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Why I sleep with my bedroom door shut.

My parents divorced when I was eight years old. They had just purchased a house together in the woods in Walker, Louisiana, which is twenty or so miles from Baton Rouge. After seeing his subsequent relationships, I realize that this is something my father does when his marriage is rocky- he sells his house and then buys or builds a new one for the sake of distraction. I’ve actually seen it work for him. Once engaged in a new project and excited by the possibilities, his wife might forget to ask why he was out so late, who he was with, and why he smells like another woman’s perfume. But this time, his trick didn’t work. My mother had had enough. I don’t even think we lived in that house in the woods for a full year before my mother suggested he go stay with his whore instead.

I wasn’t terribly upset by this. My father and I had never been close. He was a no-nonsense high school coach, and I was bookish and skinny and weird. Far from the athlete he’d wanted. Though, to be fair, he didn’t try to push me into sports or pressure me to follow football. Instead, he ignored me entirely in favor of my little brother, Trent, who seemed like he was born with a ball in his hand. Trent didn’t play one sport, he played all of them, starting when he was merely a toddler. I never resented either of them for this, I merely mention it to help paint a picture of my brother. If Trent and I had been one person, we’d be a very well-rounded individual. Me, precocious and dreamy and even-tempered. Trent, sporty and rough and emotional, living up very well to the reputation that came with his bright red hair even when he was still in diapers. You couldn’t have two more opposite children. But we loved each other fiercely, particularly in the early years of our parents’ divorce. Though there were three bedrooms in this house in the woods, Trent and I shared one, not wanting to be separated.

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i’m not even mad at the girl who got 20 guys to buy her new iphones so she could sell them to buy a house. i just wanna point out how fucked it is that you can buy an entire house or 20 phones for the same amount of money.

Love Speaks in Silence

I can’t do this anymore she sadly uttered.

Me, us?  Tell me where I need to change. What must I do to make it right.

This house?  We can always sell ours and buy a different home.

Your career?  Change it, walk away, try another, we’ll get by. 

Life she at last cried out in desperation.

And I silently held her through our tears, knowing she alone could provide her answers.


Lemony Snicket, dressed in a mismatched orange jacket with a blue paisley button up shirt underneath, faces the camera on a dingy street: “But a fear of real estate agents, a term which here means ‘people who assist in the buying and selling of houses’ would be an irrational fear, because nothing sinister has ever come from the real estate market.”

So I’m watching A Series of Unfortunate Events and,

This line has been mentioned, but also, the line doesn’t go like this in the book. It was an addition by the writers or whoever and I must say. Well fucking played.

Ohhh my goodness cosleeping is just the best. I mean, it’s not like I can’t just pop him in the bedside crib if I want to do grown up things, or just have a cuddle, but having such a sweet and tiny little baby next to me is just perfect. He sleeps so much better when he can smell and touch his mama right next to him. Stuart loves that he can touch him in the night too, and put his hand on him to help settle him.

I thought I’d miss my bed after having it to myself again for so long and it was a bit of an adjustment again at first, but I know how fast they grow. He’s already losing his newborn-ness and gurgling and smiling and getting chubby…urgh I just can’t, I can already picture him learning to walk and talk and this baby period will have slipped through my fingers so much faster than it did with Jesse. I’m so glad that we’ve never ruled out more babies in the future, otherwise I’d probably find it heartbreaking though I would never be insane enough to be pregnant with a toddler again 😂😂😂


Has anyone else seen this? and if so why aren’t we talking about it?

“marriages, divorce, buying houses, selling houses…” - who exactly you talking about KDub

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Can you do some headcanon about the CP being a girl scout? I just loved that ask about it lol, and I can totally see her asking Bruce Wayne to buy some like thin mints or something 😂😂😂

She wants more patches on her sash like the older girls so Harley takes it and sews/stitches dozens of “clown princess” and jester and “property of joker” patches/words on it until it is completely covered.

Joker ‘suggests’ that all his goons and business partners buy her cookies and if they don’t they get a bullet to the head.

Joker takes her around in the purple lambo to peoples houses to sell cookies and the people buy them immediately when they see him roll down the window and glare.

All the other moms in the girl scout troupe are terrified of Harley because she always comes to pick up her daughter with blood stains on her clothes and a bat in hand from ‘work’

The daughter is so proud of the patches she get’s she wants to share it with her daddy so he agrees to put identical patches on his purple coat.


I was tagged by @crossedbeams to write about what female friendship means to me… again.. sorry.. this could get long.  :-O 

Well I talked back on #wewomen Wednesday and i mentioned my tribe of moms. I really can’t put into words what having a support system in place like this means. I know the person i was at 20 is nothing like the person i was at 30 and I also know the person I was  30 is not the person I became at  40 and if you find people to go on that journey with you.. you should consider yourself lucky– 

This crew has been there to help each other thru parental sickness and death, child sickness, child death, cancer, cancer scares, rape, spousal abuse, divorce, separation, IVF success and failure, birth of children, adoption, miscarriages, abortion, graduations, birthdays, job loss, job promotions, leaving the work force, joining the workforce, buying houses, selling house, moving you name it. 

They have been there when I question myself.. . am i doing anything right? are my kids gonna turn out ok or are they assholes? we ground each other.. and most importantly we are strong for each other when we have to be. We are strong so one of us can be weak. . When one of us needs to lose it, and cry and scream and say 


That is when the tribe comes in and says I got it.. i got you. I am here go ahead and fall apart. And they don’t judge or criticize or say you shoulda done this or your coulda done that.. no. They don’t try to fix it.. They listen and they cry with you and when you are ready they help you crawl out of the darkness together. 

I really never imagined that being a mother could be this fucking hard. I had no idea that I would question myself daily about every little thing.. do i spend enough time with them? am i feeding them well enough? I should read more with them? I should have helped more on her homework,..Why isn’t my kid reading yet? how come that kid has harder spelling words? Why isn’t my kid in honors classes? of doubting myself. 

And if you have a group of women behind you to lift you up to, to dust you off and to say you got this.. and I got you then you are winning the battle and the war. 

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I am currently waiting for the possible snow storm. A snow day would be much appreciated, but highly unlikely. I felt like this picture accurately shows the snowfall amounts various news channels have been forecasting….

As far as life goes - we all know I don’t deal well with things out of my control. This entire house selling, hunting, buying process has me at my limit.

My husband, bless his heart, is a major cause of my stress. One minute he is saying things like, “Yes. Let’s schedule another showing for that house.” And then five minutes later, “Why did you contact the realtor? This whole thing probably will take months. We don’t need to go look again NOW.”


Then ten minutes later, “Yes. I really do want to live in a new city. A fresh start somewhere different.” Followed shortly after with, “We should stay close to here. Probably in the same town.”


A few minutes later, “So did you hear back from the realtor about the showing? You should ask your mom to come too, to see what she thinks.”

He ended the conversation with, “You know, the Amish probably won’t even end up buying our house. We’ll just be here forever.”


Let’s start a shitty garage band and write angry songs about feminism and love and our own mortality. Let’s get minimum wage jobs and smoke pot all day. Let’s travel the world in an RV and search for ghost towns. Let’s fall in love in a delusional, picturesque world we create for ourselves. Let’s be a cliche, the type of couple you’d see in an indie film. Let’s stay together even after we become tame and have our fill of adventure. Let’s laugh at young couples who we see ourselves in. Let’s sell our old RV and our drum set and buy a house I can talk about gardening in then never garden in. Let’s fall in love again everyday. Let’s take the world by storm, then disappear from it without a sound.
—  /Emily

if taylor swift dropped a red tour dvd out of nowhere i s2g i would go back to blindly kissing her ass i would comment yaaaasss queen on every post i would make those stupid no its becky jokes yes whale whatEVEr i would sell my soul to satan himself. if she dropped a red tour dvd i would sell my house and buy copies of 1989 w the money. i would live on the streets i woul

High on the Hogs: A story of pro family revenge.

So one of my brothers is adopted and is amazing.

He didn’t get anything handed to him in life and he’s seriously one of the hardest working people I know. Just as he was starting his own family he had even more financial burden due to some medical problems. Still, somehow he managed to build half a house on some land my Dad sold him. He used the equity in that to get a second loan and finish it (and he had to fight the bank for that even). Time goes on and he begins to do really well – so he sells the first house he built at a profit and buys some land. Like, 175 acres in the midwest (he lives in a rural area). He likes to hunt and does some farming on the land but the house that was there when he bought it isn’t ideal, despite some major improvements and renovation. So he builds a third house and puts the house up for sale. He keeps the land around the house for hunting (this is important later).

This is when one of his envious family members asks if he and his wife would consider selling them the house. They can only qualify for something like half of what it’s worth, but my brother is a fairly generous guy – he agrees to sell the house to them at a rather hefty discount since they’re family. I’m sure he felt some of their pain as well – he’d had his own difficulty back when he was starting out. The bank agrees to loan them the money (they can’t go wrong, it’s for way less than the property is worth) and the deal is done.

A few short months go by. He’s driving by the property and spots a for sale sign. He stops in and the husband explains that there were some things about the house they weren’t happy with, so they were planning on selling it and buying a house more in town or something (etc). My brother explains that they got a sweet deal only because they were family and that he’d appreciate them selling the house back to him for what he sold it to them for. The husband basically closes the door on that – and my brother leaves.

And he thinks about it. I’m 100% certain that the family members understood that they were getting a good deal because they were family and he was happier selling it to them with the understanding that they weren’t to take advantage of his good graces.

This is a guy, by the way, that manages big projects. He’s a really fair guy. The stuff he does in construction probably half of you have driven over – big bridges that go over rivers like the Mississippi for example. He’s used to solving hard problems. This one isn’t that hard.

The next day he drives out with some fence in the back of his truck, and the family members in the house wake up to some fence posts being driven into the ground.

The husband comes out. “What’s going on?” he asks.

“I’m just putting up some Hog fence on my property. Don’t worry, it’s all on my land – I’ll just go around your house here and put a gate in so you can get in and out.”

The husband is a bit perplexed. “You’re bringing in pigs?” And my brother was seriously set to do it too. He had about 100 lined up from a farmer down the road.

The husband goes back into the house. A few minutes of “discussion” occur.

The next day they all meet at the bank and the deed is transferred back to my brother. And he didn’t even have to deploy the hogs…



  • what she says: I'm fine :)
  • what she means: why would Nancy eat a missing girl’s Koko Kringle bar? there’s an incredibly likely chance that that Koko Kringle bar had important forensic evidence on it that could possible assist in the search of a missing person. furthermore, Nancy is not by any means poor or desperate for food because her father is a lawyer and probably by selling a throw pillow from her house Nancy could buy dozens of Koko Kringles. unless, perhaps, she was being starved to death at the Thornton estate/plantation and the only thing she had eaten for days was tea. still, it seems that there has to be some pre-established method of delivering goods to Blackrock Island as an entire family and workers would likely be on the island without leaving for days, weeks, or even months on end. however, when you try to make Nancy leave the Thornton grounds by clicking on the gate out front, she says something to the effect of “no leaving now” implying that there aren’t gonna be any boats to the island anytime soon so it may in fact be very likely that there is no food supplier to the whole of Blackrock Island. still, Nancy probably could’ve eaten those oranges if she was that starving. SO WHY. EAT. A. MISSING. GIRL'S. KOKO. KRINGLE. BAR.