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Remember when I wasn’t obsessed with Enjolras and Grantaire’s daughter? Me neither.

Dear Apolline (Dear Theodosia)

My dear Apolline, what to say to you?
You have my eyes.
You have your father’s mane
When you came into the world, I cried, it was quite a start

I’m dedicating every day to you
Domestic life was never quite my style
When you smile, you knock me out, I fall apart
And I thought I was so smart

You were born of love and revolution
We’ll bleed and fight for you, we’ll make it right for you
If we lay a strong enough foundation
We’ll pass it on to you, we’ll give the world to you
And you’ll blow us all away…
Someday, someday
Yeah, you’ll blow us all away
Someday, someday..

“The LORD will hold you in his hand for all to see— a splendid crown in the hand of God. Never again will you be called “The Forsaken City” or “The Desolate Land.” Your new name will be “The City of God’s Delight” and “The Bride of God,” for the LORD delights in you and will claim you as his bride. Your children will commit themselves to you, O Jerusalem, just as a young man commits himself to his bride. Then God will rejoice over you as a bridegroom rejoices over his bride.”
‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭62:3-5‬ ‭NLT‬‬

confessions and cold water

“I am a boy.”
Saying those words lifts a weight off my chest
but puts rocks in my belly.
I am a boy.
I cover my breasts in the mirror
and breathe long through my nose.
My father’s name
- my name -
means ‘the new overtakes the old.’
Sweat settles along my shoulders.

I smother my face with a cold wet towel
and try to reset bone.
What does this mean?
The towel twists.
I am ready.

I imagine my father gazing at me in shame,
or not looking at me at all - 
so I swallow my confession like medicine.
The rocks tumble in my belly.
Sticky summer mosquitoes gnaw at the window.

i am a boy
i am not a boy
i am a boy
i am
I am not strong enough, anymore.

I wrap the towel around my waist
and touch my inner thigh.
Nature has decided:
my fingers come away red.

Crossing Streams tinhat!verse

“That was a disaster,” Misha said. He laughed, but he was shaking his head at himself as he walked off set.

“Yeah, guys, you start an hour late? Talk about dads fail harder,” Jared shouted from the other side of the room.

“Hey, I don’t wanna hear anything about being late outta you,” Jensen said, pointing at him.

“It’s the irony of it that gets me,“ Misha said. “Doing a livestream for You Are Not Alone… alone.”

“Sixteen viewers!” Jared called out, because that above all had been amusing him, but Jensen had already turned away to walk Misha off the set.

“We got the message out. We can try again some other time,” Jensen said, his arm around Misha’s neck. Misha relaxed into it, smiling, but in a self-deprecating, “fml” kind of way. That was not Jensen’s favorite expression. That was actually way down there, like number two thousand twelve on his list of favorite Misha smiles.

So, even though he still had his own shots to block off, he guided Misha behind a trailer.

“Even if all they saw was the inside of your nose, you know they found you beautiful, Angel,” he murmured in Misha’s ear, ignoring Misha’s groan at his sappiness, as always.

He put Misha’s back against the trailer wall and draped himself against him, tucked his forehead into the angle of Misha’s neck, breathed him in. His skin was warm. When he brushed Misha’s neck with his lips, he felt the beat of his blood beneath the skin.

“You’re gonna catch hell for nuzzling me on camera, you know,” Misha said. His voice was already roughened by that bad cold of his, but now it dropped down nearly to Cas’s register.

“I catch hell just for saying your name, Mish,” Jensen said, and drew back to squint at him. “Kinda removes any urge I’ve got to play along with them.”

“Then, by God, what this world needs is more hate,” said Misha, and since his hands weren’t smeared with fake blood and coated with wound putty, he cradled Jensen’s jaw in his palms and kissed him.

Revised version on AO3:

Morning Coffee and Bunny Ears

Kaidan Appreciation Week, Day 3: Family

The soft whisper of tiny feet padding very carefully along the floor woke Kaidan up, and he opened his eyes to a darkened room, the barest hint of light filtering along the edges of the curtains. He very carefully rolled over so as not to give himself away to face Olivia, and found her eyes open as well. A little smile on her lips as their daughter attempted to sneak into their room.

A mess of curls slipped along the edge of the bed, barely visible over his wife’s shoulder. They came to a stop just short of the nightstand.

Isabel stood there, silent, and when Olivia looked almost like she was about to laugh, he pressed his finger against his lips and mouthed, Be quiet!

Olivia’s eyes crinkled with barely restrained laughter.

Both of them stilled at the sound of a cup sliding onto a table, followed seconds later by retreating feet. Once the coast was clear, Kaidan propped himself up enough to peer over Olivia as she rolled over to get a look, too. A coffee cup, filled to the brim, sat on her nightstand.

“How full is it?” Olivia whispered.

He glanced down at her, a smile on his lips. “Very.”

She poked him in the ribs and mouthed, Get down! just as the sound of tiny feet returned in the hallway. He collapsed on top of her, wriggling until they might conceivably appear as if they were still asleep - until he remembered the investigating party could barely see over the edge of the bed.

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I drive to our favourite spot
Through the entrapped memories on the screen on my phone
I can’t bring myself to delete.
The embodied world you left behind
Traces the outline of my heart and
Weaves the abounded knot in my throat
But I hold it close
To see your eyes reflect in the sunlit haze of dusk.

Time slows down
As the sun sets over the lake we spent our summers
The soft breeze caressing my cheek as
Your fingers brushed my neck
- but under the fading glare from the screen
The radiance withers and
In the reigning winter darkness
I can’t find my way.

ronnlynch asked:

damen/laurent + 33

Damen’s mug shattered on the floor, latté spilling out over the tile.

“Wait.” He said, turning around. He made it halfway around before he saw Laurent shaking his head out of the corner of his eye. “Did you?”


Damen was grinning. He should be embarrassed, they were in the on campus Starbucks, it should be embarrassing but, “Are you sure?”

“Leave, please.” Laurent’s expression was tight, looking down at the table they were sharing a moment ago and clutching his drink. Damen could tell he was about thirty second away from having Laurent’s piping hot Americano dumped on his head. 

He leaned down, scooping up the trash from Laurent’s orange-cranberry scone, “Okay, sure. See you after class.”

Damen turned to leave, taking the trash with him. He was a step away when he felt a light kick in the back of his knee. Looking back he saw Laurent retracting his leg back towards his chair, one blond eyebrow raised. Laurent rolled his eyes, a small private smile playing at the corners of his mouth.

“Forgetting something?” He asked. Damen slid towards him and dipped back down to kiss that damn mouth. As he pulled back Damen said, “Love you too.”


New fic: My Soul To Take

Sleep requires trust.

The trust that you can leave your body somewhere while you go out into the wilderness and it’ll still be there in one piece when you return (he was awake when they took his arm he was awake). You have to leave your body somewhere safe, a suddenly vulnerable shell without anything inside to defend it (they come for him weak and shivering after cryo and he’s awake he was awake). It’s involuntary, something you can’t control. You don’t choose sleep, sleep chooses you.

There’s a reason it’s called falling asleep, and Bucky doesn’t want to fall ever again.

[Bucky isn’t sleeping. Shit hits the fan.]


Washed Clean, part 3

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part 1

part 2

Pet-sitting for her favorite teacher over spring break? Check. Mysterious roommate begging to be found out? Check. Trapped over at said teacher’s house during a massive storm? Check. Handsome neighbor? Check.

All in all, it’s turning out to be a fairly busy week for Ahsoka.

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Ar-Ra’d 28. Those who have believed (and become established in belief), and whose hearts find rest and contentment in remembrance of, and whole-hearted devotion to, God. Be aware that it is in the remembrance of, and whole-hearted devotion to, God that hearts find rest and contentment.

Ar-Ra’d 29. Those (whose hearts have attained to rest and contentment) who have believed and who do good, righteous deeds for them is the greatest happiness and the most beautiful of destinations.

poetry is dead
which is to say
god is dead
which is to say
mankind is alive
which is to say
which is to say
each atom splitting like
hatchet to skull
teeth to wishbone.
tongue wrapped around fireworks
wrapped around bleeding bullet hearts.
i want him to tell me
i taste like milk and honey,
like rose petal wine,
like those organic blueberries my father refuses to buy
i want him to tell me
i feel like the earth
like serpent skin
like sand paper
i want him to tell me
loving me is hard
which is to say
i want him to tell me the truth.
the truth is dead
which is to say
‘i love you’
which is to say
'you taste like gun powder’
which is to say
'i’d go to war for you’
which is to say
'wake up
poetry is dead’
—  z.f

@therageramongus  //  cont. from (x)

A sigh left his lips, being quickly followed by a growl.
“The more you annoy me, the more likely you are to be sleeping in the spare room.”

“I’m not annoying you. You like it.” Meg reached down to palm him through his jeans, continuing to kiss his neck. “Admit it. You love when I distract you.”

He First Loved Us

Type & Edit by Clariza Gueta

And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in him. In this way, love is made complete among us so that we will have confidence on the day of judgment, because in this world we are like him. There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love. We love because he first loved us. - 1 John 4:16-19