When I began 30 years ago with digital photo retouching, I would not have thought that I would take so long until I reach my goal.
It actually started with the introduction of the Comodore Amiga 500
At that time an absolute graphic miracle he had a super fast Motorola 68000 CPU with 7 MHz tackfrequenz, 512 KByte memory and a resolution of 640x256 pixel PAL (704x576 pixels in the flickering Overscan) and a Frabpalette of 4096 colors of which he could represent 32 simultaneously.
When I then upgraded to 9 MB of memory, New Grafichiip, new faster Motorola 68020 CPU, turbocharger 28 MHz, 2 external hard disks a 20 MB each (the price of a hard disk fraud 1000 .– CHF Digizer to freeze video pictures I have my first graphics studio.
At that time, this still meant that pauses were to be digitized and pixel-by-pixel processed individually.
Happy Birthday Comodore Amiga 500

Serious Post

So I was a criminologist major and now have a degree. I’ve been making videos and they get about 100 views on average. 

Here’s my most recent one 

Here’s the channel 

Im really trying to get this off the ground. I’m talking criminological, governmental, political, social, psychological, and all sorts of other problems. I talk them out and explain them. 

Please just check them out. Give one a listen, even in the background of whatever you’re doing. White noise. 

I have around 1300 followers. Im guessing only like 500 of you actually pay attention to what I post.

Maybe 150 pay attention religiously/closely.

Please just click the links, give them a chance. Reblog this post. Spread this. Help stop the prison industrial complex, the war on drugs, the overarming of police. Let’s work to stop crime and change the world. 

Help me. 


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Um… I guess these are a few looks I’m gonna be wearing throughout my freshman year of college….. 8D!! Guess I was kinda going for a good/bad theme but hahah who even knows.

I tag: keairadiamond | le0watch | icheru | unofficialmeme | onepunchhero | and literally anyone else who wants to do this since I don’t know who else to tag RIP…. Just say I tagged you!