Sunday Stroll
28 May 2017
So many friends running #hbfrunforareason on this glorious Autumn day in Perth: half-marathon, 12km, 4km - kudos all! 👍 I’m still feeling cycling burnout and my IBD is giving me absolute hell, so it was a 2.5km stroll in the sunshine with Mitzy & The Husb for me. Note the self-deprecating (but true!) fun leggings. 😂 I am inspired by my running friends though. City to Surf 12km is shaping up as a goal for August…🌞🏃🍂


Selfie Sunday, and also tagged by @theunstuffedpepper to sds, so here you go.

Me and @i-want-to-be-wonderwoman just chilling out on the sofa after making some pumpkin curry, and watching bad TV.

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I decided that I’d still hit the gym, even if the motivation was low due to some period pain. AND I managed to also do my strength training for upper body so I’m really proud for doing it! 💪 Now I’m about to eat an healthy snack, probably a banana with some cashews and then I’ll keep reading my “Outlander” book as I’m totally hooked up on it!!

Happy Sunday guys! 💖💕

My Three Dams Challenge #6 is done!
2 April 2017

This 145km event in the Perth Hills is always hard and it got very hot on the road but I enjoyed the ride despite the suffering! (What is it with cyclists and suffering?) What’s more, look how full the dams are! #winning