the bringer of the ( ETERNAL C A L M )
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                                    “Go to earth they said. It’d be easy they said.”

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 bakura - /bɛkuræ/ - beh-ku-ra 

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iiwy em ibew tjen, nisu-itjaw wer!

X : canon yami bakura blog, au flexible
X : 11 years rp experience 
X : won’t do coffeeshop or high school au 
X : multifandom, multiship, multiverse 
X : sub, dub and manga versed
X : art and text posts
X : skype for mutuals

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welcome into your hearts, the great Thief-King!

What is the beginning of eternity,
                 the end of time and space,
                          the beginning of every end and the end of every race?
                                                      Answer! The Letter E

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❝ Give yourself over to absolute P L E A S U R E.
       Swim the warm waters of sins of the flesh - erotic nightmares B E Y O N D any measure,
             and S E N S U A L  daydreams to treasure forever.
                  Can’t you just see it?                Don’t D R E A M it, be it ❞

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