@aliciamariebody: No shame in my game!
I’ve been pushing these legs hard in the gym these past few months, I’m happy with my #gains!!
Love that angled leg press 😍😍😍
Split squats and Good mornings. Slam them hams!!!! 😁😁💪💜💙 People ask about my food alllll the time lol.
I get @macroplate deliveries during the week! Its like Christmas lol. I’ve always been skeptical about the cost of mealprep and food delivery services…but I’m just getting busier and busier, which is making it almost IMPOSSIBLE to spend hours prepping meals for days. Time is money… I decided to go with @macroplate
because their menu is pretty big and flexible for fitness diets. Their price structure and packages are in line with what I find reasonable and worth it. I just shop a lot less and my body is RESPONDING. This makes my life easier and I’m better able to focus on my business and branding and my coach @bodybyo ’s training program instead of spending soooo much time cooking (I still cook but only when I have time). Time is money and @macroplate is saving me these days.

They deliver to manyyyy US cities -
Check out to see where they range!
Use my code ALICIA10 for $10 off your orders :)
Lean muscle growth isn’t just doing the stepmill for hours a week (though I lovvvve me some stepmill!) Nor is it ‘just’ lifting heavy or trying to.

You gotta EAT. Your body needs fuel ⛽ to grow, change and to get tighter. Filling out those muscle bellies is how you 'reshape’ your physique.
Bikini season is coming 👙 time to stop with the excuses… #aliciamarie #body #la #mealprep #motivation #glutes #legs #fitness #fooddelivery #foodie #macrofresh #superhero #warriorfitgirl #eatclean #fitnessmeals #healthyeats #fitfam #leanladies #shesquats #abs #girlswithabs #girlswithmuscle

@ingridromero1: 🇺🇸always be true to yourself.. don’t live by the opinions or choices of others, but by your own! Not that long ago I would not take pics looking sideways because of the way my spanish nose looks, thanks to my husband support when times have gotten tough and I started to consider doing it …he is the best when I have insecure moments like most of us have specially when you get comments “like ugly nose”, “get a nose job”, “hot body ugly face” and the list goes on …it happens daily …
Make sure that the choices you make are good for YOU, because YOU’RE the one whose gonna have to live with them. I think getting plastic surgery is ok I had a breast enlargement years ago so I’m not opposed but don’t do it for anybody but yourself!
I will keep my spanish nose forever 👊
🇪🇸 siempre se honesta/o contigo mismo/a…no vivas por las opiniones de otros solo las tuyas!
No hace mucho no me atrevía a hacerme fotos de perfil por mi nariz… Gracias al apoyo de mi marido por hacerme volver a la realidad y a lo que es importante en esta vida, aveces como muchos de vosotros tengo momentos inseguros ya que recibo muchos comentarios como “ que nariz mas fea” “opérate” “cuerpo bonito cara fea” y la lista continua …
Asegurarte de que las decisiones que tomas son buenas para ti porque tu eres la que tienes que vivir con ellas y una vez hecho no hay vuelta atrás, estoy de acuerdo con la cirugía plástica de hecho me opere el pecho hace años , pero si lo haces hazlo por ti no por otros
Yo me quedo con mi nariz española para siempre!💪#ingridromero #nariz #española #nose #spanish #fitmom