National French Riding School and Portuguese School of Equestrian Art perform together for the first time in Spain.

Over 40 magnificent specimens ¬  Selle Francais, Lusitano , Andalusian horses , led by renowned experts and up to 30 riders / riders demonstrate their riding level , in a unique and unprecedented performance .

alpha-centauri  asked:

bruh I'm late to the Friesian discourse, if you're feeling up to it can you explain why so many horse people drag Friesians? I mean I think they're Purdy and all but I totally want to know their Dark Side

The Purdy thing basically is their darkside.

Let’s not lie. The main thing that draws people to the friesian is that they are big and black and dramatic. And I’m not saying that that’s bad, or that they aren’t nice horses. I’ve known some friesians and a lot of friesian crosses that were perfectlys weet, lovely animals. But they, like many other breeds, have been taken from their original usage, and their breeding has become focused on aesthetics.

Put it to the google test. Google any breed, check the images, and look at what you see. Look up ‘hanoverian’ and you’ll see a lot of confo pictures, and pictures of dressage horses. Look up the selle francais and you get confo pictures, and jumping pictures. Look up the friesian, and you pretty much get Mane Porn and some stunt riding photos. Computer background type pictures. The arabian suffers from the same curse.

Which is why you see friesians constantly on TV and in movies, even when it’s completely ridiculous (wasn’t there a black stallion related movie that showed a friesian racing around in the desert? Google isn’t helping me but I s2g that happened), because they’re Big and Black and Dramatic. Just like you always see andalusians as their Big White and Dramatic counterparts. Lord of the rings is a great example

And because they’re so dramatized, and because they’re all about that Image and being dramatic trick horses instead of trained for practical usage, a lot of their confo falls to crap. Look at this awful back.

And another.

Obviously they are not all like this, but there is a gross trend of really long, weak backs with big chunky necks and shoulders and Nothing behind.

And especially around here, in the rural Nebraska, there is an OBNOXIOUS trend of people crossing friesians with literally anything and calling them ‘sport horses’. No, your friesian quarter horse cross is not a ‘sport horse’ just because they are a little thicker and have feathers. But around here that is enough to earn them a few thousand dollar price tag over some totally respectable, actually broke grade horses or qhs. Super annoying.

The friesian is in this weird category of no longer a cart horse, no longer a war horse, not really a dressage horse, not really an anything except a Look. And some of them turn out beautifully and are great, but overall I think they’re suffering the same fate as the arabian, where there aren’t enough people putting them to the test of a ridden discipline and are just satisfied with growing out their manes and teaching them to rear dramatically.

Anyway that’s my .02