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spock fact #49 -Spock still has a teddybear.

A sleepy spock is a happy spock

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I was tagged by @maimouth to mention 5 things about one of my favorite Sims. I’ve already done Sybok (you can see his HERE), but I thought I would focus on my favorite child of Sybok and Lou’s, Arthur:

1 - Arthur is the eldest twin (Horatio is the youngest), unlike Horatio, Arthur is quiet, serious, shy and reserved.

2 - He’s an exceptional artist and writer, but he is currently working on a degree in rocket science.

3 - He can speak High Vulcan, Klingon, Romulan (all three dialects), Andorian and Tellarite. 

4 - He is the most logical out of his two brothers and holds the Vulcan ideal of IDIC close to his heart.

5 - He has an allergy to Selhat dander.