Learning to love myself and unlearning the typically oppressive beauty standards that has been shoved down my throat ever since I was a child has been one of the hardest, longest, most draining processes I’ve ever gone through.After years and years of experiencing/suffering through the awful side effects of living in such a society that creates these standards I’ve come to the point with being able to say I love myself(especially in my most simplest form) and mean it completely. Every bit of rough skin, every bit of hair, every scar, every dimple, every stretch mark.

I normally don’t care too much to record my self achievements on the internet but however I highly encourage all of you to really start appreciating yourself and your body.

We can do so many wonderful things and our bodies can do so many wonderful things and just keep that in mind.

So get naked(because being naked isn’t something that should always be sexualized, we’re fucking animals! Our naked selves is our natural selves!)! Get comfortable! And give yourself a hug or something!