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An Otayuri sticker pack from doodles and Inktober. It was just supposed to have 5 stickers but, hey, we need a “Davai” one as additional. ;)
These are available in the Stammi Vicino Caffe event this Sunday.  I’ll be in Table 12 with Kyaatsudon artist circle. I will be with my friends Priichan and @beanrice-blog to sell fanmade merch like prints, stickers and keychains.
For those who can’t attend the event, feel free to send me a DM!
But if you are attending the event, please drop by our table and we can flail and spazz together! See you!


Ok, hope you don’t mind seeing that first pic again… I drew the back side using the same outline and will be making charms out of this. Will probably be the first merch I’ll have up for sale.

I might have to open pre-orders before I order the actual charms tho, to help pay for the printing of them as well as to know how many I should order, which is why I’m posting this now; so you can keep a look out for this in case you’re at all interested! Thank you~ <3

Never fear, kids, it’s the murder police! Katsuya Suou is a detective best known for breaking a political scandal in Sumaru City (& what the papers won’t tell you is that he had some paranormal help). An avid baker, feline enthusiast and general stoic busybody, when he’s not scolding delinquents, he’s trying to take them under his wing. These days, he can be found on talk shows, doting on his younger brother like the guy is still eight years old… and investigating crimes with an element of the occult.

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