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Nobody (Part 3)

Plot:  Reader has been held prisoner by Hydra and is discovered by Nat and Bucky.  Post CA:CW (Bucky’s on the team, no one hates each other) Slight AU

Warnings: mentions of past torture/imprisonment, language, injury, shooting, violence, deaths….can’t think of anything else.

Words: ~3000 (i got carried away and felt bad for being MIA for so long)

A/N:  Sorry I’ve been gone for a while. Hope this next part makes up for it!  

Reader’s POV

You couldn’t be completely sure given your terrible vision, but the man seemed to be smiling at you which was weird since nobody ever smiled at you.  People snarled, growled, grimaced, hollered, spit, laughed, and sneered at you, but nobody ever smiled at you.  He’s probably not smiling

The man took a step forward, studying your tired, sunken eyes and the bruise patterns which peppered your hollow cheeks. He cleared his throat and spoke in that soft angelic voice again.  “What’s your name?”

Didn’t we just go over this? You couldn’t help the furrow in your brow at these two new guards.  Everything they did was completely backwards.  But it’s best not to argue.

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Just some fanart I worked on and finished so games I grew up with and absolutely love.

I wanted to digitally paint these but I’m so bad at it, so they are tri-toned. 

Selling my stuff

Hey guys, here’s a fresh post instead of my continual reblogging and adding things. So I’m selling some of my shit to make some extra money for California. I’ll list everything with prices next to some because some vary. Then I’ll make a post with pictures of everything I’m selling. You’ll pay through PayPal and you’ll get your stuff a few days later.

I’m selling:

Black Beats Solo Headphones ($50, willing to negotiate)
6 snapbacks (prices will vary)
Some books I’ve never read (probably like $8 ea)
Seasons 2-10 of Friends on DVD with all the bonus features and extended footage and stuff ($7 ea. Or $55 for it all)

Hit me up for info or anything else regarding this stuff!! Just trying to make as much money as I can before I head off to California to start my internship!

To reward myself for getting good exam results, I went and bought a booster pack of Angel Beats Weiss Schwarz cards after work this afternoon. COULDN’T BELIEVE IT when I pulled a signed card ヽ(;▽;)ノ

where the days are longer

And maybe that’s what they’re running from. Those ghosts. That minefield. The suffocating pressure to live up to who they used to be when who they used to be has now become stale, recycled words in textbooks and museums and clickbait online articles. Captain America and Bucky Barnes may be American heroes, relics of a time when patriotism ran deep and values were wholesome, but they are also people who lived and breathed and died to live and breathe again.

They fuck off to the coast, trying to put as many miles between them and D.C. as possible. New York is loud and claustrophobic at the best of times, but California has the open skies and roads that make Steve ease a little more into his skin.


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anonymous asked:

The darkness is a girl named Amara. She is obviously Dean's new love internet. I'm not angry that he's going to be with her. I'm not angry that it interferes with my ship. I am angry that they are using identical story lines. Amara saved Dean, like Cas saved Dean. Amara has a grand entrance that catches Dean's attention, like Cas. Amara and Dean have a BOND, like Cas and Dean. They are taking Destiel tropes and putting them into a canon romantic couples, then calling us crazy, and that's wrong.

Antis: EXO is nothing without their chinese versions and mutiple covers!

EXO: * sells 220k with kor + chinese version combined into ONE VERSION and ZERO covers and is posed to beat best selling first weeks sales in just 2 days*


Exo fighting with their daughter

Anon asked: Exo’s reaction to fighting with their daughter after she did something wrong/bad.


I’m going to do some (or maybe even all of it) that will include their daughter arguing about the punishments that they get for what they did. (This might become more of punishment related reaction then actual fighting)


Xiumin: *contemplates whether he was a bit too harsh with his punishment to ground his daughter and take her electronics away for a week after the fight but then remembers what she got in trouble for* “a month with no electronics or hanging out with friends for shoplifting, seems like a fair enough punishment to me”


H/D/N: “I’m not the one who smashed the pictures in the hallways!” *she screams in his face for the seventeenth time during the fight*

Luhan: “BULL! You’re the only one who has been in this house within the last three hours and three hours ago those pictures were perfectly fine”

H/D/N: “how do you know I was the only one here huh!? Mom could’ve done this or a burglar! How dare you accuse me of doing this!”

Luhan: “BULL BULL and more BULL. Your mother loved those photos just as much as I did so she’d never smash them and tear them to pieces + she’s been at work since 6 a.m this morning so it wasn’t her & this house has some of the highest, best security in existence, if there had been a burglar I would’ve known immediately. It was you who broke all of our family photos and I know it so don’t try getting yourself out of trouble with your pathetic lies!”


H/D/N: “I’m not the only teenager in the world who has driven after having a little bit to drink! nothing happened anyway so I did nothing wrong! and you’re a bit of a hypocrite. I bet you’ve driven while under the influence before so don’t think that you can get away with trying to punish me for doing something that you’ve probably done in your past!”

Kris: “You really think you can argue with your own father about this? You think that just because nothing happened that means that what you did wasn’t bad? You really think your ‘argument’ will get you out of trouble? HAHAHA, how about no!”

Suho: *tries to have more of a professional “sit down and think about the situation” talk with his daughter but his daughter escalates the talk to a fight that he desperately tries to avoid joining*

Lay: “You beat up two, TWO, of your class mates just because they took the last  pieces of pizza in the lunch line. I though I raised you better than this!”

H/D/N: “I paid two dollars to the teacher to make sure that I got a piece of pizza for lunch and those idiots took what I paid for so they deserved it!”

Lay: “You say that they deserved to be beaten up, well I say that you deserve to be grounded for a week. Your mom can also come up with further punishment for you when she gets home”

H/D/N: “You say that I deserve to be punished, well I say that I deserve to have a different dad who’ll agree with me and support me for standing up for myself! I HATE YOU!” *his daughter screams as she runs to her room and slams the door* 

Lay:  *actually super hurt by what his daughter says, he looks up the stairs of the house where his daughter ran and mumbles to himself* “deserve a different dad who’ll support her?….Oh you know, like I do but only when she’s being good…. who does that girl think she is?”

Baekhyun: “Punching an old lady who was walking down the street just because she was quote on quote “too slow for your liking”…!” *Baekhyun reads from the police report that he received upon bailing his daughter from the police office*  “this is ridiculous h/d/n!! This is the third time this month that something like this has happened!”

H/D/N: “what’s ridiculous is that I keep on getting in trouble over stupid, unimportant stuff”

Baekhyun: “unimportant!? Stupid!? You think that an old lady being sent to the hospital with a broken nose because of you is stupid!?”

H/D/N: “yes stupid! StUPid, stupid, StUpId, STUPID, Everything I get in trouble for is stupid!!!!”

Baekhyun: “well the way you’ve been acting and what you’ve been doing is STUUUPIID. next time you get in trouble with the law neither I nor your mother will be bailing your STUPID butt from going to jail”

Chen: “don’t even think about trying to get out of your punishment. What you did was wrong and fighting with me about it was even worse so you’ll go through with the punishment whether you like it or not”

Chanyeol: *him and his daughter fight for hours until late in the night about how her going to a strip club underage, with fake id’s, with her friends was bad… against the law bad is she had gotten caught by anyone other than him. Finally the fight gets to the point where they’re both wondering around the house in utter frustration and anger towards each other, banging their heads and grumbling against random objects and looking at each other with anger. Chanyeol trying to figure out what he’s going to do to resolve this situation and how he’ll punish his daughter while his daughter thinks of how to get herself out from punishment that she knows is coming*

Kyungsoo: *Kyungsoo and his daughter fight and fight and fight forever without end until Kyungsoo reaches his final boiling point and explodes, unconsciously yelling at her to “SHUT UP!” his uncommon temper and highly raised voice frightening her into silence and obedience*

Tao: “you really think I can’t tell the difference between you hanging out with a group of friends and you hanging out with a group of gangsters who’ve been going around criminalizing the city?”

H/D/N: “painting graffiti on old buildings is not “criminalizing the city” dad! Graffiti is just art, it’s not like we’re going around selling illegal drugs and beating innocent bystanders up or anything! They’re not bad people! I can hang out with whoever I want!”

Tao: “clearly you need to be educated on how graffiti is a form of vandalism which makes not only those people you’ve been hanging around with but also yourself forms of criminals” 

Kai: *Kai would be upset about having fought with his daughter but when she had started screaming at him when he was lecturing her about what she’d done wrong he’d had no choice. He’d stand in the spot he’d been standing in while lecturing her, giving out angry and upset huffs of breath as he attempts to calm himself down after sending her to her room*

Sehun: “do you think that I yelled at her  too harshly?” * he’d ask his wife after the fight* 

H/W: “no, she had brought the fight upon herself by starting it so yelling at her for it as justifiable”

The worst editing in history and you can not “come at my house” any more UPDATES

So there are bad news and good news…

The bad first: In a terrible turn of events JUMP and Vermont curry took separate ways and now JUMP CMs has reduced to only 4. Pity, because CMs  are always a good reason to throw a catchy song. Also i’m going to point out the 7-ELEVEN camping (in wich they used the song  “Shall  we”) didn’t turn out all that great because the merchandising end up half price. But i’m super optimistic with this, as long JUMP keeps his clean image and his visual level i think they will end up with a lot of CMs and what doesn’t kill you …..makes every idol group a legend.

The good: So it’s been more than a month since i updated Oricon (as some people “kindly” like to remind me). The longevity that Jump has right now scares me. It’s top of the Johnnys and i mean it, they’re in the top 3 don’t confuse with sales power i said longevity. To start “All i want for Christmas is Jump” was definitely last season song. The sales numbers sky rocketed in last year Christmas, Kimi Attraction sold 1.617 copies on it’s 10th week. (That’s basically what my other groups sell on its 3rd week ) and even Chau# poped up (with 324 copies).  For the Albums, JUMPing car passed the 1k mark (1.195 copies sold to be exact) and SMART passed the 500 copies mark (645 copies) Zengoku tour managed to sold 701 copies. But the King is the King and on its 45th week Smart tour sold 2.333 copies and ranked 9th!! 

But the fever continued in January when those huge numbers had little variations the first week and declined a little through the rest moth. Sensations came back to the ranking too and stayed until now, but the real comeback were Yamada’s “Mistery virgen” which charted the first weeks of January (3 years anniversary??) and the anthem to youth “Ride with me” also charted in January.

Right now you can count with Kimini Attraction, Chau#, Smart tour, Sensations DVD and JUMPing car to always rank in Oricon. That’s a great achievement.  Not many artist can have 5 releases all the time constantly charting. Besides from last week we have a new member in the family: “JUMPing carnival”,  who on its first week became the best selling DVD of jump beating the total of Koro sensation (140,392 copies so far). The DVD is terrible eddited to the point when it looks like jump doesn’t dance at all. They cut so many OTPs moments and in the solo parts they show anyone except the one that was singing (We will found the responsible for this!!!) That aside the Show is very well produced and the boys look so good. The DVD sold 154.382 copies and rank 1st. All the elements to make it are there and the only thing that we need, it’s a hit song.

Rumors has it…

The rumor mill is working full capacity as everyone and their mothers post whatever they want in social media. This months  favorites are: Yuto will do an Ultraman movie, Inoo is rumored for two doramas and everyone’s favorite boob pervert will comeback as there said the Kindaichi series will have a special in 2017.

Inoo got himself a scandal, a picture of him in a hostess club surrounded by women, that turned out to be a karaoke room surrounded by girls, that turned out to be a karaoke room with photoshoped girls….

At this point i’m having serious doubts about Jump’s social life.

JUMP NEMESIS captured seven members at the concert but let Yamada  to do his sado thing… 

The most useless Shinobi/ninja/Assassins are back to sing the theme of the movie “Ansatsu Kyōshitsu: Sotsugyō-hen” or Assassination classroom 2 for friends ;). The DVD SINGLE title is “Sayonara sensations” and the release date is march 23. Will this this sensations’s DVD beat the newly crowing King Jumping carnival? And what will Yamada do with Keito? i’m curious.

And last but not least, Yutorin did it!!!! He became the first member in JUMP to have a lead in a romantic movie and I really hopes he bully Yamada with it (Just like Chinen did with “Sprout”). The movie is called “Bokura no Gohan wa Ashita de Matteru”  and it will hit theaters in 2017. This is a love movie so i hope he doesn’t horrible die like he did in Nobunaga Moyu special (ups… spoiler alert). The plot is this: Yuto plays Ryota Hayama and Yuko Araki is Koharu Uemura.The movie, based on a novel, tells a 7 years love story from their first date to eventual marriage.

Well, Bokura no gohan etc, you got me since “Yuto”…

Out of all my years in retail this one still stuck out with me because Jesus Christ we need more customers like the one I’m about to gush about.

I work at an one of those department stores that sells off-beat brands at low prices along with a myriad of other off-color items from home décor to furniture. Really, we’re like a Walmart minus the food.

People on a whole that shop at our store must suffer from some sort of superiority complex because they treat us like we're crap. 

Generally they know we can’t tell their kids they can’t swing off of our racks like they’re monkey bars, make them pay for the things that they break when they break things like toys from their packaging, put hands on us or physically stop them from stealing or bar them from our stores when we recognize them as repeat offenders.

Why am I telling you all this?

Because our customers treat us like shit and exceedingly rare if we get a customer that’s nice, gentile human being.

Don’t get me wrong they do come in but they hardly make up for what most of my coworkers and I have to deal with on a weekly basis.

But hey, don’t worry-I’m getting to the story now but trust me, the above part was relevant.

So I usually work on the sales floor picking up the floor, assisting customers, minding the fitting room, answering calls but since we’re usually so short-handed more often than not, I’m called to man a register.

Let me tell you I HATE working the register. If the customers weren’t so passive-aggressive on the sales floor they get really rude when you’re behind the counter.

Throwing money at you, yelling when their card declines, letting their kids run behind the counter and sticking their hands where they shouldn’t, etc. I can honestly say its my least favorite job in the business next to sanitation.

Anyways, I’m checking out this woman that appears to be Hispanic with (what I assume to be) her elderly mother and her daughter who looks about 6-7 years old.

I already don’t have any aspirations that this lady will be happy customer because she’s on her phone angrily talking away as I try to ring her up.

Her mother, when I try to engage her acts like she doesn’t understand me and when I look at the kid to talk to her (because the cameras are watching) I just about grounded my teeth into dust.

Her kid found the candy divider with all those little toy/candy tops on the bottom part of the shell and she broke FIVE OF THEM OFF (hose suckers cost $6.99 USD a pop) to roll the damn ‘toy’ part on the floor for her own amusements. There’s candy on the floor now as she continues to play and the mother is seemingly oblivious to it all while the grandmother watches affectionately.

“Sweetie you can’t do that!” I call to the girl as I continue to scan items hoping she would stop. 

The brat just smiles at me and continues to make the cars swing the candy farther on the floor and eats the ones still in the tube.

“Honey, you can’t eat that if you haven’t paid for it!” I try again.

Grandma just waves her hand like when I tried to talk to her and the brat smiles and continues to eat more.

At this the mom FINALLY acknowledges her kids’ existence, looks at her and then at me before getting off her phone as I finish getting the last of her items scanned.

I know its probably futile considering how most of our customers are when their 'precious little crotch fruit’ decide to open/eat/break things they weren’t supposed to have in the first place but I ask anyway.

“Would you like me to ring those up as well?” I ask pointing to the mess that her daughter made.

The kid’s trying to put some of the candy back in the tubes but has the five cars (torn from the candy) still in her hand smiling.

Grandma of all times starts to find her voice in prefect English no less, “Oh no, she’s not buying them-” when the mom puts a hand to her grandmother’s face and then says, “Silva come here.”

Kid comes to her mom with the cars still in hand smiling like she can do no wrong.

“Put the cars on the counter and bring me all the candy that you opened.”

The girl is obviously delighted because CANDY and she grabs the ones she opened and then another that she hadn’t touched to add to the pile (spreading some of the opened candy all over my counter in the process.)

She looks at me and asks me how much each of them cost and when I tell her she asks me to add them to the pile.

Of course her kid is downright GLEEFUL as I ring them up and is eager to have them back in her hands but when she grabs for one her mom smacks her hand.

The mom grabs the six candy tubes and the cars into her own hands and asks “Do you have a trash can?”

I tell her yes.

“Good, now can I throw these away?”

Her kid’s eyes widen in horror as I lifted the trash bin for her mother to trash the items and then wailed when I put the bin back down.

Seriously, this kid had some lungs.

Grandma of course starts to grab one of the candy tubes to appease her grandkid but the mom stops her again.

“No, you don’t get to give her candy because as her mother I told her specifically that she was not allowed to get candy and you do not get to usurp my authority just because you’re her grandmother. I brought you along so you could help me keep an eye on Silva and you let her do this? You know she’s not allowed to do that-no one is! And you-”

Mom turns to the still tantrum throwing kid, “You were told that you couldn’t have any candy but you disobeyed me anyway? Do you know how much money you cost me today just trying to buy you clothes without having to pay for what you’ve stolen? You will not be getting candy tonight or any other sweets until you make up for what I’ve had to spend on those stupid candy cars!" 

The kid then decides to throw herself bodily to the floor and starts flailing.

"No, you get off the floor, I don’t have time for this!”

She’s right too, my line’s gotten long enough for my manager to start ringing people up on his own register.

Then to my astonishment the mom turns to me along with the people behind her to apologizes for her kid and her mother (mother-in-law?) behavior.

I may not like working the register but if I had more parents like that in my line I don’t think I would mind it as much.