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I always wondered what would happen if you shined a laser pointer near Selkie and Velouria.

Nothing good would happen thats for sure XD I wonder who would cause the most destruction…. I mean Velouris has the strenght but Selkie is, well, Selkie lol what do you think? XP

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Is it possible for slomeone to be born with the Sight? Or to have a Fae ancestor? Like, perhaps their great*5 paternal grandmother was a selkie, or their great*7 maternal grandfather was a selkie.

Yeah, absolutely! For a few it comes naturally.

Yeah, selkie myths are often about people taking the sealskin and forcing the selkie to marry them, right? Gross.

Let’s change that up.

The good sort of Sand-Selkie helps those lost in the desert make it back to shelter. Sheds their sealskin to come into town and listen to music and eat good food and be social with the Gerudo. They like to nurture both the seal side and the human side. Sometimes, they fall in love and marry someone they meet in said town. The resulting children are usually magically-gifted; they have a knack for weather magic, and for earth-flavored spells.

But there are bad ones, too, who love to trick travelers in the desert and lead them astray; be careful if you come across a wild Sand Seal who’s a little too eager to see you. They might just be one of the more mischievous Sand-Selkies, who will take you on a wild ride into the middle of nowhere and just strand you to wander.


Compromise (Selkie x Velouria)

“Come on, let’s go play!”

“I want to go explore.”





Selkie pouted, her ears drooping as she crossed her arms. “We explored yesterday. I want to play today,” whined.

“We were going to explore until you decided to chase a bird for three hours straight.” Velouria retorted. “Then we got lost and cried for another hour until my father sniffed us out.”

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Stormy Skies and the Sea

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Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Pairing: Tsukishima Kei x Yamaguchi Tadashi
Rating: General Audiences
Length1058 words 

Marine biology student Tsukishima Kei’s internship in Hokkaido doesn’t take him to the beach as much as he’d like, or at all, really, so he takes himself. It’s there that he hears distressed cries and goes to find their source.


This is a slightly late birthday gift for Erin (shuukyo). Happy birthday, have some babs.

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