selkie's art


I finally finished reddit requests! ;v;  Took about a month but I did it.

I will be taking requests again, not sure how many. If you have a request, message me and I will consider it! Later I will post the complete list of requests I will draw.

FE6-FE14 is fair game, nothing explicit or inappropriate. Please keep in mind that I will be drawing these in my spare time, so you will not see the complete pieces for a while!

“What do you want from me?” he asks this not-Yuuri, watching the slide of the seaweed cascade over the creature’s bony shoulders. It tilts its head curiously and steps forward, and Viktor backs up towards the railing of the deck, fingers scrabbling at cast iron. His feet have gone numb; he wants nothing more than the chance to return to the warmth of the tower.

please go read Beside the Dancing Sea by @omgkatsudonplease and @atomicsapphic its so good I Die