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I'd like to incorporate some Myst-like puzzles into the D&D game I'm running, but I'm not sure how to do that without visuals for the players. Do you have any ideas on how I can introduce brain-bending puzzles without it devolving into either a math word problem or a series of intelligence checks?

My friend, Mike Selinker, has published a book all about exactly this. He makes puzzles, and has designed them for RPGs, big nerd events, and all kinds of magazines. Look him up, and I bet you’ll find what you’re looking for.

On a DMing note: whenever my players are struggling, I’ll let them make skill checks (usually INT) to get hints from me.

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Hey Wes! Hope it's okay that I called you Wes... Anyway lol I'm planning on putting my Pathfinder group through a wordplay/puzzle based dungeon, and I was wondering if you had any recommendations for puzzles or riddles and such. Thanks for taking the time to read this. ^-^

RIddles are HAAAAAARD. Especially when you’re working in print products that are being translated so you can’t be sure your wordplay will come across right. It also brings up the question of is the “Common” language “Your Language?” Like, in my case, are Taldans and goblins and ancient traps all speaking English (or a convientely highly similar language)? Or is the game translating all of that? It’s an interesting series of questions with a lot of tricky answers that can be farther reaching than you might think. In the end, though, that’s the big reason you hardly ever see English text or real writing in Pathfinder art (a few bits have snuck through, but generally not) and why our riddles and puzzles are usually based off math, colors, shapes, or dungeon specific stuff.

But you probably don’t have to worry about all that!

That doesn’t make coming up with riddles any easier, though. Fortunately, there are a lot of resources out there. Even the Pathfinder GameMastery Guide has a section on riddles, which master puzzle maker Mike Selinker was kind enough to write for me when I was helmming that project. You can find the text of that section in your book or right here.

Additionally, I just did a quick scan and came up with these.

100 Classic Riddles

Lets Write Some Riddles - ENWorld Thread

Riddles!!! - RPG Crossing Thread

Using Riddles in RPGs - Thread

I Need Some Good Riddles - Reddit Thread

Riddle/Puzzle-Related RPG Netbook

Search “RPG Riddles” and you’ll come up with a ton more. I think this also reminds us that if you ever need something for your game, throwing your idea up on a few messag eboards never hurts. You won’t always strike gold, but there are whole communities out there that want to help you make your came more awesome. So don’t be shy and jump right in! I personally vouch for’s message boards, but there are lots of great ones. Find the community that feels right for you!

Hope this helps!


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