January 1, 2017 - 207., and nothing’s gonna stop me now!

As I more or less promised, here is my beginning of month (and in this case beginning of year) selfie. I weighed in this morning at 207.2 lbs, and I feel like I’m on a roll!

The weight is probably the lowest I have been this millenium. I still have a journey ahead of me, but I made some progress in 2016, especially in the last two months. Now I’m gonna try to keep the momentum going and see if I can meet a few goals this year!


Sunday Chillday
29 January 2017

I cancelled the ride for safety reasons this morning because of heavy rain on the radar & forecast thunder storms. People in other suburbs reported bucketing rain but we didn’t get much at all, so could have ridden. We often seem to be in a rain-free shadow. I chilled on the deck with tea waiting hopefully for a display… At least it smelled fresh.

But what do you do when the forecast threatens thunder storms and you cancel the ride? You eat your low-FODMAP energy bites with coffee, reading the Sunday paper; you harvest chillies; you make paste for freezing, whizz up sun-dried flakes, and put the fat ones in oil for eating now (and for bonus chilli-infused cooking oil). Then you do some weights, watch the Cadel Evans Ocean Road Race, and take the doggy for a walk.

Dinner was on the deck. What a splendid evening - a jaw-dropping sunset, rainbows, sultry temperatures. BTW Rob poured that generous chardonnay! #blessed

Bonus: I lost 1kg last week. Feeling empowered. 💪😊👍🌟🍀


It’s selfie Sunday everyone.

So prepare to be spammed all day with pictures of me face.

Also tag me in your pictures because I feel so out of tumblr lately and miss everyone and I’m trying to consciously get back into it.


Rest & Relax
19 February 2017

My rest day started with a swim and stretching and rolling - with a bit of help from my friend 🐶. Poolside was the place to be on this hot and sultry Sunday. 🌞💧

In the evening we ate at V-burger 🍔 (I love their Guachaloumi burger) in support of our friend Chris, who is doing the Ride For Youth cycle for Youth Focus 🚲. Our mate Simon was taking his turn on the trainer and certainly earning his dinner!

I wanted to do a 3*15 minutes run today as it would have been challenging for me but I didn’t get the time for it. When I arrived at the gym I saw a friend and talked a little so it was soon 3PM. The gym closing at 4PM, I decided to go for a 30 straight run. So this week I made 2 runs of 30 minutes straight. I’m very happy about that, it’s undoubtedly my biggest achievement of the week! 😃

Still thinking about my goal for next week, what is yours? 😊😊