The blog post “The Six Thatchers” contains a queer couple, a love triangle, a pining best friend, an unstable relationship, and a weapon with the murderer’s initials on it that was once thrown in a fire to deflect attention from its incriminating qualities.

But if only there was some sort of clue as to what the episode will be about when it comes to Sherlock, John, and Mary!

A simple costume continuity error in Mycroft’s tie from HLV to TAB (two ties which, for the record, STILL looked very similar) is declared an “enormous fuck up” by Mark Gatiss himself but believing Johnlock is real because of all the details and content and subtext in the show that we meticulously go over and study and research is clearly all just accidental and we’re all ridiculous for believing that everything in this show DOES have that much care and thought put into it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

lianneder  asked:

Not setlock-related, so I'm asking you here. When did a post disappear from John's blog? What was it? It's the first time I hear about this.

At the end of s1, there was a post called Life goes on, dated March 29, that looked like this:

(Shortly before s2 aired, that last block of comments, from Molly’s down, was removed from the post for whatever reason.)

With the updates posted at the start of s2, the March 29 post disappeared, to be replaced by The Great Game, Quick Update, and a new version of Life Goes On, dated May 30. (These are the same ones that are on the blog if you go there now.) The new version of the post still mentions Tilly Briggs and the melting laptop cases, but it has a totally different date, is shorter, and has entirely different comments (I suppose that means it didn’t disappear entirely, but essentially it’s been deleted and redone.)

There may be others that have had minor alterations, as well, but this is the only one I know of that changed so significantly.