sell out seth rogen

sausage party production endings
  • bad ending: sausage party is universally rated as everyone's favorite movie, selling out theaters for weeks straight. Seth Rogen and James Franco make enough money from the production to build a space station, from which they threaten humanity with a nuclear missile stolen from France.
  • good ending: the movie is so unspeakably awful, that it becomes the tipping point for a worldwide revolution of the proletariat. theaters burn to the ground, and Rogen and Franco's heads are paraded around on pikes, their tongues cut out.
  • true ending: in an act of corporate espionage, all files for the film are stolen a week before planned release. Seth Rogen and James Franco have a week to recreate the movie using nothing but low-level cgi software and only have time for one take of each line. history repeats itself, and all is well.