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guys get ready for this...

“Fifth Harmony” as a self titled album represents for what they’ve created over the past 5 years. It’s a reminder of what they’ve overcome to be finally established as artists that are FINALLY taken seriously and accepted for their craft. I’m overwhelmed. The vocals are astounding. I’m never usually speechless but, wow. Their talent is endless. This is their year. For them as a group, and Camila as a solo artist. Sophisticated, raw and lyrically flawless. However, we’ve had the second single “He Like That” drop with a video yesterday. Now, A lot of you aren’t going to agree with me, but for the first time ever, I felt uncomfortable watching the girl’s visuals. There’s a great difference between sensuality and sexuality. Their team should have made it sensual and flirty instead of exploiting sex. I felt like I was subconsciously watching an orgy. Imitating sexual acts and been touched inappropriately, is disgusting. That’s all well and good, but when you’ve got a majority fanbase built out of younger children and teens, that’s completely inappropriate. The fact Ally had to set boundaries, to make sure she was comfortable with the touching says a lot. There shouldn’t need to be any boundaries at all because the girls shouldn’t be put in that position. Ally being the oldest member of the group feels the most uncomfortable, and it’s the same age representation as in the fandom. Older fans feel more embarrassed about the blatant sexualisation that the younger ones, and this is why its worrying. We talk a lot about the industry sexualising young women, this video is your prime example, and it all points back to the label. The girls are worth SO much more than imitating sexual acts on dancers for views. I feel genuinely disappointed that young teenage girls will see this and think it’s okay to emulate their behaviour. If they want to address sex/sexuality in their music videos, it should be done morally. The second single release is so important. Their team should have released “Bridges” as the next single for sure. That song is present, real and empowering. It would have been much more fundamental than the video they just dropped. I do think there’s major potential to come from the album. Yeah, “sex sells” but Management need to put the girl’s talent before their assets. I hope this isn’t a taster of what’s to come because if it is, I’d rather not have a visual to the soundtrack, just the music. Anyway, it’s inevitable that this will be their third and final album. They’ve reached their peak as a group, therefore now feels the right time to experience their individual musical endeavours. It’s a now or never kind of thing. The whole group dynamic has shifted and regardless of what people say, there’s a huge void left in result of Camila’s departure. The girls are persistently uncomfortable, and you can tell Dinah is still hurting. This album is much more real this time around. The girls are cherishing every moment together, and we can see just how much it means to them. I still believe the girls are in contact with Camila and I’ll explain why. Camila was the “it” girl since day one. She’s been coached and granted special permissions by the label. I do believe this was out of her control. When I say this, I mean she was potentially forced out of the group. Yes, she was unhappy for months prior to her departure, but we could tell that wasn’t anything to do personally with the girls. It was as a result of mistreatment and injustice from the label, the same mistreatment that the 5H girls speak so openly about. I do genuinely believe that when they speak of this, they are including her within. None of the girls, including Camila, will be fully free from the label until their contracts run out. There’s not a chance Camila would have resigned with EPIC as a solo artist if there wasn’t some sort of clause in her original Fifth Harmony contract. The girls would jump to another label if they could, and they’d do it quicker than they could deny camren. Until those initial contracts are up, they remain puppets to the label. And when we talk about contracts, we don’t just mean to be in a group, turn up for every show etc.. We mean a label that controls their whole life in the mainstream media. Everything is monitored, there given a scripted narrative to follow to prevent fans harassing the label. Those statements released on December 19th were BULLSHIT. Management attempted to replicate the girls writing styles and ways of speech to sell the split to fans. What changed from Dinah’s post to Camila on December 14th “don’t matter what they say, don’t matter what you do. I’m so proud of you. I mean it. I love u” to “we begun to formulate a plan and constructive path for Fifth Harmony”. That’s management speaking and you’re ignorant if you can’t tell that. The only ones that “formulate” things are the label and the big dicks at the top. 6 days between Dinah’s post and the statement released. 6 days. Do people genuinely believe that in the space of 6 days, things could change THAT drastically between the girls to the point where we are at now? Prior to this, the girls are comfortable, happy and their interactions are genuine. So how did they go from knowing about C’s departure in November, to stopping any public interaction with her the day she left? Read the statement, then read it again. It’s not the girl’s words, and we know that. This isn’t the way they’d have written nor announced it. The words are insulting, manufactured and are fabricated lies. We’ve all got to continue routing for them. Remember, everything that happens is completely out of their control. Let’s keep buying, keep voting and keep sending love to all 5 of our girls.

Get the Kleenex ready kids, this next year is gonna be one hell of a journey.

Jupiter: the greater Benefic. The planet that can expand, exemplify, and enlarge. It can also bring abundance and luck. Although depending on the sign, house and aspects regarding Jupiter, a person can have positive, neutral or no luck. The soft aspects (trines, sextiles and conjuncts) will enhance jupiters energy. The hard aspects (squares, inconjuncts and opposites) can make jupiters energy harder to see or manifest.

Since Jupiter and Saturn are the gateway between the personal and interpersonal planets it is important to look at both the sign it resides and the house. If Saturn represents life’s tests and lessons then Jupiter is the guide and teacher out of those lessons.

SIGNS modify planets
PLANETS are the energy of the chart
HOUSES are areas of focus in a chart
ASPECTS interconnect planets and points in a chart

How you best use jupiter is up to you. 🌟

****I use mostly whole signs so check your placidus and whole sign house

JUPITER’S FIRST-HOUSE POTENTIAL: You are your own good luck in that your personality and appearance can see you positively through just about any and everything. Cash in on your all-encompaasing sense of humor and normally-positive attitude and outlook. You have the natural ability to make others feel better while in your presence. You may have a beaming million-dollar smile; don’t neglect using it to help with getting what you want. Others seek you out for your natural adeptness to counsel them on their problems; draw upon your natural intuition. You can get complete answers to rather complex questions from sources beyond your “worldly” practical awareness. You can charge for this gift. You have an inborn ability to accept adversities calmly and positively, since you have an inner awareness that they are only object lessons which are essential and meaningful to your emotional growth.

JUPITER’S SECOND-HOUSE POTENTIAL: Material gain, money, and possessions in abundance are your true “birthright.” You may deal in, work with, and, in time, accumulate large sums of money and other representations of material success. When it comes to getting ahead financially, you have your lucky four-leaf clover ever at hand. You are very much a materialist and should concentrate your major energies on getting ahead first and foremost in a material/financial way. Little spiritual growth may be made until you have gained your worldly fortune. It is most important that you not burden yourself with any feelings of guilt concerning this truth. Feel guilty only if you employ any form of dishonesty in achieving the material rewards which are rightfully yours. Whether it all belongs to you or not, you are destined to handle large amounts of money and deal in other ways with great wealth. Put on your thinking cap and find practical and honest ways to make more of it yours personally.

JUPITER’S THIRD-HOUSE POTENTIAL: Your mind and the ability to communicate well are the keys to realizing your good fortune. Your mental capacity is great in scope; you can be a storehouse of information. This information is knowledge; knowledge is power. The remuneratively-rewarding areas of selling, writing, public speaking, publishing, and broadcasting can open fabulous channels for you in which you can realize your fondest dreams. You may find that it is necessary to be mobile, to move about, to travel shorter distances, and to make changes in order to take advantage of your best luck potential. Be versatile and willing to go along with whatever seems right and best. Your luck will work for you if you will work with it. You cannot realize your true potential if you are an unyielding “stick in the mud.” Read, write, listen, speak, gesture, go, change, modify, rectify; consider the meaningful role brothers and sisters and other family members can play in boosting you to a fuller realization of your ultimate potential.

JUPITER’S FOURTH-HOUSE POTENTIAL: Luck to you is closely connected with actual security. Above all else, you must first work to assure that you develop a secure base from which to operate; you need to put down firm and secure roots. Once you have done so, you may then work in a certain and relaxed way to add measurably to that basic security. Land and real property hold great promise for you; put all the money and effort you can spare into wise investments in real estate. Your major plan should be to acquire one piece of land and then, as you can, buy adjoining property, etc. Having rental properties can bring you great financial gain as well as an inner joy through ownership. You are fortunate in birth in that your parents may serve as a springboard or guiding hand in your moving forward at a relatively early age. They may enrich you with gifts, money, property, basic intelligence, and love. Most of your good luck is always very close at hand – near home base; or in proximity to your area or place of birth. Your luck works best when you maintain an inner confidence in yourself and your ability to do well.

JUPITER’S FIFTH-HOUSE POTENTIAL: You are extremely lucky in that you can get a lot of pleasure and joy just from the routine of living your life day-to-day. So, don’t miss out on a single day – enjoy yourself. Jupiter here expands your creative faculties and offers you personal gratification when you utilize your innovative ideas and talents. You can be lucky with your own children and the offspring of others as well. Your best future may center in the practical application of this native capability. You may excel in sports and in the areas of commerce associated with recreation and entertainment. If you are wise and careful, you may make striking gains through well-thought-out speculation, especially if it involves matters at a distance. (Your hobby should be to enter every give-away contest possible.) You may, if other indicators support, have better-than-average luck with gambling and other games of chance. Also, use your sense of humor and general zest for living as stepping stones to getting the things of life which you desire.

JUPITER’S SIXTH-HOUSE POTENTIAL: Your fortune may lie in the quantity of service you are capable of giving others in exchange for payment. You are wisest and best advised to sell services as opposed to products. Glowing, abundantly good health may be yours; and when you have good health, there is really no greater fortune. Jupiter placed here offers you the opportunity or ability to turn out an impressive amount of work so you should have little or no reluctance to put forth the amount of effort necessary to accomplish whatever you really want. It has been said that genius is five percent inspiration and ninety-five percent perspiration. Go ahead and let others label you a genius if they want to, even though you know that you accomplish tasks best through honest hard work. Jupiter in the sixth house also causes others to want to serve you; consequently, most of those who work with or for you may, through their willing efforts, aid in speeding you on to great and worthwhile accomplishments.

JUPITER’S SEVENTH-HOUSE POTENTIAL: Your prospective good luck and your fortune in life are determined importantly by the partnerships you do (or do not) form. These partnerships include marriage, meaningful relationships, business, social, legal, religious, and all others. You could marry into very fortunate circumstances, as you can attract others who will work hard or share generously to your personal advantage. You must not overlook your natural potential for being able to make judgments quickly and accurately. Knowing when the “iron” is hot, sensing the proper time to act, can propel you toward your best fortune. You may also capitalize from a natural legal bent in your mental machinery. Because of this factor, you may be able to handle your interests quite well in contractual dealings and other matters relating to agreements. Almost anything which deals with balance, form, order, color, and symmetry can offer you abundant opportunities for forwarding your luck potential.

JUPITER’S EIGHT-HOUSE POTENTIAL: Your good luck can lie in your desires and your ability to harness and direct their very potent powers. It would not be an unfair or unrealistic matter to make an analogy between desire and what is commonly called prayer. Prayers (often expressing desires) are materialized if one believes and persists in the belief (keeps faith). You will receive your fondest dreams as realities only if you first get a clear mental image of what it is you want. Once you have this in mind, you must fan your desires and intensify them to the point that the accomplishment of that desired goal becomes a part of yourself. With an eighth-house Jupiter, your desire potential is naturally very strong and you generally succeed or fail to the degree that you are able to manipulate this very potent force. Inheritances, and gifts or those things which you did not have to work for in a literal sense may figure importantly in your good fortune. Dutifully cultivate good relations with all those who could benefit you in these areas.

JUPITER’S NINTH-HOUSE POTENTIAL: Thank your “lucky stars” for an inborn capability to get answers and guidance “out of the blue,” intuitively. Your higher levels of consciousness and intellect can aid you markedly in reaping great rewards materially and in enhancing your good-luck potential. Jupiter is especially well-placed in this sector since it is natural ruler of the ninth house. Institutions of higher learning, those in positions of authority (judges, professors, spiritual leaders, and gifted advisers) can help you toward realizing your greater fortunes in life. Don’t overlook the ability for utilizing your potentially-positive philosophy toward yourself and life in general. The word “distance” may be a key to your success. Your fortune is most likely to be at a distance from your place of birth (another city, state, or country), or it may deal directly or indirectly with long-distance travel and communications, or import and export. Gains through higher learning, college degrees, and published writings are strongly accented.

JUPITER’S TENTH-HOUSE POTENTIAL: You can bask in the sunshine of recognition through your natural ability to gain attention and receive the favorable notice and approval of others. You can often cash in on fame and your marketable reputation. You may be lucky in getting free publicity, so make it a point to circulate and frequent places or events where random favorable notice might come your way. You can be extremely fortunate in selecting the right career or professional area. Rapid promotion and advancement are your natural “birthright.” Seek work or career areas in which there is room at the top, for you are likely destined to be there – especially if you play your cards at all wisely. You can easily receive the nod from those in positions of power and importance, especially in the world of business and commerce. Because of your ability to gain notice and command mass appeal, the wide world of entertainment may offer you many opportunities for growth and luck.

JUPITER’S ELEVENTH-HOUSE POTENTIAL: Your best luck may come through your friendly nature, your friends, and your usual bright optimism and positive regard for yourself and others generally. Be wise in your selection of friends; choose those who can either pull you up or give you a needed shove from beneath. Hopes and wishes are important to you, but remember that they can be rather fleeting in nature. You will realize more of them when you intensify and refine them to the level of desire. Capitalize on your ability to make friends quickly, and your natural talent to cause those friends to maintain a consistently-high regard for you. With this placement of Jupiter, it is valid to state that generally you succeed or fail through your friends – either directly or indirectly. Don’t ever be reluctant to think big. If at any time you should feel that you personally lack a particular talent or ability, don’t forget that friend who does possess this ability. You can never afford to overlook the inherent good-luck potential available through your friends and your circle of acquaintances.

JUPITER’S TWELFTH-HOUSE POTENTIAL: Good fortune for you may lie in secret, out-of-the-way or hidden places. Much of your luck is manifested quietly and unobtrusively. Hidden resources and reserves may contain the ore of your greater fortune. Of all the house placements, this may seem the least promising; but this is apparent only. The reason it seems so is that good luck (Jupiter) may not announce itself as obviously or easily or loudly if concealed here. If you have this placement of Jupiter, your firm inner motivation and belief must be that you have to persist with faith and patience until you are able to comprehend your good fortune’s soft whispers. For you, there is “gold in them hills”; but you will have to prospect faithfully for it. Patience is necessary; but the lode is very rich, as you will in time discover if you persist. Another very valuable asset of this placement is that it enables you to be quite successful in keeping covered up just about anything concerning yourself which you do not wish others to know about – for whatever reason.

Via Elbert wade (houses)


Melodically it might not be the strongest one in the album, & not the favourite one for many, BUT conceptually is the perfect song for single choice. Let me elaborate…
Mainstream media regularly doesn’t touch subjects aside of sex, love, heartbreak & partying.

Logic stated something similar during his VMAs performance: “I just want to take a moment right now & thank you all so much for giving me a platform to talk about something that mainstream media doesn’t want to talk about…”
Speaking about mental illnesses on his song “1-800-273-8255” is such a powerful, raw & real statement. If you have heard the song or watched his performance that night, don’t tell me you didn’t get chills or a lump in your throat.
Now, this is an statement that has achieved a #1 on Spotify’s US Top 50 chart; got a new peak of No. 5 this week on the Hot 100, a platinum certification & continues to rise (not to mention the impact that has had on the lifeline, it’s unprecedented). Personally, I’m extremely happy that a song like such is getting that amount of success. Doesn’t mean there hasn’t been anyone that has treated this subject in the music ever before but take a look at the BB charts from these days & there is not another similar single on the market right now. The GP appreciates these songs that convey a different type of message other than the trivial ones we’re used to hear on the radio all the time.

Take a look at other very successful pop singles by female singers that have spoken about matters that don’t have anything to do with the common “mainstream-ish” ones:

Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song”… Reached double platinum on the US, & did very well on the BB lists)

Katy Perry with “Firework”… Commercially successful, reaching number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and the top five on 20 charts around the world. It has sold 7.1 million copies in the United States, and over 1 million in the United Kingdom.

Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way”…

[“I really can’t believe it. I’m humbled, honored and overwhelmed at the reception to ‘Born This Way’. This has been so life-changing for me. Between Billboard and the international No. 1s, and the radio numbers… I couldn’t be more blessed to have the fans I have. I knew when I wrote the song it was special, but I also knew that perhaps my fans or my label were hoping for me to deliver ‘Bad Romance the Third’ or ‘Poker Face the Third’. I wanted to do exactly the opposite.”]
— Gaga talking to Billboard about the commercial reception of “Born This Way”.

These are just the first examples I could come up with, surely there are other options that I’m missing right now. My point here was to highlight how these sort of songs do great in terms of the commercial reception & sometimes even better than expected.

Back to Bridges, by making it a single the girls would totally be showing the GP a side of them, musically speaking, that they have never been given the chance to showcase. I want to believe it would get them the respect they deserve. I’m positive it would change the GP’s view on them since it’d be a total different approach. I would even dare to say that they could go viral since anything that slams Trump’s administration, rightfully does (like Miss Texas two or three days ago). Concerning stan Twitter, hopefully it would lessen the slander towards them.

I know most are begging for Lonely Night or DSYLM for the third single. Almost everyone is rooting for the powerhouse ballad that DSYLM is, don’t get me wrong this song is everything we all have ever wanted from them since “Who Are You” but the absolute best time to have gotten this song out would have been their debut as a foursome, releasing something no one would have expected nor sonically nor vocally. But we know Epic adores sabotaging them. Regarding Lonely Night, the girls are known for bops, adding another one to their hits list won’t bring a change onto their name. Here’s what I mean:

For a girlgroup that’s not taken seriously more than half of the time; that has sadly secured a solid place on the stan Twitter bandwagon hate list; & the label that loves fucking up their singles choices… just look at Down, as much as they want to sell us the idea that they all agreed with it as the debut, it’s obvious that LAND didn’t pick it. Tbh if it had actually been for them I don’t think they would have included it on the tracklist.
For a band that’s been doubted since always, having a single out there climbing the top spots on the charts protesting about today’s political situation; speaking on behalf the lack of love & division reigning over society; stating about equality in general… It’s such an outstanding concept.

Four POC women basically singing in harmony a big fat fuck you to the giant Cheeto head & his regimen founded on racism & bigotry while taking over the mainstream radio it’s such an statement, I just got chills from merely thinking about it.

Apart from the fact that the GP could be very receptive of it, most importantly, it’s a much needed message that don’t even doubt for a second, Lauren, Ally, Normani & Dinah wouldn’t want to share with the world on a bigger scale.
Yeah the song is out there, sure thing. But not every outsider will give themselves the chance to hear it. Many don’t even know the song exists.
With a well budgeted music video (preferably that contains an actual storyline) & the adequate amount of promo it’s a song that could definitely get the recognition & appreciation it deserves.

I repeat, Epic won’t ever pull this card (I’m sure it must be true that they have already selected Sauced Up) but if the fans unite to demand this, definitely the girls won’t reject the idea & maybe we could really get them to change it EVEN if the third song is put out there by that moment. Many moves likes this have been done in the past, due to the fans’ petitions.
E.g. Lady Gaga had everything prepared to promote “Ayo” & she changed it last minute to “Million Reasons”. One Direction had begun promoting “Infinity” but directioners wanted “History” instead.
We could do it, we could get the label to exercise this option. Besides aren’t we told almost daily that we’re the fifth member? Just saying…

If you have made up your mind about other song for the next single, remember the other songs talk about about the trivial topics that the mainstream media consistently push. Not that there’s anything wrong with them of course, but from my POV it would just be another hit added to their brand & that’s pretty much it. Not that this last is not a big deal but imagine if they could have a hit with an anti-Trump anthem, love encouraging piece. Sounds better or is it just me??
Idk, don’t want to sound like I’m exaggerating but this could be huge for them. Plus bringing a different element into the table for a change seems persuading enough to me.
By the way, the girls just said recently said in an interview that they wanted to be remember for spreading love & positivity… What a perfect opportunity to exhibit this to the GP than with Bridges.

Not convinced enough? The portion of the general public, that got to hear it already, praised it quite A LOT.
(I’ll attach later some ss with tweets demonstrating this last point)

The world deserves this message. The girls have it. It’s just a matter of pushing it & spreading it a little bit more.
This shouldn’t be an opportunity gone to waste. Especially if this is really their last project as Fifth Harmony. In the end it’s not the girls who got to decide this latter, it’s the label, (even if they try to sell us otherwise).
Not to mention right now it’s the most fitting time. The situation in America, the world crying for love & compassion… It’s a must to get this anthem out as soon as possible. The time is now.



Happy Tuesday sweet shipsters, and non-shipsters! It’s been awhile hasn’t it?!? As everyone knows, I live in the south and the heat and humidity have been such that I look like a permanent, walking vapor cloud. Between that and these blasted thunderstorms, I look like a wet noodle everytime I open the front door!

Anyway, I was thinking about the events of the past weekend, and as usual, I see we are yet again become in The Real Housewives of Comic Con….Outlander style! I don’t know what it is about this show and it’s leads that seems to decend into utter fuck puppetry every single time they step out these days, but I have some thoughts on that.

As we all know, CC has been golden for this show in previous years. And, it seemed that Starz and the actors enjoyed putting it out there and embracing everything that is over the top about CC. This year was different. The spin seemed to be on show and ensemble first…fun second. I really have no problem with that since I am looking forward to S3, and they were trying to let some other cast members in on the promo. The problem is that is NOT what sells this show. Sam and Cait is what sells this show. They were not “present” this time. Oh, we saw glimpses of them, and as usual, Sam stared at Cait when he thought no one was looking ( after all, the “headlights” were on full display day 1!), and there were some cute comments and glances. But overall, they were “professional”. The problem with that is they are better when they can relax and be themselves. It was as though someone was standing by with a clipboard checking off if they looked to enjoy themselves too much, and they would get punished later. And BINGO…the now infamous letter interview. All I will say about that is that was a ShittyMauz(my autocorrect added this to the word shitty…..appropriate, dont you think??😀) thing to do. It doesn’t matter if it was supposed to be funny…it wasn’t. It was cringe worthy, and they all knew it. Of course, what would you expect from a ditzy and hateful journo when someone hands you a script like that?? Poor form from everyone involved, and “obviously ”, it went over like a turd in a punch bowl.

And then we got to party. And of course, if it’s a party, there will be party crashers. Funny how that works these days isn’t it?!? While TMZ and others are selling Sam the “playa”, in comes the 💩Whisperer, everyone gets herded down a red carpet, Cait looked pissed, Sam looked lost, and it was time to flush! Honestly, as a casual fan looking in, you would think this was a middle school play. But, in all seriousness, it was one epic fail.

People have asked what I think about this current round of spin the bottle, and quite honestly, I don’t know. It’s been hard to “get my fan on” for these two since the weekend, and it saddens me. However, everyone knows that I have ridden the Sam and Cait are together train for quite a while now. And, I still think that, deep down. It’s their choice how they want to live with their shit, and it appears they’ve made it. But, I hope they understand that when you start being and believing you are someone else, you lose the most important thing of all, and that is yourself. And, I am selfish enough to admit that I want to see the real Sam and Cait again. They are still there since we just saw them all over South Africa, lest we forget!

The title of this post is there for a reason. I loved building sandcastles as a kid. It started with one tower, then we added another, and another, until we had the entire village. We would even build a moat around it to keep the ocean waves out. But, the tide always comes in, and splat!! All if that work and the beautiful castle was gone. This is how I see Sam and Cait right now. The waves are lapping and there are sharks in the water. They need to be careful how they build their house and feed those sharks, or they will be swept away. We see it happening now.

But, I do think they have each other, and if they can stand it, then so can we.

Much love sweet shipsters (and non-shipsters)! Enjoy the heat!💕

The Worse Week - Request

Requested by anon: Could you write a sherlock one shot where the main character is having a terrible week. Final straw is when the person buying her house pulls out of the sale day of the move. He finds her and tries to cheer her up

Pairing: Sherlock x reader

Word Count: 1.644

Warnings: Un-edited.

A/N: I am not happy now, so this may not be as cheerful as expected.


Originally posted by fandomlikeafamily

Friday, finally Friday. The expression “TGIF” was never as relatable as it was that day. Her whole week had been terrible, and all she wanted was for it to finish. Everyday had had something awful to add to the list; and that day, Friday – oh, glorious Friday! – She was finally having what she wanted.

She was selling her house. A house she had been trying to sell for so many months… At least, she was about to seal the deal. It seemed like a light at the end of the tunnel, the final breath of fresh air after being trapped in a sauna… It was a great release, and it made the rest of that awful week seem like it was worth it.

However, it’s the law of life, when something goes wrong it can AND IT WILL go even worse.

Sometimes people don’t understand that, when they give their word on certain thing, they are meant to keep it. Sometimes, people don’t understand that a simple piece of paper can cost even more than it looks like. Sometimes, people don’t appreciate other people’s time, and wastes them shamelessly. Sometimes, people are literal arseholes.

(Y/N) stormed inside her house, groaning loudly and slamming the door as she walked in. The person that was meant to buy her house ended up pulling back on the sale that exact day! (Y/N) was more than pissed off, she was burning her insides in her own anger, and she couldn’t think of anything but punching whoever appeared on her way.

That someone happened to be Sherlock.

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that one mmo guild with the SKAIA tag

john: is a contributing member. karkat made him one of the guild officers and nobody’s really sure why. is always on at really weird times of day. plays non-optimal specs and does things like play pvp-designed specs in pve raids, yet pulls near-top dps and nobody understands how the fuck he’s doing it. pulls a lot of portal pranks (”hey click the portal i’m summoning food!” and then people end up in asscrack nowhere). 

rose: very dedicated to her dark mage lifestyle (blm in ff14, shadow priest/warlock in wow) and will not part from it. has like 50 alts that all have the exact same spec. is dedicated to collecting really weird bits of lore and complains routinely about how the game keeps sabotaging the worldbuilding. doesn’t level professions. has some really weird talent point spending/crossclass abilities but makes it work for her. was originally the guild main healer. got sick of it. 

dave: has one dedicated main, max leveled character; fills the rest of his character space with alts at level 2 who have names like “fartsmell” and “dickballs.” has gotten a suspension at least once for these usernames. the dude who starts singing along to his music mid-raid fight and it becomes a group injoke. routinely refers to things with memes ala “are we gonna just leroy jenkins this” and every time karkat starts getting upset links people the onyxia dkp minus animation. king of the auction house, but only sells weird random bullshit for way more money than it’s worth. everyone knows he’s in a relationship with karkat, but talking about it gets your guild chat privileges removed (by karkat)

jade: has every crafting profession maxed. always seems to be online but also is always afk, until someone says “can someone make me an item?” and then suddenly, there she is. has several alts, all max leveled, but every single character she creates is the furriest race possible (worgen/tauren/pandas in wow, catpeople in ff14, charr in gw2). has all her raid gear glamoured to be sparkly and crazy looking and is one of the best players on the server, but impossible to get to raid with anybody but her own guild. tries all the roles a bit but decides she hates tanking, and sticks mainly to dps. organizes raids of old content. has a bunch of alts on an rp server.

jane: king of the auction house, but selling actually profitable bullshit and has a dozen ah addons to ensure she’s always got the best prices and has bought out undercutters. on the server she’s notorious for this to the point that people wonder if she’s actually employing bots, which she would never, of course. is the guild main healer and 10000% done with everybody else’s shit. encourages john’s portal (and other) pranks and treats magic food summoning as seriously as setting up a real life dinner party. she and dirk have the mt/mh dynamic to end them all and it’s well known on the server that they’re a package deal if you can get them to raid with you.

jake: always seems to be in some random corner of the world fishing. has almost as much gold as jane or dave but nobody understands how. quest completionist and likes to see all of every zone he can; has a million achievements but doesn’t know how to put his titles on display. has every single last holiday mount, pet, and custom gear, but never uses any of it. doesn’t talk much in the voice chat. everyone on the server knows he’s an absurdly good player but he never talks to anybody outside the guild, period, and constantly marks himself busy/afk. glamours all his gear to look as skimpy as possible. likes discovering little world details and exploring the map looking for interesting locations and rare spawns. logs off voice chat the instant a raid is over and never comes on it otherwise.

dirk: the guild main tank. not guild leader or even an officer, but considers himself in charge of learning and teaching raid strategy and takes it very seriously. is a huge asshole about policing the guild bank and raid times and is regarded by everybody as an “unofficial” officer just because he’s so much more strict about guild rules than john or roxy. always in voice chat even when he’s not online. regularly “hacked” by roxy when he’s being an especial jerk. fans with rose over the lore. rerolled his main character to be a hero class/heavensward class so that their personal story would continue, but does NOT have any alts on an rp server and keeps his character’s story to himself unless directly asked. best tank on the server, but everybody’s too scared to ask him to raid with them. people all vaguely know he and jake are together but it never comes up since jake doesn’t talk a lot.

roxy: guild officer with john. despite appearing to be the most laid back member of the guild she’s always in peak level gear and, unlike the rest of the guild, regularly accepts invites to other raids so long as they’re not planning to run it in the skaia guild. CRAZY good at pvp. runs regular pvp groups with anybody else in the guild who’s interested (dirk, karkat, terezi, and rose usually come along, at least) and is almost singlehandedly responsible for keeping pvp zones on lockdown for their faction. puts out good dps and occasionally offtanks but her main focus is definitely pvp. always seems to be online. has several alts, all of which are also max level and well geared. nobody understands how she has this level of skill, nor the time.

karkat: runs the guild. a stickler for raid times and routinely threatens people with losing guild status or whatever the equivalent of dkp nowadays is. talks a LOT between raid fights (dirk does most of the talking during the raid fights) and lays out where the fuckups were and who needs to do better. despite how angry he routinely seems he also regularly whispers people to ask about their personal problems and if they need any help, and puts in a lot of time outside regular raid hours to help people get geared up, sometimes solo running their alts through low-level dungeons. usually offtanks for guild raids and is passable at it (though not outstanding). posts on the forums all the time and is infamous there. always poor because he keeps helping other guild members purchase their flying skills and fund their professions.

kanaya: off healer. everybody knows she and rose are together and they’re quite open about it. doesn’t especially understand a lot of mechanics or terms about the game, but is a decent enough player. takes her tailoring/weaving profession very seriously and is quite annoyed that she can’t design her own fashion, no matter how many times people explain limitations of in-game models to her. always logs off with a statement like “nobody stay up too late and have a good night.” people outside the guild think she’s a 40 year old mom. likes to mess around in the character creator. she and rose have several alts each on an rp server, each pair with a different and very specific relationship, no two the same. everybody knows this but nobody wants to know details. 

terezi: even bigger on pvp than roxy. almost exclusively plays on rp servers and therefore isn’t around a lot for actual guild activities outside of the non-rp characters she made because she didn’t want to be left out. even on the non rp server she constantly is /say and /whisper and /yelling in character and says R3PORT3D anytime somebody tells her to stop. whenever dirk and/or karkat get salty at other guild members she will jump in to threaten them with GU1LD COURT and refuse to relent even if someone says that isn’t a real thing. likes weird class/race combos and complains that so many interesting ones are off limits (W4RLOCKS SHOULD B3 4CC3SS1BL3 TO 3V3RY R4C3! SUCH BULLSH1T). also active on the forums. even more infamous than karkat because she won’t fucking drop her quirk.

AHBL8 Part 6 – Saturday – Autographs

​I bought extra J2 autos for today (which probably contributed to the whole issue with the autos selling out, but i only got one extra each so likely in the grand scheme of things it’s not so much). It’s tough because i have so many things i want them to sign but since they are pretty pricey i decided to just get one extra each. For today I decided to get my funko pops signed and for Sunday i want them to sign my epi and biostat SPN notebook to sort of motivate me during exams.

Plus it’s nice to get extra time to interact with the guys. We’re discouraged from interacting too much with them during photo ops because of time constraints and instead we’re directed to say whatever we needed to say to them during the autos (which also probably contributed to the issue of autos selling out faster).

Autos were on straight after J2’s panel so the guys went straight from that to the auto room. Seriously I don’t envy their workload during these conventions.

The volunteers directed me to Jensen’s table first. While standing in line, i was rehearsing what I wanted to say to him and i think it went quite well. I thanked him for taking the time to come see us in Australia and I apologized for being such a spaz in the photo ops that i don’t remember if i thanked him or not. That seemed to amuse him and he chuckled and said, “it’s really no problem” and i stuttered some more thank yous, collected my signed funko and left the table. I was so flustered from having his attention on me (green green eyes!) that i almost left the room, forgetting that i had a Jared auto as well. I quickly turned around and joined the line for Jared.

This is where I screwed up. I was so preoccupied with rehearsing what i wanted to say to Jensen that i had no idea what I’d say to Jared. I mean, admittedly, I’m not a Jared-girl and my feelings for him aren’t as strong as for Jensen and you’d think that would make me cool and calm and articulate. But no, it’s still Jared and he was right there, looking at me, and his strange-colored eyes are just as beautiful as Jensen’s and you’d never know that I had an IELTS score of 8.5 with the way I was speaking. I forgot how english worked and it was so inexplicably difficult just to say thanks for being here with us. Goddammit why am i such a spaz??

Oh i also have to report a really cute thing I witnessed in the auto room. One of the ladies a few spots in front of me in the Jared line gifted Jared with a jar of vegemite that had his name on it and she was having a conversation with him about it. Obviously it’s a universal running joke that Americans find vegemite repulsive, but Jared had the idea of using it as negative reinforcement for when his kids misbehaved and he was really excited about it. He called out to Jensen from across the room to run the idea by him. Jensen laughed and was like, “you sure that’s gonna work with your kids? Shep will probably like it” and he imitated Shep lathering vegemite all over his face which made Jared laugh. Jensen was like, “vegemite bath!” which made Jared laugh even more. I also blame that adorable exchange for distracting me from properly preparing what i wanted to say to Jared.

Legit I’m so glad that J2 have each other for these things. Cons seem absolutely brutal, meeting so many people, hearing so many stories, but still needing to go through basically every single person. I mentioned last year that AHBL7 seemed hard on Misha because he was the “backbone” of the con so to speak and he was by himself. This year, a huge amount of the con’s weight is on J2 but they have each other for support and I’m so glad for it because what happened to them is so much rougher that what happened to Misha last year.

Jared and Jensen are truly amazing people, like my respect for them increased exponentially after seeing them handle this weekend. All through the jetlag and exhaustion and general annoyance at the disorganization, their energy levels were still pretty high, they delivered a stellar panel, they’re still very friendly and cheerful when interacting with fans, and they genuinely care about us. Like when some people would go up to them during autos and ask how they’re doing and hope theyre feeling okay in the middle of all this madness, they’d be like, “how about you? Are you guys having fun?” Like for all of their understandable and justified anger and frustration about the event, in no way is that directed towards the fans.

His Management Sucks *pretends to be shocked*

I just wanted to submit this for anyone that cares. Last night a girl posted a video telling her experience at the troubadour show in Los Angeles. In this video she talked about how disrespectful Harry’s management was to his young fan base. The video made me so sad. She went as far to say that his team had her considering unstanning. She described Tommy Bruce as the ‘rudest most disrespectful person she had ever met.’ She talked about how he they treated his fans in a condescending manner because they were young girls and cursed at them telling them to back the fuck up. He was laughing in their faces, cursing at them, yelling at them like fucking children, and eventually stopped selling tickets as about 500 people were lined up. He gave tickets to like 15 people and literally was like FUCK OFF to the other 100’s of people in line. There’s so much more. She talked so much about how his team disrespected his fans. The video was very telling. Its pissed me the fuck off watching that video. These young girls are carrying his entire fucking career so show some respect. I bet he wouldn’t have talked to a bunch of hipster guys like that. I have heard SO MANY other stories about how horrible his management is. Also, they had a bunch of people line up at the Troubadour just to go sell tickets at another venue clearly to fuck with people. There was no reason to sell tickets at a different venue. What was the point except to fucking make things difficult? They had everyone leave the actual venue and purchase tickets at a completely different place…all to get there and have like 40 tickets sold. It’s like the saying ‘Show me who your friends are and I’ll show you who you are.’ It says a lot about Harry when he works with these types of people. The video is reveals so much about how fucking awful Harry’s management is. I can’t wait for his tour so he can see a bunch of young girls every single night and be reminded who is carrying his career. You’re not some fucking cool indie hipster. Your a pop star with a predominately young female fanbase and there is nothing wrong with that. Show these girls respect like you would anybody else. I’ve had enough of people discrediting his fans because of our age and gender. Also, these is probably another shocker but Cameron Crowe who did Harry’s RS interview literally on a podcast said his line about 'respecting teen girls’ sounded rehearsed and scripted. It was on The Rolling Stones podcast. Like he blatantly called him out lol - If anyone is curious. I will leave the link to the video of the girls story. It’s very interesting and says a lot about how messy his team is, how disrespectful they are, and how they have no fucking idea what they’re doing.

If You're Constantly Shitting On Fall Out Boy's New Sound Guess What?

You’re not a real fan! 👍🏼I’m just so tired of hearing people saying things like “I wish they would go back to their old sound.” Guess what buddy their “old sound” is not only out-dated for this time period in music, but is almost impossible to go back to. That is unless you want Pete (and Patrick if you wanna get really specific) to go back to being extremely mentally ill and/or near suicidal. Literally the only reason their old stuff is different than their new stuff is because Pete isn’t in such a fucked up place anymore and because FOB as a band has grown up. So far, and from my understanding, M A N I A is seemingly a collection of songs about how they’re grown up and much better versions of themselves, but you want IoH, an album that is described simply as melancholy (literally featuring songs about Pete’s suicide attempt) you want FUTCT an album with an angsty sound and vibe to it, you want TttYG an album written by teenagers. You’re saying you hate M A N I A now, but I guarantee you’re gonna treat it like Folie 2.0 in the future. I mean I love pre-hiatus FOB, my favorite album is TttYG, and if FOB really wanted they could keep jerking off to FUtCT-esque albums for the rest of what would make their sorry careers and you so called fans happy, but they don’t, because that actually would make them sell outs. Experimenting with their music because it’s their band and their music, doesn’t make them sell outs. Long story short instead of hating on them every time they release a single how about you just accept you’re a fake fan, and you’re only really a fan of their more rock sounding albums and quit ruing it for the rest of us real fans.

anonymous asked:

This is what I find most interesting about the Marie's Crisis event Thursday night: BOTH management teams were there. Like many other CC shippers, my mind is whirling around with scenarios and possibilities. After all, we have not seen the likes of this sort of "CC" conglomeration since...NEVER! The only thing "missing" was Colfer. (Or so it seemed.)

Ask #2: so was this guy chris or not? bc i’m pretty sure it was him at the Marie’s Crisis last night. any good thoughts?

Ask 3: so was this guy chris or not? bc i’m pretty sure it was him at the Marie’s Crisis last night. any good thoughts?

Ask 4: Good morning! I have so many questions.  Like everyone else I saw the birds nest pic and everyone knew that was fake. I also saw a post about D and C being with their families in the fashion district. Then Alla post about a fun time at Marie’s Crisis. There’s a pic of a tall man behind her with his hair coifed high. Please tell me your thoughts. Especially about hanging out at a fashion event. Do you believe it was our boys? This is the most we’ve seen/ heard in ages. They’re ready to end this! 


I am trying to be better. Since all of these are similar, combining my response.  I do not think the tall man in the video and stills is Chris. Similar but not the same. 

However, do I think Chris was in NYC with Darren? 100% yes. Why? First, ask yourself. When was the last time we had a verified sighting of Chris? I’d say a month ago when he was in NYC promoting STFF. 

Second. We have the birds.  My honest opinion about his animal posting.I think its intentional and at this point, more for us than for those he is trying to fool.  He knows we expect him to post some photo that “proves” he is in LA. And i think he posts them almost as a sign, “I am saying I am in LA but actually I am wherever in the world my husband has gone.”. And this past week it was NYC.

Do I think Chris was at Marie’s? I would say possible but doubtful, though not the man in question.  As one of you point out. Marie’s is incredibly small. It is the tiny dive bar and when it is crowded as it appeared to be Thursday night, there is nowhere to hide.  BUT I would say at this point, Chris is a master at blending into the crowd.  If you have ever had the opportunity to walk around the West Village, where Marie’s is located, you would come to the same conclusion as me. It would be so easy for Darren and Chris to blend in if they want to. A pair jeans. A hat  Or a hoodie.  Contacts to hide their eyes. Just 2 more good looking guys in the village.  There are so many of them they would blend in.   So could he have been present and hanging in the back? Absolutely plausible.

But much more interesting to me was Allla. Yes,she brought her clients with her.  No one is denying that.  But she chose to take a photo with Michael. Chose for her after party to be at tiny little Marie’s Crisis. Was standing with Darren in one of the photos I have seen. And perched at the piano while Darren was playing.  Watching him. She even tweeted about being there,.  And the next day, posted the photo with Michael.  This is not the behavior of someone who’s client is NOT friends with Darren. Even if she went, she would not have made her presence known. She loves and respects Chris too much for that.

So why did she post?  As I said multiple times yesterday, Alla is very deliberate in the message she sells.  I do not doubt for 1 second she is team CC, But her job is PR. And as part of that job, she is charged with selling the PR narrative.  But on many occasions she has strongly hinted at CC.  Many. And Friday into Saturday she did her job at showing that she is a fan of Darren and friendly with his PR rep.  And you know why she and Michael are friendly?  Because they have been working together for years on hiding CC. And while Michael has taken a step back post Glee, he is back again and promoting Darren.  I would guess because Darren’s star is very much rising. But I would also guess it is because the Miarren chapter is ending and a new chapter is beginning. We don’t yet know what that chapter will look like.  A break up? (I assume yes). A new beard?  Single Darren?  The truth? You all know my predication, it will be stages. And well, if we are to get stages, both Darren and Chris have to agree to the strategy and their teams have to work together to climb their way out of the absolute mess that has been made (one that could have been completely avoided if a certain person was fired years ago as she should have been and if CC were allowed to be friends in public).

And what evidence do I have of this besides observation?  The captain of the CC Ship himself, Christopher Paul Colfer, who went out of his way to comment on Alla’s IG post.  Saying “usually when I see these sweet faces I have a drink in my hand.”  Well Chris that is interesting. When was the last time you saw Michael? I mean you hate Darren right? Oh yeah, that is right. You live with Darren and have been for years.  And every decision made is made together. And no doubt Chris has seen Michael and Alla this week, all with a cocktail, perhaps at the apartment he shares with Darren, planning for the future.

And you know what the biggest sign this week of Chris being present and someone being very unhappy?  The little stunt pulled yesterday with one of the worst photoshops I have seen. Again having little to no faith in her fans that perhaps they had seen the original and would remember it just like we did.

Fuck Greg. Just from Patreon he makes over $4,000 plus Lainey’s little bit which is over $1,000. All together they make over $6,000 a month on Patreon alone! 

Both Greg and Lainey get on YouNow almost every single day. I’m not sure how much they average on tips per day. But regardless it’s still money in their pockets. Greg still sells merch, and his shitty books as well. He still gets money from YouTube. Not as much as he used to but still the money is there. So does Lainey. 

And this stupid mother fucker decides to make his channel a paid channel. Which okay that’s not where I have the problem. TallVideos said that he was automatically charged when Greg did this. So if that’s true anyone else that had a card connected to their account was also charged. That means people who did NOT agree to being charged for that had money taken from them by Greg. 

I call him a stupid mother fucker because he then makes a video crying about how some people say they can not pay to watch his videos. Makes a whole fucking video crying about how the IRS is about to rock his fucking world for the scam he was trying to pull with them. Compares himself to bands and their t-shirts. (He literally charges the same amount for his own t-shirts.) Cries that people say that he isn’t worth the $.49. (He isn’t.)

Cries about never having a real “bond” with his fans. That all it was was the fans getting something and Greg getting nothing. Nope Greg didn’t get anything but views which got him money, attention, his wife, the girl he cheated on his wife with, ect. But that’s not good enough? Selfish fucking fans. He then says YouTube is all about satisfying the viewers if you can’t do that you’re shit. If someone doesn’t like your content no they aren’t going to fucking watch it? Are you stupid? It’s the same with any kind of entertainment? All musicians, actors, even fucking porn stars know this. You don’t get to blame people for not fucking watching you.

HE LITERALLY TALKS ABOUT ENTITLEMENT. A grown ass 30 year old man with two children, wife, and several pets who has made money from screaming at people, harassing people, bullying people, making fun of serious topics, and literally just humping things who owns hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment, furniture, cars, houses, and luxury items IS CRYING ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE BEING FUCKING ENTITLED. 

Not everyone wants to work the jobs they work. 99.9% of the fucking population doesn’t want to work the job that they work. But because they are responsible adults they fucking do it because they have families to take care of and bills to fucking pay. They keep their hobbies but understand that we have to be responsible and we can’t just depend on others to pay our fucking bills for us! 

He literally brings up the whole killing himself thing again. DISGUSTING. 

“People talk about his finances like they know whats going on.” He says they wouldn’t talk if they actually knew what was going on. Greg we don’t have to know specifics about your fucking finances. We see your house, we see your cars, WE SEE YOU FLY A FUCKING PATRON TO YOUR HOUSE. We see a grown ass man making horrible financial choices and crying and blaming everyone else for those problems. A responsible adult would do what they had to to make sure they have a stable income to deal with any financial issues that are going on. Such as getting an actual job, selling unnecessary luxury items, or downgrading their living situation to be more affordable. So yes we will keep talking and keep pointing out the bullshit.

“I make content for people who care. It’s never been about anything else.” Bull fucking shit you always bring up subscriber counts to smaller channels to make yourself feel better. And you’ve talked shit on the majority of your fans before. So don’t act like you give a fuck about who’s watching as long as they are watching and giving you money. 

He uses the word survive so much I want to vomit. Again fuck you Greg you make more money than 99.9% of your fucking subscribers. Most of which are under the age of 18 that can’t pay for your Patreon or even your Youtube Channel. The rest are probably young adults trying to go to school or even just working minimum wage. Those people will make $7.25 an hour to pay their bills. In one month they will make $1,160 if they work 40 hours a week. And thats BEFORE taxes are taken out. You want to talk about surviving? TALK TO YOUR FUCKING FANS. What you make from Patreon in one month is what your subscribers will have to work 6 months for. Most of them will never be able to own a home. Most of them will not be able to afford a brand new car. Most of them will not be able to afford to buy groceries as often as they need. They will not get to go on vacation. They will not be able to afford luxury items at all. They will feel fear every time they miss ONE day of work for being sick because they can not afford to miss that day on their paycheck. So before you use the word survive again TALK TO THE PEOPLE WHO ARE ACTUALLY STRUGGLING YOU PIECE OF SHIT. YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED TO THEIR MONEY BECAUSE THEY LIKE YOUR CONTENT. 

To be a fan of something doesn’t mean to pay for that something. I do not pay every single band I like. I do not pay every single YouTuber I like. I do not pay every single person I follow on Instagram. I do not pay every single person I follow on Twitter. You can be a fan of something and never pay one single penny to that something. 

Guilting people for not paying you is complete bullshit and you are fucking disgusting. 

I feel so strongly about this because my family has been poor my whole life. As a child I was told I would start developing ulcers if I didn’t stop stressing out about money. I always feared for my mom when it came to bills. When I finally moved out on my own I couldn’t afford to pay for groceries, couldn’t run my heat in the winter, couldn’t use my air conditioner in the summer, ect. I lived in an apartment where they literally had to warn me that before they repainted they had used lead paint in the apartments, the cops made regular visits to arrest my neighbors, and I couldn’t go outside at night because it was dangerous. I had to work at McDonalds to pay my bills. Sure as shit didn’t want to but as an adult I knew I had to get a job and any job was better than none. 

Just this year I came across a job that allows me to live comfortably and to build up a savings account. I have to work 64+ hours a week but it’s a job I care about. In this job I have to take care of people who have repeatedly punched me in the face, thrown up on me, shit and pissed on me, screamed at me on a daily basis, ect. It’s a hard job but I do it. I care about these people even after all of the hard times that come with them. I don’t quit and ask everyone else to pay my bills for me so I can go do something I like that won’t pay my bills. No I go to my job and I keep my hobbies for my free time. Because I’m an adult and I understand how the world works. 

anonymous asked:

(PT 1) To add to your points--the pics/etc that makes it appear they're friends: that's the GOAL, people. Every single thing btwn those 2 is PR. Those pics are taken to be "leaked." It's no different than them posing on a red carpet. It's ALL part of team beard's agenda, which appears to be accomplishing its goal: to convince even the fans who KNOW she's a beard that D likes her &/or is choosing to play along. To make people think she's either good enough to be D's friend...

2/2 …or that D is shitty enough to be on her level. Bc at some point she won’t be the GF anymore, & everything they’re doing, including staging these fake-private pics, is designed to get her sympathy/attention/support and/or make people think less of D. It’s a charade just as much as anything else.


Just one more thank you for sending this through multiple times. I know it is beyond annoying. 

Anyhow, moving on to what is important. 

EXACTLY THIS.  The entire point of a beard, at least the original intent, is to sell a relationship that is fake. And the only way to do that is to make it appear that the two people are close and deeply immersed in each other’s lives. 

How do you do this? By staging photograph after photograph. Some alone. Some with friends. Some on vacation. Some on holidays (or in this case holidays implied).  Lots of couples costumes (i would love for this to be over before Halloween but somehow i think too optimistic, so one more we will endure). Some with family.  Many at “private” events such as friend’s weddings and the like.  

In today’s world, with social media and the insane amount of peeks we have into celebrities lives, this is critical to sell a fake relationship. Gone are the golden days of Hollywood where appearing on a RC together and a few staged pics to be published in a magazine are sufficient.

More, in order to see sell said fake relationship, the photos need to be convincing. To be honest, in this case, I don’t think many are. But perhaps that is my biased opinion that has way too much information about the situation. 

Clearly, as you point out, it is working. Especially this guise of the “private” IG where she only publishes to her 463 followers (that absolutely includes selected fans that no doubt share on private blogs just like we CC believers share a multitude of things we don’t share publicly).  And people actually believe that these photos are “leaked” and act all horrified that people have invaded her precious privacy (that we all know is the last thing she wants and probably internally rages every time her fans refuse to post a “private” photo).

Further, to your point. I think I have made it more than clear that I believe we are currently in a period of ending this nonsense. And that includes payout. But absolutely yes, that also includes the implication that even if D&M aren’t in a romantic relationship, they are absolutely friends. I know, as much as it pains me, that when this ends, she will be hailed as the most amazing person to exist and a person that has been an amazing friend to Darren and has supported him through this “difficult time in his life.” Total BS, but we know it is how this will unravel. And I will stand silently by and watch if it means she is gone. Because nothing is more important.

And you can’t very well sell a friendship if Darren looks miserable in every picture and video. And he tries. Some are better than others.  From the b-day weekend from hell, there are maybe 3 good photos.

Again, i think this is a hard sell. The problem with Mia is that she does not understand that less is more. With her social media documentarians constantly following her around and posting impulsively the footage they are filming in real time, she is shooting herself in the foot as much of it is a lot more contentious then they realize.  But again, I guess the PR fans at least see what the perceive as a kiss and block out the clear argument happening immediately prior.

So yes, clearly there are others, including those of us who know she is a beard, that are seeing this differently and believe in this illusion of a friendship. They are viewing the one photo from the restaurant with the foreheads as a symbol that Darren must at least like her. As well as the fact that he goes to her home for parties. Or brings her to “private” events. 

Forgetting that Darren is an actor and it is part of his job to sell things that aren’t real.  

This is a lenthy Suju essay

I’ve gotten into so many 3rd, 4th gen Kpop groups but nothing feels like Suju, regardless of whatever happened - member left, member went missing, members enlisting, member on detention, or even member got boycotted out.

Kpop in general is a rather - frankly and critically speaking - childish genre made to be appealing on a very superficial level, i.e. idols are like walking dolls or godlike figures that attract you with their well manufactured appearance and easily consumed, catchy music & dance routines. Every single group, even big names with style, with swag, with record-breaking achievement this and that follows the same formula.

And then there’s Suju who is supposedly an idol group and thus is somewhat manufactured and idolised in certain ways, esp. during early period up until their peak with Sorry Sorry, and with certain members on the visual line who are aimed for this sort of appeal.

But apart from that they’ve managed to break out from the idol stereotype and be a bit more real than the rest. That’s why they attract fans and connect with them in a similar yet different way. Similar because they still need to do the idol stuff like everyone else: releasing album, doing fan service, looking pretty etc. Different because they have much more leeway to behave a bit more like daily life ordinary people than other idols. They say more controversial things, openly declare conflicts within the group (because realistically, a big group of people bound together by work is not a happy family of best friends), and can actually shut TV hosts down with their wit and big personalities. These are literally why they’ve got a fair amount of hatred over the years because those that like original idols for who they are will obviously find Suju outrageous- they don’t bother much with their idol image, they don’t necessarily have certain ‘cute’ or 'swag’ or 'musically talented’ label attached to them all the time (not because they are not, more like they don’t need to force themselves into any kind of concept), and to be honest, about half of the group openly show little interest toward either singing or dancing or both. There’s no way Suju is gonna be like some sort of nation’s boygroup or something, simply because they don’t sell the whole idol package. Kpop, again, is a walking/dancing doll business thriving on (usually very young) people’s fantasy. If a group with so much gag-like personalities like SJ ends up being extremely and universally popular, Kpop needs to change to K-gag or something similar.

So, this is to say, there’s no reason to feel insecure if Suju don’t stay on top, don’t sell music well or don’t win awards. They have their unique way of staying relevance and still being comfortable with themselves while enjoying much more freedom than other idols (perhaps this was why Kangin dared to drunk-drive or Sungmin dared to get married all of a sudden).

One selling thing about top Kpop groups I’ve observed over time is the 'prestige’. Fans would do anything to keep their idols on top and go on and on about their group’s relevance. Kpop enthusiasts relate with idols on a very high level and as much as we want ourselves to be well liked, we also want our bias group to be acknowledged, somewhat to a much more extreme degree. Suju sure has been up there, because hey, even as a not very typical kpop group they still fare pretty well in certain 'idol metrics’, this shows how good they actually are. But their peak period has done more than enough to place them at a good position in Kpop map and give them the exposure needed to actually show who they are and attract fans for their style. Staying relevance is great, but for Suju the pressure of being on top in the music industry is not a priority. They rule variety shows anyway, and no, being top variety idols is not considered that much of a prestige; rather it gives them even more controversies, and sure fans of other groups will not like it very much when SJ members (1) seem to be everywhere on TV and (2) speak too frankly/ harshly toward their favourite idols as part of their role on shows.
Well, tough job. I am actually proud of Suju being good variety materials because that shows they are actually good entertainers who think for themselves other than following company’s orders like robots. One think I dislike is because sometimes they get the worst from both worlds: criticised for not that much musically focused or image-conscious as an idol group, at the same time not taken seriously in the variety filed because after all they are still idols. But I guess that’s the trade of for being a well-rounded group.

Bottom line: As long as fans support them enough for them to keep doing what they are doing at this point,i.e. releasing music and doing their highly profitable tour besides various individual projects, it’s a success. There’s no need to worry about their relevance. It’s critical to support them, buy their music, turn up at shows and concerts etc, but understanding that they do not need to be the best in sales or topping music charts will save fans a great deal of headaches. Perhaps, however, the majority of their fans are mature enough to know this anyway. So for the confused new fans who struggle to position SJ among today’s popular groups,l: Super Junior has already been up there and they will always be there, in their own way.


I hate this so much. I will never understand why 2NE1 was forced to disband. There was no reason for them to do so. Yes, Minzy left (and broke my heart in the process) but the other three members were very much still invested and dedicated to go on. I would understand if 2NE1 was a group that was becoming irrelevant or did not sell well and did not bring in profits. But they’re literally none of those things. Every time 2NE1 makes a comeback, they are welcomed with open arms and people love their music. They sell well, very well in fact. They’re one of the best selling girl groups in the world.

 I would understand if the girls did not want to stay together, did not have any new music, or just did not want to be 2NE1 anymore. But, once again none of those things are true. The girls see each other as family, they’re sisters. Time and time again they show each other their undying support. They tag themselves as “2NE1 DARA” “2NE1 BOM” etc. CL has always said they’ll always remain together. Dara just recently told us, CL wrote so many songs, they recorded the whole album, and set the tracklist, yet the album will never be released. So I DON’T understand. 

Some might say, the public doesn’t like them anymore after Bom’s scandal, but that’s literally bullshit. (Her scandal is a whole other rant so I won’t go into it.) Korea loves Bom’s voice, her singles have always topped every chart and she is still on top in YG as for digital sales for solo releases. Haters will always hate but that’s no reason to keep them away. Anytime she tweets or uploads anything, the response is crazy. When she steps outside the crowd around her is all because of the love they have for her. 

2NE1 will always be a force to be reckoned with in KPOP. They’re one of a kind, there’s no other group like them. They came out in a time where girls were singing about their oppas and telling people to love them because they’re so cute, but 2NE1 literally said screw that and sang about ditching boys and having a good time amongst themselves. They are the epitome of girl power. They showed a different image because they weren’t all “pretty” by societal standards, but they said fuck that, I’m beautiful and I’m strong, and I am the best. They showed their different charms and went on to capture everyone’s hearts. 2NE1 showed girls everywhere that it’s okay to be yourself, and it’s okay to be vulnerable at times because everyone is like that, but at the end of the day you have to be true to yourself. You have to love yourself. 

I will never forget 2NE1 and I’ll never stop being a Blackjack because once a Blackjack, always a Blackjack. They’ll always remain to be the best group with the best music and the most epic name, in my heart, and they’ll remain in history as the most badass girls out there. They’ll also remain as the girls who had hearts of gold and nothing but love for each other, their fans, and music. Thank you. 

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Now my ask: I am very gracefully about your last picexplanation of samcaits covershoot and the reasons behind their posing(i have thought so too,i `ve seen a gif for us in their hands),but all the disccusion since SDCC makes me sick.What do you think about,could it come sadly yet? I mean the "single sam" story,because the samcait fans/shippers havent realy bought it? Sorry for my english,i hope you will understand me!

I do think the “single Sam” will continue to be the promotional strategy for this coming premiere season as all the interviews leading up to it have rather conspicuously managed to include the information about how Sam and Cait are NOT a couple. The subject never fails to come up. It’s in almost every interview, and even the peripheral players have been included now in making these denials. Over and over again with the same thing. It’s really overkill at this point. And that is really my point here; If there wasn’t so much evidence to deny we would not have to listen to so many denials. It’s a bit like trying to convince someone standing out under the open blue sky that the sky that she is currently looking up at is not actually blue after all. It would be a pretty hard sell, no? The person just needs to open her eyes and look up to see the truth of the matter- that the sky is a brilliant blue- so all that is left is to try to convince her that her eyes are faulty in some way and that what she is seeing is somehow actually only an illusion. Like I said, it’s going to be a pretty hard sell.
So why bother at all with trying to sell it? And to continue to try to sell it, especially since it really isn’t working? Well, my guess would be for the cover it provides a couple who either really do want their relationship to remain in the private sphere, even if it is rather an open secret amongst the fans, or who have a professional obligation to keep their relationship private- or both. The inclusion of “others” in the official narrative, and the fact that these “others” are the official word on the subject, certainly makes for some plausible deniability on the subject of Sam and Cait being actually together. Insert a few appearances by these “others”, and a few interviews with cast and crew where they answer the obligatory question of wether Sam and Cait are together, and, just like with the sky example earlier, everyone starts to question wether what they see with their own eyes isn’t just an illusion after all. But also, just like with the sky, the evidence in front of you is so compelling that it’s really a pretty hard sell to believe it. So they are going to have to try to sell the Sam and Cait are NOT together thing pretty hard to compensate for the fact that every time a fan chooses to open their eyes and really see they are seeing that bright blue sky all around them not that “other” thing that is being protested about so very much.
And then there is the fact that despite the really hard sell being put on this by the promoters, the actual subjects don’t seem to be very much on board with he whole strategy. Their participation is lackluster at best. And that may well constitute another facet here. This whole promotion of the “others” only needs to provide plausible deniability, not real proof that these “other” relationships are the real ones. Having the bit of doubt about Sam and Cait out there that results from the aggressive promotion of these “others” may provide enough cover to sit their needs and then it’s only to continue to maintain enough interest by the fans in these “others” to keep all the evidence to the contrary that is being constantly provided by Sam and Cait themselves from becoming the accepted truth amongst the fans and the media both. The aggressive promotion by the studio allows Sam and Cait the leeway to live and work together fairly openly and all explained away by the doubt sown from the promotion of these “others”
Seems to me that they do have some sort of relationship and that they are hiding it plain sight behind the promotion of these “others” and all the aggressive promotion of these “others” you are seeing is just part of a balancing act to maintain the illusion that they are not together.

And if what they were trying to promote actually was supported by the evidence then it wouldn’t require such a ridiculous amount of “selling” of it. It would sell itself, just like the notion that the sky is blue does. Just have to open your eyes and have a look round to see that one…
Cause drama and try to ruin my reputation over Facebook? Now everyone knows your secret.

This is going to be long, but I’ve been dying to tell this story. It’s about how I put a narcissistic woman in her place after being accused of stealing on Facebook.

A few years ago, I was involved in one of those “swap and sell” groups on Facebook. It was specifically for stay-at-home moms, and mostly centered around trading and selling clothing, toys, etc. It was an awesome resource, because you could get things for your children at a very low price, and often make new friends in the process.

There was one woman, however, that made the swap and sell group an unpleasant place. We’ll call her Kathy. In person, all she ever talked about was herself, specifically about how great she was. She did the same for her kids. She would also slip little hints in about how you or your children were inferior in some way. For example, she would say things like “Oh, your child’s soccer team came in third place last season? My son’s team came first, but that’s not very surprising considering how good he is. I must have done a great job raising him and it’s a shame that others can’t do the same with their children.” She really would say things like that.

In hindsight, she was a narcissist. I’m not just saying that, I’m pretty sure she could be diagnosed. I just did the best I could to avoid her if I saw her in the next aisle of a store.

One day she saw me with my infant son. He was crying, so she came over and said, “Oh, let me hold him. I can get him to calm down.” It was infuriating. Almost everyone hated her.

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2017 Stars on Ice - thoughts on my first ice show!

Having survived my first season as a figure skating fan, what better way to kick off the off-season than with an ice show? It was really a combination of incredible timing, some encouragement from fellow figure skating fans, and a stroke of luck that I was able to attend my very first ice show - Stars on Ice (SOI). Figure skating is not very big in southern California so when it was announced that Anaheim would be one of the stops for the SOI tour, I was thrilled and immediately bought tickets.

(above: Honda Center in Anaheim, CA)

As any southern California native will tell you, traffic is notoriously terrible. 

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On Ambitions, and ONE OK ROCK

I can’t help but notice the weird conflict among fans happening since 人生×僕= and Deeper Deeper/Nothing Helps, and I say weird because the moment they had that interview with Fall Out Boy, I already began hearing people say some pretty mean stuff about selling out, or how they’re going to suck once they’re officially integrated with the North American scene.

Which I totally get can be a bittersweet feeling. Because you don’t know how being official on an international platform will affect them as people or as musicians. You don’t know if they’re going to pick up bad habits from the American music industry. You don’t know if they’ll ever be the same, or if they’ll forget where they came from. You would think you would be happier now that they’re getting the attention you know they deserve, but worry about the sacrifices they might have to make to fit in. You worry about losing them.

But sometimes, that resistance to change can limit growth, and I feel like some of us can be a little too entitled with the direction our favourite bands and artists and stuff are heading. Unless it’s a certain way, at a level of your comfort and enjoyment, it’s not the right way. Deep down, there’s that selfishness and overprotectiveness and fear of losing them that’ll be there. I sure as fuck can feel that way, so by no means am I pointing fingers.

I think we forget that they’re just four regular guys outside of being ONE OK ROCK, and experimenting with new sounds is what comes with being a musician, an artist. And what I find funny is that there are people who claim they’re becoming more American-sounding, when many of their Japanese inspirations such as ELLEGARDEN, drew influence from American bands like Sum 41 and Weezer. And I initially liked ELLEGARDEN because of their American sound. It all comes full circle, and that’s always been the beauty of the arts: there isn’t one definite algorithm to making it, the subjectivity and sheer malleability of it. Simply put, you do whatever you want with what you have, into how you want it, and hope that there are people who will like it.

What I’m saying is, that even if what they’re making now isn’t the same as it was with Niche Syndrome or  残響Reference, I feel like it’s really important for them to have hits and misses with their audience, to make mistakes, to try new out things for them to grow as musicians. Because if they kept it the same since Keep It Real, and if Tomoya and Toru hadn’t taken the spots they’re in today, can you really say that the progress they’ve made to get this far was worth jack? You can sense the growth, literally hear the evolution of their sound throughout the years, and no matter what happens after the release of Ambitions, I’m confident they’ll still keep going at it with making songs because that’s what they enjoy. 

Of course the feedback from fans is important, but they can’t do this solely for us. They have to be happy with what they’re doing, and it just doesn’t sit right with me to listen to songs about fighting the night and being good to yourself, yet knowing that they’re not doing the same thing for themselves because of heavy expectations. I’m sure they do deal with the pressure of selling well and pleasing the higher-ups, it’s not fair to be adding to that stress because no matter how happy their posts on IG are, you never really know what they could be worrying about when the sun goes down. Like, it must affect you a little when someone says you’ve changed in a “bad” way when you’re having a good time. Idk man, I try not to take things at face value.

They’ve only released 3 of 14 songs from this album, and I’m digging I Was King and Taking Off personally. It seems way too early to say it’s a terrible album, and I can honestly admit that in my 9-ish years of liking them, I didn’t enjoy every single song from their older stuff. I’m about as excited as I am critical about what’ll come out of this, but the point of this post is just as long as they’re happy with where their progress, I’m happy. And I can’t wait to meet them next year in Toronto to thank them for their hard work.


THIS BAND WANTS YOUR RESPECT #DepecheMode may sell millions of albums and play to capacity crowds in huge football stadiums, but these technopop idols still aren’t happy|article 1990|RollingStone|J.Giles

“I’VE been called a faggot about twenty times today,” says Depeche Mode keyboardist Alan Wilder, who’s slumped down in a seat at the Civic Center in Pensacola, Florida, where the British synth-pop outfit is about to begin another rehearsal. “Mostly from guys leaning out of trucks. This is a sort of backward place, isn’t it?”

“It’s the haircut,” says singer Dave Gahan, who’s wearing jeans and a sleeveless T-shirt that depicts a pair of women’s breasts. “In America, people think you’re homosexual just because you’ve got short hair.” Gahan pauses. “Except for the marines,” he says, referring, presumably, to the men stationed at Pensacola’s Naval Air Station. “The marines just give you this wink, as if to say, ‘Short hair. All right.’” Gahan sits down next to Wilder. “We’ll just have to hang out with the marines,” he says.

It’s Memorial Day weekend, and Depeche Mode has come to Pensacola to gear up for World Violation, the tour that accompanies the band’s recently released album, Violator. Although, historically, Depeche Mode’s strongest foothold has been Southern California – 75,000 fans flocked to the Rose Bowl for a 1988 concert – tickets to the group’s shows always go rather quickly everywhere. For the upcoming tour, 18,000-seat arenas in Dallas and Chicago sold out within a week. Stadiums in Orlando, Tampa and Miami have also sold out, despite the fact that the band has never played Florida before and gets virtually no radio airplay there. And 42,000 tickets to Depeche Mode’s New York-area show, at Giants Stadium, were sold in a single day.

What’s a little unusual about this particular road trip is that Depeche Mode’s albums are starting to sell as well.Violator is the group’s first record to sell a million copies in the States, and “Personal Jesus” – the band’s only hit here since 1985’s “People Are People” – was the first Depeche Mode single ever to go gold. “Enjoy The Silence”, the album’s second single, will be gold shortly.

Depeche Mode has made the Pensacola Civic Center its spring training ground for the same reason that Janet Jackson, among others, came here recently: The rent’s cheap. On the downside, unfortunately, there’s the fact that the only club the group has found in town has a mirrored ball and a DJ who struts around in a tux; the fact that the “security guard” at the Pensacola Hilton is a Depeche Mode fan who’s spent most of his time asking for free concert tickets and eight-by-tens of the band; and, of course, the fact that in an area of the Gulf Coast known as the Redneck Riviera, there are a lot of guys in trucks who think the members of Depeche Mode are “faggots”.

AFTER the band’s rehearsal, Dave Gahan, who’s married and has a two-year-old son, comes down to the Hilton’s lobby to talk about, among other things, the fact that Depeche Mode has always had an image problem. He brings with him a bodyguard named Ingo. In a way, this seems an unnecessary measure. Apart from Depeche Mode’s devout followers – 15,000 of whom nearly caused a riot at a Wherehouse record store in L.A. a few months back – very few people actually recognize the band members. And if they do, they tend to get the names wrong.

These days, Depeche Mode – which, in addition to Gahan and Wilder, includes keyboardist Andy Fletcher and songwriter Martin Gore – gives relatively few interviews. The band has been known to turn away journalists who haven’t pledged allegiance, as well as to boycott radio stations that balk at the group’s all-synthesizer format and decline to play its records.

“There was this band that everybody loved to hate,” Gahan says of Depeche Mode. “And yet they were incredibly successful. Why? Why do you think you’re so successful? Why do you think you’re on this planet, basically? It got to the point in interviews where we’d just say, ‘Fuck you,’ and walk out.”

After this brief speech, which may or may not be a warning, Gahan begins talking freely about Depeche Mode’s ancient history. He even asks, then answers, what Martin Gore considers to be the most tired Depeche Mode-related questions: “Where’s your drummer Where are your guitars? Do you consider this real music?”

“We used to rehearse in a local church,” Gahan says of the original band, which formed outside London, in working-class Basildon, in 1980, and which included Erasure’s Vince Clarke. “The vicar there used to just let us have the place. You had to be nice and polite, and you weren’t allowed to play too loud.

"I think without knowing it,” he continues, “we started doing something completely different. We had taken these instruments because they were convenient. You could pick up a synthesizer, put it under your arm and go to a gig. You plugged directly into the PA. You didn’t need to go through an amp, so you didn’t need to have a van. We used to go to gigs on trains.”

The band, which had been getting steady work at a couple of nearby pubs, eventually made a demo tape. Instead of mailing cassettes to the various labels, Clarke and Gahan delivered the original quarter-inch tape personally. “Vince and I used to go ’round to record companies and demand that they play it,” Gahan says, laughing. “Most of them, of course, would tell us to fuck off. They’d say, ‘Leave the tape with us,’ and we’d say, ‘No, it’s our only one.’ Then we’d say goodbye and go off somewhere else.”

Gahan pauses and asks Ingo if he’d mind getting him an orange juice. While the bodyguard’s gone, a fan who’s been walking nervously back and forth across the lobby takes the opportunity to approach the singer. “Martin,” he says. “Can I have your autograph? Have you got a pen?”

“Sure,” Gahan tells him, smiling. “But my name’s Dave.”

A few moments later, Gahan, orange juice in hand, is trying to pinpoint what it was that first made Depeche Mode attractive to the record companies. “At the time,” he says, “everybody was using electronics in a very morbid, gloomy way. Suddenly, here was this pop band that was using the stuff – these young kids who had everybody dancing, instead of standing around in gray raincoats about to commit suicide.”

After considering offers from major labels like Phonogram – “money you could never have imagined and all sorts of crazy things, like clothes allowances” – Depeche Mode signed on with Daniel Miller at the independent label Mute. (The band, which is signed to Sire Records in the U.S., has never had a manager.) In 1981, the group released its debut album, Speak and Spell, which, with some help from the dance-floor hit “Just Can’t Get Enough”, made the Top Ten in England. Shortly thereafter, Vince Clarke – then Depeche Mode’s driving force and chief songwriter – left the band to form Yazoo and, later, Erasure. Clarke claimed he was sick of touring.

“That’s what he said, but I think that’s a lot of bullshit, to be quite honest,” Gahan says. “I think he’d just taken it as far as he could. We were very successful. We were in every pop magazine. We were on the TV shows. Everything was going right for Depeche Mode. Everybody wanted to know about Depeche Mode. I think Vince suddenly lost interest in it – and he started getting letters from fans asking what kind of socks he wore.

"Martin had written a couple of songs,” Gahan continues, “and we went into the studio and recorded ‘See You’, which was our biggest hit so far. So that was it. ’Bye, Vince.”

MARTIN Gore is sitting beside the hotel pool, reading a biography of Herman Hesse. He is shirtless, wearing long, black shorts and white knee socks. He looks much like he looks onstage these days: a blond, curly-haired answer to AC/DC’s Angus Young. “Looking back,” he is saying, “I think we should have been slightly more worried than we were. When your chief songwriter leaves the band, you should worry a bit. I suppose that’s one of the good things about being young. If we had panicked, we probably wouldn’t be here today.”

Like the other members of Depeche Mode, who are all in their late twenties, Gore is quite personable – funny, soft-spoken and without any real pretensions. Unlike the other members of the band, he plays some guitar during the live performances, has released a solo album of cover songs [Counterfeit E.P.] and, a few years back, used to go onstage in a skirt. “Martin said to me once, ‘I like to look into the mirror before I go out, and laugh and think, ‘Look what I’m getting away with tonight’,” Gahan says. “He’d wear leather trousers and then wear a skirt over the top. And then he sort of extended to just wearing a skirt. We used to sit backstage saying, ‘Martin, you can’tfucking wear that, man! You’ve got to take that off!’”

“I just thought it was quite funny,” Gore says dismissively. “I didn’t think it was going to cause such a fuss.”

Under Gore’s direction, Depeche Mode’s music became – to quote the title of an album that many of the group’s fans hold dearest – a “black celebration”. His songs, a few of which have made American radio programmers blush, have been both profane (“Blasphemous Rumours”) and kinky (“Strangelove”, “Master & Servant”). The band’s first Top Ten hit in the States, oddly enough, was the kind-spirited “People Are People”, a single fromSome Great Reward.

“It was around that time that things started changing for us in America”, Gore says, at poolside. “On the tour for that album, we were totally shocked by the way fans were turning up in droves at the concerts. Suddenly, we were playing to 10,000 people. Although the concerts were selling really well, though, we still found it a struggle to actually sell records.”

Bruce Kirkland, the group’s U.S. representative, says, “New Order, the Cure, Depeche Mode – I equate these bands with the metal bands of the Seventies. They almost never had hit singles, but they were selling out stadiums. The classic joke about Iron Maiden was that they sold more T-shirts than records.”

It’s Memorial Day – the day of the Depeche Mode concert – and at the Civic Center’s merchandising stand a single fan has just spent $686. Back at the Hilton, which is across the street, Dave Gahan is talking about the band’s followers. “I’d get kids coming from all over the world,” he says of the days when his home address was common knowledge. “Germany, France, America – they’d just hang out at the end of my drive. It got to the point where I’d be chasing them down the road with my dog because they’d be singing our songs outside my house at two in the morning.”

“One of them – his name’s Sean – actually hired a private detective to follow me from the studio and discover where I lived,” Gahan continues. “I lost my rag and really shouted at him. I told him, basically to fuck off. Later I sent the guy a letter saying, ‘I apologize, but you must respect my privacy. I want to have some time with my wife and son.’ He sent back a letter saying, ‘I’m sorry I bothered you, and I won’t ever do it again.’ Then, right at the end of the letter, he said, ‘By the way, would it be possible for me to come ’round next weekend?’ I just thought, ‘Well, that’s it. It’s time to move.’”

JUST before Depeche Mode’s show, some fans who have been puttering around the hotel lobby all day are asked if they would contribute to this article by writing down a few words about the band. Each agrees, takes a sheet of paper and writes quietly and without pause for close to thirty minutes. Among the subjects covered are Dave Gahan’s sideburns; Dave Gahan’s hips; the fact that “Depeche” puts on a “spectacular” live show; the fact that the band members aren’t pompous rock stars but “v. down to earth”.

One teenage boy says he has “every B side, every weirdo import, everything”. One girl says she has “loved Depeche Mode since they first came out” – unlikely, unless she was hooked on Speak and Spell at the age of seven – and returns a fairly representative essay, which reads in part: “Tonight I jumped out in front of Martin Gore and got a picture. I swear I almost fainted. He seems so complex. I would love to sit down and just discuss with Martin Gore what I interpret in his music… I feel that once I meet Martin Gore there is nothing I can’t accomplish. His touch will burn, throw me and feel me up with energy. (Razal, 16, Fort Walton Beach, Florida)”

FOR a band that is, as Andy Fletcher puts it, “supposed to be cold and robotic and love studios”, Depeche Mode puts on a good, old-fashioned arena show. Gahan, who wears a black studded-leather jacket and matching pants, has a pretty complete repertoire of moves: the jumping jack, the spinning top, the bump-and-grind and a sort of standing duckwalk. Several songs are accompanied by photographer Anton Corbijn’s videos, including a hilarious segment in which Martin Gore dresses as a character Corbijn refers to as “the bondage angel”. All the songs benefit from an over-the-top light show that looks a little like the last scene from Close Encounters.

The World Violation Tour includes a fairly straightforward selection of Depeche Mode songs: “Shake the Disease”, “Never Let Me Down Again”, “Stripped” and “Everything Counts”, which was a U.K. hit in 1983 and was reissued last year to coincide with D.A. Pennebaker’s Depeche Mode film documentary, 101. Martin Gore, who is quite short and who is usually seen only as a shock of blond hair peeking up over a stack of keyboards, comes front and center at one point in the show to sing two solo acoustic-guitar numbers: “I Want You Now” and “World Full of Nothing”. The band’s final encore is a guitar-driven cover of “Route 66”.

Needless to say, the crowd at the Pensacola Civic Center is in a state of pandemonium for most of the two hours that “Depeche” is onstage. Many of the songs that go over best, however, are from Violator: “Clean”, “Personal Jesus” and “Policy of Truth”, the album’s third single, which begins with a vaguely funky “Heard It Through the Grapevine”-style sequence.

In general, Violator seems to have permanently opened doors for the band in America. “Martin once said, ‘Perhaps if we called ourselves a rock band from day 1, we would have had a lot more credibility from day 1,’” says Gahan after the show. “But we’ve stuck to calling ourselves a pop band, and we’ve earned that credibility by gaining success until people couldn’t ignore us anymore.”

Bruce Kirkland calls the band’s recent boom “a classic U2 scenario”, referring to the fact that, with The Joshua Tree, U2’s record sales finally reflected the group’s considerable live following. “It’s Depeche Mode’s time,” Kirkland says, “and the industry is finally catching up.” Most important, no doubt, is the fact that Depeche Mode songs have at last found a home on Top Forty radio.

“Here in the States, we’ve been working on it for years and years,” Gore says. “I think in a way we’ve been at the forefront of new music, sort of chipping away at the standard rock-format radio stations. And I think with this record, we’ve finally managed to bulldoze our way through.”

It’s been a pleasant turn of events for Depeche Mode, because there is still no place lonelier, or more vast, than the synth-pop graveyard. “It was the Human League, in particular, who went full circle,” Gore says. “They had a note on their album that I thought was just ridiculous. You know, ‘No sequencers used on this record.’ A lot of people get swayed by the ‘real’ music thing. They think you can’t make soul music by using computers and synthesizers and samplers, which we think is totally wrong. We think the soul in the music comes from the song. The instrumentation doesn’t matter at all.”

“The beauty of using electronics is that music can now be made in your bedroom”, Andy Fletcher adds. “You don’t need to get four people together in some warehouse to practice. You don’t have to have four excellent musicians fighting amongst themselves. You can do it in your bedroom, and it’s all down to ideas.” Fletcher pauses. “Obviously, it’s sad to see the demise of the traditional rock group,” he says. “But there’s always going to be a place for it in cabaret.”

IT’S one o’clock in the morning, and Razal – the young essayist who said she could accomplish anything if she could just meet Martin Gore – has been introduced to her idol. The pair have been talking quietly in the hotel bar for two hours.

Out in the lobby, a fan who’s been hanging around for days is crying. He offered the band a photograph – a picture of himself and his girlfriend, which had been taken at their high-school prom – and the band didn’t seem to want it. Dave Gahan goes out to talk to him, finds the situation hopeless and heads up to his room.

Before Gahan can get to the elevator, however, someone – obviously not a true Depeche fan – jumps in front of him and says, “Martin, can I have your autograph?”

Gahan rolls his eyes, momentarily fed up with living the strange life of an anonymous pop star. “To begin with, my name’s Dave,” he says, “and I don’t have a pen.”

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