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Ianthe the stupid bitch

Example 1 of her dumbness, she legit got naked and threw herself on Rhys. Granted Rhys had his mask of an asshole on and with it it wouldn’t look out of character for him to  sleep with a priestess. ( Since priestesses in Prythian have no prohibitions it wouldn’t be wrong either) but the fact that Ianthe thought that Rhys is so easy to seduce and control makes her a total dumbass. On top of that she made multiple advances towards other males in Rhysand’s court including Azriel, like lady could you be any more obvious, and not to mention she pissed Mor off, like if you are going in to manipulate a lord the last thing you do is pick a fight with his right hand.

Then again her plan to reclaim her position in spring court was extremely short sighted. Like that plan had so many loopholes that victory got served to Feyre on a silver platter.

Then selling out Archerons to king of Hybern, was a fool’s plan, not to mention she had no alibi or back up plans in case things go wrong.

Then her death, Feyre didn’t get her killed her stupidity did. What kind of an idiot would go in blind in a damn forest in the damn Prythian. She was a priestess and she had no idea about the land which belongs to no court, she didn’t even suspect that that place looked way safe, Also she spent months monitoring, using Feyre and she legit thought that Feyre would let an innocent person die in her place.

I mean bitch if you gonna be evil be smart evil not a complete idiot

It’s edging closer - we finally have a release date for the “American Psycho - The Musical” Original London Cast Recording Soundtrack … and it will be released in both the US and the UK on 25 March 2016.  Featuring Matt Smith and Cassie Compton, the track list is:

1. Opening (Morning Routine) (3:32)
2. Cards (3:16)
3. You Are What You Wear (4:07)
4. Oh Sri Lanka (2:18)
5. True Faith (1:31)
6. Killing Time (3:12)
7. In The Air Tonight (2:23)
8. Hardbody / Hardbody Luis (5:54)
9. If We Get Married (2:29)
10. Not A Common Man (3:10)
11. Mistletoe Alert (3:11)
12. Clean (2:33)
13. Killing Spree (4:40)
14. Nice Thought (2:34)
15. At The End Of An Island / Hardbody Hamptons (3:48)
16. I Am Back (2:53)
17. A Girl Before (3:42)
18. Don’t You Want Me? (1:16)
19. This Is Not An Exit (5:07)

Additional Music:
20. Selling Out (Fischer King Remix) (4:05)
21. Everybody Wants To Rule The World (Duncan Sheik Remix) (3:24)
22. Killing Time 2.0 (2:58)

The soundtrack is available for pre-order in both the US and the UK:

Pre-Order in the UK from Amazon priced £13.87.

Pre-Order in the US from Amazon priced $16.98.

Recruitment part 4: There’s No One Like You

You track down your lead to Crowley in Baton Rouge, and of course end up at a dive bar with a rather amorous Dean… **reposting from my former SPN fansite***

Dean x Reader

warnings: pg-13 for violence, threats, language, drinking, excessive use of flirting skillz

The ride to Baton Rouge was supposed to be a little over three hours long, and since Dean had gotten his temper in check and was driving the speed limit for the most part, you were due to arrive on time. His contact was a man named Tom Z, a recently paroled convict who claimed to have knowledge of Crowley’s recent whereabouts. Sam had located him God-knows-how.

After your little spat about the Mark of Cain this morning, Dean was pretty much silent for the rest of the ride. You decided to just ignore it and let him stew in whatever bullshit he was thinking about. Clearly the Mark was a sore subject, but it had needed to be brought up and out in the open between the two of you. Without trust, a hunting duo would never work. Which was why, sad to say, you usually worked alone.

After three and a half hours, Dean pulled the Impala up in front of a ramshackle double-wide set far back from an old country gravel road. The property would have been beautiful, if it didn’t have rusted out cars and engines strewn about the overgrown grass in the front yard and all among the trees. You turned in your seat. “What’s the plan? You sure this isn’t a trap?”

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Throne of Glass Theory Time Pt. 2

So there are still a few unanswered questions I have at this point in the series:

 1. Who was responsible for Ben’s death and why was he there the night of Gregori’s mission? 

2. Why did Arobynn send Celaena and Sam specifically to do the slave deal with Rolfe? 

3. Was Sam correct in assuming that Arobynn wanted them out of town for that period time? 

 Let’s look first at what we know to be true… 

  • Ben, five years younger than Arobynn, was Arobynn’s second and had ensured his rise as king of the Assassins. 
  • Celaena recalls Ben as gentle and kind, training with her often and mending her wounds. 
  • Gregori was meant to be on a solo mission. 
  • Four assassins were killed that night. 
  • Celaena is the last to be told of Ben’s death. 
  • Arobynn pointed blame toward Rolfe and his pirates, claiming a surviving assassin had identified them by their tattoos. 
  • Arobynn sends Sam and Celaena to Skull’s Bay believing they are meant to make Captain Rolfe pay for the lives his men took.
  • In reality Arobynn has sent them to begin a slave trade agreement with Rolfe. 
  • This information is conveyed to Rolfe within two sealed letters sent with Sam and Celaena. 

As Sam points out, these circumstances are suspicious. Even Celaena questions why she is the last to know of Ben’s death. 

To answer the questions above we must first ask the following: 

(1) Was Arobynn responsible for Ben’s death
 … We know Arobynn so let’s just go with an incontrovertible YES 

(2) What reason would Arobynn have had to kill his second - or better yet, what could Ben have done to have Arobynn turn on him? 

(3) What reasons could Arobynn have had for sending Sam and Celaena specifically to Skull’s Bay, and lying about the reason?
For a moment let’s assume Sam is correct and say that Arobynn DID want the two of them out of Rifthold. 

(4) What could have been happening in Rifthold during the month Arobynn sent Sam and Celaena to Skull’s Bay? 

Question (1)
Yeah, we’re like 99.99% sure Arobynn was responsible. 

Question (2)
Let’s brainstorm. Ben could have… 

  • Objected to the slave trade deal 
    • Seems reasonable due to Celaena’s description of his character also because Arobynn sent Celaena and Sam for the trade deal right after Ben’s death. 
  • Discovered Celaena’s true identity
    • This isn’t really based on anything other than the fact that this is something that most certainly would have resulted in Ben’s death, especially if Ben wanted to save her. 

Let’s run with these two ideas. 

For the reasons above, it stands to reason that Ben would have objected to the Guild’s involvement in the slave trade. 

  • They had the money, they didn’t need any more extravagant wealth. 
  • Why else would Arobynn’s immediate response after Ben’s death be to send his assassins to enact a trade deal rather than find and punish the persons responsible for the death of his second in command?

If Ben had somehow found out that Celaena was Aelin Galathynius, this could have led to a major dispute between him and Arobynn; 

  • He might have thought it truly wrong for Arobynn to have ensnared Aelin when she was eight and as vulnerable as she could possibly be, when she had family and people who were looking for her; to make her Celaena, to keep her forever indebted to Arobynn, forever an assassin. 

If Ben had objected to the slave trade he might also have be aware of the suffering throughout Erilea caused by Adarlan’s reign; 

  • He might have had some idea about how Aelin Galathynius could change the lives of those suffering throughout the continent. 
  • He might have wanted to restore her to her throne, or at least give her the choice.

If this were true and he spoke to Arobynn about it, it would without a doubt have led to his death. 

And if he had known who Celaena was, it is possible that Ben could have been the original source of the rumors that Aelin Galathynius was alive

  • A rumor like that must have been big news in Rifthold’s underground. 
  • This would explain how Archer got the idea into his head
    • perhaps he heard some part of Ben confronting Arobynn while training at the Keep, hearing something about Aelin Galathynius being alive. 

This could be the answer to Question (3) and Question (4)

  • Arobynn has a mess to clean up. 
  • Ben is dead, along with Gregori 
    • Perhaps Gregori found out and wanted to sell Celaena out to the King, and Ben went to stop him 
      • Supported because of the location of the deaths - near the royal dungeons. 
      • Arobynn kills Gregori via poison as is protocol so that he cannot say a word about Celaena or the Guild.
  • Now Arobynn has to deal with the people who heard the rumor. 
  • Multiple deaths wouldn’t have gone unnoticed by Celaena; he has to get her out of the way until the storm passes; he didn’t need her getting sentimental. 
  • And if Sam caught wind of it, he would have been relentless. 

So he sends them to Skull’s Bay. It just happens to work out that Ben was finally out of the picture so he could get into the slave trade business. 

That leaves us with this order of events…

  • Ben discovers that Celaena is Aelin Galathynius
  • Ben confronts Arobynn with this information
    • Archer catches some part of this confrontation and keeps the information for himself
    • Gregory might have heard and might have a) sided with Ben or b) wanted to turn her over to the King (seems more likely since they weren’t exactly fond of each other)
  • Arobynn sets a trap for both of them. He wants to keep Celaena for himself.
  • Ben is killed, Gregori captured & poisoned. 
  • Arobynn sends Sam and others to retrieve the bodies; if they came across Gregori Arobynn didn’t want Celaena out there for Gregori to talk to.
  • Celaena retrieves Ben’s body
  • Arobynn sends Sam and Celaena to Skull’s Bay while he deals with the rumors and finally gets his foot in the slave trade door.
  • They return and he’s pissed because he was unable to find everyone who heard the rumor and to add insult to injury Sam and Celaena screwed up his deal.