lams fic recs

im so amazed at how many?? good lams fic there are out there?? omg. so i figured i wanted to make a rec list bcs HOLY SHIT theres just too many. seriously to everyone who wrote these u r a sweet summer child lemme give u a kiss

(these r in no order)

1. ‘we fell into love, we fell into wonder ’ by reultan (they have a tumblr too, @jeffer-sin ;)))

this fic so cute!!! shit john has pastel hair?? and alex has cute ass hoop earings?? and lafayette wears eyeliner?? AAAA this one updated pretty recently too. theres a tiny bit of angst but mostly its just rly cute and I LIVE for th aesthetic. READ IT

its on ao3 (all of these r on ao3) -

2. i will stay upon your shoreland by AozoraNoShita (i dont know if they have a tumblr…)

SELKIES. do i have to say anything else? this one actually made me cry it so good hooly. alex is a selkie and john steals his coat.

ao3 -

3. On a Stranger’s Doorstep by Puzzlequeer (they have a tumblr too, @oncetherelivedaboy

THIS ONE WAS A ROLLER COASTER RIDE. its rly cute and also angsty at the same time?? how?? omg??

and there is trans alex, single dad john and frances !! i love that frances is a big part of this fic. i also rly like how the author writes alex and john as characters like..the dilaougue between them is just?? so natural?? idk how they do it

ao3 -

4. Surprises by Puzzlequeer

this is the sequel to On a Stranger’s Doorstep. though beware, there is mpreg (but like, in a sensible way. alex is a pregnant trans man). this one is still updating actively and its also RLY GOOD. omg. lafayette is so good in this fic and frances is still a big part of the story !! (im a sucker for anything that invloves frances can u tell)

ao3 -

5. frankly, it’s a tad exhilirating by colonellaurens
(idk if they have a tumblr)

this one seems to be a fan favorite, it’s pretty popular. AND FOR A GOOD REASON. its one of those fake dating tropes and i lov cliche tropes. also henry laurens is a dick. and im all about that.

ao3 -

6. Something They Can Never Take Away by a_mind_at_work ( they have a tumble !! @undiscoveredstory and omg, theyre so nice?? holy shit??)

this one is also popular and its so nicely written?? they write anxiety and angst rly well?? wow im. honestly i read this one so fast bcs it was SO GOOD. its an adoption au and daddy washington is my fave washington

ao3 -

7. build a city that dreams for two by lcafayctte

ITS A BALLERINA AU. holy smokes (im trying not to say shit anymore) um..its so GOOD. i know i say this for every single one of these but they ALL ARE. can u rly blame me? anyway i lov how persistant alex is and john. in ballerina tights. omg. READ IT

ao3 -

8. cornerstone by rosenbergs

(as far as im concerned, they co-own a network blog for hamilton writers with @yrshamilton - ( its @linmnuel )and their personal is @lcfayatte)

okay im not gonna lie i cried. twice. when i read this and it contains just the right amount of angst but the way it ends is SO SATISFYING. (angelica would b satisfied honestly) brace urselves for pain folks but its all worth it. i, but a weak man who has witnessed this pain first-hand, promise u. its worth it. also lafayette is rly good in this. omg

ao3 -

alright thats all bcs i dont wanna make a post that too long . but ill probs make a part 2 at some point bcs there is so much more honestly. i might make one with my fave authors?? maybe. or ill make one with just one shots. OH i have an idea. i know im a new blog but if u want me to make a specific rec list then pls come tell me !! i have too much free time

So, I’m crawling out of my writer’s grave a bit. Does anyone remember my fic The Power of Leaving? That Selkie!John fic I haven’t updated in like, (checks date) fuck, two years? Really? 😣

Inspiration finally struck and yeah. I finished another chapter.

Can I grab someone for a quick beta? I wrote it on my phone because computers have too many pretty, shiny, distractions. Autocorrect plays havoc with writing (as an example, my phone’s first two suggestions for “writing” are “worrying” and “whoring” which vastly change the meaning of that sentence).

And I’m really bad at catching my own typos.
Home From The Sea - MapleleafCameo - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

These Shores Are Not Like Yours:  “After Mary’s death, John flees a shadowy government agency bent on using him and his daughter as pawns in their genetic experiments. Mycroft Holmes sends his best Tracker after them, his brother Sherlock Holmes.”

Beneath the Skin:  “Sherlock has been captured and in the hands of his brother. John is injured and can only think of rescuing Sherlock. Both are suffering from being separated from one another. John will do anything to save Sherlock, but is he willing to put his daughter at risk? The sequel to These Shores Are Not Like Yours.” WORK IN PROGRESS!!!

Well, shit. If I didn’t have over 2300 works bookmarked still to read, I would honestly sit down and start this all over. It is going right on my list of favorites, minor errors and all, because goddamn, that was one hell of a good opening fic, and I sit on tenterhooks to see where the second fic takes us (It’s already got me biting my nails, only two chapters in!). (No fair suckering me into another WIP, MapleleafCameo, you evil genius!) This story is so fucking lovely that I don’t even know what to say. The more I think about what I literally just finished reading, the more enamored of it I find myself. Stop whatever insignificant thing you are doing, and go read at least the opener, These Shores Are Not Like Yours (I can fully sympathize with not starting a WIP, but you should still read the other one. I’m serious, here).

otter selkie au 

(by @actualcarlbarat and @cogito-ergo-dumb)

  • pete, lighthouse keeper and fisherman, spends his mornings playing guitar by the sea and becoming increasingly confused by an otter who seems to be following him and leaving little gifts (seashells, garbage, sometimes even flowers) for him
  • after a TERRIBLE STORM he finds a person washed up ashore, who doesnt seem to speak any language peter knows
  • after deciding the man’s name is carlos (mainly because peter couldn’t quite understand what the sound he made upon being asked about his name even meant and he looked like a carlos) peter helps him look for something along the shoreline and in the process discovers carlos might be a selkie, not only that but carlos might be the otter peter has been seeing for the better part of a month or so
  • once they find carlos’ selkie skin and he disappears once again peter finds himself quite interested in this strange selkie and he eagerly awaits his return
  • ATTEMPTS AT TEACHING CARL(OS) ENGLISH FOLLOW AND HE LEARNS EXTREMELY QUICKLY but still remains rather shy when forced to talk to someone who isn’t peter (and has a tendency to mumble a lot)
  • carl remains baffled by pretty much everything around him but at the same time very curious!! and excited!!! (“please don’t try to touch the fire AGAIN,” peter finds himself saying for the third time that evening while trying to prepare dinner) 
  • it turns out carlos is much too small to fit in any of petes clothes so hes resigned to HUGE sweaters and rolled up jeans until peter finally takes him shopping (in the big city, which agitates carlos because he and crowds dont work well together. they also go to the cinema though and carl falls completely in love with black and white movies, possibly because theyre much quieter than regular movies)
  • carlos finds a (synthetic) fur coat and tugs at peters sleeve until petes decided to buy it (it reminds carl of his otter fur and when he doesn’t want to talk to someone he just hides in his coat) (it takes him ages to learn to dress himself though and always puts at least one thing backwards)
  • CARLOS IS DELIGHTED BY THE CONCEPT OF WARM BATHS and spends most of the time in the bath, because petes bed makes him feel warm and uncomfortable
  • one time he convinces pete to have a sleepover because he saw something about sleepovers on tv. during the sleepover pete paints carls nails (he claims its a traditional sleepover activity) and carl is entranced by the pretty colours!!!! he then tries to kiss pete BUT HE DOESNT KNOW HOW KISSES WORK so he just smooshes his face into petes neck!!!! after pete asks him whats he doing and carl awkwardly explains hes KISSING him, pete gently takes his face in his hands and kisses carlos briefly (CARL MAKES HAPPY OTTER NOISES)
  • carl is afraid of peters cats but they love him a lot and one day peter looks out the window and sees carl crouched down booping the cats nose and then eskimo kissing it (pete dies!! because its too cute!!)
  • gary, john and drew are all fishermen and friends of peters who spent most of their time at a local pub run by mik, a retired fisherman. sometimes carl joins peter at the pub and he likes it but hes still shy so he spends most of the time hiding in his coat or burying his face in petes collar (gary, john, drew and mik all figure out carls a selkie eventually but they regret it immediately because then peter won’t stop telling them about all the cute stuff carl does)
  • PETE TEACHES CARL TO READ, which leads to him reading the little mermaid and getting upset about the sad ending. pete makes him watch the disney version (and carl tells peter hes his prince eric and then becomes very flustered) 
  • carl loves being on land because hes very lonely with the other selkies (he has no friends bc hes too smol)
  • he eventually stops going home and considers remaining on land with peter (after seeing the little mermaid he thinks this is what hes supposed to do) and then when his selkie coat is stolen by kate the evil sea witch carlos thinks his decision is made for him but he starts feeling sick (he thinks its like when the little mermaid was in pain when she walked so maybe its supposed to be like this!! if he wants to stay with the person he loves!!)
  • because his magic is weakened and his coat stolen, carlos is dying and while peter tries to take care of him as much as he can there isnt alot he can do (he tries telling carl love isn’t supposed to hurt)
  • when he gets better carlos realizes he can continue living like before, he can live in the sea but also visit peter as often as he wants because love is about compromise and not everything has to be all or nothing
  • one day carl brings peter a magic seashell that can help him breath underwater so they can swim together (pete convinces carl to swim in his human form at least once and carl is OFFENDED because its so cold without his otter fur)
  • carl asks pete to teach him how to dance because he saw it once in an old timey movie and they dance to dream a little dream
  • carl never quite learns why he can’t float on land, which leads to him falling very often but hes never seriously hurt (pete tries to explain to him the concept of gravity but carls just like “i just want to float peter why cant i float”) 
  • whenever hes happy carl makes happy otter noises and sometimes even those little flappy otter movements