Astrology Planet Meanings:

Sun - Vitality; sense of individuality; creative energy, radiant inner self; essential values.

Urge to be and to create.

Need to be recognized and express self.

  • Rules - Leo
  • Fire

Moon - Your instinctive reaction; sub-conscious predisposition; feeling about self (Self-image); everyday mood, sensitivity, and emotions. 

Urge to feel inner support; domestic and emotional security urge

Need for emotional tranquility and sense of belonging; need to feel right about self

  • Rules - Cancer
  • Water

Mercury - Communication, decisions, and conscious mind (Logic or Rational).

Urge to express one’s perceptions and intelligence through skill or speech

Need to establish connections with others; need to learn

  • Rules - Gemini & Virgo
  • Earth

Venus - The way one loves, relationships, sharing affection & pleasure, and seductive abililty.

Social and love urge; urge to express affections; urge for pleasure

Need to feel close others; need to feel comfort and harmony; need to give of self’s emotions

  • Rules - Taurus & Libra
  • Air

Mars - Actions, physical energy, desire, initiative, drive, and sexuality.

Self-assertive and aggressive urge; sex urge; urge to act decisively

Need to achieve desires; need for sexual and physical excitement

  • Rules - Aries & Scorpio
  • Fire

Jupiter - Expansion, Power, generosity, and grace.

Urge toward a larger order or to connect self with something greater than self

Need for faith, trust, and confidence in life and self; need to improve self

  • Rules - Sagittarius & Pisces
  • Air

Saturn - Concentration, Efforts, perseverance, ambitions, wisdom, limits, and responsibility/inevitable consequences. 

Urge to defend self’s structure and integrity; urge toward safety and security through tangible achievement

Need for social approval; need to rely on one’s own resources and work

  • Rules Capricorn & Aquarius
  • Earth

Uranus - Individual freedom, originality, and independence.

Urge toward differentiation, originality, and independence from tradition

Need for change, excitement, and expression without restraint

  • Rules - Aquarius
  • Fire

Neptune - Escapism of the real world, dreaming/daydreaming, intuition, clairvoyance, and spirituality.

Urge to escape from the limitations of the one’s self and of the material world

Need to experience a oneness with life, a complete merger of the whole

  • Rules - Pisces
  • Water

Pluto - Deep transformations, power, destruction with a view to regenerate (A phoenix rising from it’s ashes).

Urge toward total rebirth; urge to penetrate to the core of experience

Need to refine self; need to let go of old through pain

  • Rules - Scorpio