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Hey you! I have a ton of products up on RedBubble now! So much so that I can’t post even half of them here. So here’s just one of the 7 collections (see all them hereI) have there:

There are 16 of my illustrations there, each one used in many different products:
- Stickers, Art Prints, Canvas Prints, Framed Prints, Metal Prints, Acrylic Blocks, Posters, Postcards;
- T-Shirts, Hoodies, Tote Bags, Drawstring Bags, Pouches;
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AND MORE if you still believe me! Seriously. My dudes. Everything’s cool there it’s worth just by taking a look, if you like my art. You can find a Vegeta pillow. Doesn’t get better than that.
(Also this is a great way to help me out! Not only you can get some cool stuff you also help me keep going in my art endeavors!)


A Cop Killed A White Teen And The #AllLivesMatter Crowd Said Nothing

On the evening of July 26, Zachary Hammond pulled into the parking lot of a Hardee’s in Seneca, South Carolina. Seated next to him was a young woman who had arranged to meet someone there to sell a bag of weed. It’s unclear what Hammond knew about the transaction, but neither the 19-year-old nor his passenger had any idea that the buyer was actually an undercover police officer. Moments later, another officer fatally shot Hammond.


Tostitos is selling a bag of chips that’ll call you a discounted Uber on Super Bowl Sunday

  • Just in time for the Super Bowl Tostitos is partnering with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and Uber to encourage safety with its new “Party Safe” bag.
  • The bag features an alcohol sensor at the top, which, once you breathe into it, will turn red if alcohol is detected or green if alcohol is not.
  • Hopefully, if you’ve been drinking alcohol, you’ll already be aware that you’ve been drinking it — so the bag won’t necessarily give you any information you’re not privy to.
  • But it’s a unique reminder that if you’ve been drinking, you probably shouldn’t drive.
  • The Tostitos bag is also equipped with NFC technology which allows you to tap your phone to the bag to call an Uber ride. Read more

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(spoiler free!) um maybe this was just me but i didn’t know that the honey buddha chips story in the deep route was real! it was called the honey butter craze!

Highlights from the wikipedia article: “In January 2015, a so-called “Honey Butter Chip-Hunting” smartphone app was launched. The app tells the availability of the product at near convenience stores. More than 10,000 people had downloaded the app.”

“Some stores made ‘Honey Butter Chip waiting list’ for customers and limited the selling quantity as one bag for a person.“

“On eBay, which does not provide South-Korea shipping service, you need to pay $50 for a 60-gram bag of the chip of which the original price is about $1.36“

Yoosung’s struggles were real.


I work part-time at this grocery store and my job is Courtesy Clerk, but after a few weeks the head of the front area or whatever likes us to go to Cashier Training so we can help out the regular cashiers when things get crazy. So I went and the week after I started working as back-up, but one day, this old, balding guy came into my line and I did the whole ‘Hi, how are you?’ customer service thing and rang up his items, and when I looked up, with a smile mind you, I asked ‘Would you like a bag?’ Little did I know, I had just opened a vortex straight to hell.

He only had like three items and at the time we only had large bags, and honestly I’m supposed to be selling re-usuable bags but they’re right next to the register so if someone wants one I usually leave it up to them. So anyway, I ask him 'Would you like a bag?’, and he looks at me and says in the most condescending voice, 'Do you think I want a bag?' 

And I just stand there thinking, 'I don’t know who the fuck you even are, what you like, I shouldn’t have asked, etc. etc.’ but instead I keep the smile and say, 'Well, I’m not really sure, do you need one?’ He then begins to run the whole conversation in circles for five minutes with me trying to get a straight answer out of him because what the fuck? Do you want a bag or not, you asshole? 

'What do you think? Do you think I need a bag? Do you think I want to walk out there, and people are gonna see all my personal items? What if the government is watching?’ Just on, and on, and on, until finally he repeated the first question and I just gently placed his things (a fucking donut, coffee, and something from the deli, some fried pizza sticks, I think, I don’t remember) into the bag and said, “I guess you do need one.“ 

He then has this giant ass smirk on his face and says, "See, was that so hard? I swear, people like you shouldn’t even have jobs, especially a woman. They should just kill people like you. If we were alone right now I swear…” He trails off and I’m just standing there, sick to my stomach and so angry I can feel myself trembling.

But, lo and behold, there were these two aunties (what I call people who are older than me out of respect, it’s a thing in Hawaii lol) behind him watching the whole thing and what kept me from grabbing this guy and slamming his face into the counter were these two ladies heckling the fuck out of him, and calling him a fucking idiot for holding up the line for a stupid question, and what the hell did you say? I could call the police right now, how dare you say that to her, she’s only trying to help you, if I was her I would’ve kicked your ass already,’ and stuff along those lines.

The old guy just scoffed and grabbed his things and left, but after the two aunties just talked to me and made me feel so much better after that whole ordeal, and I’m just glad they were there because I was about two minutes from crying my eyes out. They even bought re-usuable bags and everything. And before they left one of the ladies said, 'If he’s still outside I’m gonna beat his ass for you, you have a great day, girl.’ And I just started happy crying a little after they left because they helped me remember that despite how many shit people there are in the world, there are just as many good people out here too.

SO yeah, that’s the worst customer I’ve ever had paired with some of the best customers I’ve ever had. :D

there was this one kid selling cereal in a bag with some liquid? It was pink. Could have been water, could have been pepto bismol, maybe a mix (Froot loops won’t turn milk pink y’all) Anyway he’s got it in this sandwich bag and he’s sloshing it around and slapping other kids with it before he ran out of the cafeteria yelling he’ll sell fifteen grams for a grand and idfk but we got his picture

it was my friend’s birthday so i made him a card

Herbs for sale/trade!

I have a lot of organic and home-grown dried herbs that I can part with. I’ve made teas and salves with most of them. I am willing to trade for stones, bones, teeth, or furs, or I can sell small bags at a discount price.

I have: hops, crampbark, echinacea root, hawthorn, skullcap, red clover, valerian root, nettle leaf, boneset, calendula, comfrey leaf, motherwort, white willow bark, arnica, coltsfoot, chickweed, meadowsweet, and burdock.

Please contact @meskri if you’re interested :) I’m in the US and willing to ship anywhere if the shipping price is reasonable.

@tumblr hey idk if this is based on the area/state/etc. but did any of you remember a time period in middle school where they’d sell whole pickles in bags???

it was honestly a top tier experience and im wondering if anybody else had this at school

Quick Quill Cutting Tutorial

Originally posted for the OWS server on Discord. 
There are many different ways to cut quills, this is just how I do it.

Okay, so supplies I use:

  •  Turkey feather (Craft stores sell bags of real ones that are treated/painted so you don’t have to be THAT person with the geese in the park.)
  •  Jar for Tempering: Tempering is just exposing the “writing” part of the feather’s shaft to a low, slow heat/cooldown to strengthen it. Some people will bake sand and stick the feathers in standing up and take them out when the sand has completely cooled. Some do this in a crockpot. I use a jar, a lid with holes to suspend the feather and tea candles. I am impatient, and love fire.
  •  Matches or a lighter: Lights candles/burns off stray down. 
  • Sandpaper: Around a 320 grit, helps file down nib points and is used kind of like a “pencil sharpener” when writing. Points also have to be re-cut over time.
  •  Exacto knife: Sharp thing with a straight edge. Pen knives are more traditionally used, but I don’t have one of those and a good blade is a good blade. Used for shaving the feather and carving out the nib.
  •  Not pictured and optional: Tweezers. Can help pull out the membrane inside the feather to make a better ink reserve. The knife and your fingers will also work. 

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we all know nursey’s ‘chill’ aesthetic is fake, is entirely fabricated, and is in fact carefully curated and the very antithesis of chill, because soft gentle nerd derek malik nurse has the true heart of a poet and actually feels everything very deeply. it’s a protective mechanism. he’s from a world of class and pretension and he refuses to accept the system in his little queer mixed heart and he’s always riotously angry. but there’s feeling it and then there’s showing it, in a macho bro culture sport and a greater society that likes to chew up and spit out anyone that’s different. he’d rather just bottle it up inside himself, let it age like a fine wine, and use it to inspire His Art ™. 

he is whole heartedly committed to being cool and calm and collected. until anyone starts on dex. then, nursey will go from 0 to 60 and unashamedly abandon all attempts at chill on the roadside.

“dude it just seems like everyone on the sports teams is a dick” “haha np man”

“no offence, like, you’re cool, but a lot of players just seem really uptight” “yeah yeah cool cool i get it”

“the basketball girls are stuck up, and those lax bros, urgh. the redhead you play with-” “whAT THE EVERLOVING FUCK DID YOU JSUT SAY TO ME”

Anastasia: A New Musical (contains spoilers)

I do not even know where to begin. 

Okay so basically the way the theater accommodated for those of us who had traveled a long distance and couldn’t come back to another date of the show, they let us in to watch the dress rehearsal. I don’t regret it for a second and I’d do it again in a heart beat. Like how many people can say they saw the DRESS REHEARSAL of a show?!

So we got to the theater and they were selling bags, magnets, tee shirts, and posters…I got a shirt and two posters because they were super reasonably priced….and I know once it hits broadway the merch will triple in price. 

So we get seated and no our seats were not as great as we’d originally had…initially I had second row seats for us but since they still had all of the tech stuff set up and the professional photographer needed to get photos….we were sat in the side sections, but that was okay. 

BEFORE the show I went to the bathroom and on my way I saw a woman all made up but in regular clothes and I was like “Damn she looks familiar!” and I went up to her and I said “are you who I think you are?” and she goes “Well I’m in the show” and I said “But you were in Moulin Rouge weren’t you?” and she goes “Yes!” and I proceeded to fangirl hard core and I was like “Oh my god it’s so nice to meet you. I just found out last night that you are in this and I’m so excited because I have loved Moulin Rouge since I was 12 years old” and Caroline took my hand and said I was so sweet and asked me my name….Caroline played Nini Legs in the Air in Moulin know “Don’t worry Shakespeare, you’ll get your ending once the Duke gets his…end….in.” 

So so sweet. She played the new revised version of Sophie in the show. 

SO ONTO THE SHOW ITSELF…I literally spent the Prologue and “Dance of the Romanovs” bawling my eyes out….the show opened with young Anastasia being put to bed by her grandmother and her grandmother giving her the music box….they sing their special song together and then Anastasia’s parents come in and her father offers to dance with Anastasia and it transitions into the ball the night that the Bolsheviks came…..AND GOD DAMN. The thing hurt…bad. AND THERE WERE SO MANY REFERENCES IN THE SHOW THAT YOU’RE LITERALLY ONLY GOING TO GET IF YOU ARE UP ON YOUR ROMANOV KNOWLEDGE….like Alexi trips and falls while dancing with Anastasia and literally everyone stops to see if he’s okay…because Alexi was a hemophiliac. 

And basically the whole show is set up on the premise of Anastasia escaping the house of Special Purposes (or Ipatiev House) in Yekaterinburg. It isn’t entirely clear throughout the show if that’s the case or not because the last we see of young Anastasia is her going back for her music box and an explosion going off….but later in the show Anya shows Dimitri a diamond she’s had this whole time and she tells him one of the Nurses found it sewed into her clothing and she was told to keep it safe and secret until she found someone she could trust….AGAIN another thing you’re only going to pick up on if you’ve actually read about the Romanov murders…but basically the women all sewed their jewels into their corsets to keep them secret and the hope that furthered MANY people’s dreams about the survival of a Romanov for years was that the bullets bounced off one of the girls corsets…

What I loved most about this is despite it being based off Anastasia surviving and then using the core of the film, is the history that was utilized. There is a WHOLE SONG sung by Gleb about how his father was one of the officers who carried out the executions….and how his father died ashamed of what he had done….and Gleb sings about being a little boy and hearing the children laughing inside the gates of the house and then hearing their screams and the shots….and they even have Anya remembering her dog Toby who was murdered with the family…

A few of the songs like “A rumor in St Petersburg” and “Paris Holds the Key to Your Heart” were changed or had different lyrics added but they were fine and I really liked it. “Rumor” had more basis in history and they talked about St. Petersburg being Leningrad and what not…and “Paris” had more explanation on the historical figures that appear in the movie like Josephine Baker, Ernest Hemingway, Isadora Duncan, and Gertrude Stein….which I thought was great. The young lady playing Josephine Baker was a phenomenal dancer. 

There’s more of a background on Dimitri and Vlad in this, and we learn that Dimitri’s father was an outspoken anarchist who was killed in a labor camp for his beliefs…

Another thing that was great is Anastasia’s nightmare is different since Rasputin isn’t involved, but it does involve her just having nightmares in general which has her seeing her parents….so the entire Romanov’s would circle the bed while she was dreaming, demanding she remember…and Alexi breaking my heart by saying “We’re all going to die” which leads into Dimitri coming in to comfort Anya and that leads into the way that Dimitri saw eight year old Anastasia in this is very different but it is a wonderful different and leads to a great duet between the two of them called “In a Crowd of Thousands”. 

ALSO Vlad and Sophie (now Lily) and their relationship is SERIOUSLY explored AND I LOVED IT. You find out where Lily fit into the grand scheme of things as a countess, her relationship with Vlad…I was so excited to see Caroline dancing because her tango in “El Tango de Roxanne” is still one of the best things ever in my life. 

There’s another scene towards the end where Gleb is faced with the decision to do the right or the wrong thing and while this is happening in the background they are showing the soldiers advancing on the Romanov family with the rifles for the execution and the whole thing is so raw…they thankfully do NOT show the Romanov’s being murdered because that would have really made it tough for me to love this show as much as I do…

But the sets, the costumes, the acting, singing, dancing, everything was SO perfect. Broadway has a new big hit on their hands and I really hope it makes it to the Tony’s next year….It deserves it and then some. 

I can’t think of anything else to say right now…I’m just in awe…and a little tired from crying so much during the show…If you have any questions let me know, I’d be more than happy to try and answer them. <3 <3