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                                   Independent LeBlanc from League of Legends 

                                                       Selective & Multiship

                                                           as told  by Luna.

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Hi everyone! 

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Hit me up at for any questions about what I offer. If you want something more than what’s in the above pics, like a complex lineart but with half body, email me and we can work out a price! I can provide references or additional pics of my work if you’re unsure if I’m worth ya hard-earned dollas 

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                                                                                                 Made By. || written by Alex 

hi i’m rex and this blog is a remake of a long-running oc of mine. Could you please LIKE / REBLOG if you’re interested in interacting? PRAESIIDIO is a FANDOMLESS OC with a FFXV BIOGRAPHY and a MODERN VERSE BIOGRAPHY, with verses including Dragon Age and Game of Thrones.
She’s a warrior with a huge ass greatsword, is 6'0’’ tall, muscular af, and a salty piece of shit.

     ‘ he used to tell me this story. about a man who fought
       with his  wife and d i e d soon after. he tried  to show
       me that there is  more  to this than simply f i x i n g
       people. i didn’t  understand it at  the  time. i do n o w. ‘

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