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Dream Ghost - Michael Hyatt with Amber Riley & Ricki Lake

You’ve seen this somewhere before…Merriam-Webster gives a definition of “trope” as a “figure of speech.” In storytelling, a trope is just that — a conceptual figure of speech, a storytelling shorthand for a concept that the audience will recognize and understand instantly. Above all, a trope is a convention. It can be a plot trick, a setup, a narrative structure, a character type, a linguistic idiom… you know it when you see it. Tropes are not inherently disruptive to a story; however, when the trope itself becomes intrusive, distracting the viewer rather than serving as shorthand, it has become a cliché.

Dear Team Beard,

Second day in a row I am writing you a note. PLEASE STOP!  You are making the situation that is already embarrassing enough into a complete joke and a mockery of Darren and his career.  

We called it weeks ago that you would try to sell Zoe as Ben’s girlfriend and by her post today, I think that is confirmed. 

Granted this is a better sell than Alli who had a girlfriend when you tried to spin that tale.  

Please start giving your audience a little credit. Even the die hard miarrens at this point are seeing through the lies. You can’t ignore Ben for 2 years and suddenly try to re-invent history and create a story that is completely contrary to the facts that have been provided by Ben and M themselves, so that you can create a story that fits into to the PR narrative.  The man has been living with Von Beard for 2 years.  I know you think you can change the facts, you have tried many times when creating your PR story. But these particular facts are all over his social media, hers and the social media of her friends.  

Please set Darren free.  He is so much more appealing when allowed to be himself.  The man is making a career playing LGBT+ roles.  Please allow him the freedom to do this in a truthful and genuine manner.

The only thing at this point you are accomplishing is making a complete fool of a man who has worked too hard and is to talented for your incompetency.

Thank you.

klaine-run-the-world  asked:

I can't even hide how pissed I'm about this, IDGAF if it's Ricky's fault and not Darren's like ppl say, Darren looks so bad. He doesn't do shit for my community except for going to events to promote his stuff & play lgbt roles, he truly looks like a dudebro who takes advantage of the lgbt community for marketing and MONEY. How is that str8!darren stans can't see how awful he looks as an ~ally~????? The fact that they changed the words bc str8 in the article is GROSS.

Part 2.

There is no doubt they pay for those articles to mention him in those LGBT lists, idc if people disagree, he doesn’t belong there if he is going to sell his str8ness and girlfriend 24/7, idc whose fault is, Darren looks gross as fuck & I hate this. Anyone saying he is a good ally is fucking stupid. Want to sell yourself as an ally? ACT LIKE ONE. But noo he promotes his gf but don’t say shit about the Trans/Trump debacle even tho he played Hedwig. P.s: sorry for the rant. I’m so mad.


First let me just say …. You have no clue how hard it was for me to figure out how to copy and paste the second post to this one on my phone. 😂.

Normally, I dont post these. I just stay away from them because sometime I feel like I like in a totally different worls. I can understand ones annoyance.

However…..I mean did you have this same anger against Wentworth miller? What about Matt? Ricky martin? Ellen? Queen latifah? Kristen Stewart? What about Raven. ( No you know what.. Let’s not include raven cause she nuts and there is plenty to upset with her for 😂 ). I mean Ricky was in every lgtb mag for years. He paraded a host of supermodels and actress as his gf. One for a very long time. Wasn’t until his children were getting ready to be born that he came out because he didnt want to hide them or his partner . you think d team goes haywire on the straight train, have you ever researched old Wentworth press? Hell at one time they thought to make him a man whore just to insure folks knew he was straight. Cause you know its better to be see as a player than gay per the studios.

I mean there is another they choose to go back and fix the wording in the article. But knowing that persons ex, I just had to chuckle about it.

What about mannilow? Who surprising enough lived for years in a similar situation. In fact he moved an assistant into his home and lived with her for years. Folks thought they were married and she was his wife. He is 73 and just now talking about it. Again most knew but he denied til the cow came home.

As I remind x when he feels like he is letting his fans down, he isn’t obligated to do or say anything for his fans. work behind the scenes is just as important.

Just because D chooses to beard does not invalidate what he does behind the scenes. if that is where he feels comfortable, than whatever. Not everyone wants to be or can be as vocal as my minis.

(i mean bearding is all over. like plenty of others here and I am sure there are some you think are cute couples but they arent)

that doesn’t mean I dont understand the annoyance.

There are a lot of out gay males, trans females and etc in Hollywood and they have a difficult time finding work. I mean there is a situation right now where it was decide to cast a woman to play a teams female even though we know there are to trans actresses.

Similar to how… eypgt is in Africa but to have Hollywood paint it, there were only four black folk there and of course they were slaves. 😑😑😑. what about all the mixed woman in Hollywood. (Hell I’m one). but no lets have Angelina Jolie play a mixed black and white woman. but lord we get a black Annie and folks damn near wanted to burn the studio to the ground.

So I get it. I get the anger, the frustration and I won’t belittle those feelings because only you know what you have been though and seen for your journey. Your feelings are valid and they matter.

I just ask that you take a moment and remember that not everyone is at the same place. Some just aren’t ready to be that kind of public. Some need more time. some feel they need cover.

it okay. With the shit going on in this country due to agent orange, all we can do is try to live as best as we can for ourselves and light a candle for those that can’t, or dont want to, or aren’t ready

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Its weird, i liked Dan and Blair and the potential that could of been, and it was that hallway scene of them that i liked them, she was upset and he came to talk to her (i think this was when he and serena were first going out), I think Dair made alot of sense... and opposite sides of the city and what both were looking for in partners and romance and their interests etc. But saying that i really disliked the show as a whole, it was a mess and Chuck was a douche

“Normally I wouldn’t be this close to you without a tetanus shot”- The hallway scene that started it all. I’ll be honest, I didn’t ship it back then but they became so great in the later seasons.

The rest of the show was complete garbage. They were the only reason I stuck around and I will forever be angry that Chuck Bass got the happy ending (despite trying to sell his girlfriend and throwing a punch at her…) and Dan got to be Gossip Girl. 

So. Much. Hate.

Sapphic September day 14: wearing each other’s clothes

We haven’t actually seen Sequoia and Juniper wearing these outfits in the comic yet, but they’re in my official dressup document. (from wlw webcomic @boughstooslight)

Sequoia has a good deal more curvature than Juniper, but they can trade most of their wardrobes if they need to.

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(@askblindhybrid) Reena: "Uhhh....... I'm probably lost...... I can't see..." She extends her arms to try and feel the faces infront of her "Mhmmm..... Mind helping me get to a place that sells make up, my girlfriend is waiting on me."

Mitchell giggles a bit due to his sensative cheeks

Bonnie pats Reena on the arm, “Here sweetie lemme help ya.”

Bonnie holds Reenas hand and helps them to the area.



He has a nightmare

When your best friend hugs you provocatively…

When he is showering and you enter the bathroom

When they get a new girl member of svt

When you cook something for them but it tastes bad

When you are on a date and someone mugs you

When you bite his lip when you kiss

When you kiss for the first time

When you come home drunk after a fight

Seventeen text  posts part 1/2/3

Vocal Unit:

He asks you on a date

You are shorter than them

When their S/O is shy

When you back hug him (Jeonghan)

When you sit on their lap (Joshua, Jeonghan, Woozi)

Hip Hop Unit:

You play with his hands

When you back hug him (Wonwoo, Mingyu)

When their girlfriend sells out the biggest stadium in the world

When you are sporty even though you look like a girly girl

When you sit on their lap (Vernon, Mingyu)

Performance Unit:

When you back hug him (Hoshi, Jun)

When you say their name in your sleep

When you dance to one of their songs




Hunger Games AU series part 1/


Joshua - Winter stroll

Woozi - It’s Complicated Part 1/2/3

JeongCheol - Baby, you are my angel


To show off their girlfriend

Sorry, there isn’t  that much here yet (o_o*), we are working on it!!

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talking them into exercising with u?

-honestly eric wouldn’t be a hard sell. his hot girlfriend in tiny athletic shorts? yes. plus he wanted to be a marine and obviously marines are hella fit
-you two would bring sparky and go for a jog about littleton for like four miles
-after he’d challenge you to a sit up contest and get like really angry when you won
-but then you would make brownies so fuck exercise i guess
-was kinda lazy so it’d be a harder sell
-but prom was coming up and he wanted to look tight af in that tux
-so you would do a pilates home workout video
-you would choke laughing at your gangly boyfriend trying to do flexible things

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DA is taking rides around NYC in a carriage and visiting jdm's ranch and will be on lwk tomorrow. Meanwhile, G is laying in the grass wearing lipstick and selling office supply jewelry. Girlfriend better step up her game!

what is up with this weekend!? jp went on kelly and nothing leading up to it was like this. my god someone needs to break their phones.