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I made a few things awhile ago! One to celebrate an amazing season 3 and the other to celebrate an amazing season, period!


~Please don’t steal!~

                                           no one ever ‘sells’ the Devil their soul.

                      the moment you consider it;
                      the moment that tempting thought
                      courses through your m i n d——

                                                      he already owns you.


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The man walked into the car dealership and approached a salesperson.
“Hey, I’m looking for a family vehicle,” said the man. “Something safe. I love my kids.” The man pointed to a car outside with two kids in it. The windows were rolled up. It was 104 degrees outside.
“Does your car have AC?” asked the salesperson with concern.
“What’s AC?” asked the man. “Alien Corpses? Haha. I wish. Now this minivan here, it looks safe for the kids I love. Any coupons for it?”
The salesperson squinted and almost made out one of the children mouthing, “Help us.” The salesperson had to decide now: make the sale or save two children from melting. The classic Salesperson’s Dilemma. The choice was clear. “Sir, I think your kids need help.”
“You just lost yourself a sale, buddy,” said the man.
The man walked out of the dealership with authority. He opened the door to his car and his kids walked out with smiles on their faces. They each pointed at the shirt they wore. One wore a shirt that said “You Should’ve” and the other’s said “Let Us Die.” They turned around and pointed at the back of their shirts. One said “No Sale” and the other said “For You.” The dad took off his coat and pointed at his shirt. It said “I Make Shirts.” He turned around and pointed at the back of his shirt. It said “And I Do Have Alien Corpses, Idiot!” The dad and his kids drove off, music blasting and honking at old people.
The salesperson sighed, added two more lines under the “Children Saved” column of the dealership’s whiteboard, looked around suspiciously, saw the coast was clear, added one line to the “Cars Sold” column, heard the boss go “Ahem,” erased the one line, sighed again, and sat on the ground. Chairs were for closers who let kids die.