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A very starry annoncement

Sorry for being very silent for the past few weeks, i’ve been working on the book and, good news! It’s finally done and ready to go tonight! I just need to place the images together along with a few minor adjustments!

The book should be ready for preorder tomorrow evening or on Thanksgiving!

For those who are interested, please let me know via direct message and i’ll be sure to add you on the VIP list!

Have a great evening!

oh my god this girl is just straight-up changing some names and pronouns in the original text of pride & prejudice and selling ebooks? which i guess is a thing she can legally do since jane austen is public domain? how many FUCKING novels and screenplays have i done this to in my life? as a free service? out of the goodness of my heart? when all the while nothing was stopping me from editing a bunch of sir arthur conan doyle stories to be parory fanfiction and then selling them for $5 a pop on amazon?

Honestly, after several occasions of viewing animal slaughter up front, you kind of stop knowing how you can prevent it, especially when your efforts are always undermined because the majority of people don’t care…”

“But I guess it’s become more of a lifestyle, I mean I don’t think anyone actually wants to harm animals, especially since they’re not the ones actually doing the killing, they just buy the aftermath of animal abuse.”

“It’s not their fault, especially if they were all raised to think meat and dairy are essential to your diet.”

“If not for the animals, then consider it for your own well being!”

But there are some vegans that take it to the extreme and make it really culty, they try to sell you their ebooks and tell you that you’re a horrible person if you don’t subscribe to their teachings.”

anonymous asked:

Do you have anything on what to expect after being published?

Everyone has a different experience depending on their genre, who published them, if they had an agent or not, if they’re selling ebooks or print books (or a combination), what age group they’re writing for, and what they’re doing to promote their book (book tours, talks, etc.).

So, I can’t offer you a “typical” experience, but I can offer you these:

The books have arrived!!

I’m going to be sorting them this week and making sure all the extras are included and the addresses are correct, and hopefully posting from next Monday! You’ll receive an email when your book has been posted, and I will post here when I have shipped the last one.

Shortly after that we’ll stop selling the ebooks and do a final check of the accounts, then donate all net proceeds to One to One Children’s Fund!

Cosmic Funnies Book Project Ideas

Hello there!

Now, that the holidays has passed, it is time for me to work on the book project as promised. The first volume of Cosmic Funnies is scheduled to be published late May and the subject will focus on the solar system! If anyone has topics they would like to have included in the book, feel free to send me a message so I may add down said ideas to the list of topics to include. 

So what will be included in the book? 

Well, new content of course! It will be a whole lot more informative than the webcomic version, making this book project a challenge! So, this is where I will ask you all for suggestions so that the book does not have any information errors included! Therefore, if you see any mistakes in my solar system comics, please let me know so I may keep that in mind for the future entries and the for the book.

Also, if you are a astronomy major or work in the field, and have any suggestions on what topics I can include in future comics or for the book, you may send me a message as well! Don’t be shy! I don’t bite! ;) 

See you later!