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Imagine that instead of imprisoning Loki in the palace Odin returned him to Earth, to work as an indentured servant “Until the Midgardians feel that your debt is repaid”

Lots of people buy Loki’s “servitude” for short periods, so that they can revenge themselves upon him for the attack on New York, and there’s a lively media stream where people can watch him be abused.

Becoming ever more disgusted by what is being done to Loki, you sell almost everything that you own, so that you can buy an entire year of Loki’s service (the longest term available).

You help him to heal from the injuries caused by his previous keepers, and little by little, win his trust. Once he realises that you genuinely want nothing in return for your assistance, he begins to fall in love with you.

RTX Ticket for Sale/Trade!!

So I’ve been trying to get this out all over my social media so here’s what’s up:

I can’t make it to Texas this year, but I have
-1, 3 day pass
-1, commemorative badge
for RTX Austin.

I’m trying to sell the ticket so someone else can use it, and it’s just making me upset at this point seeing it sit in my email.
shoot me a message(probs not as an ask cause I have been getting NO notifications for those, and I don’t want to miss anyone’s interest) if you’re interested in buying/trading for the ticket.

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I want to get rid of this!!!

Balmung House Watch

With the incentives for Transferring off up I wanted to keep an eye on the Wards to see which plots are being prepped (Owned but no home built)

I am hoping to help FCs find a place to call their own (Though while keeping an eye out for my own home I am hoping to snag >_>)

If you find a plot you know the owner will be moving or you yourself are moving, please post/reblog the ward and plot so those who could truly use it have a chance to!


  1. Ward 7, Plot 2 - Large (No home placed/Plot still owned)

Lavender Beds:

  1. Apt - Ward 8 Sub - Taken
  2. Apt - Ward 1 Sub - Taken


  1. Ward 10, Sub, Plot 52 Small Taken

Good luck all and happy Stormblood!

Selling Plots

  • @roepops - Adding my House Goblet Ward 11 Plot 39, will be selling dirt cheap.

People/Free Company Looking for Plots!

UPDATED (as of 9:47PM EST)

(I will update as people reblog with ones they find)

Please note me here or email me at all your details.

I REALLY need some income for rent next month. Signal boosting will help a lot if you can’t afford it right now.

What I need:
-Picture references, or VERY detailed descriptions including images.
-Personalities of your OCs and what you want them doing.
-No backgrounds, unless you want to pay extra for it. They will be transparent.

-I will draw most of anything, from SFW to NSFW. No hate art or anything of the like.
-Payment after I finish
-If you CANNOT pay me anymore let me know IMMEDIATELY, not when I finish your commission.