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Mornings with Seventeen

Preference: Little drabbles about mornings spent with Seventeen (inspired by Verbal Jint’s Good Morning)

-Admin Syrup


It’s not even five minutes past 10 AM when you’re already screaming at Seungcheol to put you down, toothbrush firmly grasped in one hand, the other hand fisting the collar of his white t-shirt in mock rage, as he hoists you further up his back and readjusts his grip on the back of your thighs. You mutter some obscenities at him just for the sake of it, unable to hide the smile in your voice, and he laughs as he carries you to the bathroom. He acts as if he doesn’t do this at least twice a week.

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Call for Mods

As you might have noticed, I’ve been having a rough time IRL lately, and keeping up this blog is becoming increasingly difficult. I’m often too tired to come up with headcanons, and considering the fact that 90% of this blog is my own content, that’s a big problem. I love this blog, but unless the autistic headcanons suddenly rise in popularity and I’ll be able to reblog things instead of making them up myself, I will not be able to run on a decent queue. Not by myself.

So, I’ve decided to take on another mod to help me! I am looking for at least one other mod, though if there are more applications, I might take on more.

A mod’s job will primarily be to come up with new headcanons and help me find good posts to reblog. I will maintain every other function of this blog, unless the mod objects, in which case we can negotiate.

A potentional mod must:

1. Be autistic (self-dx and pro-dx are both okay)

2. Be anti-shaladin/shallura/piladin/palotor/etc. If you’re not sure if your ship falls under ‘etc’, feel free to message me.

3. Meet the requirements in my before you follow.

4. Use she/her pronouns for Pidge, and headcanon her as a girl (trans or cis) or at least a fem-aligned gender.

5. Be willing to leave ships/sexuality headcanons out of this blog (to avoid discourse).

6. Be willing to avoid discourse in general.

7. Be willing to keep up/help me keep up a consistent update schedule (one or both).

8. Be willing to adopt a consistant tagging system, and to provide consistant image descriptions to posts.

In addition, I’d recommend looking through my about, fac, byf, and discourse tags, over at my other blog @magicalallura, as well as the blog in general, solely to figure out if you have similar headcanons as I do. While this is not a requirement, having similar thoughts on canon and fanon will make running a headcanon based blog together MUCH easier.

(Sorry to be so strict and specific, but this fandom is a dumpster fire and I don’t want to burn my fingers.)

Mod applications will close in about two weeks or so, unless I haven’t found a suitable mod/haven’t had any applications by then, in which case it will run indefinitely.

If you have any questions, you can either PM me or send me an ask! If you send me an ask, though, please specify if you want it answered privately, because otherwise I’ll assume that you don’t. 

If you fit the requirements and would like to be a mod, please PM me, either on this blog or one of my other blogs!

anonymous asked:

Hard meringues to me feel like the consistency of chalk! I live in Tennessee and at my local food city they sell cute little meringue bites in these clear circular packages! They have rainbow and chocolate chip meringues :3 They're really fun to bite into

Oh word! I don’t think I’ve ever had one before! :O Idk if I’ve seen them around where I live either?? Or maybe I have without realizing what I was looking at ^^; anyway that’s super neato! They sound like they’d taste really good too! >:3


2017 hogwarts, it starts off slow, with just a couple of muggleborn children bringing them and showing them off, but soon the teachers begin to see a problem, they are EVERYWHERE! The kids can’t put them down, and someone made a spellbook for them, but not just a normal spell book, this one teaches you how to make them explode or catch fire or turn into ordinary objects so you can hide them from teachers! People change them to their house colours to show off!
Slytherin students boast and show off and do the most tricks with them, normally leading to injury

Gryffindors have been known to have battles similar to beyblades except with flying shrapnel and a lot more fire

Ravenclaws put the most spells on theirs, soon they can almost turn them into pets, they now have a mind of their own

Hufflepuffs were surprisingly quiet with them until one witch decided to start selling ones that will bite you or spit acid or even turn into bugs overnight, soon the hufflepuff common room was a mess, finally leading to a ban of the toys

No more fidget spinners.

So does it make a bit more sense for everyone now that Sam has taken dates to events that were not his gf? Does everyone remember when he brought Amy to 92Y in NY, and she stood off to the side on the red carpet, conversed with fans, and by all appearances looked like his girlfriend? Heck, when I first googled Sam I thought she was his gf too. Then we got the real deal once inside the venue, and someone caught he and Cait cozied up in a corner with champagne, her body full frontal pressed to him, and her head turned around toward the camera. Looked like their own wedding reception. Amy also was photographed there and around LA with Sam. We then got two more young actresses exposed to us. CK he actually held hands with while being photographed. Dating, ok then. You got me. Then we hear all the side stories of how he was really leaving some of these events with Cait, and a rumored tiff ensued between CK and Cait. He left with Cait. Enter Abbie who was a master at innuendo on IG also. Heartbreaker shirt in Sam’s kitchen, munro cherry popping, Paris breakfast for two. Well, now we have Amy saying, nope, was never the gf. CK bolted, and so did Abbie. In fact does anyone else find it odd that Abbie unfollowed Sam on IG the morning of the IFH? It’s almost as if she knew they were going to reveal that day with KDS, and wanted to distance herself from them. See none of these girls fooled us for long. Let’s pull in a more well-known actress, have her be what Purv has always said is Sam’s type, and see what she can do with it. Do a few set-up pics with her insinuating she and Sam are in the same place. Put out pics of she and Sam in the same place. Bring her to Scotland just like Abbie used to visit. See, Sam does do long distance everyone! She’s in Scotland that’s proof! Bring her to the BAFTAS and that will seal the deal for everyone, right? I mean WS said watch the arrival. The arrival proves everything, right? Well, see there’s this little thing called chemistry between Sam and Cait. Oh, and love. So while he was busy looking miserable with his new everything, there were still a few unsuspecting moments when S/C were caught on film. Can’t hide it, can’t fake it. It’s all there. Then we have the little matter of MM’s real bf. Yes, he is the real bf as far as I can see. They were sloppy in not taking their very public sm accounts private while they were trying to pull this sham off. You see, they left a traceable trail. The average person wouldn’t have a clue. Even deleting can’t erase that trail. Then we have the little matter of some of the boyfriend’s friends confirming she and BM are still together. See that’s what happens when the players are more well-known. Secrets are harder to keep. BG found that out today. I don’t know how far the players in this current game are willing to take it. That remains to be seen. I know two things. Sam is horrible at playing the game, but his abc fans would buy it if you put a donkey next to him. It’s all about ABC for them. The second thing is I’m not buying it. They can enlist all the wankers and lying journos they want to sell but I’m not biting. Does anyone have to believe me and does any of this change my every day reality? No. Does who they date change my life? No. For me it is just that sick feeling when you feel things aren’t on the up and up and you are devoting time and money to that thing, Starz, I’m looking at you.

LMWC - NO.02 - Lead Me Out On The Moonlit Floor

Warnings: no warnings included

In all honesty, Harry was long forgotten, cast aside by a dimpled stranger and too much champagne. He was almost glad, now, that Harry hadn’t come, because he wouldn’t have met this stranger, this tall man who could make his heart flutter with a single glance. 

Victorian!AU where Louis is a wealthy lord throwing a masquerade ball for his birthday and Harry is a toymaker who’s only confident when he’s wearing a mask.

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