Nice morning. (This prosthetic is for sale, I bought it in the wrong colour for myself but have been using this for a couple of months. It’s still in a great condition just like I bought it and has sillicone fill instead of rod. Have been used for sex which has been working out great!)

280 USD plus shipping, I accept paypal!

About prosthetic

• Emisil prosthetic
• Sillicone fill
• ER model 04
• Colour S01
• Floating testicles

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Sincerely, page owner / Noah


Hello all followers!

I know its been a very long time since I’ve been online or even made an update on this page.

I’ve decided to start the shop back up, from scratch. What does this mean?

I’ll be deleting the majority of the selling posts and starting over. Please spread the word, and feel free to comment and let me know what items you’d like to see!

(All feedback posts will stay so that all my new followers have a reference to refer to)

If you have questions about the store or about other images you would like prints of, please feel free to email me Shimagoma [at] gmail.com Please allow up to 48 hrs for your order to process and be...

Yoooo! What!? Ive never done prints before so this is kind of a special thing for me! If you like pathfinder, my work and what not please check out my store!  

Ill be posting all the images I have up for sale slowly as I get the proofs done!


commission prices

NOTE: extra figures are 50% the price of the original (ex: if you buy a sketch portrait for $4 and you want two people, it would total to $6). background prices are 100% the price of the original (ex: if you buy a full body color for $20 and you want a background, it would total to $40). simple solid color backgrounds are free though, it’s only actual scenery that costs extra!!

hi guys!! so my commissions are open now!! most of my funds (about 65%) will be going to savings for art school, and the rest will be used for art supplies so i can continue to do what i love and service you all!! i would really appreciate the support, and even if you don’t commission me, it would be a super big help if you simply reblogged this so others can see it!! 

art has been one of the few things that i’ve always loved and in the future, i’d like to pursue a career that involves it, so doing things like commissions not only help me financially, but also experience-wise. it would mean a lot to be commissioned so if you have anything you’d like to be drawn (humanoid!!) whether it be you, a family member, an OC, your fav character, i’d be more than happy to assist you!! i’ll draw pretty much anything unless it makes me uncomfortable (self-harm, vomit, and a couple other things). if you have an idea but it’s not fully formed, i can help you sort out the details!! 

have a wonderful day, and i hope to do business with you!! just send me a message and i’ll get to you as quick as i can!!

Reel Magik STP in Light M16

Paid $520, selling for $350. Purchased about a year ago, and haven’t used it because the fit is just wrong for my anatomy.  No rips/tears or other condition issues. Email me at tochangehermind.gmail.com or message me on here if you’re interested.