2700 meters for a successful Masters swim
I love being able to go back and forth between morning and evening sessions because there are 2 coaches who have 2 different emphases; one is a triathlete and one is a long (like miles upon miles) distance swimmer. This means that I can get some good feedback on form and technique and new drills. Long distance coach likes to name drills after participants so I’m sure I’ve got one coming.

Today was an 1:10 on the bike. Love the light frame and the seat was easy to break in as well. Can’t wait to take it off the trainer and get on the road!

15 Things you should start doing for yourself
  1.  Spend time with the right people. Who loves you, who appreciates and understand you
  2.  Be honest with yourself
  3.  Put your own happiness in the first place
  4.  Be yourself and be proud of it
  5.  Live the moment
  6.  Appreciate the lessons that you receive due mistakes
  7.  Be nice to yourself
  8.  Enjoy with what you already have
  9.  Take the challenge
  10.   Look for good in difficult situations
  11.   Forgive yourself and others
  12.   Help those who surrounds you
  13.   Do not hide your feelings
  14.   Work every day in order to get closer to your goal
  15.   Think about how rich are you. Be thankful for what you have

Tired of hearing that my ass is gone, cuz it’s not! I am fit, healthy, and gaining muscle. My Ass is still big so choke on it! 😛🍑💋
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No matter what happens

There’s always a reason to smile.. For example,

- You’re alive right now, that’s a huge plus.

- If you’re reading this, that means you have internet meaning you have a decent income and a home. That’s also a big plus. 

Whether or not things may not be going well, there is always a reason. Try to look at the bigger picture, our generation has become so blinded to the fact we’ve actually been blessed with so much. Nevermind the iPhone’s and iPod’s, they are good for temporary happiness, yes, but still. Bigger Picture.

Moral of the Story: Just do you.

Don’t compare yourself to anyone. Go at your speed. Your time will come. Take as much time to find something that you really want to invest your years into. Go with your flow. Make sure it’s the right fit. MAKE SURE YOU WILL BE HAPPY. PRIORITY#1 - BE fckn HAPPY. Make sure you are content with your choice. Make sure it fits your lifestyle. Make sure it’s what you want. Make sure it really is YOUR choice. Do not force anything upon yourself because who will be living out the life after your decisions are made? You.