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Guyyysssss hey guys

I’ve been out yesterday, ran some errands, and I found a really cool shop!

They sell all systems that ever existed and games to those





It was kinda exciting seeing it

There was also a really cute Nintendo 3DS XL in pink color - just for me! XD (I didn’t buy it of course, it’s expensive)

They also had Lego Dimentions OwO tho can’t play it :/

Aaaaanywayyyyy, yeah, I was surprised at how excited I got over that

One day my friends

One day…


I think I might have a thing for Python (and Lukas but who wouldn’t)
Also anyone who has a 3ds and likes RPGs should get this game because if it doesn’t sell well Intelligent Systems is probably just going to continue making “Waifu Emblem” games. We don’t want that. Not my art. 

All credit goes to original artists

“You’re staring at Mister Vimes, Reg.”

“Am I?” Reg asks, eyes fixed on Vimes’ back as he speaks to some new recruits.

“Yes Reg,” Nobby says. “You’re staring, Reg. Why’re you staring?”

“He… just reminds me of someone, sometimes. The Commander.”


He’s twenty-five and he’s standing on top of the barricades, flag in his hands and pure defiance in his voice.

He’s twenty-five and he should be dead, is dying, blood gushing from more wounds than he can count but he’s still crawling forwards, still fighting, propelled by nothing but willpower and conviction because he will. Not. Give. Up.

He’s twenty-five – but is he, still? – and fresh air washes over his face, not quite ridding him of the taste of mud and dirt still filling his mouth.

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Rick & Morty Quote Starters

Change Names pronouns and plurals as necessary! Feel free to add more!

  • “So what are you the devil?”
  • “ He’s not pressing charges. I mean, that’s got to be the “you shot me” equivalent of not being mad.“
  • “I’m gonna have a bruise! It’s picture day!“
  • “Weddings are basically funerals with cake.”
  • “You’re young, you have your whole life ahead of you, and your anal cavity is still taut yet malleable.”
  • “He’s not a hot girl. He can’t just bail on his life and set up shop in someone else’s.”
  • “But those bad thoughts are the real you. The fact that you’re old, the fact that we’re all going to die one day, the fact that the universe is so big, nothing in it matters—those facts are who you are! “
  • “I wish that shotgun was my penis.”
  • “Here’s five hundred dollars cash in unmarked moneys. I’m just gonna put it on the floor and uh, kick it on over to ya. You guys go nuts.“
  • “We’ve been split for twenty minutes and your lives are already scattered to the quantum fucking wind!”
  •  “How long exactly do I have to wear this things? It’s really embarrassing.“
  • “If we’re gonna survive tonight, you’re gonna need to harness your repressed rage.”
  • “Well I’m sorry, I’m not the one that’s so fucking uncertain about everything!“
  • “2003 called, it wants its easy target back.“
  • “We all got pink eye because you won’t stop texting on the toilet.“
  • “Trust me you don’t wanna know how many answers that question has.”
  • “Oh, oh, yeah, yeah, shame me. At least when I’m disgusting, it’s on purpose.“
  • “You think maybe I could get something from this place? Like a souvenir? Like just to have, like something cool, you know? “
  • “You can run, but you can’t hide, bitch!“
  • “In my culture this is considered a dick move.”
  • “Psyche! Just kidding, my new catchphrase is: “I don’t give a fu-u-uck!!"”
  • “What? What teenage girl has pictures of her family? It’s not like we’re mormon or dying.“
  • “You guys, we got to hurry. I just got back from Walmart. They’re selling Nintendo 3ds systems for $149.99 on sale, plus every time you buy one, you get a $50 gift card. Brings the total price down to $110 after tax. Now, listen, we can flip those sons of bitches for 230 bucks apiece easy! They’re all limited-edition "Zelda” ones. Hurry! Hurry! Come with me! We can be rich, and we also all get to keep one and we can play nintendo games! Nintendo, give me free stuff.“
  • “ Oh, wow. That’s an intense line of questioning“
  • “I’ve got about a thousand memories of your dumb, little ass and about six of them are pleasant. The rest is annoying garbage. “
  • Have you acquired creepy specific old stuff from a mysterious antique or thrift store that gives you powers, but fucks with you in unforeseeable ways? 
  • “I don’t want him to leave again, you dumb asshole!!“
  • “My people have another saying. “Gubba nub nub do ra ka.” It means, “Whatever lets you sleep at night."”
If somebody comes to your door selling a home security system and asks if you have one, always say yes.

If they ask which company, tell them it’s none of their business.

Many people looking for homes to rob will come to your door asking about security systems. It gives them a chance to case the home and look for weaknesses like if you don’t have a dog or if the house is homed by women or the elderly.

Edit: Great advice from /u/OA27

Furthermore, document the encounter to the best of your ability. This is not the time you want to shoo someone away immiediately. Be comfortable being uncomfortable and without escalating the situation, ask as many questions as you can. Who are you with (even if they lie, they likely have told that lie before), contact numbers, etc. Did they come in a vehicle? Take the plates down, make, model, any damage to the vehicle. Which direction did they go in, did they talk to any neighbors.

Red stained little sea monsters for sale!

The second nest from this pair gave me five eggs and five beautiful stained kids, including two XXYs!!

Again, because of tumblr’s new link policy, here’s a link to my lair via a redirect from my blog. All of these guys are on page 5, specifically

Baard - Tundra F - Caribbean Cherub / Denim Peregrine / Beige Stained - 15g on the AH / 15kt via CR

Bacchus - Guardian M - Abyss Cherub / Abyss Peregrine / Caramel Stained - 25g on the AH / 25kt via CR

Beau - Tundra F - Azure Cherub / Denim Peregrine / Pumpkin Stained - 20g on the AH / 20kt via CR

Bernadine - Tundra F - Phthalo Cherub / Denim Peregrine / Tangerine Stained - 20g on the AH / 20kt via CR

Brandr - Guardian M -  Phthalo Cherub / Phthalo Peregrine / Fire Stained - 25g on the AH / 25kt via CR

Selling 2 tickets for Harrry’s HK concert!!

Hi guys apparently the system was messing with me and i ended up buying 2 extra tickets I don’t need so I’m selling the following tickets for Harry’s HK show on May 5th 2018

  • Sec. 3, Row: J, Seat: (please ask me)
  • Sec. 14, Row: T, Seat: (please ask me)

each ticket price is HKD$1303 including the ticket price $1288 and $15 fee

i will be collecting the tickets at the box office on the show date!! for details feel free to discuss with me

Our interactions with culture are warped and stunted by the pro-corporate abomination that is our current intellectual property law. What was originally envisioned as a temporary exclusivity to encourage creation has become a denial of our basic nature as storytellers. We absorb, we alter, we retell. This is what it is to be human.

We don’t live in reality, we live in stories and narratives. If it were otherwise then we wouldn’t need the scientific method to clarify what is real and what is our perception. Nor do we create in a vacuum. Everything we make is a product not only of individual effort but thousands if not millions of influences from our contemporaries and those that came before. We often do not recognize these influences. A snippet of bass line or a turn of phrase or a visual snippet can lay dormant in your memory so long that you assume it came from from you.

It is the way we are. We take from the zeitgeist and history so that we may give again to the zeitgeist and history.

From the standpoint of the IP holder, especially the corporate IP holder, fan fiction, covers, remixes, mashups and reinterpretations are criminal acts rather than the natural way that humans interact with culture. In essence, the corporations, through copyright extension, work-for-hire and corporate ownership, have been stealing our culture and our myths from us so they can sell them back. The system doesn’t protect artists as it was intended to and the corporate owners of our culture are sometimes good stewards but are often terrible ones.

We are creatures of the public domain and fair use.

In short: Batman belongs to everyone.

Why you pay your employees what they have earned.

Many years ago, I was working as a telemarketer selling security systems. I worked in a call center, with the hours of 10am-8pm. We were given two 15 minute breaks and one 30 minute break throughout the day, which we were told was unpaid.

Our pay was $290 (minimum wage @ 40 hours) + commission per week, on a draw so that if we didn’t sell enough to make the $290 it would come out of any extra we got in subsequent weeks.

I had a bad feeling about the job because I had never been asked to fill any sort of paperwork out at all. No tax forms, no NDA, nothing. After a few months of working there, they started having us come in some Saturdays and at 9am instead of 10am - but our pay did not increase.

At this point, I started looking up the Fair Wage laws and found that what they were doing was completely illegal. First, the 15 minute breaks must be paid, and also they had failed to ever pay us overtime. I told a couple friends, and eventually got so fed up that I quit the job.

After quitting, my final paycheck was short a full week’s worth of pay, and the manager said “That’s to make up for the draw”.

I filed a complaint with the board of labor immediately, and about a month later I got a frantic call from the manager asking how many hours I had worked there. I told him that it was his responsibility to keep records of what employees had worked there, but thankfully I had kept track of my start/end date, so I just gave him an estimate that came out to be 55 hours/week for the duration.

A friend of mine who still worked for the company said they had been shut down by the government for defrauding their employees, had to pay a huge fine, and we were all getting back pay.

A few months later, I got a check for about $1,500 in the mail. I hated working there, but I felt pretty good about the whole thing after the end. =)

No, I don’t want anything.

I already said I don’t want anything.

Don’t come to me with conclusions!

Death is the only conclusion.

Don’t offer me aesthetics!

Don’t talk to me of morals!

Take metaphysics away from here!

Don’t try to sell me complete systems, don’t bore me

with the breakthroughs

Of science (of science, my God, of science!)—

Of science, of the arts, of modern civilization!

What harm did I ever do to the gods?

If you’ve got the truth, you can keep it!

Fernando Pessoa, Lisbon Revisited

anonymous asked:

If Switch sales continue the way they're going (which I wouldn't bet on, but let's say they do), I'm sure we'll see AAA multiplat games on the system. They'll be ported through a meat grinder, sure, but we'll still see them.

bet we won’t

the wii is the second best selling system of all time and never got shit

Drug dealer avoids jail after judge praises him for good business model for selling meth

An Australian drug dealer has avoided jail after a judge praised him for his “good business model” while selling methamphetamine.

Brodie Satterley, 20, was convicted of running a “low-level” meth trafficking business in Maroochydore, Queensland. Appearing at Brisbane Supreme Court, Satterley was handed a three-year sentence with immediate parole and urged to use the initiative he showed while dealing drugs for a more legitimate career.

Trending: US veteran charged with killing PTSD ‘therapy dog’ as boyfriend filmed her

The court heard Satterley had a system while selling meth which included charging interest on debts, giving price guides and discounts and offering refunds to customers who complained about the product. Satterley also sought custom feedback and held business strategy meetings, reported the Sunshine Coast Daily.

He was arrested in June 2015 after police found him in a parked car under the influence. A search of the vehicle recovered drugs, as well as his mobile phone in which he conducted his drug dealings.

Don’t miss: Drunk-driver bites policeman’s finger off as car is towed away

Justice Ann Lyons, a member of the Supreme Court of Queensland, said she was impressed by Satterley’s business sense and urged him to turn his life around. She said she took other influences into account, such as his lack of crime or drug use in the two years since his arrest and his upbringing by drug and alcohol afflicted parents, when deciding not to send him to jail.

Lyons said: “It obviously wasn’t the best business, but it’s a good business model.”

Most popular: Celebrity’s giant bunny rabbit dies mysteriously on United Airlines flight

“You obviously could do very well in business because you clearly are quite intelligent. Can I say that if you actually did some more study you could really make something of yourself? So please don’t come back to court again.”

After waking free from court, Satterley posted a Facebook status update reading: “3 years parole, couldn’t of [sic] gone any better.”

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“What if” Pt.5

Genre: Angst/Romance/Violence

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

A/N: I feel like this is getting boring. #when you have the beginning and the end but no idea what happens in the middle lol. Anyways…enjoy!

Warning: Mentions of blood and cursing

Prologue / Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 

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You guys! We gotta hurry! I just got back from Walmart, they’re selling Nintendo 3DS systems for 149.99 on sale, plus every time you buy one, you get a $50 gift card—brings the total price down to $110 after tax! Now listen! We can flip those sons of bitches for 230 bucks apiece easy! They’re all limited-edition “Zelda” ones! Hurry! Hurry, come with me! We can be rich, and we also all get to keep one and we can play Nintendo games! [exits, comes back] Nintendo, give me free stuff.
—  Peter Maximoff

also i fucking hate being on my period like not only am i Exhausted i’m also totally useless today and i hate that it affects everything like my training, my dancing, my work, my study, how long i can concentrate for, everything, and yet i can’t use it as a reason for poor performance??? 

anyway i’m selling my entire reproductive system for twenty cents and a tube of pringles it’s barely used and features a shockingly irregular menstrual cycle (gotta keep u on ur toes!!! never know when ur gonna bleed on everything!!!) and cramps so bad it hurts to sit, stand, walk, and lie down; any takers? anyone?

[Elsword]Magic Wardrobe Guide!

This is one of the guides that I could not even remember to post… I am sorry about the delay. :(

ElWiki hasn’t updated Magic Wardrobe yet, so I think some of you are still confused or unsure about this new system. This simple guide will help you with it (I truly hope; - ;).

One more thing is, this guide works for all Elsword servers. Until one day your Elsword server has this system, you can go back and read this guide.

1. What is Magical Wardrobe?

It’s a feature to apply the looks you want on an avatar while keeping the stat options you want.

2. How to use Magic Wardrobe system:

Magic Wardrobe can be opened using the new 마법 옷장 button (Magic Wardrobe).

It’s the button with the shirt icon. It stands next to the Skill Book icon.

After you click it, you have to wait for the loading of Magic Wardrobe. If your connection is good, It usually takes more than ten seconds. If your internet is bad, it will take more than one minute.

Then, Magic Wardrobe window will appear.

You can preview the unregistered looks using the category section on the left.

3. Register an avatar:

Register is only allowed for avatars in Magic Wardrobe and the items in the inventory. This means, you must take off your avatars/equipment before you want to resister them into Magic Wardrobe.

To begin the process, press  외형 등록 (Register).

Next, you need to choose an avatar/accessory/item that can be registered in your inventory. 

In this case, I will choose the Cresent Moon accessory from ElswordKR Thanksgiving event.

When you press the Magical Wardrobe Register button, your mouse will change to the clothes icon.

After you click on an item, the system will ask if you really want to regsister this item or not.

If you are sure about this, please need to press the left button. 

As you can see, my Cresent Moon accessory is regsistered. It appears in Magic Wardrobe window. 

Remember, you can also check all the currently registered avatar in your Magic Wardrobe.

Items registered into the Wardrobe will have the cloth hanger symbol. 


  • Registered items with cloth hanger symbol are locked. It will be un-tradeable,un-sellable and un-sealable. You can only dismantle them.
  • When you dismantle a registered item, there will be a SMALL CHANCE that you get Sage’s Magic stone or Purified(Dual) El shards.
  • Even if you dismantle the registered items, the items won’t be deleted from the Magic Wardrobe. You can still use and apply them.

This means, even if you try to put the registered items on the market board and press the sell button, the system will tell you that this item cannot be sold.

You cannot trade the registered items through mailbox, either.

There are still very few exception, but it won’t happen in other severs… I will talk about this and explain some reasons why KoG does this later in this post. Please read it. :3

4. Apply an avatar appearance/look:

Again, I will choose the Cresent Moon accessory as an example.

To apply an avatar appearance, you need to choose the registered item from the list.

Next, press the button 외형 적용.

Then, you will need to choose any accessory in your inventory to apply the appearance/look of Cresent Moon accessory. 


  • Only items in the same slot/type can be applied.

I will choose my Hamel Navy Officer cape, because it has the same accessory type with Cresent Moon (back accessory).

Again, the system will ask if you are sure about this. If you do not change your mind, then press the left button to agree.


  • When you apply appearance/look to an item, that item will also be registered in the Magic Wardrobe. It will also have the cloth hanger symbol. This means, that this item is locked, too.

After you finish with the Magic Wardrobe application, you only need to wear the item and enjoy with your new appearance/look. ’ u ’

As you can see, my Hamel Navy Officer cape has appearance/look of Cresent Moon accessory. 

You can change the applied item to the original appearance/looks.

My Hamel Navy Officer cape will be the example.

If I want to change it back to its original appearance/look, I will select the cape from my Wardrobe list (please remember that the cape has already registered), and apply it on the Navy cape in my inventory.

Now, it will have its original appearance/look!

You can apply apperance/look for items as many times as you want. It isn’t necessary for them to stay in one appearance/look forever.

Well, this does not mean that you are able remove the cloth hanger symbol… There is no way to remove it at this moment. 

5. Types of items that can be registered appearance/look:

This is very important, so please read it before you have any question in mind.

  • You can ONLY register avatars/accessories/equipment that appear in Magic Wardrobe category. If they are not listed in the Wardrobe, then you cannot register them
  • Timed items, un-identified and sealed items, promotion avatars, skill rings and mana necklace cannot be registered.
  • For golden accessories that can be found by Treasure Hunter profession. you can register them.


This one is also important!

  • You cannot revert registered items which have cloth hanger icon.

This means, if you register an Ice Burner piece, that Ice Burner is forever locked, until one day, KoG developers change their minds.

This seems to be fine in ElswordKR, because there are many cheap Ice Burner. However, for ElswordNA, it would be something else when most of Ice Burner costs your soul.

  • Magic Wardrobe is shared between all of your characters in the same account.
  • For Elsword KR which has two servers- Gaia and Solace, it only shares between your character in the same account and in the SAME SERVER.

If you have registered an item from this character (such as my Cresent Moon accessory), that item will also appear in other of your character’s Magic Wardrobe as well (the Cresent Moon will be in my Elesis’s Magic Wardrobe for an example).

In ElswordKR case, people have been asking to share Magic Wardrobe between two servers. KoG is working on it, but we are unsure whenever KoG decides to update that or not in the future. I cannot tell much. There is always an update case being canceled. 



There was one time, I registered my Elesis’s weapon accessory into her Wardrobe. The weapon accessory was locked. I couldn’t sell or trade it.

Strangely, I could still use her locked weapon accessory to craft for Gate of Darkness weapon accessory. The cloth hanger icon disappeared!

In ElswordKR, we can craft Gate of Darkness accessories from NPC, but in other servers (such as ElswordNA, ElswordDE), you cannot do it. 


I apologise for this. I forgot to add one thing… 

If you register dungeon equipment (such as Feita armors and more, as long as they are not any avatar), they will NOT have cloth hanger symbol. Therefore, you can still craft or trade them.

However, I haven’t tested with Henir or Secret Dungeon equipment. I will do it soon or ask someone has done it. I heard for them, they will have the hanger mark…

In case anyone asks about this, you can also register Sparring set. 

8. Reason why registered items are locked:

  • To prevent hacking or cheating. This is obvious.
  • To maintain the stable market.

KoG is sure about the fact that many people play Elsword for the sake of fashion. A lot of players only wants to look beautiful. If they can trade the registered items freely, then they have no need for using market much.

This is a bit confusing, but it is easy to understand. Let us have one example, shall we?

You would like to register Add’s Arch Angel Wing, so you could apply to all of your Add characters. If you were able to trade the registered item, you only had to borrow from your friend his/her Add’s Arch Angel Wing and applied it to your Wardrobe. You didn’t need to farm for ED to buy it from market or anybody else. You only needed to borrow, and the work would be done! You could look beautiful easily.

And this could lead to a result that the market would be… less-active, and players would feel bored.

This is why registered items are locked. You need to buy the items, register and apply them to use. 

Well, KoG WANTS you to grind ED for the stuffs you want. They actually give you “invisible” reason to stay in this game as long as possible. That is their goal.


There is nothing much for me to mention. If you still have question or something to add, it will be the best that you give me a message. 

Next guide:

How to purchase and put NX in ElswordKR (in game and on website). I’m kinda surprised when not many people around here know how to put NX pin by logging in Nexon website, so it’s time for you to learn… next time.