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Dear Team Beard,

Second day in a row I am writing you a note. PLEASE STOP!  You are making the situation that is already embarrassing enough into a complete joke and a mockery of Darren and his career.  

We called it weeks ago that you would try to sell Zoe as Ben’s girlfriend and by her post today, I think that is confirmed. 

Granted this is a better sell than Alli who had a girlfriend when you tried to spin that tale.  

Please start giving your audience a little credit. Even the die hard miarrens at this point are seeing through the lies. You can’t ignore Ben for 2 years and suddenly try to re-invent history and create a story that is completely contrary to the facts that have been provided by Ben and M themselves, so that you can create a story that fits into to the PR narrative.  The man has been living with Von Beard for 2 years.  I know you think you can change the facts, you have tried many times when creating your PR story. But these particular facts are all over his social media, hers and the social media of her friends.  

Please set Darren free.  He is so much more appealing when allowed to be himself.  The man is making a career playing LGBT+ roles.  Please allow him the freedom to do this in a truthful and genuine manner.

The only thing at this point you are accomplishing is making a complete fool of a man who has worked too hard and is to talented for your incompetency.

Thank you.

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Its weird, i liked Dan and Blair and the potential that could of been, and it was that hallway scene of them that i liked them, she was upset and he came to talk to her (i think this was when he and serena were first going out), I think Dair made alot of sense... and opposite sides of the city and what both were looking for in partners and romance and their interests etc. But saying that i really disliked the show as a whole, it was a mess and Chuck was a douche

“Normally I wouldn’t be this close to you without a tetanus shot”- The hallway scene that started it all. I’ll be honest, I didn’t ship it back then but they became so great in the later seasons.

The rest of the show was complete garbage. They were the only reason I stuck around and I will forever be angry that Chuck Bass got the happy ending (despite trying to sell his girlfriend and throwing a punch at her…) and Dan got to be Gossip Girl. 

So. Much. Hate.


Dream Ghost - Michael Hyatt with Amber Riley & Ricki Lake

You’ve seen this somewhere before…Merriam-Webster gives a definition of “trope” as a “figure of speech.” In storytelling, a trope is just that — a conceptual figure of speech, a storytelling shorthand for a concept that the audience will recognize and understand instantly. Above all, a trope is a convention. It can be a plot trick, a setup, a narrative structure, a character type, a linguistic idiom… you know it when you see it. Tropes are not inherently disruptive to a story; however, when the trope itself becomes intrusive, distracting the viewer rather than serving as shorthand, it has become a cliché.


He has a nightmare

When your best friend hugs you provocatively…

When he is showering and you enter the bathroom

When they get a new girl member of svt

When you cook something for them but it tastes bad

When you are on a date and someone mugs you

When you bite his lip when you kiss

When you kiss for the first time

When you come home drunk after a fight

Seventeen text  posts part 1/2/3

Vocal Unit:

He asks you on a date

You are shorter than them

When their S/O is shy

When you back hug him (Jeonghan)

When you sit on their lap (Joshua, Jeonghan, Woozi)

Hip Hop Unit:

You play with his hands

When you back hug him (Wonwoo, Mingyu)

When their girlfriend sells out the biggest stadium in the world

When you are sporty even though you look like a girly girl

When you sit on their lap (Vernon, Mingyu)

Performance Unit:

When you back hug him (Hoshi, Jun)

When you say their name in your sleep

When you dance to one of their songs




Hunger Games AU series part 1/


Joshua - Winter stroll

Woozi - It’s Complicated Part 1/2/3

JeongCheol - Baby, you are my angel


To show off their girlfriend

Sorry, there isn’t  that much here yet (o_o*), we are working on it!!

Nerve chapter 2

Hey guys! I’m finally well again, after the cold that had hit me a few days ago and because I hadn’t much to do today, I decided to write the second part of Nerve. :D And I would like to thank you all for the lovely comments about the ending of my Who’s She fic and also for the feedback of the first part of Nerve, you are all so amazing and it’s so inspiring to write for such beautiful and kind people like you. <3<3 Anyways here we go now, with the second chapter of Nerve, I hope you guys will like it, lots of love! :*

Nerve chapter 2

„Hey, Frost. Yo man, what’s going on? That’s my friend, (Y/N). I told you about her, what do you think, good for your boss isn’t she?“, Tom said smiling to some guy who just stepped by.

He wores a black business suit, his whole facial expression was dead sirious.

Something about how he looked at Tom wasn’t comforting.

„I think you should tell the boss why you tried to sell your girlfriend just to steal Mr J’s gold watch“, the man called Frost said.

Your heart sank to your stomach.

You knew it, this would end up with you two getting killed.

„Don’t even think about escaping. He would’ve shot you down before you even reached the doorhandle.“

Tom’s smile got frozen on his face.

Such a stupid idiot.

How could he think this would turn out to his advantage?

„Hey, listen I don’t even know what you are talking about. I didn’t plan to steal anything, man“, Tom said but his voice wasn’t very persuasive at all.

„Oh, I’m sure about that. But how about you don’t tell this to me, you should tell it to Mr J. And you should beg that he won’t kill you. Oh and besides, after you offered her already. He wants the girl to come with you“, Forst said.

„Of course, he can have everything he wants!“, Tom said.

Looks like he thought he could get out of her alive, if he’s selling you to the Joker.

„You’re a fucking asshole, Tom. I hope he kills you first“, you hissed trying to hold back the tears of fear and anger, while Forst was escorting you two to the man that ruled the whole city with blood and murder.

„Oh my, oh my, oh my, what do we have here? Our little VIPs“, the Joker said smiling showing you his glistening silver teeth whilst standing up from his usual seat.

„Tell me, Tom. How many time have you got left, for stealing my watch?“, the clown asked and circled your ex-boyfriend as if he was about to rip him into pieces.

„Come on tell me, you don’t have to lie anymore. I already know everything. Thomas Evans, player with heart and soul. I heared you don’t even care about your own life anymore the most important thing for you is money and glory, right?“

„Please Mr J, I really don’t want no beef“, Tom murmured in fear.

„You don’t want no beef? You don’t want no beef? You don’t want no beef?!“, Mr J repeated more than just pissed off.

But he calmed himself down a little bit again, as he recognised you looking at him.

His big signature grin was drawn onto his face again.

„Oooh, I assume you were the gift this little fucker wanted to distract me with am I right, little angel?“, Joker asked.

He slid his index finger under your chin, making your skin prickle, where he was touching you.

You nodded your head, still trying to hold back the tears.

You were so fucking scared, you really didn’t want to die.

„Aw, no, no, no, no I will tell you a secret. I won’t kill you. He tricked you in this“, Mr J said nodding his head at Tom, almost like someone who really cared about you.

He smiled while he whiped away some tears with his thumb, that were running down your cheeks.

For a second it felt like stones were falling down from your heart.

„But I also can’t let you go.“

The stones were back within half a second, but what else did you expect?

He was the Joker, he wouldn’t let you leave this place as if nothing ever happened.

„Your lovely boyfriend offered you to me and that means you’re my property now, sweet little angel.“

Mr J cupped your face into his surprisingly warm hands before he looked at Tom again.

A terrifying grin signed on his face.

„Tom, Tom, Tom. You were a lucky man. Such a pretty face just for you all alone … But now that she’s all mine, I can’t allow her ex-boyfriend to be around her all the time. You know I’m not the kind of man who likes to share his girl.“

„Y-yes, I-I can totaly understand that Mr J. I will leave this place whenever you want me to, you can have her, I will never talk to her again, she’s all yours, now“, Tom stuttered.

This filthy little bastard.

„Oh, I believe you. But let me go for sure, with this …“, Joker grinned before he pointed his gold and purple gun at Tom’s face.

„It was very nice to meet you, Tom, but I don’t trust thieving scum like you.“

„No, Mr J please-!“

You heared the loud bang of Mr J’s gun before blood splattered on the wall behind you and all over the gleaming gold ground.

You didn’t feel sorry for Tom, he had sold you to the Joker and he wouldn’t have cared about you another single minute if he had had the opportunity to get outta here alive.

But this was the first time you ever had seen a real corpse and not only that, you were the witness of a murder, you had been sold by your ex-boyfriend to Gotham City’s most dangerous psychopath and the chances that he would blow your brains out like that, was high enough to be scared as fuck.

„Well that was entertaining. Frost, would you be so kind and throw the garbage out of here. He ruins the whole interior equipment. And tell Rocko to clean up this mess, we don’t live in an abattoir here“, Joker growled.

„Yes, boss“, Frost answered, before Mr J gave his attention back to you.

„Aw, don’t be scared, doll. If I wanted to kill ya’ I would’ve done it already“, he smiled at you wickedly.

„Come on, sit on daddy’s lap.“

You were way too scared to move, but you also didn’t want to give Joker a reason to shoot you.

Tears were forming into your eyes again, this was all too much and you wished he were just willing to let you go.

Mr J let out an annoyed sigh.

„I see, we have to accustom you a little bit, first. So let me introduce you to some of daddy’s rules.“

He came towards you again and looked you deep in your (e/c) eyes.

His cold blue one’s were burning holes into your soul.

„First of all. You’re mine now, baby and you will do whatever daddy says, okay?“

You nodded your head but Mr J just looked at you dissatisfied.

„Say it“, he growled.

„Yes“, you whispered.

„Yes what?“, he asked harshly and grabbed your cheeks with an unpleasant tight grip, that made you whimper in fear.

Yes what? What does he want you to say …?

Your brain was searching for an answer, until you knew what he wanted.

„Y-yes, daddy“, you whispered feeling absolutely awkward about it.

Mr J suddenly gave you a wide smile and continued with his speech.

„Second. You’re doing nothing and go nowhere without asking daddy for his approval.“

„Yes, daddy“, you responded again, while your face turned all red after saying it again.

It felt so damn odd to you, calling a man daddy who was like your … kidnapper, owner?

You didn’t even know how to call it.

„That’s a good girl“, Mr J said petting your right cheek gently.

He took your hand and led you to the seat, were he was sitting before Frost escorted you and Tom to his boss.

A quick hitch on your hand and you landed right on Joker’s lap.

It felt uncomfortable, not at least because you were still scared as hell of Mr J.

„What about a drink, baby?“, Joker asked wrapping his left arm around your waist as if he wanted to avoid that you would run away from him.

„Um, I-I’m sorry I don’t drink“, you muttered shy.

Mr J smiled at you like you were the most adorable thing ever.

„You do now“, he said and handled you a glass of ice-cooled champagne out of the bottle in the cooler from the table.

„Mr J? Can I … can I ask you something?“

„Of course, doll“, Mr J whispered into your ear, rubbing your thighs firmly.

You blushed looking at him, what he recognised with a dirty grin that grew on his face.

„What about … I mean, I have to go to college …“

You were interrupted soon by Joker’s crazy signature laugh.

„You don’t have to go to school anymore. Everything you need is me. You will get everything you need from your daddy, (Y/N). And in return you will stay with me and I can do with you whatever I want.“

„Everything?“, you asked, slightly trembling and panicking under the rough grasp his hand had on your right thigh now, before he placed a good visible biting mark at the left side of your neck.

Everything, baby.

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Harry dodges girl questions...
  • 16 April 2012 - Herald Sun interview with Zayn & Harry
  • Herald Sun: Have you been texting Taylor Swift?
  • Harry: [silence for 5 seconds]
  • Herald Sun: Wow, dramatic pause.
  • Harry: .........we met in America, she's nice.
  • ---
  • Herald Sun: Do you have to worry about girlfriends selling stories about you guys?
  • Harry: You meet people. Friends of people.
  • ---
  • Herald Sun: You like older ladies?
  • Zayn: That's more so Harry.
  • Harry: It's not more so ME.
  • Zayn: Yeah, he likes an older woman.
  • Harry: Sometimes.
  • Herald Sun: You like them most ages?
  • Zayn: [laughs]
  • Harry: NO, not most ages!
  • Zayn: What's your rule, Harry?
  • Harry: Let's move on, shall we!
  • Zayn: Anything younger than-
  • Harry: No.
Scarecrow Year One: Animated Casting Call

I’m looking for actors for my soon to be animation for the Scarecrow Year One comic. For now, I am going to focus upon only a few of the characters, however all characters are going to be eventually required. I do want to have the whole thing animated at some point.

Anyone can apply for one or multiple characters. I’d also like to preface that gender of the actor does not matter, if your voice fits.  I’ve added notes below each character so you have an idea what I’m kind of looking for. These are not set in stone, so feel free to divert a little, however the main characters should stay pretty close to their descriptions.

Characters are listed from most important to least important in terms of who I need cast first. I plan on animating this comic out of order, so I want to focus on characters that appear the most and scenes that will be easiest to animate first. This means that I am focusing on Jonathan’s part of the story first, then Batman’s.

How it Works If you would like to try out, Please send me a chat//message stating which character(s) you want and I will get back to you with a small script. (Currently in the process of writing up the draft, it should be ready by tonight. The full version will come later) 

You will then have three days to record you lines. However, I am going to set a rough deadline for the Main characters, let’s say December 16th  By then, I want to have some auditions in for those characters. Deadline may be extended if necessary.This gives people time to see the post, and record lines. You only need to record a few lines to try out. Please send me an mp3 file or something similar once you have your lines recorded. I may consider a Skype chat if people would rather try out that way.


I would need these character’s lines recorded first

Jonathan Crane (adult): Looking for someone who has a clear southern accent and can sing, however I need you to downplay the accent well enough that it seems like it barely has one. Or perhaps you only show off the accent during the stressful situations? While not required, its always been my own personal preference that his voice be somewhat effeminate, akin to how he was portrayed in the Arkham games by Dino Andrade.
Jonathan Crane (child): obviously needs to sound younger, and the accent can be more pronounced.
Mary Keeny (Great Grandmother):
Tyrannical southern old woman, crabby passive aggressive tone, should also have a singing voice.
Marion Keeny (Grandmother):
similar voice to Mary, but slightly younger sounding
Karen Keeny (Mother):
Softest voice of them all, almost tender and with hidden undertones of heartbreak. A much different tone than the rest of her family.
Gerald Crane(Father):
Gruff/hoarse sounding voice.
Charlie (Karen’s husband): Give me the biggest, most ignorant, southern accent you can muster for this abusive husband.
Professor Pigeon:
Esteemed and intelligent tone, humble (Also including the faculty member here who has one line during his hearing)
Jonathan’s Bullies: 
Immature and pathetic sounding (Three children total, can be played by one person)

These characters are not required at the moment , but I am listing them if someone is interested in participating, but can’t play an accent. You are still welcome to try out for these characters now, but their scenes won’t be animated till later.

Batman: Doesn’t need explanation, similar to arkham games maybe?
Its dick grayson and he’s obviously young, high pitched teenager voice
same as batman, voice already defined
Pigeon’s butler has one line. Any butler voice will do.
Costume Shop Owner:
Semi-southern old man voice
Black college student, currently on
parole for selling weed.
Lamar’s girlfriend, one or two lines.
Forensics worker, appears in one scene. No particular voice needed.
Robert Stanton: Student reading off essay, No particular voice needed
Bartender and “Solly”: Biker gang voices
The Poker Players:
Generic southern male background voices
Gotham County Records Employee
: young black female voice
Olivia Dove (Formerly Marion Keeny) & Other Yacht Attendees:
Aristocratic/Misc voices


I have no idea if this voice acting thing is going to work, but I’m going to give it a shot. If you would like to follow this Project, then follow the tag “Scarecrow Year One Animated” or follow me for updates. I am tagging some users who expressed their interest in voicing characters. I hope you guys don’t mind. Apologies for the long post.

If you could, reblog this so as many people see. I need all kinds of voices, not just southern accents.

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Gigi is now saying she knows Zayn better than anyone and is going to come to the rescue and help him overcome his anxiety

Well, I don’t think she’s saying it. Her team is. She doesn’t say too much, does she? Not terribly articulate, that one. 

But anyway, this is basically right outta the fauxmance playbook.

Gosh. These longsuffering, level-headed, saints. It’s almost as if they sell these “girlfriends” so hard as models of good girl-dom to distract from the absolute shadiness of the fakelationships. Imagine that. Not to mention, good girls are good for business. Gotta get those promo bucks. 

So it’s no surprise that this is the angle they’re working with Zigi. We’ve been here before. On the upside, maybe this is break-up seeding. When she fails at attempting to play Captain-Save-A-Ho, they can part ways…finally. I guess they just have to slog through the rest of their fashion promo obligations and maybe they can move the hell on.