“We need to work together if we want to beat Leviathan …”


“I can’t believe this,” Haruka groaned, sitting in the hot water. 

Makoto had gotten a call from Haru’s swimming coach, telling him Haruka had pulled a muscle in his leg and couldn’t swim for about a week. It wasn’t serious, but it devestated Haru. Swimming was his passion and to not do it at all, that killed him. 

“Your coach says you’ll be good as new in a week,” Makoto reminds him, sitting by Haru’s tub. “I know it sucks to not swim, but you got to let yourself heal.”

“I can’t believe it,” Haru repeated. “I pulled a freaking Sosuke.”

“it’s not that bad, maybe it’s a warning call to stop pushing yourself as hard as you do,” Makoto replied, ever the mother. Makoto poured some shampoo into his hand and rubbed it into Haru’s dark hair, massaging his scalp with his fingers. 

Haruka groaned in pleasure, leaning his back against the tub. “You don’t have to do this.”

“I want to,” was the simple reply as Makoto rubbed Haru’s head more. 


Look at these cute recs @dreamgirlfrienddiary gave my girls! She pretty much nailed their personalities. Rin’s all dressed up for a tea party, Haru’s a busy bee working in a bakery, Akane’s outside enjoying the flowers and some delicious strawberries, and Mitsuki feels beautiful having a pair of her favorite flowers. Thank you so much for taking the time to dress all of them up!

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Yo! First of all im so glad i found this blog. IT GIVES ME LIFE SEEING ALL THESE TSUKIUTA REQUESTS SOOO imma jump on the bandwagon and request for any headcanons as to what the senior boys look for in their s/o (like personality wise). Oh and before i forget, thank you for being our lord and savior in tsukiuta hell lol

*gives you all the knowledge.*

Thank you for all that cute compliment shit. Tsukiuta fam is LIT

Haru Yayoi
•Obviously you have to be mature enough for this man.
•I mean he takes care of enough children in Siz Gravity, doesn’t need another.
•But that doesn’t mean you have to be DULL.
•You gotta be kind and able to get along with the other group members. He doesn’t want a s/o who everyone else hates.
•I mean it. Haru is nice and all, but shit he’s basically one of the kinkiest people you’ll ever meet.
•So that means you gotta be able to handle all his “experiments”.
•But don’t worry he will always ask for consent beforehand.

Hajime Mutsuki
•Also be mature. He isn’t one to show any childish side of him, so he comes off more serious.
•He doesn’t want any lazy ass s/o who can’t pull their own weight.
•Don’t be overly touchy.
•Especially not in public. He doesn’t need everyone else to know.
•If I’m being honest the less lovey dovey you are with him the more he will be willing to continue a relationship.
•Don’t get me wrong he will love on you in private.
•But don’t expect a ton of affection 24/7

Shun Shimotsuki
•He is such a tease.
•Therefore, be able to handle him touching you in public just to make you flustered.
•Of course you gotta be able to tease him too?
•This isn’t a one sided relationship!
•He doesn’t mind if you’re a bit childish.
•He actually finds it more fun if you’re not so serious all the time.
•Like Haru, you have to get along with everyone.
•Shun doesn’t want to have to hide you just because his own “family” doesn’t like you.
•Prefers a more sexual look to his s/o I mean it’s Shun?? It’s expected.

Kai Fuduki
•Hands down will fall for you if you are just the cutest fucking thing ever.
•Just be the person who makes him blush all the time and calls him cute nicknames.
•You don’t have to be super mature, but don’t act childish either. A nice mixture of both is perfect.
•He isn’t super sexual. So don’t try to force yourself on him.
•He will do that kind of stuff when he feels comfortable enough.
•Laughter. If you can make him laugh he loves you.
•He loves someone who can have fun, is positive in general even in hard times, and smiles.