Sunday Stroll
28 May 2017
So many friends running #hbfrunforareason on this glorious Autumn day in Perth: half-marathon, 12km, 4km - kudos all! 👍 I’m still feeling cycling burnout and my IBD is giving me absolute hell, so it was a 2.5km stroll in the sunshine with Mitzy & The Husb for me. Note the self-deprecating (but true!) fun leggings. 😂 I am inspired by my running friends though. City to Surf 12km is shaping up as a goal for August…🌞🏃🍂


Selfie Sunday, and also tagged by @theunstuffedpepper to sds, so here you go.

Me and @i-want-to-be-wonderwoman just chilling out on the sofa after making some pumpkin curry, and watching bad TV.

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My Three Dams Challenge #6 is done!
2 April 2017

This 145km event in the Perth Hills is always hard and it got very hot on the road but I enjoyed the ride despite the suffering! (What is it with cyclists and suffering?) What’s more, look how full the dams are! #winning


Weekend Wrap
19 - 21 May 2017

Friday night feasts ahoy! Getting ready in our rooms then meeting at the front door: My Girl & I looking very matchy-matchy in our grey jumpers and black leather jackets! Luckily we were off to separate venues. The Husb & I ran into a couple we’d met on a cycling tour of Croatia two years ago this month, so joined their table and enjoyed a wonderfully buoyant and social meal together. Coincidentally, we’d ordered the exact same starters which were very reminiscent of coastal Croatian cuisine.

All about shoes! Yesterday My Girl & I spent a rainy morning at the State Art Gallery looking at the sneaker exhibition. The earliest sneakers with vulcanised rubber soles were from the mid-1800s & gosh, people had little toots back then! As we moved through the ages the feet got bigger until we reached GIANT basketball splods! I liked the sneaker art section the best.

We left the gallery & headed to Karrinyup Mall (I wanted to drop off some pants that needed taking up) but I’d also had my eye on some sparkly sneakers for some time, and thought, dammit why not? I got there to find they were 20% off PLUS I got a free pouch! There was free embossing in-store so I shouted My Girl a clutch (now she won’t keep pinching mine!)

But that’s not all! I found the best raincoat in lululemon & splurged on that. My wardrobe is missing a waterproof jacket so yay 😁. It has so many inside pockets you don’t need a purse. I am pretty excited about it. If I want to go out in the stormy weather we are having now, I’m covered!

Gotta show some homecooked food! The first food pic was the 5.00pm lunch (would you call that dunch?) I made after the shoe bonanza: potato/zucchini/egg hash with chorizo, haloumi & spinach - so good. The other was a particularly delish spicy chicken stir-fry.


A Tale Of Two Sundays
25 June 2017

My daughter is a pretty awesome chick. First up she played her maiden AFL (Aussie rules footy) carnival - won 2/3 games & got a black eye. Then she and the bf opted for lunch at a sushi café just as a robber was fleeing the shop with their takings. She & bf chased him down, directed the cops, recovered the money and got free lunch from the grateful shop owners! The cops have been after the guy for a while and he will be going down for armed robbery. Proud mama.

My Sunday was much more sedate. I spent the day at a corrective running workshop, which was informative and fun, catching up with a uni mate in the process. I squeezed in a 3km walk with the dogs and Wonder Woman before the sun went down and whipped up a delicious low carb dinner. Spaghetti squash is so awesome! My first time! 😊