Punk Batman Rogues!! by Smile-X Villain Co.

Punk Joker & Harley, Metal Scarecrow, Goth Two Face, Misfits Black Mask, Rivethead Riddler, Hipster Hatter & Biker Babe Catwoman

Photos by York in a Box

Yay some happy head canons because I just watched a sad movie and I’m still blubbering so sorry if these are awful or don’t really make sense just ignore me and my coping mechanisms.

-Harley likes to draw, and when she leaves her drawings at Ivy’s house, Ivy pins them up on the fridge and around every room of the house so she can have a constant piece of Harley.

-Sometimes the dork squad will lay on a random roof top and look at the stars.

- Waylon likes going to the circus when it’s in town, but he makes sure to stay out of sight and one time a little girl saw him and gave him the stuffed crocodile she had won playing games (this isn’t helping now I’m just crying because I want these poor stupid imaginary characters to be loved and happy

-One time Jonathan stole a truck and he fetched Waylon and they drove and drove until the air got muggy and the hills got flat, and all you could see for miles were fields and the birds and the bugs sang and they found a place to get decent iced tea and it felt kind of like home and there are so many painful memories attached to home but good ones too, because it’s finally warm (Gotham is always so cold) and the air is clean and maybe they don’t get along all the time but this is the closest they’ve ever felt to normal, lying in the bed of the truck together, looking at clouds and talking in circles. The tea is sweet and well made, and the drive back is quiet and melancholy, because now everything must go back to what it was, and they’re freaks and monsters again, but sometimes that memory will pop up into their heads, and it’s bittersweet and special.

-And sometimes Alice visits Arkham, dear sweet Alice, because she still cares about Jervis, because they were friends. And when he’s doing ok, when he’s more Jervis and less Hatter, they can talk like everything’s like it was, before the incident, and Jervis will pretend to not see the ring. And on the days when she visits and he’s not ok, when the jabberwocky is screaming to loud, she talks to his doctors, because she wants him to get better.

-Selina likes to sing in the shower, and sometimes she’ll take an extra-long one, and sing all of the songs from her favorite musical (it’s Cats if you’re wondering) until the water runs cold.

-Ivy likes to weave dresses out of roses, with long trains and a rainbow of colors. She threads lilies through her hair, and wears a crown of snap dragon. It smells exquisite, and she looks like a deity. She sweeps around the room, dancing to a tune only she can hear, and laughs freely with a voice like bells.

-One year for Halloween, Ivy wore the dress of roses and a crown of skulls, and Harley wore a black chiton with a matching crown and sandals. As Hades and Persephone, and they truly looked like goddesses.

-Anarky wears way to much axe cologne. Waylon hates him because he smells so bad. Like he can smell it from a mile away and it kind of pisses him off. He’s tried to explain the whole less is more thing to no avail. 

-Roman has a stuffed cow from his childhood that he keeps in his room. It’s missing one of its eyes, and its ear is torn, and it’s his most prized possession.


DiASPORA ViBE’s Artist of the Day


Selina Roman investigates the ideas of perception, power, protection and femininity in her photo-based work. In her series, The Burqa Project, she takes the ubiquitous Afghan garment and challenges the viewer to contemplate the question that there is power in anonymity and that an unreturned gaze is just as powerful, if not more so, than the one that is exchanged. Roman’s images have also taken the burqa out of its politicized context and transformed it into a beautiful, ephemeral object. Roman’s approach combines a solid research foundation with an aesthetic that blends elements of fashion and reportage. Her images, no matter the subject, contain a tension that is levied against established belief systems.

Roman was born and raised in Florida. She is currently a candidate for a Master’s of Fine Arts degree at the University of South Florida where she is also an Instructor of Record for a Beginning Photography course. Previously, she has worked as an investigator for a private-sector security and intelligence firm in Miami, Florida. She also worked as an investigative journalist. She earned her journalism degree from the University of South Florida.