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Scanlan Shorthalt’s Wristpocket Spell

This was picked up during his time with Kaylie. Homebrewed by Matthew Mercer.


Conjuration Cantrip
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: Self
Components: S
Duration: Instantaneous

You flick your wrist with a flourish, causing a single object that weighs no more than 5 lbs that you hold within your hand to vanish. The object is actually transported and stored within a small extradimensional pocket plane. The object remains there indefinitely until this cantrip is cast again, upon which it is immediately transported back into your grasp. You cannot store an object while one already occupies the extradimensional pocket

Source: Sam Riegel AMA

Imagine that instead of imprisoning Loki in the palace Odin returned him to Earth, to work as an indentured servant “Until the Midgardians feel that your debt is repaid”

Lots of people buy Loki’s “servitude” for short periods, so that they can revenge themselves upon him for the attack on New York, and there’s a lively media stream where people can watch him be abused.

Becoming ever more disgusted by what is being done to Loki, you sell almost everything that you own, so that you can buy an entire year of Loki’s service (the longest term available).

You help him to heal from the injuries caused by his previous keepers, and little by little, win his trust. Once he realises that you genuinely want nothing in return for your assistance, he begins to fall in love with you.

Please note me here or email me at kaitecrowe@hotmail.com all your details.

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What I need:
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-I will draw most of anything, from SFW to NSFW. No hate art or anything of the like.
-Payment after I finish
-If you CANNOT pay me anymore let me know IMMEDIATELY, not when I finish your commission.

Selling Used Underwear

Hey guys. I’m looking to sell my used underwear and wondering if anyone would be interested, know anyone interested, or where I could find someone who would be interested in buying. I am a twink, told I look like Nick Jonas. An 8″ and thick dick, and shoot thick loads. The underwear can be sold clean, worn, covered in cum, whatever the buyer would want. A variety of Jocks, Briefs, Trunks and Boxers. Brands including: Aeropostale, Express, Calvin Klein

Any help or interest is welcome. Thanks


Patreon? Come on!

I understand how much hard work the creators use during creating CC, and I understand those who share their work through ad.fly to earn a few dollars from that company.


I feel like there are few creators who forgot that THE SIMS is a game which belongs to Electronic Arts. EA created everything the CC you create depends on! What is this pile of pixels worth without it? (Sorry if it sounds offensive, but demanding money from your supporters is even more offensive).

EA should enforce this phenomenon.