selling everything i own

Hey! 🙋🏻 A little over two years ago I started selling off everything I owned so I could travel easily with one bag. Then I left the States intending to travel internationally full-time. I found myself in Scotland, met my boyfriend Kuba 😘, travelled around Europe on my own for 6 months, popped over to Thailand for 3 weeks, and now I’m back in Scotland until June. ✈️🇪🇸 My life has completely changed for the better since I started my journey into minimalism two years ago. I used to have closets full of clothes but now my wardrobe is simple. It includes 30 items! Everything you see here. 🎒😛 I posted a video summary of my wardrobe on my YouTube channel as well: . How do you feel about your wardrobe? Do you want to downsize? Why or why not? 🤔 And thanks to Kuba for taking this photo! 😍

I have way too many aspirations for one life. I want to be an author and a poet and a nurse and a flight attendant and I want to own a cute little coffee shop where people come to write or read or just exist and I want to sell everything I own and just travel around the world and I want to live in a super small town where everyone knows each others names and I want to raise my children there and I want to be a tattoo artist and make my body into the master piece that it deserves to be and I want to travel to Africa and build houses and I want to become a doctor and cure cancer and I want to be be a dog trainer and an astronaut and I want to be a photographer and I want to be a journalist for a major magazine in New York and walk everywhere in heels and go to fashion shows on my days off and I want to be a consoler for teenagers who struggle with mental illness and help them the way no one helped me and I want to be a kindergarten teacher and a stay at home mom and all of this is too much for one lifetime and that’s the problem.
—  4am
I feel like taking everything down of my artwork

I try and try to be good with my art but it’s not good enough I feel useless I can’t do nothing right in this world I’ll never be popular no one would care what will happen to me just I want to shred all my art burn my Plushies sell everything I own nothing matters….

Why am I selling everything I own? 

It’s really simple - the domino effect. 

The ex put me in thousands of debt, and I don’t make enough to pay the bills each month AND live my life, so it’s an endless cycle of paying everything I have to credit cards, so I don’t have enough to live on, so I use my credit cards. And believe me, I am really frugal.

By making huge payments on a single card and minimum payments on the rest (I use btw), I get rid of a card faster, thus one less payment to deal with each month. This gives me more to put another card - rinse, lather, repeat.

I really really want to get the heck out of here.

So it’s time to let go of everything so I can start this domino effect faster.

That said, I sold two large items today and I’m quietly sobbing because once it all clears into my bank tomorrow, it’ll be used to pay off one of the cards completely. 

It begins.

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why would lance need to be involved in ka//ura at all? they could just give him an alien love interest and have him have a great story, there is never a need for a love triangle and they still have 4 seasons to tell a good story

pal that’s exactly what i’m saying! like… the love triangle thing is soooo fucking overdone and soooo fucking cliche. tbh the best possible outcome would be (like i said) a korrasami-type situation. so like. keith and lance would sorta compete for allura but fall in love along the way. or better yet, give allura a gf or something! and don’t fucking do a love triangle!

best-case scenario imo would be klance without any bullshit love triangle… that’s what i’ll be hoping for…

im in the mood to get a korean body scub and make an appointment with a chiropractor and get my earwax extracted and sell everything i own and only rebuy necessary furniture from ikea and a few outfits from resale shops TOO BAD ALL OF THAT IS HORRENDOUSLY EXPENSIVE ….

i just came to the conclusion that i will do anything and everything in my power to get to wherever harry decides to tour first like……i know i won’t be able to see him ever if i don’t do it so i’ll literally sell everything i own to get myself a plane ticket

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I'm ready to sell most of everything I own to go see Ghost live. These boys are ruining me

I have been meaning to go through a bunch of old band merch to sell to help me a bit financially when I move at the end of May. Everything is happening at once, and I still need to see if i can afford/travel for Rammstein too.
It was like fate flopping out of the A7X presale this morning…it was like some unholy spirit was looking out like: “bitch you gonna need that money and vacation time…Papa is coming to town”.


Can I just start off by saying that Seokmin deserves more love for his body and this is exactly what this is and I mean why wouldn’t someone write a paragraph about his thighs? dO YOU SEE HOW GLORIOUS THEY ARE. CHOKE ME PLEASE 

The fact that his legs aren’t as skinny shouldn’t be a reason for people to dislike him. There’s almost always an expectation of sorts for every idol to be thin and I mean, Seokmin is thin but he has muscles which make him look bigger and he’s perfectly healthy and sexy and beyond attractive  the way he is. 

We all have insecurities and that doesn’t exclude the artists we love and cherish dearly. Seokmin once mentioned that he wished he had Jihoon’s body and physique and that high key makes me want to cry because he’s beautiful the way he is and I would want to kiss everything he sees as a flaw on his body just so he can feel loved.

Okay y'all but hear me out: Seokmin can do so many things with those thighs no I am not thinking of him wrapping those meaty wonders around my neck and body slamming me to the ground what

  • For one, he can seat multiple puppies on his lap and pet them and honestly, who doesn’t want to see Seokmin with the brightest smile on his face as multiple puppies just give him little kisses I will sell my soul and everything I own for this to happen
  • Not to mention, he can easily body slam anyone that makes him angry or sets him off and it’s a gr10 self defense because he’s strong and he can also protect the other members if need be and wow imagine the seventeen protection squad with Seokmin, Mingyu and Seungcheol I gtg
  • When the time comes for our little seokmin to commence the skoodlypooping, aka a bird and a bee simultaneously interacting with one another physically and the bee stinging the bird cough if you catch my drift here cough then there will be a lot of slapping skin noises and it’s overall a very enjoyable experience for both Seokmin and whoever is beneath him my left kidney is up for sale for me to be in this position asap goodbye 
  • Big thighs also come along with the package of a big butt and I think we can all agree that seokmin’s gluteus maximus looks firm and also extremely deadly and there is also some cushion for the pushin’ I don’t know what this means I’m just going with the flow 
  • He’s also a beautiful dancer and it’s always nice to see him move, he has better balance and even though some things may be hard for him, he pulls through and he learns them and it’s all thanks to the thighs that hold him up when he’s tired and he doesn’t have much strength left. Bless you, seokmin’s thighs 

In conclusion, his thighs are just a work of art that everyone in the fandom, and even outside of it, should appreciate and love. Whether Seokmin has small thighs or no thighs or any other attribute that he does or doesn’t have, I’ll still love him the same. And I hope you all can too. 

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Is it normal to want to sell everything I own & move somewhere affordable so I can read books all day long? And when I'm not reading, I'm just cycling around looking at pretty sceneries around me? I just don't care much about anything these days & having a lot of difficulty focusing on one thing long enough to be a "productive" working citizen. I feel guilty for saying this, but I just don't to work so hard like I used to. I was just miserable anyway, but my passion eludes me.

Totally normal man!

Im doing that now. My reading is helping crew online with vegan life. I do that by answering more questions than anyone and uploading more vegan lifestyle videos and support events than anyone.

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I just checked out prices and I can go see Ghost live in July without having to sell everything I own, my soul, and my first born! And it's only a 4 hour drive. I'm so excited I'm crying.

I’m wondering what’s up with VIP and the presales tomorrow…GA pricing isn’t shabby at all