John Winchester: *Watches wife die on the ceiling in baby Sam’s room*

John Winchester: *gets pulled into the Supernatural world without any warning*

John Winchester: *realizes that something is after is children*

John Winchester: *raises Sam and Dean as a single parent, while still trying to move around to keep them safe from the YED*

John Winchester: *trains children so they can stay protected when they are older*

John Winchester: *doesn’t want to lose either boy in fear of having them get taken by YED*

John Winchester: *makes sure Sam’s still safe even while he’s in college*

John Winchester: *leaves Dean with his hunting journal so he can keep hunting cause he doesn’t want Dean to die by YED hands*

John Winchester: *Finally meets up with his sons and has emotional family reunion*

John Winchester: *Dies so Dean can live*

John Winchester: *goes to hell, and gets tortured by Alistair*

John Winchester: *Doesn’t break for 100 years*

John Winchester: *Escapes Hell, only to help hold YED long enough for Dean to shoot and kill him*

John Winchester: *smiles at his two sons, tears in his eyes, before his spirit disappears to Chuck knows where*

Yep, he’s obviously so horrible.


John Breed (1969) creates works of art for over twenty years now. After his adventurous travels, he comes back full of inspiration, craftsmanship, indigenous techniques and makes his own new artworks. He learned to draw calligraphy from a Japanese master in Kyoto, graffiti in New York, painted fresco’s in Rome, got in touch with icon painting in Russia and learned to paint traditional landscapes during his trip through China. His sculptural works depict skeletons of animals. Breed live and work in the Netherlands. 

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