December 4, 2016 - down to 210.4!

It’s the first Sunday of the month, the day I usually do my monthly photo and video blogs, so I thought I’d share a selfie.

This morning I weighed in at 210.4. That is a low for my current journey and probably the least I have weighed since about 2002.

I think me getting serious about running has something to do with it. I wouldn’t put down the cycling for a moment, and I have no intention of retiring the two wheels. But I have read in a few places that if you do one exercise consistently your body gets really efficient at it. That’s not bad, except that you wind up doing it a lot and not burning as many calories as you did when you first started. Running is giving my body a new set of challenges: new muscles to develop, new goals to strive for, new fun to look forward to!

I am dressed and getting ready for my 10k! My guide / spirit animal for today is Underdog!

Some notes:

  • Injury free completion is my goal for the day. 
  • Race starts at 9 am central
  • It is 41f (6c) which is so much better than 28 and snow last weekend!
  • I am at 9,986 followers. How cool would it be to hit 10k during my 10k? I will be doing a nice solo promo for my 10,000th follower :) 

WIsh me luck, I’m off!

For my Self Love Sunday - I am going to embrace part of my body I am still learning to love, my legs. 

Years of obesity and poor circulation have caused permanent discoloration. It is now part of me. For years I refused to wear shorts because of what “they” would think. 

But, I am done with that now. My legs are pretty amazing if you think about it. They help me get around and play with my kids, they have ran hundreds and biked thousands of miles, they can max out most of the machines at the gym! :) 

With their help, I’ve lost 100 lbs. I’ve learned about self love and now know my outward appearance is just one, small part of who I am.

So this is who I am. Take me or leave me. I am good either way :) 

Feb 2015 — July 2016. Difference of 102lbs. Sometimes I look at myself and don’t see a change. Then today I really was able to appreciate how far Ive come. I still have a long way to go, but this progress is with 5 consecutive months of plateau, plus 2 months of yo-yoing 10lbs. Hitting 100lb weight loss (naturally) was surreal for me, and really motivated me to lose the next 60lbs I want to. Thanks to everyone who has cheered me on. I love you all. 😘
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Spring break in the Bahamas happened! And I rocked bikinis and high waisted pants all over the place!

I am so unbelievably happy with where my headspace has been recently. Please, go wear whatever you want to wear and rock it with confidence! You will be so much happier for it.

Happy Days! Happy Sunday!

The difference of a year. Im not sure what I weighed in the first pic. I think around 350lbs, my highest weight being 365lbs. The pic today is around 282lbs.
For five months I lost/gained the same 15lbs by trying to use techniques that wouldnt work, eating small bits of poor food, and hardly working out.
Mid-December I finally decided it was time to stick to low carb (which is doc recommended for my thyroid) and work out 3 times a week. With school I havent worked out as much, but I still feel good and am losing weight. This just gave me the push to get a small salad instead of pasta at dinner tomorrow, and follow my goals.
I wish I could see my progress when I look at myself, part of me worries Ill always see who I was 80lbs ago, but Im not going to focus on that. I have summer to prepare for. 😄💪