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Oregon based ,Handmade Art, Jewelry, and Misc. Crafts. by Earth2Hanley
Browse unique items from Earth2Hanley on Etsy, a global marketplace of handmade, vintage and creative goods.

Please show our shop some love! We have vintage items, crystal/agate pendants, and upcyced t-shirt canvas art as of right now. My girlfriend and I are doing everything we can to make our dreams come true and we need your help! We are in the process of listing all the items we have, so be patient and feel free to buy something that’s already up if it catches your eye!

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I’d totally do bookmarks but I don’t use Etsy. Hopefully RB gets it as an option soon

Well, IDK if RB ever will, that’s just…wishful thinking, at this point.  But they keep adding more and more things, so here’s hoping. 

Until then though… I appreciate the feedback!  :)  Thanks!

Well it’s 6 AM and I got three out of like, 60 Gijinka requests done, thank you everyone who sent me suggestions I may very well do more the next time I have a sleepless night because it was a blast. <3 uvu


A little painting I finally got a couple prints made up of! A few have already sold and I’m down to 1! 

It was so fun to paint, and it’s wee vibrant colours make me happy! I have popped the last print up on my wee etsy store! And one of my favourite tasks is packing prints, and making little surprises to put in with what anyone has bought! 


I wonder if other people loves packaging tasks!? 

But, yes! I will also be posting lot’s more on my tumblr again soon because I was away on a wee trip! and I seen so much nature and animals, 


Hey guys! I just uploaded all these stickers to etsy.Each pack is $3-4 with shipping. You can find my shop here

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so-i-grudgingly-joined-this-site  asked:

Have you ever considered selling your art through etsy or amazon?

I actually started out on Etsy. As a seller, it was so full of glitches that I was considering switching to Storenvy after the holiday season. Like, stick it out through the busy time because all my repeat customers knew I was over there. And then a glitch deleted my account mid-holiday rush. They refused to fix it, so I just rebuilt on Storenvy and have liked it way more. There’s less traffic to bring in new people through there, but I honestly wouldn’t switch back.

As for Amazon, I just don’t know enough about it. And I’m about to start college, so I don’t know that now is the right time to add another selling platform.

So I made a trans (ftm) galaxy shirt (get it, the star is surrounded by pink but when it exploded it turned blue) and it turned out better than I thought it would, but also not as great as I wanted it to. But I learned a lot from it, so I’m probably going to make another. And if there’s interest, I might make the whole LGBT+ galaxy and sell them. But for right now it’s a work in progress, like or reblog if you would be interested in something like this (except way better ya know)