From: the Sherlock fandom To: all fandoms

The release date for Sherlock season 4 has finally been announced and we might be just a tiny bit excited

Meaning, we all kinda looked like this at first:

Then we started thinking about Oh, how wonderful the season will be and we looked like this:

…And then we all saw this:

Do you know what this means?

It means that, for the next 2 months and three days the whole Sherlock fandom will look like this:

FYI, I kinda think that, as soon as season 4 is out, we will all be holed up in our houses, watching Sherlock. So, I just wanted  you all to know that it’s time to prepare fo the Sherlockalypse (???) and that it’s been nice being here on Tumblr while it lasted.

*slowly retreats to the shadows**also, trips down hidden stairs*