fuck, I never get tired of seeing your pretty mouth wrapped around my shaft” Sebastian muttered. Your eyes met and you could see the control he was begging for in his eyes. You had started to slowly bob your head up and down Sebastian’s shaft and stroke him when he slowly took your hand away. You felt his hands pulling your hair into a ponytail. You just placed your hands behind your back. 

When Sebastian was jealous, he needed control. He needed to be reminded that you knew who you belonged to. You were more then eager to comply. Sebastian loved to watch you take his cock all the way down your throat. Hear the delicious gurgling and gagging sounds you would make around him. The way his cock would be covered and dripping from your spit. 

“Such a good fucking slut, fuck (Y/N) ..f…f..” He was lost in the moment and you were growing wetter by the second. You could feel Sebastian’s hips moving erratically, without any real rhythm, you knew he was close. You hummed against his shaft, “Damit…Fuck” Sebastian screamed before pulling out of your mouth with an obscene pop. 

“I’m not done with you, yet.” He smirked as he took your hair and pulled up to  meet him as he stood. “I want you to remember whose little fuck toy you are. I want you to feel me days later. I want you to think about me when he’s inside of you, when he touches you.“ He growled in your ear as he turned you around and pushed you over the back of your couch. You groaned as you felt his large palm land perfectly on your ass cheek. 

“I want to fuck you like an animal
I want to feel you from the inside
I want to fuck you like an animal
My whole existence is flawed
You get me closer to god

Through every forest, above the trees
Within my stomach, scraped off my knees
I drink the honey inside your hive
You are the reason I stay alive “

Before you could say anything you felt Sebastian ram deep inside of you. “Sebastian..soo..fucking..deep” you managed to moan out as he adjusted himself behind you. His chest pressed against your back. His fingers interlocked with yours as he pushed himself even further.

“Who.Do.You.Belong.To?” Sebastian asked as he pounded into you. Each word followed by a deep thrust. You turned your face to meet Sebastian’s as your cried out. 

“You..fuck you Sebastian.” You cried out as you kissed him deeply. You felt his lips moved to your neck, you shoulders biting and kissing. You knew you’d be covered in purple and blue marks, but you didn’t give two fucks. You felt his hands creep over your breasts. 

He squeezed, pinched and grabbed them. Moving his hands to explore over your body. Grabbing and slapping your ass. You could feel the fingerprint bruises forming. “You’re always so fucking tight and wet for me. Is it for me?” he groaned into your ear as he pushed all his body weight against you, hitting that sinfully sweet spot. 

You gripped the couch until your knuckles were white. “All..the..fucking..time..just you..Sebastian” you screamed out in ecstasy. You were both gone. You felt your walls clenching and his hips moving erratically. The sounds in your penthouse became obscene. Slaps of skin against could hear Sebastian’s dick moving in and out of you. The moaning, the groans. Begging from both of you not to stop. 

Sebastian slowed down one last time pulling all the way out except for just the tip and ramming back deep into you twisting his hips as he pushed in. He could feel your walls tensing and clenching around him. “Cum for me (Y/N). Cum all over my cock.” All it took were those words and you were done. “Fuck Sebastian..” was all you managed to say before you saw stars. “Fucking perfect…so perfect” Sebastian moaned out before he came deep inside you. 

You both laid there for a moment. Relishing in that feeling. You felt Sebastian give your shoulder one last bite as he kissed your neck. You gasped at the feeling as his hand slipped lower over your sensitive clit collecting your juices on his finger as he pressed against the sensitive bud. He felt you quiver against his body as he chuckled. 

“We’re just getting started.”


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How to Print and Price your Stuff

The main example used here is posters (and other print items for simplicity sake), but I do mention other items and what I talk about here applies to pretty much all produced products (posters, mugs, key chains, bookmarks, comic books, etc.)

Here’s some advice based on my own experiences and research.

General Pricing:

8″x10″ posters are usually at least $10 and up. Posters Larger than that are usually at least $15 or $20 and up. 

For a larger poster $45 can be perfectly acceptable especially if the content is particularly fantastic or detailed.

The exact amount really depends on you, art level, size of poster, printing costs, printing method, etc. Don’t under price your art, but don’t expect to sell a lot of and 8″x10″ print for $50 a piece unless your art is really frickin’ spectacular.

[Original art (not a print, an original, like a physical painting or sculpture) are a different story. Original paintings and the like can go for larger amounts, but your only selling the individual painting once. This will focus more on production of multiple prints and copies.]

Selling Factors:

How do you plan on selling these? For physical copies, if you’re not going to be at a convention or booth, online there’s

Shipping cost

to consider. Will shipping be an added on cost or will the poster price be higher and shipping free? (If you’re doing free shipping make sure to put that where it’s well visible. People always like free.) Also make sure to account for overseas shipping which can be way pricier.

Also consider deals.
Buy 2 get 3rd 50% off can help encourage people to buy more and raise your sales, but you have to willing to sell your product for that price. Other deals that are common are Buy $X or more and get free shipping, Buy X# of products and get free commission doodle or bookmark or other little trinket (doodles can be requests that you post on your blog rather than physically ship), Buy full set for $50 (instead of the $60 it would cost to buy them all separately), and other things in this vein.


Are you going through a site where you never actually touch the product (ie. RedBubble) or are you handling all the printing and shipping yourself?

Online Sites and 3rd Party Vendors:
If your going through a site that handles all the production and shipping it can be good since it’s very hands off. On the payment side though here are some question you need to check:

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Hey so I’m having some financial troubles, you can read this post to see why

I’m in the process of applying and interviewing for jobs right now, but as a transman of color in that state of Arizona, well, thats easier said than done. I could really use some help because I’m starting college very soon.

I’ve decided, since fall/winter is coming up that I could try to sell some Hogwarts house color hand warmers. 

I’m selling them for $10 +shipping!! I make them really quickly and I have both book and movie colors! 

I’ll only be accepting paypal at the moment, please message me if you’re interested!

please don’t remove the caption


I have these 3 glass pieces for sale!!!!!!!

I lost my job recently, and have been searching with no luck. I have been in a deep depression struggling so badly. I have major bills to pay and 13+ pets to feed.. I’m trying to sell these to help me out!

Toke Glass has a hollow base, with a turbine perc. 18mm male joint

The Fab Baby Bottle rig has a 4 slit downstem, and a hollow middle making it a fabrege. 14mm male joint

And lastly my Starbucks dab cup with a 10mm male joint (nail not included!!!)

I would obviously clean it before sending :)


Companies use lots and lots of data, including your daily Web surfing, to help them sell you stuff. They follow you across the Internet with annoying ads, and the data they collect is now essential for their business.

So why aren’t the best minds in higher education doing more to tap all that information to improve teaching and learning?

Students: Colleges Are Tracking You Online. It Can Help You Graduate

Illustration: Martin Gee for NPR

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Tips on how to consider whether make my game a paid game or not?? :') Is it being my first game a major consideration to making it free?

Yeah, that’s definitely something to consider.

How long is the game? - Lots of consumers base the value of a game on how long they can play it.  From what I’ve seen, the shortest games being sold on the market right now are an hour and a half long and cost about 1-3$.   Anything shorter than that people might feel like it’s not worth the money.

What is the quality of your game? - When you look at your game, would you as a consumer say “Yeah, I’d buy this game for this price” if someone else made it?  It’s a hard judgment to make by yourself, so I encourage you to get beta testers & the opinions of others before you make the decision. 

Is there a market for your game? - Are there other games like yours being sold already?  If so, see what they charge and if they’re selling.  You want to see if you have an audience out there who are willing to buy what you’re selling!

How much money did you sink into the game? - Did you pay a composer or an artist or two to do some work for your game?  If so, it’s not a bad thing if you ask for money when you sell the game (as long as the people you paid are cool with their work being used like that).

How much time did you sink into the game? - 

Did you bug test your game? - don’t sell a game that’s not bug tested. You’ll look silly and nobody wants to pay for something that’s broken.  While it doesn’t have to be absolutely perfect, it should be playable and with minimal errors to it.  The same goes for grammar and spelling: if your English isn’t the best, get a beta reader to help you out!

Are you using the default graphics? - I hate asking this question, but it’s something that has to be asked.  A lot of people associate default graphics with those lazily churned out rpg maker games, so they’re less willing to buy them.  You can still sell these games (they do still sell!), but they’re a harder sell.

It’s ok to release your game for sale and then change your mind and make it free later, of course, so don’t stress if that happens.  It’d suck because you’d then have to re-advertise it as free when it’s not new anymore, but hey, you learned something out of it I suppose.

You could also go for the “Pay-what-you-want” model of business supported by & Gamejolt.  Basically, you offer the game to the consumer for free or for cheap and the consumer can decide how much money they want to pay for it when they download it (or after they played the game).  It’s a nice compromise for people who aren’t quite sure whether their game has a market or not.  

Hope this helps!  If any of my followers have any tips, feel free to add them on :)


Hi :)
I’m thinking of making more of these Rainbow/Chakra crystal bracelets to sell to help out with Harry’s Switchboard birthday drive. (this one strikes a chord with me bc the thought of LGBT+ kids feeling hurt & alone is heartbreaking…and I’d love to help in some small way)

I’d love to know if there’d be any interest before I make a bunch.
Could you please reblog this…and like or comment if you’d probably order one (or more :) yourself…no obligation of course, I just want to gauge the level of interest.

They’d sell for around $15 US and $5 from each bracelet would go to Switchboard. I’m also playing with the idea of having little metal tags/charms made to attach to the bracelets…“I Study Rainbows” or maybe “STRONG” (bc it’s shorter) for the Rainbow ones - and “All the Love” for the pink Love bracelets. They’d cost approx $2-$3 extra…so let me know what you think about that too :)….also…feel free to tell me which styles are your favourite :) Thanks everybody 💜

P.S. these are stretchy elastic bracelets
Taraji P Henson and Jussie Smollett will donate MAC makeup proceeds to charity.

“Timeless glamour and class, @TarajiPHenson and @JussieSmollett are in a league of their own. Every cent of the Viva Glam selling price goes toward helping women, men and children living with and affected by HIV/AIDS. 💄 Donate now by shopping the link in our bio! #VIVAGLAM#MACShop .”